Longevity & Multiplicity Of Your Love Relationship:Indications in Vedic Astrology:

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What is this article about?

  • This article talks about in length about the causes of multiple relationship or longevity or length of any relationships.
  • It then takes up the case of selena Gomez the great singer and artist. It tries to analyze why she is so great and why she got involved in a relationship with a relatively much older 68 year old actor bill Murray.
  • Longevity & Multiplicity Of Your Love Relationship:Indications in Vedic Astrology:

    • If the lord of the seventh house is weak and is in 6th/8th or 12th house or if the lord of the seventh house(Yuvati bhava) is debilitate- the  person’s wife or husband would die early.
    • If moon or Chandra is in seventh house and the lord of seventh is in 12th house(vyaya bhava) and karaka for marriage Venus is weak- the marital happiness would be less for the person.
    • If the lord of seventh house is debilitated or lord of seventh is in enemy sign or rashi along with a malefic- while the seventh house or bhava or 7th navamsa belongs to eunuch planets like mercury or Saturn. Then the person could have multiple wives.
    • If mars and Venus are in conjunction(mangal and shukra) or Saturn is in conjunction- how the  lord of ascendant /lagna is in 8th– the person could have 3 wives.
    • There could be many wives is Venus is a in a dual sign or rashi(Gemini, Virgo,Sagittarius,Pisces)

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    What planetary combination makes Selena Gomez performs so well on stage ?

  • As we are not sure of her lagna we will look at the moon or rashi chart for hers.
    Now let us look at the planetary energies that make her such famous and talented performer. selena’s moon is in Aries sign or Mesha Rashi makes her being very action oriented and passionate as mars or Mangal is a planet of action and emotions.taurus or vrishabha is ruled by Venus or Shukra so gives her great singing or expression talents. Venus stands for singing the second bhava lord and also mars stands for giving selena Gomez the energy for dancing. so this Venus plus mars energy combination gives great dancing and singing talents to Selena Gomez. This combination also suggests a great passion for singing.
  • Now looking at the lord of the second house that is Venus or Shukra is sitting in the fourth house of public image. so very clearly it says Venus or Shukra could give Selena Gomez a great of public image . as mars or Mangal is there so is dancing and performing also in the purview.. so the sun is there so that gives her a chance to be a public figure. sun and Venus combination also rules films.
  • One has to also note that Jupiter or guru is in fifth gives great benevolent thoughts to her and definite promise of great wealth and fortune . also Guru or Jupiter promises very good singing capabilities being in the 5th bhava. It could give good knowledge and knowledge of mantras or hymns later in life.
  • so now it is clear that it is written in her(Selena Gomez) horoscope that she would excel in music and performance. also, the energies around the planet Venus(Shukra) show the energies of the planet Jupiter/Guru which blesses with growth and expansion in the art. Venus is number 6 and Jupiter number3, 6=3×2.
  • As a discussed planet, Jupiter or guru is in the fifth bhava for her. that gives her exceptional creative talent to sing or speak and also acquire good knowledge. as shared it stands for expansion in luck plus makes the person a winner with the sun around. Budha or mercury gives obviously Fame for communication or singing related activities. because Please note mercury rules the expression for communication and mercury rules Selena Gomez’s third bhava or house.so overall it promises good expression capabilities in Selena Gomez but yes as Mercury rules sixth bhava. she will come up with a lot of struggle it is said that she struggled a lot in her childhood to come to the stage
  • what made her(selena Gomez) a big success in music and otherwise in life ?

  • we can very clearly see that any big success doesn’t come from thin air 🙂 it comes by proper hard work and yes building or grooming the basic talent. Jupiter is lord of gains for selena Gomez and being in the fifth bhava of art and expression means great for music and arts . as her Saturn is strong and sitting in the tenth bhava or house and aspecting her Venus or shukra. so also the eleventh bhava is ruled by Saturn or shani, a strong Saturn would give her Fame and money and gains for sure. but only after she or selena Gomez has put in her part of hard work into any work.
  • yes, she has to struggle a lot in her youth so Saturn’s promise and struggle are 100% true for Selena Gomez !!! also there is Raja yoga for selena with the lord of the fourth bhava in the first bhava. This promises great success for her and lands and money and other kinds of acquisition.
  • VENUS venus selena gomez+ SUNsun selena gomez + MERCURYselena gomez mercury == Selena Gomez
    what planetary combinations make selena Gomez marry an old man 68-year-old Bill Murray?

  • IN the relationship house as Saturn aspects her Venus the lord of relationships recently was the news that going to tie the knot with the relatively old man.
    In the Red Carpet arranged for Cannes Film Festival, it was announced that she is going to marry 68-year-old actor and co-star Bill Murray.
  • As Venus or Shukra stands for art and it is sitting in the fourth house or heart basically makes Selena Gomez very much love oriented. he heart is more towards love and promotion of love. so she is more prone to fall in love with people around. also, note a strong Saturn that is sitting in the Capricorn sign of Makar Rashi aspects her planet of love and relationships seventh bhava lord Venus. so for Selena Gomez this means as Saturn is an old planet and strongly suggest that there is a possibility of her marrying is an old but handsome man . but also relatively younger and distinct looking because of Mercury effects on venus.also she may sometime marry a younger looking guy but with a slightly darker complexion.:)

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