krittika Nakshatra


krittika Nakshatra (
26-40′ Aries To 10-00′ Taurus):

what is the astrological signature of the krittika nakshatra?

  • Your moon or Chandra or lagna(ascendant) is in Kritika nakshatra or constellation in your horoscope or kundali(birth Chart).
  • This nakshatra is partly in Aries or mesha rashi and partly in Taurus or vrishabha rashi ruled by Venus or shukra and is ruled by planet sun or surya.
  • The first pada is ruled by Aries or mars and the next 3 padas are ruled by Taurus or venus.Sun or surya the overall ruler gives great leadership and initiative to the person.
  • Nature
    rakshasa or demon
    Razor or flame
    basic motivation in life
    desire or kama
    rajas & sattwa
    agni or GOD of fire
    Lucky letters: Aa Ee U Aye
    Colour: red and pink
    Lucky Numbers 1 and 6
    Something Interesting about krittika Nakshatra

    krittika or kritika Nakshatra :

  • The planet moon gains strength in Taurus sign at 3 degrees of the nakshatra.
    The lordship being of sun or fire- it gives great tenacity and will power. As one can see the first pada is of Aries as well- that adds to the will power and strength for sure.
  • Fire energy here helps to select muhurtha to do fire worship time. Or anything or ritual to do with agni dev.Sun and mars combination give the courage and ability to steer ahead in life and also cut through the spiritual truths. Venus influence here could also mean a fighter for social cause as well.
  • As the latter part of the nakshatra fall in the Taurus sign it enhances the venus qualities and gives beauty, over all distinction and elegance to the person and grace. Yes dignity as well in social circles for sure .
    The stars of this nakshatra reside in the upper torso or the part of the bull.
  • Venus or shukra and sun or surya combination gives you a splendid appearance and sun or surya makes you fairly determined.
  • Your basic nature is to be quiet by nature and good at giving advice to others.
  • You are blessed with good intelligence but mind has to be kept stable. Planet Venus or shukra could make you good expressive arts. The venus or shukra is in combination could make you move far from where you were born. The periods of life good for you are 25-35 and 50-56.
  • what is the negative side of Kritika or krittika nakshatra?

  • You could be too attached to your mother- but may have some conflicts with father.
  • Sun or surya could give you a combative or fighting nature at times.
  • Mars and sun energy in the -negative sense could make them aggressive and very destructive. sun and venus energies together may make them have illicit love affairs.
    They may develop a combative nature and issues with eating or dieting habits may come up. The core lesson or karmic lesson or this mansion is to control the kama or desire for sex and material things and convert into pleasurable things by will power.
  • major ruling of the nakshatra is being planet venus so kama or sex comes into pictures.,
    One has to control the fierce emotions and any tendencies to combat with people.
  • what happens if your lord of seventh house or marriage Kritika nakshatra ?

  • The life partner or lover could be a great achiever and well respected in social circles and otherwise.He or she could achieve well in life due to solar energy or sun/surya. yes sexual conduct and pleasure making needs to be in a disciplined form
  • what happens if your lord of tenth house or career for Kritika nakshatra ?

  • This person with tenth house lord in the krittika nakshatra could reach great heights in the world. He or she has to use the exceptional will power especially if born in the first pada with Aries sign, to achieve dizzy heights. They could do very ell in fine arts ore artistic things and things of beauty if born with moon or lagna in the latter part of the nakshatra- that is the 3 padas of venus ruled Taurus. success could be at their feet always
  • What are Kritika nakshatra CAREER Choices?

  • Strong sun or solar energies makes them good at doing innovative work or spiritual giants. they could become good teachers who inspire others and successful counsellors due to their higher inspiration levels. Venus her with sun in positive sense could give them success and distinction in arts, music and other stuff. that includes dancing , modelling or TV anchors that are creative also singing is included.
  • They could do great is doing inventions and innovation and yes could do well in government sector due to sun influence. also includes army, police and navy.
  • They could do well as vaastu experts, contractors for building, carpenters- great in spiritual leaders as said earlier includes magicians or people to do with spiritual counselling or even metaphysics, venus could give them success as hair dresser or barbers as sun and venus could give then good success.
  • Kritika nakshatra 2018 predictions for you

  • property dealers may face strong conflict with the state or the government to fights and gains could be just above average. Yes money or salary hike could be there by using your initiative and delivering with proper cooperation.
  • Students could do well, but surely a strong will to study is needed. self-employed would do fair enough and should avoid locking horns with the employers or others.
  • Love matters may get converted to proper struggle so just relax. For marriage, purposes may not be the best time, but still one could try.
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