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azim Premji software Wipro mogul
About this article ?

  • This interesting article talks about in detail for Azim Premji’s early , education and also family life.
  • It also talks about how business is grew from a vegetable business to soaps etc and now computer business l:)
  • Interestingly it later talks about astrological correlations for super success for Azim premji’s life in an enthralling manner .;)
  • This article tells us in great detail based on Horoscope or Kundli of Azim Premji (the former Wipro chairman ) on what makes him so great?
  • Also looks at what planetary Yoga’s or combination in Azim Premji’s Horoscope Or Kundli made him a billionaire & a super success in life :)?
  • Or what makes Azim Premji (based on Horoscope Or Kundli) a great Philanthropist or a helper of mankind?
  • Also what is the role of Saturn or Shani dev sadhe sati for Azim Premji based on his Horoscope Or Kundli ?
  • It looks at what exact planets and conjunction in Azim Premji’s Horoscope or Kundli makes him a great philanthropist? Also how he is having a regal nature? The article also explores what made Azim Premji’s sell oil products earlier ; ) ?
  • ALL based on his Kundli Or Horoscope and what made Azim Premji based on his Horoscope or Kundli make him later Sell IT of information technology(computers).
  • The predictions for future are also done for Azim Premji based on Horoscope or Kundli 🙂
    An additional and a very interesting view of sri Azim prem ji’s Life based on Jaimini system of Vedic astrology using the Pada, Upa Pada and Atmakaraka is also taken into consideration
  • azim premji wipro
    Some interesting facts about Azim Hashim Premji ?

  • Sri Azim Premji is one of the topmost business tycoons of India and also a great investor and an engineer to the core.
  • Azim Premji is also the chairman for Wipro limited.
  • The great man Azim Premji was born on 24th of July 1945.
  • Azim Premji still retains his non-executive position for the board of Wipro.
  • He has done great contributions to the software industry as well/also known as one of the most influential person of Asia.
  • Azim Premji has founded his own philanthropic organization
    he also donated 2 billion dollars for donation.
  • also Azim Premji ‘s net worth is 27.5 billion dollars
  • education azim premji wipro
    About education for Azim Premji and his childhood?

  • Azim Premji is primarily an electrical engineer form Stanford USA.
    His father choose to lie in India.
  • also he is married to Yasmeen and has two kids.
  • the eldest Rishad is the CSO or the chief strategy officer of Wipro.
  • career job azim premji wipro
    What we know about the career of Azim Premji ?

  • Initially Azim Premji business was into oil products.
  • basically hydrogenating the same. also like cooking oil and sunflower oil/vanaspati.
  • Then later Azim premji diversified it into toiletries, soaps, hair care soaps etc in around 1966’s.
  • Later in 1980’s Azim premji saw the computer boom and so jumped into he same ,now we have a full-fledged Wipro company standing there :).
  • awards azim premji wipro
    Career and professional awards and recognition to Azim premji ?

  • Azim premji has been identified as the one of the greatest entrepreneurs for making Wipro successful by the business week magazine.
  • he has also got doctorate from several universities like the Manipal or the Wesleyan University of Connecticut to honour his contributions to the society.
  • philanthrophy azim premji wipro
    Is Azim premji one of the greatest philanthropists?

  • Azim premji is rated the highest philanthropist of India. he has given 2 billion dollar for improving education in India.
  • he has also funded stem cell research.
  • Azim premji beloves in giving back hi wealth to the society 🙂
  • Wipro  kundali  azim

    Horoscope or Kundli of azim Premji Wipro chairman:

    Name: Azim Premji
    Date of Birth: Tuesday, July 24, 1945
    solar Kundli is use
    Place of Birth: Bombay
    Longitude: 72 E 50
    Latitude: 18 N 58
    Time Zone: 5.5

    Natal Horoscope Analysis and Predictions for Azim Prem Ji (Wipro chairman):

  • spirituality philosophy azim prem ji Wipro
    Which planets or other indications Azim Prem Ji’s Kundli Or Horoscope indicate his interest towards spirituality and Humanity?
    Azim Prem ji has Sagittarius as ascendant ; this sign is ruled by the benefic planet Jupiter. The sign is sattvic (pure) in nature and has a tawny color.
  • Sattva hints towards being more spiritual and humanitarian. These are some of the qualities of the Wipro chairman we know. He is a great philanthropist as well.
  • Which planetary Yoga’s in Azim Prem Ji’s Kundli Or Horoscope made him a success in FOREIGN Lands ?
    The sign is strong in night and is a fire sign. Now internet or software is ruled by fire and air both, we know how successful azim prem ji is in it.
  • The sign is strong in night, now most of the business comes from USA or Europe, which has night when in India there is light. So, call centres and 24×7 services would help Wipro and Wipro chairman more.
  • How the planets in Azim Prem Ji’s Kundli Or Horoscope decide his place f stay as India?
    Due to its regal nature is it said to be a royal sign. It lives on land and stays in east, as east ( India is said to be repository of eastern culture and azim prem ji stays here, that gives him strength)is the repository of spirituality & dharma.
  • What are the indications for Gains for Azim Prem Ji based on his Kundli Or Horoscope ?
    If ascendant Lord is in XIth house of gain, the person will generally get with gains and have admirable Yes he does have great qualities and manages 2 billion worth personal portfolio.
  • He would have fame of international repute ( we know this is true for him)and also proper gains from wife or spouse.
  • azim Premji name fame software mogul Wipro
    What makes Azim Premji chairman Wipro different from others in terms of success of Wipro software and otherwise ?

  • Saturn or Shani azim prem ji Wipro horoscope kundli
    What is the role of Saturn or Shani dev to make azim premi ji different or distinct from others ? 😉

  • Saturn in the 10th house of Azim Premi ji makes him quick clever to make the right decision in regard to software. also, rich, we know he is a billionaire ;).
  • This position also gives azim premi ji a visionary status to be able to envisage a company at this scale.
  • It would give azim Premi ji great favours from government, yes also Saturn might have done many government projects.
    Saturn or Shani dev in 10th house of azim premi ji makes him do constant progress in life. which is 100 % true ;).he may become like a judge or manager for large enterprises which is true.
  • also, it suggests azim premi ji ay love gardening and agriculture.
    Plus, azim Premi ji may also get distinction in foreign lands.
  • all Wipro BPO’s and software companies are a clear indication of the same.
  • ketu dragon's tail Saturn azim prem ji Wipro horoscope kundli
    What role does Number 7 or Ketu play for Azim Prem Ji’s Kundli Or Horoscope ?
    As the exact birth time of Azim Prem Ji, the Wipro chairman is not available, so we look at only his birth date and the rashi or the moon location. that is, we look at his moon kundali or horoscope for predictions. Azim Prem Ji was born on 24 July 1945 .

  • rashi Lagna or Rashi Lagna is Sagittarius sign or Dhanu Rashi. with Ketu sitting there. so, Ketu acts like a magnifier or dhwaja, that itself gives him a great boost to Azim Prem ji’s personality .
  • also Ketu gives very good investigative abilities to the person as is ruled by number 7. Also, his(Azim Prem ji’s_ Lagna Lord Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter or guru for is sitting in the 10th House action and career. so, suggest great gains in career and expansion in the same.
  • creativity Saturn Shani azim prem ji Wipro horoscope kundli
    Does Azim Prem Ji’s Kundli Or Horoscope suggest great creativity ?
    Plus, or guru the planet of grace and creativity Jupiter in the 10th bhava gives him great writing skills ,expansion in career & also philanthropy.
  • software computers Saturn azim prem ji Wipro horoscope kundli
    What Planets or signs in Azim Prem Ji’s Kundli Or Horoscope made him come to computers?
    Virgo sign or Kanya Rashi ruled by mercury or Budha for Azim Premji the Wipro chairman is ruling career house or the tenth house of career. Mercury we know deals with IT and computers .
  • creativity Saturn azim prem ji Wipro horoscope kundli
    How does sun or surya in Azim Prem Ji’s Kundli Or Horoscope enhance his creativity?
    the planet sun or surya is in the sign of Cancer or karkat.so that gives him great originality in independence to fight challenges in business.
  • also in Lagna or ascendant moon along with Ketu and sun in Cancer sign or karkat, Rashi gives Azim Premji great originality and different way of thinking and doing things. that is evident in the results.
  • Saturn rahu dragon's head oil Shani Saturn azim prem ji Wipro horoscope kundli
    What is the role of Saturn or Shani dev for Azim Prem Ji’s Kundli Or Horoscope for his losing his respected father Young and also his dealing with oils ?
    The Lord sun or Surya is in the 8th house so that suggest longevity issues with his father yes he lost his father at a very young age. also, the 2nd House Lord Saturn(Shani) is lord the wealth and status . It sits in the 7th bhava of relationships and people and people working for Wipro.
  • so Saturn makes him grow steadily and Rahu deals with oils. he dealt with oil business also sometimes. Note Rahu and Saturn are planets of logic and also deal with computers /software and algorithms.
  • azim Premji software Wipro systems global IT
    What planetary combination made Azim Prem Ji so successful in computers or the IT industry?

  • computers Saturn azim prem ji Wipro horoscope kundli
    What is the role of mercury planet for Azim Prem Ji’s Kundli Or Horoscope to make him a wizard of computers ?
    For Azim Premji’s horoscope or kundali now we can very clearly see that Virgo sign or Kanya Rashi is ruling the 10th House of his karma and career.
  • so it is a very good lordship for IT and computers and technology. also is mercury or Budha blessed and is sitting in the ninth house of wealth and Fortune.
  • money wealth Saturn azim prem ji Wipro horoscope kundli
    Was wealth and fortune written for Azim Prem Ji for computers and oil industry based on his Kundli Or Horoscope ?
    So, Azim Premji is known to get wealth and fortune from the computer industry for sure and mercury sits in the sign of Leo or Samna. so sitting in the sign of sun for mercury or Budha it gives Azim Prem Ji good intelligence in terms of computers plus maximum expansion .
  • He got success both in IT/computers and also the oil and soap-related products .
  • travel foreign lands Saturn azim prem ji Wipro horoscope kundli
    Which combinations in Azim Prem Ji’s Kundli Or Horoscope suggest gains from foreign lands for sure ?
    The 9th lord sun sits in cancer or moon sits in the 8th house on which the Mercury the Lord of 10th House also sits.
  • Mercury sits in Leo and the Leo lord sun sits in cancer sign.
  • so, it clearly means gains from the foreign lands. Now, most of the software industries get outsourced work form foreign lands. so, Azim Prem ji’s Wipro earned from foreign lands.
  • also, his Saturn and Rahu sit close in the 7th house. Now Rahu deals with oil or black things as well so does Saturn do with success from Oil related products. we donate oil n Shani daan as you may recall.
  • What is the role of Venus and Mars for Azim Prem Ji’s Kundli Or Horoscope to give him success in beauty or sap products?
    Venus or Shukra is there and strong in own sign of Taurus. Venus is the Planet of beauty and soaps. as it is very strong in the 6th house .mars the lord of 5th house there suggests industries of beauty products= soap.
  • all this gives great gains Azim Premji in soap related business or beauty related business as well for him.
  • Note Jupiter or guru is Lord of Lagna and also the lord of the public image so that gives Azim Prem Ji great public image and growth in life.
  • jaimini astrology azim prem ji horoscope kundli application
    What does the Jaimini system of Vedic astrology say about Azim Prem ji?
    The jaimini astrology Pada of azim Premji in his Horoscope or Kundli & predictions

  • calculations Saturn azim prem ji Wipro horoscope kundli
    What is the Arudha lagna for Azim Prem Ji’s Kundli Or Horoscope ?
    now let us look at the Jaimini system of Vedic astrology to investigate the personality and achievement of sri Azim Prem ji the former Wipro chairman.
  • His ascendant or Lagna lord is Guru or Jupiter which is sitting in 11th house of this horoscope(kundli).Guru or Jupiter is with moon in the 11 house.
  • Now counting 11 house form the 11th comes out to the Pada for azim Premji’s horoscope. that comes out to be 9th house in his kundli.

  • .Now that is ruled by Leo sign or sun . It is also the lord of 11th house based on arudha lagna in his horoscope.
  • philosophy compassion Saturn azim prem ji Wipro horoscope kundli
    Does Arudha lagna of Azim Prem Ji’s Kundli Or Horoscope say that religion and Philosophy would easily come to him ?
    so, religion and philanthropy come naturally to him ; ).His father would be a dignified person.
  • also sun the planet of leadership ruling the 9th bhava from d1 chart and also 11th form Pada and sitting in the 3rd house of action in Arudha chart.
  • so Azim Prem ji would be very much inclined towards
    action towards philanthropy and donations to people.
  • leadership Saturn azim prem ji Wipro horoscope kundli
    Is Azim Prem Ji a Born leader based on his Kundli Or Horoscope ?
    Now being the 5th sign Leo sign it gives in great leadership skills to him. :P). especially in These areas of donation and philanthropy.
  • philanthropy compassion Saturn azim prem ji Wipro horoscope kundli
    Which planetary combinations make Azim Prem Ji a great philanthropist based on his Kundli Or Horoscope ?
    we know that he is the biggest philanthropist in India . also, azim Premji (Wipro)has some very well past life Karma . as the 5th sign Leo connects to energy of the 9th house in the d1 chart.
  • happiness good luck gains Saturn azim prem ji Wipro horoscope kundli
    What is the role of 11th house for Azim Prem Ji for giving him good gains or luck 🙂 based on his Kundli Or Horoscope ?
    so, one can clearly see based upon Azim Premji’s Horoscope or kundli that he would have great originality in doing things. plus, pad being in the 11th bhava gives exceptional gains for him.
  • especially running a company like Wipro needs great support form board, friends, and workers etc this is dealt with the 11th house where the Pada is. 🙂
  • upa pada Saturn Shani  azim prem ji Wipro horoscope kundli
    Upa Pada of azim Premji in his Horoscope or Kundli & predictions

  • How dos the Upa pada lagna help Azim Prem Ji achieve so much in life based on his Kundli Or Horoscope ?
    now looking at the Upa Pada for Azim Premji’s Horoscope(Kundli) . his is an odd signed lagna or ascendant Sagittarius or dhanu rashi. So, Capricorn or makar rashi is the upa-pada.
  • so being the 10th sign of the zodiac and also Saturn gives the discipline to the personality of azim prem ji to achieve so much.
  • jaimini astrology azim prem ji horoscope kundli application moon or Chandra
    atmakaraka of azim Premji in his Horoscope or Kundli and predictions

  • atmakaraka moon Chandra Saturn azim prem ji Wipro horoscope kundli
    The Atmakaraka of azim Premji is Moon or Chandra dev at 27 degree 33 minutes in Sagittarius sign or dhanu rashi.
  • good person happy Saturn Shani azim prem ji Wipro horoscope kundli
    What is the role of Jupiter for Azim Prem Ji in making him a Good person based on his Kundli Or Horoscope ?
    we know that it is the ninth sign that is Sagittarius of Dhanu . so, all this makes him a very kind & very nice person due to qualities of Jupiter or Guru.
  • he wants to help people and is a great guy for sure. this confirms azim prem ji’s philanthropic nature we got based on the d1 chart.
  • Jupiter or the lord of Sagittarius is the planet for money, wealth, opulence and blessing from God :).
  • d9 navamsha raja Yoga Saturn azim prem ji Wipro horoscope kundli
    Does the d9 or Navamsha chart of Azim Prem Ji’s Kundli Or Horoscope suggests a raja Yoga ?
    we know that he or azim Premji has all this. 🙂 . it is all due to the blessed planet Jupiter or guru in the navamsha or the d9 chart. That makes him(azim prem ji) like a king 🙂 and Jupiter is a great benefic.
  • and moon being there and Pisces the other sign of Jupiter is twelfth bhava . so, rules learning and higher learning.
    all is 100% true for azim prem ji,
  • azim Premji Wipro chairman 2019Saturn sadhe  sati azim Premji Wipro software IT computers
    What made Azim Prem Ji chairman Wipro step down in 2019 July 31 ? Is it the Saturn sadhe sati effect?

  • In 2019 31st July Azim Prem Ji the Wipro chairman plans to leave the office for giving more office time in philanthropic activities & helping others in the Indian society.
  • His son Vishal Premji the chief strategy officer of the Wipro will become the executive chairman of Wipro India’s.
  • Azim Premji will then become non-executive directors . he led the company from only a few million to 21 billion . Azim Prem ji made it all big into software services and products of soap consumer products.
  • now we can see that Saturn or Shani from the moon Lagna is creating Shani or Saturn sadhe sati
    for Azim Prem ji. it is on the lagna. so, his health might be affected rules . Saturn is a markesh for him. it rules 2/3 house for Azim Premji.
  • so he has to take care of his health this year in 2019.
  • There could be other stresses for him, and he could be re-strategizing life. so, his stepping down as chairman of Wipro is a by-product of the same. also, the coming year 2020 could be hard for him as Saturn or Shani his markesh would get stronger.
  • but still Jupiter would take care- he still has to take care of his health in 2019 and 2020.agust 2019 Azim Prem Ji need special care of health or fights within the family . also, the health of other family members.
  • also, by 2019 ending Jupiter(guru) would come into Azim Prem ji’s Lagna or ascendant. so, improvements and protection to health are also there. but overall due to Shani or Saturn sadhe sati
    chronic problems have to be avoided. Yes, Saturn or Shani dev is conjunct with his moon to take care got conjunct with his Lagna mentally he made more introvert within himself and in 2019 may not be very much keen to talk to others.
  • we wish Azim Prem Ji, the Wipro chairman best in life and long life!
  • azim Premji Wipro software mogul
    Some interesting facts of life about Azim Premji chairman Wipro systems?

  • Mr. Azim Premji the Wipro systems chairman is one of the greatest Indian tycoons of the business world. also, he is prone to help people and also a great philanthropist. as we know he has risen to the level of chairman of Wipro. also, he has led Wipro to success four decades(40 years).
  • he has successfully used diversification and growth to build this software giant Wipro. yes, Azim Prem Ji is also rated as one of the most influential persons in Indian Software Industry. Azim Premji is also a dropout from Stanford University .
  • he left Stanford once his father passed away and he started
    working he then started vegetable products and oil.
  • then Azim Prem Ji gravitated towards the bakery, fats , baby toiletries and then towards information technology(IT or computer industry) that was emerging at that time as IBM was removed from India .
  • at that moment Azim Premji took over the Technology Sector and was into manufacturing computers as well , plus writing software also.
  • Azim Prem ji, Wipro chairman- its startling to know on what makes him so different and successful predictions and analysis.
  • Wipro future also is tied to his success. Which is a clear go for him this year. For success.
  • Saturn azim prem ji Wipro horoscope kundli

    2016 horoscope predictions for Azim Prem Ji(Wipro Chairman)

  • Transits of Jupiter in 9th could be great as this could give windfalls and good fortune. Success in all endeavours for the Wipro chairman azim prem ji, more inclination to dharma/religion and doing well.
  • Good for male seniors at family. Blessings from teachers/mentors . He could be good in doing good deeds and might go for pilgrimages. All this are good indicators for Wipro future.
  • He could get honours from good people( includes the government of India), also he might be surrounded by well-meaning people. Good for his kids and people working for his company.
  • This is a good sign for future of employees in his company. Might mean great pay hikes.
  • Rahu transit could give him some hiccups(employee issues etc), but mostly it would be a smooth ride for him.
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