Protection to Longevity Of Your Child- Based on Astrology Or Jyotish


  • Balancing Of Bad effects:
  • If any of the benefic like Jupiter(guru) , mercury(budh) and venus(shukra) we in an angle from lagan(1/4/7/10 house)- all the  bad effects are destroyed.
  • A strong Jupiter in ascendant or lagan would remove all the bad effects. Also prayer to lord Shiva would remove the bad effects.
  • If the ascendant is strong enough- all the evils or bad effects at birth are destroyed.
  • The bad effects are destroyed if there is a benefic drishti or aspect to 1st house or lagan if one is born in night in bright half. Also a malefic drishti on lagan or ascendant to any one born during the day time in the dark half of the paksha.
  • If the ascendant or lagan  is Tula rashi and sun is in 12th house- the person would live 100 years!
  • It would help the person’s mother if mars is conjunct or gets aspect or drishti from benefic Jupiter(guru)
  • If the malefic planets are surrounded by benefic plates, while the trines(1/5/9) and angles(1/4/7/1)  have benefics in them- the bad effects go away soon. The bad effects would not go for the bhavas/houses mentioned.
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