Hasta Nakshatra

hasta   nakshatra

Hasta Nakshatra (
10-00′ To 23-20′ Virgo):

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About hasta nakshatra?

  • The native or the person is well built being the 13 star or the nakshatra of the Horoscope. the hands could be short and stable.
  • he or she in the hasta nakshatra is help to the people in need .being rued by sun or surya they have the dignity to do the same.
    The generally have a relaxed nature- but yes they face challenges much more in life due to rahu and sun energies in their horoscope.
    Over all ahev good dignity in the society due to surya dev or sun.
  • They may be criticized despite being so patient and caring. below gives the entire spectrum of hasta nakshatra, the career, characteristics in details, positive and negatives, love, one and fmaily and much more . ;0
  • Something Interesting about Hasta Nakshatra

    Virgo sign hasta nakshatra
    Hasta Nakshatra Characteristic :

  • are hasta nakshatra people highly creative people? πŸ˜‰ Mercury the karaka of mind is exalted here- so gives a good and creative thinking capability in the person’s also good creative intelligence due to the 6th sign Virgo and also ability to speak well due to mercury.
  • Do hasta nakshatra people have great sense of Humour like Kapil sharma?;)The lordship of this nakshatra is by moon that gives purity in thought and action. Good self control is there and one is generally pleasant(moon) and humorous due to mercury effects. Mercury has a child like nature.
  • Does hasta nakshatra give great craftsmanship? The person is skilled in arts and craftsmanship. Rahu effects give the ability to achieve goals easily in a quick and complete manner. They are (hasta people) very hardworking and also more towards service.
  • Does the sun GOD or Savita rule Hasta Nakshatra? This nakshatra is ruled by savitar or the sun GOD. so just like the sun rays has great revivifying powers and also creative energy within. Sun or savitar gives life and aids in life and childbirth. This sign of Virgo being the 6th= mother number also connects with the healing.
  • Do hasta nakshatra people go for Yoga and Meditation etc? Hasta nakshatra promotes Yoga and meditation and other spiritual practices. it is the nakshatra for moksha or liberation. Virgo sign ruled by mercury gives a flexible nature to adapt to change and vicissitudes of life. also savitar creative energy gives the ability to confront and withstand things and situations.
  • Are hast nakshatra people highly creative and original?Venus or shukra and moon or Chandra combination makes you creative, industrious in work and practical.
  • Do hasta Nakshatra people have a sweet smile? πŸ˜‰You could have a sweet smile, there is promise of wealth in later life and you could also be attractive as moon or Chandra and Venus or shukra both are female and beautiful planets.
  • You have the art to make quick friendships and be un attached.
  • negative side of hasta   nakshatra
    what is the negative side of Hasta nakshatra?

  • Can this hasta nakshatra create severe problems in life? πŸ™ As this is a nakshatra for moksha the planetary energies may create situations for the same by creating hardships or constraints and problems so than one turns more GOD wards or moksha.
  • There may be very less success unless focus on the spiritual path is there by the person. Due to 6th sign Virgo and moon being ruler of this constellation health issues may come up . also there could be higher sensitivity in the person.
  • Could the hasta nakshatra people go more towards Intoxication? There is a chance to be inclined towards intoxication and a bit cunning. The negative effects of moon or Chandra and Venus or shukra .
  • Do hasta nakshatra people have a moody nature? πŸ˜‰ You could have a moody nature and might have many ups and downs in life.
  • astrological signature hasta  nakshatra

    what is the astrological signature of the Hasta nakshatra?

  • Your moon(Chandra) or lagan(ascendant) is in Hasta nakshatra or group of stars in your horoscope or kundali(birth Chart).
  • The nakshatra of hasta is in Virgo or kanya rashi sign and is ruled by moon or Chandra .It is the 13th or thirteenth nakshatra of the zodiac and hasta in Sanskrit means hand . so the 5 fingers of the hand are the 5(five) stars that represent this nakshatra.
  • Nature
    God like or deva
    hasta is the palm of the hand
    basic motivation in life
    Moksha or liberation from rebirth
    sun god for savitar
    Lucky letters: Pu shaa naa Tha
    Colour: green and white
    Lucky Numbers 5 and 2
    love marriage matters of hasta   nakshatrahasta nakshatra predictions moon or Chandra
    what happens if your lord of seventh house or marriage Hasta nakshatra ?

  • could there be more confirmations in marital relationships for hasta nakshatra people? The life partner or lover could be sensitive- but quick and intelligent. He or she could have the ability to revive or regenerate the relationship. but due to sensitivity may have issues. The life partner could be very quick sharp and intelligent in speech- but when the situation demands could become aggressive and confrontational as well.
  • career hasta   nakshatra job
    what happens if your lord of tenth house or career for Hasta nakshatra ?

  • This person with tenth house lord in the hasta nakshatra could make the person fairly confident and yes creative in his or her efforts. He or she could do well in communication through email or even talking his or her way to success.
  • The person could be a great fit in the company with the basic friendliness and humour in the mind. Virgo sign here gives them good artistic flair and craftsman ship or hands-on skills in any area of life. People with hasta nakshatra may love travelling job so could do well in sales or marketing jobs or jobs that needs travelling like news or media people.
  • What are Hasta nakshatra CAREER Choices?

  • what kind of jobs or skills would hasta Nakshatra people excel with? The sixth sign Virgo influence with lordship of mercury makes them, great as orators or communicators so good at communication of words/speech and also as teachers or writers. yes they could do well as sales guys or marketing people due to the moon energy here.
  • Could hasta nakshatra people become good occultist or astrologers? Mercury intelligence and sun energy also here makes them as good astrologers or numerologists or palmist. They could do well in counselling like ministers or advisers. They could do well in education and also as craftsmen or even painter and artists. as number 6 deals with arts and crafts and so does Virgo.
  • are the hasta nakshatra people vulnerable to cheating? It also helps them in care industry like hospitals. but there is a thievish mind due to negative mercury energy so one has to avoid getting into cheating of any kind.
  • Could the hasta Nakshatra people do well in milk products? Moon could make them success un milk products or water based products.
  • Hasta Nakshatra Predictions for you

  • As the Saturn is OK for hasta nakshatra people due to Virgo so average gains in property matters, property dealers would do average with this nakshatra. mental stress has to be avoided. The positive approach would be rewarded.
  • Just fair for salary hike.
  • Students would do well if they can work hard and remain positive, their quick intelligence would help them in doing so. Entrepreneurs need to prove themselves and avoid coldness in relationships coming in.
  • Love and relationships matters would be just OK or above average. speak with care.
  • There could be some dryness in the same.
    Saturn could cause some differences in love matters and in regard to marriage matters. year ending may be the better time.
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