What is Longevity Of Father- Based On your Horoscope Or Birth Chart- Vedic Astrology Or Jyotish


What is this article about ?
The article below discussed various Yoga’s or planetary combinations that suggest Longevity or alpayu(less life span) to father based on Vedic astrology.

It then discusses a real example of Rahul Gandhi Ji’s fathers( late Sri Rajiv Gandhi Ji’s) Longevity or life span. sri Rajiv Gandhi ji left for heavenly abode in madhyayu- so that is being analyzed.

What is Longevity Of Father- Based On your Horoscope Or Birth Chart- Vedic Astrology Or Jyotish

  • We all want our near and dear ones live long. Vedic Astrology or Jyotish provides a powerful method to determine the probable longevity of our near and dear ones.
  • It works on the basic principle that the 9th house of father is taken as the first house of father and all the rest matters of father worked out in accordance.
  • Below given are both good and bad combinations or Yoga’s for Longevity of father.

    • what Planetary could mean severe health Troubles to father? There could be severe health trouble to father in the 2nd, or the 12th year, if Lagna’s Lord is in eighth house lord, as eighth house Lord is with sun .
    • What combinations could make father short lived? If the karaka of father sun is in eighth house or sixth or twelfth house and also the lord of eighth house is in ninth house. The lord of twelfth is in first house and also the lord of sixth is in 5th house. The person’s father could be short lived.
    • what planetary combinations could make a child balarisht or less longevity for child.? If the planet sun the karaka of father is in eight house or Randhr bhava and the lord of eight houses is in ninth house- there is a threat to longevity of the child in first year itself.
    • what factor could cause issues in longevity to the father? If the lord of eight houses is with sun, the karaka of father and the lord of ascendant is in eight houses the years 2 and 12th are crucial for the person’s father.
    • When is the 18th year important fro a person or a child? If planet rahu is in eight house from ninth house(That is longevity house of father) and planet sun is in 9th house from ninth lord or dharma lord. The 16th and 18th year is important for the person.
    • What makes 7th and 19th year important for a child? If the planet Saturn or shani is ninth from moon and the planet sun or surya is with rahu, the 19th and 7th year of the person are crucial. This is the time for Jupiter peaking up.
    • Why is there some risk to father in 35th and 41st year in some cases? If the lord of ninth is in 12th house of vyaya and the lord of twelfth house is in ninth house . The lord of ascendant is in eighth house. Also the planet moon or Chandra is in Navamsa of sun. The 35th and 41st year of person’s father are critical.
    • Can the 50th year of the father be crucial? Just know when and why If the karaka of father sun(surya) is also the lord of ninth house or dharma( father’s house) and is in conjunction with malefic planets mars and Saturn- 50th year is crucial for the father.
    • What karmas of the child can cause trouble to the father’s longevity? If the planet sun(surya) is 7th from the ninth house(dharma bhava) and planet rahu is seventh from third house or sahaja bhava , the 6th and 25th year of the person could be troublesome for father.
    • How can child’s Saturn cause issues to father’s health? If the planet Saturn (shani) , is 7th from the longevity house (8th house, bad health house of father) and planet sun is 7th from Saturn the age of 21/26 or 30 is not good for the father’s health.
    • In what conditions could father’s health be at risk at 26th or 30 years of age? If the lord of ninth house is in debility ( in a rashi or sign that debilitates it) and the dispositor of the sign or rashi is in ninth house- there is possible trouble to father in 26/30 years of age.
    • rahul gandhi ji horoscope longevityrajiv gandhi ji horoscope longevity
      rahul gandhi ji horoscope longevity analysis
      what is the longevity of Sri Rajiv Gandhi ji, the father of Rahul Gandhi predicted in Sri Rahul Ji’s Horoscope?

    • Our earlier honorable prime minister Rajiv Gandhi ji who is also the father of Sri Rahul Gandhi ji left for the heavenly abode at a relatively young age in 21 May 1991 at the age of around 47 .
    • what does the apparent lagna of Rajiv Gandhi ji say based on Rahul Gandhi Ji’s Horoscope?

    • so we will check Sri Rahul Gandhi ji(the son) is horoscope to see what is the longevity of father(Rajiv Gandhi ji) based on planets and combination. so first looking at the longevity of father we have to look at the strength of the 9th house of Rahul Gandhi ji 9th house is ruled by Virgo(kanya Rashi) and is ruled by mercury or budha.
    • The lord of Virgo that is same as lord of Rajiv Gandhi ji mercury is in the 5th house or trikona house . The planet mercury is at 14 degree 26 minutes on the Taurus sign as the dispositer. so Mercury or budha strong apparently .
    • as r Mercury is sitting on Venus(shukra) or Taurus sign(vrishabha Rashi). let us check strength of Venus/ Venus is in Cancer sign and is it Kendra it is strong .so this very clearly suggest that Sri Rajiv Gandhi ji father of Rahul Gandhi ji would be having a good strong physical body and be handsome due to Venus. mercury is there so that will make him( Sri Rajiv Gandhi ji)be intelligent which is very true .
    • what does the apparent longevity of Rajiv Gandhi ji say based on Rahul Gandhi Ji’s Horoscope?

    • next we check longevity Lord of Gandhiji for his father Rajiv Gandhi ji. It is the 8th house form lagna bhava that is Virgo sign for Sri Rajiv Gandhi ji. This is the fourth house where we have a very malefic Saturn or shani dev sitting. It is debilitated in the Aries sign (Mesha Rashi)so this very clearly suggest the longevity of the father of Rahul Gandhi ji that is Rajiv Gandhi ji would be affected by unexpected events . because 8th bhava or house rules unexpected events . The planet Mars which rules the longevity of the father is in the Gemini sign . Mars or Mangal is combust there along with sun. so combustion makes it very weak and agitated.
    • mars(Mangal) sits in the 10th House of Rajiv Gandhi ji. that’s when we look at the horoscope from the Virgo lord ship or kanya Rashi. sun or surya sitting Close To Mars is Lord of bad health house(12th house) and also misfortune . so basically misfortune to the longevity of Rajiv Gandhi ji is there. Mars ruling the eighth house also rules the 3rd house from Lagna of Rajiv Gandhi Ji. we know third house is a secondary markesh .as secondary markesh is weak. it creates lot of issues , it also impacts Venus the dispositer for the lagan of Sri Rajiv Gandhi ji.
    • Note Saturn or Shani Dev rules 5/6 bhava of Rajiv Gandhi ji .it is very weak and Saturn ruling Aquarius and carries a Rahu energy. so as Saturn sits in the 4th bhava of Rahul Gandhi ji but 8th bhava or longevity of Rajiv Gandhi ji, the longevity is badly impacted. Rahu deals with the terrorist and low order people. so this very clearly suggests that Gandhi ji’s longevity could be affected because of Saturn & rahu.
      ruling terrorist and other kind of people.
    • What does the apparent dasha of Rajiv Gandhi ji say based on Rahul Gandhi Ji’s Horoscope?

    • now when we look at of Rahul Gandhi ji’s dashas in may 1991, the time when Rajiv Gandhi ji left for the heavenly Abode by the terror attack. and sun sub period is running son is Lord of 12th for Rajiv Gandhi ji’ horoscope. so based on Rahul Gandhi ji”s chart or horoscope . sun also the karaka for father for Rahul Gandhi ji is having Ketu energy so it also gets the Rahu energy as well 12th house energy. it has very negative energy of stress and losses go to the Mars as sun is conjunct with mars. Mars is the lord of longevity so causes the unfortunate blast with Sri Rajiv Gandhi ji.
      note rahu + mars + ketu and yes Saturn also causes the unfortunate event for Sri Rajiv Gandhi ji, but clearly indicated in Sri Rahul Gandhi ji’s horoscope.

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