Anuradha Nakshatra :

anuradha  nakshatra

Anuradha Nakshatra (Anuradha (3°20′ to 16°40′Scorpio):

Something Interesting about Anuradha nakshatra
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  • Your moon or Chandra lagan or even your lagna/ascendant degree is in anuradha nakshatra( or group of stars in your horoscope) or kundli(birth Chart).

  • This nakshatra is ruled by Scorpio or vrishchika rashi sign and has primary ruler ship of Saturn or shani .The planet Saturn or shani the philosopher could make you wise, truthful and kind hearted.
  • Planet Saturn or shani makes you be hardworking, charismatic and brave.
  • The discipline of Saturn or shani and action of mars or Mangal combine to make wealthy and be able to handle difficult situations. You might have problems with maternal relationships
  • You would march forward in life due to positive mars or Mangal or kuja – come what may. This nakshatra people remain quite fixed in their goals
  • negative side of hasta   nakshatra

    what is the negative side of Anuradha Nakshatra?

  • The people with anuradha naskhatra in their moon/rashi or lagan may become impulsive and angry. they could also be jealous of others many a times. this has to be controlled.
    But they would like to manage people and also events- so they could do well as managers.
  • Mothers care may be less in some cases. One may be depressed due to this at times.
    They have a tendency to change their home very frequently.
  • astrological signature anuradha nakshatra
    what is the astrological signature of the anuradha nakshatra?

  • This nakshatra is the 17th nakshatra out of the 17 constellations or nakshatra of the moon. It is in the scorpio sign and yes the star alpha centaury lies in the same.
  • The ruler ship is Saturn and the symbol is lotus for this nakshatra. It represents the right kind of activity.
    mars and Saturn over all create a mix of some agitated energy here. so one with this nakshatra in the lagna or moon sign has to take care of the same.
  • Infact mars and Saturn in this nakshatra give the ability to plan(Saturn) and also do the right action due to mars
  • Nature
    Lotus archway
    basic motivation in life
    Dharma or ethical work
    Radha or devotees of lord Krishna
    Lucky letters: Naa Noo

    Colour: Red due to mars & Brown

    Lucky Numbers 8 due to major Saturn energy
    love marriage matters of Anuradha  Nakshatra
    what happens if your lord of seventh house or marriage love is in this Anuradha Nakshatra?

  • As Anuradha is a bit aggressive and eventful Nakshatra one may face or have an eventful life in marriage. there could be more than average fights in the marriage. Also depending on the other factors the life partner could be more controlling in nature.
  • career anuradha  nakshatra job
    what happens if your lord of tenth house or career action is in this Anuradha Nakshatra?

  • This could make the person a good manager or a person with good discipline. so could rise in the corporate ladder well by proper action and yes discipline.
  • What are ANURADHA Nakshatra CAREER Choices?

  • The Nakshatra people love to change their homes so they could do well in travel industry and also as property dealers. that could help them change houses. They could also become good managers and leaders- they love discipline and action for any area of work
  • Anuradha Nakshatra 2018 Predictions

  • The year 2018 would mean a lot of hard work for the students in Anuradha nakshatra. Also, the results outcome could be above average but unexpected.
  • 2018 For property dealers or for land matters the year 2018 could be above average- and yes reversals are also possible. Yes, gains in salary and more work are possible. Self-employed would have planned their sales or next projects better for success in 2018.
  • There could be delays in marital matters and yes love matters would have some basic passion but dryness and eventfulness are there.
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