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ardra   nakshatra

About this article ?

  • This article is very interesting and clearly tells what kind of nature Ardra Nakshatra people have.
  • What are their strong and weak points.
    What could make Ardra Nakshatra people successful in career or marital or love life and what not.
  • Also the coming year predictions for Ardra Nakshatra people is given at length
  • ardra nakshatra
    Ardra Nakshatra (
    It starts from Gemini 6-40 degrees To 20-00′ Degrees Gemini):

    What are Something Interesting Facts about Ardra Nakshatra?
    mercury ardra nakshatra

  • Ardra people are friendly at heart .
  • The planet Mercury or budha energy could make them very quick witted 😉 .
  • Gemini sign gives them a dual nature .
  • rudra ardra nakshatra

  • The deity for ardra Nakshatra is Rudra , and it is the is the lord of death so unexpected hard problems in life are possible .
  • The deity or the symbol of Rudra is for fierce activity life .
  • The ardra Nakshatra people are very intense in their activities in life .
  • There could also be great passion in Ardra people .
  • ardra nakshatra

  • Ardra people have a strong urge to expand in life be it home or professional matters .
  • This Ardra nakshatra makes one bold and brash nature so care is needed.
  • These people do have the discipline to deliver and are naturally good at marketing .
  • ardra nakshatra

  • On the positive front there is resourcefulness in Ardra nakshatra people .
  • They are able to solve challenges . ardra nakshatra people have good connection with people .
  • Plus much better people skills than others . The do also loves change and newness in matters of life .
  • mercury ardra nakshatra

  • Mercury energy here makes the quick .
  • They are also good in calculation(mathematics generally) and accounts .
  • Yes are intelligent .Much smarter in understanding . but cannot focus easily on times. This may mean cannot deliver work at home or office at time lead to stress .
  • Yes they do have a restless nature .
  • This could make people near them somewhat uncomfortable and yes jumpy with them.
  • sex ardra nakshatra

  • Ardra nakshatra people are prone to sexual addiction .
  • Also there could issues to morality and married life .
  • They may exhibit too much outgoing natures at times.
  • All this may not create peaceful vibes.
  • This needs to be checked .
  • Ardra people are nervousness prone and need to do Yoga. They also need to stay calm always.
  • mercry ardra nakshatra

  • Mercury or budha is a planet of learning and rahu a planet of dis-satisfaction or eternal hunger .
  • so they could have hunger for learning and inquisitive personality You have hard marriage related karma and could have delays in marriage
  • They could be a fair enough communicator and speaker- due to effects of mercury or budha.
  • tula rashi ardra   nakshatraardra   nakshatra and rahu or dragon's head
    what is the astrological signature of the Ardra nakshatra?

  • Their moon or Chandra Or lagna(ascendant) is in Ardra nakshatra or constellation in your horoscope or kundali(birth Chart).
  • This nakshatra is in the mercury or budha ruled sign of Gemini or mithuna rashi with ruler ship of rahu.
  • Their moon or Chandra or lagna(ascendant) is in ardra nakshatra or group of stars in your horoscope or kundali(birth Chart).
  • Nature
    Manushya or human nature
    tear drop and also Human head
    basic motivation in life
    Kama or sex due to Leo and mercury energy.
    Rajas and Tamas
    Rudra and also lord of storms
    Lucky letters: Koo Ghaa Jna Chaa
    Colour: green
    Lucky Numbers 5 and 4
    negative side of ardra   nakshatra
    what is the negative side of Ardra nakshatra?

  • Rahu and mercury or budha combination could make a person thankless, deceptive and against society- which needs to be controlled.
  • So Ardra people need to control their rebel nature & also a desire of too much freedom loving .
  • They have the perseverance of rahu(dragon’s head) but with distractions .
  • These Ardra Nakshatra people may indulge in excess fun which needs basic tabs .
  • Their overall focus may be too much impacted .
  • love marriage matters of ardra   nakshatra
    what happens if your lord of seventh house or marriage ?

  • The life partner could fun loving and restless, or marriage may have too many changes and vicissitudes.
  • Rudra is lord of hardships so one needs to take care of married life if this nakshatra is afflicted.
  • career ardra   nakshatra job
    What happens if your lord of tenth house or career ?

  • The Ardra nakshatra here could mean great success in career that has to do with communication as a teacher or may be sales or marketing.
  • They could be great statesmen or people who could manage or manipulate situations well.
  • yes they may have a hard career if this nakshatra is afflicted din any case.
  • career job ardra nakshatra
    What are Ardra Nakshatra CAREER Choices?

  • Mercury gives them good teaching skills and also writing skills. Rahu could make them do well in drugs and related products.
  • so doing with drugs, chemo therapy could be in their gambit.
  • Rahu(dragon’s head) and Venus(shukra) combination could make them butchers or sellers of home food or even old, junk or canned food.
  • plus tamasic frozen food. They could do well as sportsmen or athletes.
  • Rudra means death so dealing with mortuaries or dead people or even in rare cases shamanism could be possible way of expressing self.
  • They could also become good mathematicians.
  • predictions ardra nakshatra
    Ardra Nakshatra predictions for you for this year

  • This year could be fair enough for fun and changes and property matters or land-related deals for you.
  • It could also mean gains in career and victory based on proper communication.
  • Yes, there may be lot of surprises and a lot of work would also be there.
  • Students could do well in exams due to mercury effects – yes the surprise element would be there so go with a planning. Self-employed would earn more and work harder.
  • Love matters could work fair and in marriage matters also communication is a must, but with care.
  • Yes, surprises or some delays could be there when Saturn is retrograde in motion.
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