Robert Vadra – Husband of Priyanka Gandhi, present crisis- 2016 Horoscope Predictions & Forecast



Robert vadra is the husband of priyanka Gandhi, daughter of late sri rajiv Gandhi ji- former prime minister of India. He is son in law of smt. Sonia Gandhi ji. He is a businessman by profession. He is in the news media because of his controversial land related dealing in DLF group and also tax matters.

Name: Robern vadra

Date of Birth: 18 April 1969 (age 47)

Time of Birth: Not known to us

Place of Birth: Moradabad


Natal Chart /Natal Horoscope(kundli) Analysis and Forecast for Robert vadra :

Lets first look at his house of marriage. He has venues ruling lord of 7th, venues sits in 12th,is retro gate and with rahu.

Now venues are strong in Pisces- but being retro gate and with Rahu, plus in 12th gives some negative issues.

  • As venues is strong- ruling beauty and comforts, he got a beautiful, from a good family and accomplished person like  priyanka Gandhi as a wife. But venus being retrogate and with Rahu( rahu deals with Politics) and venues being in 12th house of stress- means there could be a baggage of problems as well he could inherit due to the marriage.
  • His mars is in Scorpio- the sign of mars- mars rules muscles and action. Mr vadra is fond of gymnasium and sports and building muscles.
  • Now land is ruled by Saturn, this planet is in Aries- so debilitated for Robert vadra. Plus mars plays a role as mars in 8th sign and 8th Scorpio- brings our digs out matters- we know how his DLF matter came to public glare. So over all land deals could be hard for him at times due to weak Saturn, this could affect his public and family life as moon the lord of 4th sits close to Saturn.

2016 horoscope forecast for Robert vadra based on his Kundli

  • There is a malefic conjunction of mars and Saturn in 8th house  in transit in Scorpio sign or rashi. This shares energy with moon in his ascendant. Causing issues in his public image as moon rules the house of public image 4th.
  • Mars deals with the government, and venues the lord of wealth flows gets energy from malefic mars-Saturn conjunction now in transit. This explains why income tax( a government agency(mars) & dealing with wealth(2nd house) , has had an impact on him now.
  • This year 2016 could be hard for him, but at the same time his mars is strong( he is born on 18=1+8=mars and in April= Aries sign), so he will come out with his very high energy levels now. He should avoid strife now.
  • Ding more gymnasium or sports would help to channelize his excess mars energy now, May 2016 could be demanding for him emotionally , July 2016 could be stressful and September 2016  hard for him.
  • We  wish him all the best


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