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WHAT is Nakshatra(Lunar mansion) & WHY is your Birth Nakshatra so Important For YOU?

Nakshatra primarily refers to a collection of stars.

Nakshatra or birth star is the terminology used for lunar mansions of Vedic astrology. The ecliptic or the path for movement of planets is divided into 28 or 27 parts or mansions. There is a one-o-one association of the most significant asterism in that region or mansion.

Generally moon in any of the above sectors (nakshatras) in your kindly absorbs specific kind of energy and is a helpful indicator to your personality & destiny or luck.
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There is a reference point of the ecliptic; this is taken to be directly opposite to chitra. There is where mesha or Aries starts. The nakshatras are obtained by assuming an eastward movement. nakshatra is a measure of days in the sidereal month with a value of 27.33 days. So moon traverses approximately one constellation or nakshatra in one day. There are finer divisions of nakshatras that is called the Padas. There are 4 Padas.

The sounds or syllables associated with the Padas are used by Hindus to name a new born baby. So that in case of loss of kindly, one could still draw the moon chart or Kundli or horoscope.

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The constellations or nakshatras have a reference in the atharva Veda. In astrological text where there is a reference is vendanga Jyotish.

Each of the nakshatra has a lord ship of various planets like sun or surya, moon or Chandra, Jupiter or guru, rahu or lunar node North of moon, mercury or budha, Venus or shukra, ketu or the south node, Saturn or shani, mars or mangal. As 9 x3 =27, this cycle repeats three times to cover up the 27 nakshatras. The lord of the nakshatra or constellation is used to define the dasha system(the one like vimshottari or ashtottari)- one of the core systems used for Vedic astrology, Jyotish or Hindu astrology.

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If you know Your Nakshatra- You Could Directly Check Your Predictions Below

Ashwini Nakshatra
Bharani Nakshatra
Kritika Nakshatra
Rohini Nakshatra
Mrigashira Nakshatra
Ardra Nakshatra
Punarvasu Nakshatra
Pushya Nakshatra
Ashlesha nakshatra
Magha Nakshatra
Purva Phalguni Nakshatra
Uttar Phalguni Nakshatra
Hasta Nakshatra
Chitra Nakshatra
Swati Nakshatra
Vishakha Nakshatra
Anuradha Nakshatra
Jyeshtha Nakshatra
Mula Nakshatra
Purva Ashada Nakshatra
Uttara Ashada
Shravan Nakshatra
Dhanishtha nakshatra
Shatbisha Nakshatra
Purva Bhadrapad Nakshatra
Uttar Bhadrapad Nakshatra
Revati Nakshatra




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