Father related Details – Based on Horoscope Or Birth Chart- by Vedic astrology or jyotish


What is this article about?

  • This highly interesting article about father talks about various kinds of fathers one could be.
  • legal or biological or otherwise a father figure.
    The advantages of one having father or father figures and also related issues like child custody etc.
  • As an interesting alternative father roles are also investigated or evaluated based on Vedic astrology perspective below.
  • This article also tells you based on Vedic astrology about father’s longevity, true inner nature, accurate social background 🙂
  • As we know Father in any horoscope or Kundli is evaluated based on the 9Th house Lordship and also the influences that come to the 9th house or bhava of any Horoscope or even status of sun or Jupiter in the horoscope or Kundli. all this is analysed at length in this article.
  • father
    How is Father defined ?

  • There are primarily two kinds of fathers .One is the biological father and the other is the legal father.
  • In general both fathers are same.
  • but in some cases they may differ.
    There is another kind of father that is putative father, where biological connection is suggested but it is not established.
  • It is the biological father that determines the child sex etc.
  • life paternal rights father
    What are the facets of life related to Father ?
    Paternal rights?

  • There are various paternal or parental rights. but these rights vary from country to country.
  • So they change depending on the societal expectations of roles and degree of involvement of father or father figures.
  • paternity leave?

  • In companies there is also paternity leave, so it is either half paid or full. depending on the country you are- like in European countries it is half salary etc.
  • child custody ?

  • The child custody at the end of the day between the husband and wife is decided by Judge or may be the society or say panchayat in case of India.
  • For the child support an amount has to be paid, generally by the parent who does not have the custody.
  • paternity fraud?

  • On an average 2% parents in say countries like UK land up having the wrong baby. that is the baby biologically they have not fathered.
  • father variants roles
    What are the roles and variants for the father ?

  • Fathers are considered primary care givers. unless there has been a divorce between the couples.
  • In case of single parents it is the primary caregivers.
  • Father child relationships is important as it gives the child social stability and
    better problem-solving skills.
  • it also gives the child a confidence which he or she badly needs to face the world.
  • The cognitive abilities are also better developed.
  • father kundli horoscope
    How is Father evaluated in any Horoscope or Kundli ?

  • In any Horoscope or Kundli the Father as suggested earlier i.e. related to father influences figured out based on the 9th bhava lordships.
  • Secondly sun also represents father, so placement for sun determines about father. Also, the influences coming in the 9th house are used to know about the father.
    so also, is the role of benefic Jupiter or Guru evaluated for father
  • So, for example if someone has an else ascendant or simha lagna, then Aries rules the 9th bhava of father. so as 9th bhava is the first house of the person and it is Aries ruled by mars or Mangal.
  • so means that father of the person would be action oriented and at times hasty or angry depending on if mars is string weak or afflicted in the horoscope or kundli.
  • Also say if a strong Jupiter is sitting in the 9th bhava or house. so means a well learned and affluent father.
  • but if say the 9th bhava lord sits in the 3rd house.so 3rd being 7th or markesh bhava form the 9th and also 3rd is a house of self-expression . so over all it may mean the person’s father may have issues or bad name in life due to his writings.
  • also position of sun could make a lot of difference in knowing the kid of father one may have.
    For example, sun in Aries may mean a highly action oriented and aggressive father in many cases.
  • In Taurus it may mean father is sensitive enough. similarly, in other signs like Scorpio it may mean the father has gone through a lot of struggle in life. sun in Sagittarius may suggest father is learned. etc.
  • It also then in later section talks about the horoscope or Kundli of sri Rahul Gandhi ji and his Father , who was incidentally our India’s former prime minister Sri Rajiv Gandhi ji in detail.
  • father kundli horoscope
    How to Get Details of Father- Based on Horoscope Or Birth Chart- by Vedic astrology or Jyotish?

  • There are a lot of details about the father of any individual that could be derived from the horoscope .As your horoscope is blue print of your entire environment.
  • That includes your father. The below combinations of Yoga’s describe the same. Various Yoga’s or Combinations of planets related to father.
  • What combinations indicate that Father would not be from a Rich Background ?If the lord of the ninth house is weak or debilitated and the second house ( Dhana bhava) or fourth house is occupied by Mars( Mangal)- the prosperity of the father is questionable.
  • when is there a Long life of father ?The person’s father would live long of the lord of ninth( father’s house) is exalted and also the planet Venus is in an angle(4/7/10) and the planet Jupiter the karaka for father is in 9th house of D9(ninth divisional Chart) or Navamsha.
  • When is prosperity of father that knows no bounds possible? If the lord of the ninth house or dharma house is in an angular house(4/7/10) and gets aspect from planet Jupiter( Guru)- the persons father could be very rich and could have cars, palatial buildings etc.
  • what makes father rich and famous?If the lord of ninth house is in tenth house or karma bhava and also the tenth house receives drishti or aspects from a benefic – the person’s father could be rich and famous. As 10th house in second house of father- that is dhana bhava of father.
  • What could make your father close to his Boss : ) ?If the karaka for father sun is exalted and the lord of 9th house in is in eleventh house( labha bhava)- the person’s father could be very close to his boss and have virtues.
  • What combinations could make you very devoted to your father? If the planet sun is in a trine house( 5/9/1) and the lord of ninth house is in the seventh house or is getting an aspects from Jupiter(Guru)- the person could be devoted to father.
  • What planets in the horoscope could make father ill tempered?If the lord of the ascendant or lagan is in ninth house, along with lord of sixth house(ari bhava)- there could be enmity between father and son. Also, the person’s father might not have a good or friendly nature.
  • What interesting things are revealed based on Rahul Gandhi(son) jl’s d1 or Lagna Horoscope for his Father Sri Rajiv Gandhi ji ?
    Rahul Gandhi father Rajiv Gandhi Rahul Gandhi father Rajiv Gandhi India prime minister

  • Now let us see what does Rahul Gandhi horoscope say about his Father Sri Rajiv Gandhi ji’s destiny and nature?
  • Rahul Gandhi father Rajiv Gandhi

  • Now Virgo or Kanya Rashi is ruling the 9th house of Rahul Gandhi ji and it is basically sitting in the fifth house (9th from the lagna of Rajiv Gandhi ji or the Virgo sign) .
  • this gives a blessed father to Rahul Gandhi ji with greater past life Karma .yes Rajiv Gandhi ji was the father of Rahul Gandhi ji became Prime Minister after respected mother smt. Indira Gandhi ji got assassinated.
  • so Rajiv Gandhi ji based on his past life Karma got sudden gain in dignity and was very intelligent.
  • It also suggests that he or Rajiv Gandhi Ji would be following the ethics or dharma well. also note Mercury or Budha The Lord of Virgo(kanya rashi) is sitting in the Taurus sign(vrishabha rashi) which is a friendly sign the which gives great strength to the father of Rahul Gandhi ji .
  • that is Rajiv Gandhi ji and suggest that he would have a good and tenacious nature and we know . also, we note that Virgo rules wind/vata and essentially are connected to Mercury the lord.
  • Now Rajiv Gandhi ji was dealing with wind and flying planes : ), yes he was a Pilot. The sign Taurus gives Rajiv Gandhi ji Good tenacity to solve national problems.
  • What interesting things are revealed based on Rahul Gandhi(son) jl’s d9 or Navamsha Horoscope for his Father Sri Rajiv Gandhi ji ?
    Rahul Gandhi father Rajiv Gandhi

  • Now based on analysis of d9 or Navamsha horoscope of Rahul Gandhi ji-based o. The sign Sagittarius or dhanu rashi is ruling the 9th house a. This in turn is ruled by Jupiter or Guru.
  • which very clearly indicates that Rahul Gandhi ji would have a highly respected and prestigious father.
  • also being the 6th sign and sitting in the Taurus sign ruled by Venus gives his father good looks and also great dignity .
  • Note that Jupiter or Guru The Lord of the 9th house of father sits in the 11th house of Rahul Gandhi Ji Which very clearly indicates that his father’s influence would help Rahul Gandhi ji make friends in politics have gains from politics. so, all this is 100% true!
  • Venus the lord of Taurus which is the dispositor of Jupiter is sitting in the 10th House from the lagan Lord of Rajiv Gandhi ji .
  • That is it is fairly well placed in a friendly sign of Virgo ( kanya rashi)so that gives his father Sri Rajiv Gandhi Ji good looks and good Intelligence and basic homely nature.
  • all this is double confirmed by the d9 chart as well.
  • Libra or the Tula Rashi which is the dispositor of Jupiter gives the Rajiv Gandhi ji the father of Rahul Gandhi ji.
  • Good balancing ability and judging ability and respect and harmony with his mother smt. Indira Gandhi Ji and his Homeland India.
  • now Jupiter the lagna Lord of Rajiv Gandhi ji is also
    ruling the 4th house that is Pisces sign for Rahul Gandhi ji’s father Sri Rajiv Gandhi ji.
  • so that very clearly indicates that image of Rajiv Gandhi ji with grow a lot because from the 4th house lord of public image is sitting in the 11th house .
  • so great gains of health status and landed properties is there for Rajiv Gandhi ji the father of Rahul Gandhi ji.
  • Yes Sri Rajiv Gandhi he was the son of illustrious Indian Prime Minister Smt. Indira Gandhi ji .
    We wish their souls rest in peace.