Mula Nakshatra


Mula Nakshatra (
0-00 To 13-20′ Sagittarius

what is the astrological signature of the Mula nakshatra?

  • Your moon or Chandra is in Mula nakshatra or group of stars in your horoscope or kundali (Birth Chart).
  • This nakshatra is primary in the sign of Sagittarius or Dhanu Rashi and ruled by planet Ketu. It is the 19th nakshatra of the zodiac and more towards sattva and spirituality.
  • Mula nakshatra is the tail of the Lion and marks the start of spirituality in the person.
  • Nature
    Rakshasa or demon type
    Tail of the lion(ketu)
    or tied bunch of roots
    basic motivation in life
    desire or kama
    The Goddess of dissolution= Nirriti
    Lucky letters: Yey Yo Baa Bee
    Colour: yellow
    Lucky Numbers3 and 7
    Something Interesting about Mula Nakshatra

    Mula Nakshatra :

  • Mula nakshatra resides entirely in the Sagittarius sign or dhanu rashi and is ruled by ketu. The planet ketu is rules by number 7 and is a planet ( south node of moon) of introspection and analysis. It gives a person deeply philosophical nature and an inquisitiveness to explore things.
  • Now Jupiter energy due to Sagittarius being here gives good wealth and luxury- but due to presence of ketu and the karmic path of the soul to experience spirituality it or Mula nakshatra could mean dissolution or removal of name and fame of the person. that could bring him or her to the spiritual path.
    Now, Nirriti is the deity of the nakshatra. The goddess of destruction and lives in the region where dead live.
  • So this is also a Krura nakshatra and cause great destruction, demolition and violence. butchers and people associated with violence could have Mula nakshatra.
  • For the Mula nakshatra, 7 number of Ketu energy and Nirriti could give violence, cruelty and also egotism to the person. Lust and sex need is also higher.
  • This region of the zodiac has the energies of destruction, breaks or removal of Lakshmi the goddess of wealth. so it is called as alakshmi as well.
    Dissolution, a break is important for breaking the past habits and turning one to the spirituality side.
  • Nirriti is also shown as Goddess Kali the fierce Goddess with human skulls as the garland- the skulls show the ignorance that has been cut.
  • Jupiter or guru and Ketu together could make you proud and attractive- but with a fixed mind. Jupiter or guru could make you peace-loving and also Jupiter or guru with Ketu could give you the ability to give spiritual advice.
  • You could have good oratory skills and success in foreign lands. People born in this nakshatra are wealthy with luxurious habits.
  • Jupiter or guru energy could make you spend money on friends as Jupiter or guru is a karaka for friends.
  • You might have a soft disposition and a charitable nature.
  • what is the negative side of Mula nakshatra?

  • Mula people are generally bound to suffer and hence lean more towards self-realization. They have to transmute the animal instincts of lust, ego and anger for higher goals of nectar of self-realization.
  • The nakshatra type is rakshasi or demoniac- that may turn them towards, black magic, tantric or exorcism etc. This nakshatra is hard enough to denote murder or even imprisonment.
  • Ketu and Jupiter energy combined here makes them powerful and bold in their approach towards life. They could brash and direct and ego of number 3= Jupiter is also there.
  • what happens if your lord of seventh house or marriage Mula nakshatra ?

  • If the lord of the 7th house is in Mula nakshatra, it could give deep pain in the relationships. There could be a high intensity of fights and issues. But if the sexual impulse is translated God wards all good things will start falling in. The life partner may have a deep desire for philosophy and spirituality – and yes may face a lot of trials in life so at the end he or she gets towards spirituality.
  • what happens if your lord of tenth house or career for Mula nakshatra ?

  • If the 10th(tenth house of carer or karma) lord is in the Mula nakshatra, it could make the person very successful in research or investigative scientific activities. Yes, they could face complete reversals as well in their careers to redirect their energies in the right direction. They could be very bold and direct in their actions and may go very deep into the matters.
  • What are Mula nakshatra CAREER Choices?

  • for Mula nakshatra, Ketu and effects of Goddess Nirriti could make them good Philosophers or deep into spirituality – teaching and learning the same, Jupiter with Ketu makes them excess as lawyers and also as doctors and people to do with medicine( Ketu and Rahu deal with the same).
  • Being the 19th nakshatra could make them prominent politicians due to Ketu and yes ruthless. They could also be good healers and exorcists or even government officers. The number 7 or Ketu us good for researchers, people in CBI, CID, POLICE or private detectives who have to investigate. They are good at speaking and oration. so public speaking or TV anchors and news readers do well here in Mula nakshatra.
  • Mula Nakshatra 2018 Predictions for you

  • For property, matters could be just average- wait or next year 2019. For people in Job- just OK growth or average growth and salary gains are there.
  • Students studying would do well with the more planned effort for sure. Also self-employed would do just fair enough this time
  • Love and relationships matters could be just OK or above average.
    Some changes in love matters. the coming year 2019 could spell an open door for love matters.
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