Longevity Of Your Child?

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what is this article about?

  • The below article exhaustively discusses how to evaluate the longevity of the child. it covers the balarishtha or low longevity aspect and other aspects like purnayu or full longevity by various principles of Vedic astrology classics
  • It further take the example of sri Rajiv Gandhi ji’s longevity how was a child of smt. indira Gandhi ji as an illustrative example to explain the principles. The possibility of his being killed in an accident or terror attack is also discussed below based on Vedic astrology .
  • Longevity Of Your Child- How is it ascertained based on Vedic astrology?

  • We all want our children to live long, till they are full mature adults to 120 years may be! The content below investigates various malefic combinations that could affect the longevity of any child at birth itself.
  • So just as a word of caution identify the planetary conditions and take the steps for rectification s per the classical texts like Brihat Parashar Hora Shastra and Others for maximum benefit in life.
  • Also many times the planet’s in the child’s Horoscope or Kundali either help or hinder the growth of parent’s health .
  • So for all such kind of problems , Vedic Astrology provides a preventive tool to first ascertain the longevity of any child, then secondly to know his or her impact on parents(mother or father) and thirdly mitigate the bad effects by proper karma or action and yes last but not the least prayers.
  • Various Combinations of Afflicted Longevity Of the Child

    • The evils at birth are first evaluated based on lagna and then effects on 12 houses or bhava is determined.

    Any evils causing premature death would be effective only till 24th year of age.

      • If moon is 8/6 or 12th malefic houses and get energy/aspects or drishti from a malefic planet like mars, Saturn or rahu- ketu- the child’s life is questionable.
      • If there is an aspect from a benefic in above situation- the child could live up to 8 years/If the benefic planet is reversed or retro gate in 7/8 or 12th house- then longevity beyond 1 month is an concern. The above condition applies only if lagna or tanu bhava is not occupied by a benefic.
      • The 5th house of children be occupied by malefic like mars, Saturn or sun- early death of mother could happen to mother and brother.
      • If the planet mars or Mangal be positioned in 8th house, 12th house or 1st house from ascendant and gets malefic energy from a malefic like Saturn (shani), sun (surya) or rahu-ketu- the longevity of the child is not guaranteed.
      • The planet moon or Chandra could cause early death if the planet is with a malefic(Saturn/mars and or rahu-ketu) in 7th,8 or 2nd house or bhava. Also there is no benefic drishti or aspect on moon.
      • If the child is born in morning or evenings or in the hora of moon/Chandra or in a gandanta. Also malefic occupy Kendra’s and moon also in angular or Kendra houses- the longevity of the child is questionable.
      • If the malefic planets are in the 6 signs right of the ascendant and benefics in left side of the ascendant and Scorpio rising- early death is possible.
      • If malefic like Saturn, mars or rahu-ketu in 12th, 6th ,8th or 2nd house and the ascendant is between malefic- this could affect the longevity of child.
      • If malefic occupy 1st/7th bhava or houses and moon is in conjunction with malefic and there is not benefic energy from good planets like Jupiter,venus or mercury- the
      • If the waning moon is in 2nd house and malefic sits in 8th house and any of the Kendra houses (angular houses or bhava like 1/4/7/10)- then longevity is questionable,
      • The planet moon or Chandra in 2nd house , 8th house or 12th house and also between malefic planets like say Saturn, mars, or rahu-ketu( shani, Mangal and dragon’s head or tail), the longevity of the child is questionable.
      • If Saturn (shani),sun(surya) and mars(Mangal) be in 12th/9th and 8th house, without getting good aspects from benefic planets – the child may not live long.
      • If the malefic is in 7th house with a malefic planet or in rising drekkana, the moon(Chandra) is waning/decreasing in 1st house(tanu bhava)- the child may not live long.
      • If all the planets are not strong an in house or bhava like 3/6/9/12- that is the Apoklima Houses or bhava. The child might live up to 2 months or 6 months.
    Rajiv Gandhi JI- former prime minister of India Longevity analysis
    longevity child rajiv gandhilongevity child rajiv gandhi

  • sri Rajiv Gandhi ji was born Date of Birth: Sunday, August 20, 1944 and in 21 May 1991 at the age of 46 Sriperumbudur, Tamil Nadu, India. let us check what his horoscope says about his longevity in legend based on Vedic astrology principles.
  • The lagan or ascendant lord mercury the lord of Virgo or kanya rashi is weak in the malefic twelfth bhava. It is at 28 degrees so in old age. this does not suggest a great longevity for Rajiv Gandhi ji.
  • sun the lord of vitality is sitting there in twelfth house so impacting the vitality and indicating possibility of attacks or imprisonment as sun represents self.
  • Moon the lord of eleventh bhava is close by so friend or people whom he may trust may impact him. That’s what happened in his killing.
  • Jupiter the lord of seventh or the markesh is sitting nearby near lagna , which again is a bad indication for longevity.Venus the lord of second bhava again a markesh in the twelfth bhava is there, this again has an effect on the lagna or ascendant.
  • The eighth bhava lord or the longevity lord for him is in the lagna, it is mars or Mangal. though in some sense it is good but being the lord of eighth house and also mars indicates high chance of accidents and attacks to self- that is the lagan or ascendant.
  • The ayushkaraka Saturn or shani is Juts OK for him in the tenth house on mercury sign of Gemini or mithuna rashi.
  • the lord mercury sits in the twelfth house. so does not forebode great longevity for Rajiv gandhi.Also mars makes him accident prone and prone to attacks- he was once attacked in sri lanka’s well by soldier if we recall.
  • The malefics like Saturn , ketu and mars are in the kendras or Kona’s like tenth, fifth and first bhava. this is not good for the horoscope or longevity of the person.
  • Dasa analysis when Rajiv Gandhi ji got killed in a bomb blast
    dasa longevity mars ketu rajiv gandhi

  • Rajiv Gandhi ji was running rahu-ketu dasa till June 1991. now rahu rules the malefic people and terrorists and he had the Yoga to be killed in accidents or blasts etc due to mars in lagna.
  • also the aggressive ketu has an aspect on the lagna where aggressive mars or Mangal is sitting. so over all carets a strong Yoga of accident or even death.
  • also over all as the horoscope or kundali or Rajiv Gandhi ji did not suggest longevity or lifespan , plus due to malefic mars(mangal) lord of the eighth house in the lagna and also the rahu-ketu period running cause his death by accidents or bomb blast.
  • we can clearly see how Vedic astrology helps you to plan life much before any event happens.

  • • We All want to Live Long & Healthy Life of 120 Years. But weakness due to various astrological factors like your lagna(ascendant) and other many factors reduce the same-To Know in depth about Your Longevity.

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