Uttar-Bhadrapad Nakshatra :


 Uttar-Bhadrapad Nakshatra :
Your moon or chandra  is in Uttar bhadrapad nakshatra or star grouping in your horoscope or kundli(birth Chart).

This nakshatra is in Pisces  or meena   rashi  and ruled by Saturn or shani  as the nakshatra lord.

Pisces  or meena   rashi  energy the twelfth sign(The sign of liberation and after life) could make  attractive and innocent looking.

Jupiter or guru (rules Pisces  or meena   rashi ) along with Saturn or shani   could make you virtuous, good hearted and service oriented towards other.
You could be clever in speech, happy and wise

You will have the power to overcome your enemies and control your anger.Pisces  or meena   rashi  is ruled by Jupiter or guru  which rules children – so you would  enjoy children and have a happy marriage.

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