Swati Nakshatra :

swati nakshatra

Swati Nakshatra (
Range of Nakshatra is from 6-40 To 20-20′ Libra or Tula rashi):

About this Article ?
This article in detail discusses the complete personality profile for swati Nakshatra people.

  • Also what could make the Swati Nakshatra people Lucky and what could make Swati Nakshatra people super success in career all discussed
  • How swati Nakshatra people could excel in life and careers is also Given :).
  • The basic deity and energies for Swati Nakshatra people is also given in details.
  • so is Lucky colors and numbers for Swati Nakshatra people discussed.
  • This current year predictions accurate for Guidance are also given for reference for swati Nakshatra people.
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    What are Certain Interesting facts about Swati Nakshatra?
    Swati nakshatra and rahu or dragon's head

    what is the demigod for Swati Nakshatra people?

  • Swati as such suggest it is the wind or havaa(vaaayu).
  • as it is ruled by the demigod of wind.
  • Now wind is also prana or breath- so in constructive sense vayu also means pranayama or controlled breathing.
  • humor swati naskshatra
    what is the element or humor that dominates the Swati Nakshatra people?

  • The wind also has the capability to introduce dis-harmony by scattering.
  • also Libra the 7th sign is air mike the previous one Gemini and so is its lord Rahu a vata dominated planet.
  • Are Swati Nakshatra people compassionate and truthful?

  • One could be restless and very adventurous and also very good at trade.
    A positive combination of Venus or shukra and rahu could make You are righteous, compassionate, and truthful.
  • what kind of intuition do Swati Nakshatra people have?

  • Swati people are very eager to learn and yes have great interest in material world or life due to Libra and rahu(dragon’s Head) influence.
  • The symbol is coral for Swati- now coral is found in water or Pisces- this gives them good intuitive capabilities and understanding.
  • do Swati Nakshatra people have generous nature?

  • A strong rahu Venus or shukra combination could make you popular, clever in speech and have generous nature.
  • what is the age of maximum achievement for Swati Nakshatra people?

  • There could be some adamant nature and insistence in your personality, hot tempered and independent minded.
  • There could trouble with marriage and may prefer to travel There is a promise of wealth and also greater advancement after 30 years of age.
  • are Swati Nakshatra people Humanitarian in nature?

  • Venus or shukra and rahu just like Saturn or Shani could give you humanitarian concern and charitable.
  • negative side of Swati nakshatra
    what is the negative side of Swati Nakshatra?

    are Swati Nakshatra people self-centred?

  • Libra and Rahu combination could make them very self-centred and more focused on personal gains(rahu).
  • are Swati Nakshatra restless in behavior?

  • Due to excess vata energy there could be discontent and restlessness in the person, beyond normal.
  • They could have both healing and negative destructive energy.
  • They are sensitive by nature due to rahu – and needs Yoga and meditation to reach a peaceful state.
  • astrological signature Swati nakshatra
    what is the astrological signature of the Swati Nakshatra?
    what is the planetary ruler ship of Swati Nakshatra people?

  • Their moon or Chandra is in Swati Nakshatra or group of stars in your horoscope or kundali(birth Chart).This Nakshatra is ruled by Venus or Shukra and Rahu(dragon’s head).
  • are Swati Nakshatra people very sweet in nature?

  • This is the 15th Nakshatra ruled by Rahu(dragon’s head) and also it is in the sign of Libra so ruled by Venus.
  • over all makes them very sweet nature, and they try to create harmony with their words and deeds.
  • Nature
    Deva or GOD like
    basic motivation in life
    Artha or working towards money and wealth
    Vayu the demigod for wind and also Maa Saraswati ji
    Lucky letters: Ru Ray Raa thaa
    Colour: pink
    Lucky Numbers 6 and 4
    love marriage matters of Swati nakshatra
    what happens if your lord of seventh house or marriage ?

  • If Venus is well placed it could give a very sweet nature to the life partner and a very happy and fulfilling relationships.
  • If Venus is weak one may have too much of change and restlessness in the relationships or the life partner.
  • career Swati nakshatra job
    what happens if your lord of Tenth house or career ?
    what kind of work Swati nakshatra people could do?

  • This could give a great exploring spirit to the person.
  • It could also give a sweet way of doing things aligned with Venus qualities and Rahu(dragon’s head) gives them glibness in their ways.
  • They could do well in sales job where sweetness and cleverness both is needed
  • career job Swati Nakshatra
    What are Swati Nakshatra CAREER Choices?

    could Swati Nakshatra people become religious heads or priests?

  • Good Venus could bring them close to life and anything to do with home products.
  • also Yoga for harmony, they could become priests or heard of spiritual organization.
  • Libra gives them good balance so judges or lawyers or anything to do with legal profession.
  • could Swati Nakshatra people be good in Meditation and business?

  • A person doing mediation , anyone to do with trade and business due to Libra sign.
  • Or prayers to lord Vishnu.
  • Swati nakshatra people could do very well in sales and also in travel and transportation as this Nakshatra means change.
  • ? sun
    Swati Nakshatra Predictions for you

  • would rahu help Swati Nakshatra people?

  • Rahu or dragon’s head could give them unexpected gains now and so would Venus help them to get better deals this year.
  • Well planned and systematic effort is much needed.
    Unexpected work and gain in salary is possible this year.
  • what about students with Swati Nakshatra this year ?

  • Students could do well with a well-planned hard work for sure. avoid vices or indulgence and listen to your mother.
  • could there be unexpected proposals for Swati Nakshatra people this year?

  • unexpected matters in love and relationships could come up and yes delays or unexpected completion of marriage proposals both is possible .
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