Purva Ashadha Nakshatra


Purva Ashada Nakshatra (
Purva Ashada 13-20′ To 26-40′ Sagittarius):

what is the astrological signature of the Purva Ashada nakshatra?

  • Your moon or Chandra or lagna(ascendant) is in purva ashada nakshatra or star grouping in your horoscope or kundali(birth Chart).
  • This is the 20th nakshatra in the zodiac. This nakshatra is primarily in Jupiter or guru sign of Sagittarius or dhanu rashi and is ruled by Venus or shukra .
  • Nature
    Manushya or Human like
    Fan or winnowing basket
    basic motivation in life
    Liberation or moksha in life
    sattwa & rajas
    Brihaspati which is the lord of sacred or divine speech
    Lucky letters: Bhu Dhaa Pha Dha
    Colour: Pink and also yellow
    Lucky Numbers 3 and 6
    Something Interesting about Purva Ashada Nakshatra

    Purva Ashada Nakshatra :

  • Purva Ashada people are very warm and friendly in nature .But one may find them to be very conventional due to strong Jupiter energy in them. They are dutiful in nature .
    But they may give too much importance to self .
  • Purva Ashada nakshatra people’s name gets known to others that are they may gain in name and fame more easily. Jupiter energy here gives them an undefeated spirit.
  • Due to Jupiter energy they cannot be subdued easily . They have the ability to influence and connect with masses due to mix of Jupiter and Venus energy . Purva Ashada could be great at socials and connecting to people.They by their creative ability could earn very well .
  • There could be more than average friendship with females in case of men with Purva Ashada nakshatra. They may also have blockages in growth. This nakshatra is good for philosophy and knowledge.
  • One the positive front there could be enhancements in any environment.They show great optimism. They could improve the vibes of any place.
  • This Purva ashada being Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter (number 3)and harmonious with Venus number 6 could give a great name and fame to the person due to great harmony. Venus and Jupiter, in fact, forms a very good Yoga together.
  • Varuna is the reigning deity that controls rains and seas and so also gives flashes of intuition to the person.
  • Jupiter and being the 20th nakshatra gives them deeply philosophical nature.
    Jupiter or guru gives you good intelligence and good communication skills and Venus or Shukra also helps in this direction.
  • You could have a highly philosophical in nature and have good writing skills. There could be a strong attachment to certain friends.
  • what is the negative side of Purva Ashada nakshatra?

  • Venus or Shukra and Jupiter or guru makes you attractive and charismatic. There could be obstinacy in behaviour along with convincing power and one may become dictatorial
  • Purva Ashada nakshatra people general show a friendly nature so can make friends easily .but they also have a critical nature this may land them up into conflicts at home or office.Due to their dominating nature, people are may reject dominance. They may face problems in concentration so cannot deliver good results. Purva Ashada nakshatra people may become too outgoing in nature which may create issues in family and relationships. They need to avoid negative talking, as that could create a bad image for them.
  • But at the same time be highly strung. So may land to emotional conflicts frequently. Being highly conventional in nature, they would be insistent on past cultures and value at times .
  • what happens if your lord of seventh house or marriage Purva Ashada nakshatra ?

  • It could mean a partner with knowledge and luxury and almost all that one wants form life. But they cannot be defeated or subdued due to Jupiter energy so one has to be careful. 🙂
  • what happens if your lord of tenth house or career for Purva Ashada nakshatra ?

  • This could give a person an ability to be un-defeatable. In especially selling an idea or managing teams. The person would grow a lot in size and stature due to Jupiter and Venus influences/
  • What are Purva Ashada nakshatra CAREER Choices?

  • Venus makes them great in art and creativity, all this is refined by Jupiter.so they could become great teachers or writers and yes remain undefeated in debates. Purva Ashada nakshatra people could do well in public speaking, politics or any kind where they have to show their debating skills.
  • Jupiter gives them success in legal matters and also Venus helps them in films, movies and as factors and also people dealing with foreign trade. They could do well with water being the 20th Nakshatra of the zodiac and it symbolizes purification and regeneration. 20th is a water number so navy, shipping companies and water related stuff. They could also do well creating basic or raw things as Jupiter energy deals with the same.
  • Purva Ashadha Nakshatra 2018 predictions

  • Students would do well in studies. Yes marriage partner may find some dryness in relationships but otherwise OK for love matters as well.
  • Yes land deals would generally do well for you. You would gain in money and status in office.
  • Self employed could do fair, take care of the warmth and care in relationships and take more responsibilities.
  • Marriage matters would work OK, but with some delays.
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