Meghan Markle- Longevity Horoscope Predictions

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Meghan Markle- Longevity Horoscope & Life Span Predictions


Who is Meghan  markle?

  • She (Meghan markle) is the duchess of Sussex now . She has recently married prince harry the son of prince Charles of united kingdom.
  • She has also been a Hollywood actress. She is half African and half Caucasian in blood her mother is of African American origin.
  • we want her (Meghan markle) to live long and have a great life span and here in this article use the power of Vedic astrology or jyotish to evaluate her longevity or life span based on her lagna horoscope, navamsa horoscope and yes her pindayu calculations.

Birth details of Meghan markle the duchess of Sussex

  • Name: Meghan Markle
  • Date of Birth: Tuesday, August 04, 1981
  • Time of Birth: 04:46:00
  • Place of Birth: Los angles, US
  • Longitude: 118 W 15
  • Latitude: 34 N 0
  • Time Zone: -7.0

megan-sparkle-d1 meghan markle longevity horoscope life span predictions

What is Meghan markle’s longevity or life span based on her lagna or ascendant in her horoscope?

  • Her lagna is karkat rashi or cancer sign ruled by planet moon(Chandra) is in the third house of initiates  and is at around 11 degrees in her kundli or horoscope.
  • In her kundli or horoscope ,Meghan markle’s Moon or Chandra is in the Virgo sign of kanya rashi ruled by mercury or budha.
  • In her (Meghan markle’s) kundli or horoscope ,So as mercury or budha not in line with moon energies. Mercury and moon are in opposition. Moon is still at 429.49 shadabala or strength so still good for longevity.
  • her kundli or horoscope ,The lagna(ascendant) has the benefic Jupiter or guru nearby though the lord of sixth bhava so somewhat malefic.
  • Also has Saturn or shani nearby that is lord of the eighth bhava.
  • Saturn or shani the lord of the eighth house or bhava control Meghan markle’s  longevity or life span and  is placed in the third bhava, this may cause her ear troubles- but more of issues with people around her.
  • In Meghan markle’s’ kundli or horoscope As mercury(budha) the dispositer of the eight lord is combust by sun and in the first bhava or Kendra, it it’s still OK.
  • We have to note that lagna or ascendant and also the eighth lord are one of the karakas or signifcator of longevity or life span.
  • Saturn or shani is again ayushkaraka, this connects to the longevity lord the eight house lord is a good indication in that way for Meghan as far as longevity due to shani or Saturn is concerned.
  • From moon or Chandra lagna , we have kanya rashi or Virgo , ruled by mercury or budha ,this is combust and weak.
  • Mercury is at shadabala of 452.89 so strong otherwise in overall strength. This is good for Meghan markle’s longevity predictions or forecast.
  • This tells us her age would be atleast 75 years , based on our internal calculations

d9-megan-sparkle meghan markle longevity horoscope life span predictions

What’s Meghan markle’s longevity or life span based on her d9 or navamsa chart or horoscope(kundli) ?

  • In Meghan’s kundli or horoscope The lagna or ascendant from d9 for Meghan markle is cancer or karkat rashi again. Moon is in Kendra in the tenth house or bhava. Moon or Chandra is weak in Aries with malefic Saturn or shani , but blessed with Jupiter or guru energies.
  • But kindly do note that Saturn or shani and Jupiter both are functional malefic as well ruling the eighth and the sixth bhava or houses of Meghan’s horoscope or kundli
  • The eighth house lord is Saturn or shani here, this again is very weak. This affects the predictions of longevity or life span based her kundli or horoscope
  • In her kundli or horoscope , looking at Saturn that is ayushkaraka as well and moon lagna is Aries(mesha rashi) with mars fairly placed. This helps better predictions for longevity or lifespan
  • So longevity based on her d9 or navamsa chart is around greater than 65 years
  • So based on her(Meghan markle’s) d1 or lagna horoscope or kundli/ascendant and also her d9 or navamsa chart her over all longevity would be atleast 70 years.

What is predicted  Meghan markle’s longevity based on pindayu harana- an objective calculation of longevity or life span?

  • Now this method of pindayu calculations is scientific and based on strengths and vitality of each planet in the kundli or horoscope, just like an Insurance  agent checks your health of internal organs by measuring blood pressure/sugar /height weight/blood sample 
  • in this method based on your kundli or horoscope you get to know the internal strength of each planet in an objective form on how far away is the planet from normal, so you are able to make predictions or forecast more easily and better.
  • Sun longevity arc value is = 261.8312 in degrees. Contribution due to sun to longevity is = 13.818868888889 in years.
  • Moon longevity arc value is = 238.5781 in degrees. Contribution due to Moon to longevity is = 16.567923611111 in years.
  • Mars longevity arc value is = 220.2317 in degrees. Contribution due to Mars to longevity is = 9.1763208333333 in years.
  • Mercury longevity arc value is = 296.1922 in degrees. Contribution due to Mercury to longevity is = 9.8730733333333 in years.
  • Jupiter longevity arc value is = 291.8798 in degrees. Contribution due to Jupiter to longevity is = 12.161658333333 in years.
  • Venus longevity arc value is = 217.8167 in degrees. Contribution due to Venus to longevity is = 12.705974166667 in years.
  • Saturn longevity arc value is = 322.8494 in degrees. Contribution due to Saturn to longevity is = 17.936077777778 in years.
  • Contribution due to ALL planets to longevity is = 92.239896944444 in years. Overall
  • But Effective Longevity after deductions from a)Chakrapathiharana b) swakshetriharana c)aShtanga harana d) krurodaya harna PLUS addition due to lagna == 88.41097

CONCLUSION= What Over all Longevity  & Life span of Meghan Markle?

  • so based on above detailed calculation s of pindayu based on Meghan markle’s kundli or horoscope – the longevity or life span predictions of Meghan markle is
  • 88 years
  • So the average longevity or life spna predictions for Meghan markle’s based on her kundli or horoscope  would be near 80 years the average of 65/75 and 88 years.
  • But at the same time she has to take special care while driving and otherwise in sun and Saturn sub periods.
  • 2032/33/34 could be hard due to Saturn-Saturn period as Saturn is her markesh
  • Also sun period start in 2094, too far away , she does not need  to worry J, but sun sub periods and also mercury-mercury  sub period 2051/52/53 could be telling on health GOD forbid.
  • Upayas of helping school kids would help her to relive this stress of planetary energies
  • We wish her a long life and a happy married life

• We All want to Live Long & Healthy Life of 120 Years. But sudden diseases or accidents due to malefic transits or dasas(planetary periods) or weakening of your lagna(ascendant) and other factors in the horoscope that is your lagna and navamsa chart(d9) ,could limit our stay on mother earth. This is very useful report which comprehensively evaluates each and every factor and give your predictions for your longevity and your coming 2 Major dasas(planetary periods).

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