Life span Or Longevity(Life expectancy) Pindayu- India Horoscope Or Kundli war economy 2017 18 predictions:

What is this article about?

  • This article discusses the great Longevity of our Mother Nation India and also discusses threats to the nation in a few years back with conflict with China or Dokhlam .
  • Apart from war the longevity of any Nation is discussed based on economic strength of the nation- so this discusses the over all impact of economic slowdowns and longevity or Vitality of our nation based on Vedc astrology.
  • It also discusses what is the basic of Longevity calculations in any horoscope as given in any classics and hwo to apply it for a specific case like India.
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    Life span Or Longevity or Life expectancy Pindayu- India Horoscope Or Kundli war economy predictions:

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      India Longevity or Life span- what happens in case of economic slowdowns like or wars?

      India Longevity based on Pindayu method:

      • Below are given longevity of India values due to various planets. The actual values would have to be multiplied atleast 10-100 times to make it proportionate to national longevity.
      • Sun or surya longevity arc value for India horoscope or kundli   is = 253 in degrees. Contribution due to sun to longevity is  = 13.352777777778 in years.
      • Moon or Chandra based longevity arc value for India horoscope or kundli is = 299 in degrees. Contribution due to Moon to longevity is = 20.763888888889 in years.
      • mars or mangal longevity arc value is for India horoscope or kundli = 590.73 in degrees. Contribution due to Mars to longevity is  = 24.61375 in years.
      • Mercury or budha longevity arc value is for India horoscope or kundli = 421.6 in degrees. Contribution due to Mercury to longevity is  = 14.053333333333 in years.
      • Jupiter or guru longevity arc value is for India horoscope or kundli = 249.47 in degrees. Contribution due to Jupiter to longevity is = 10.394583333333 in years
      • Venus or shukra longevity arc value is for India horoscope or kundli = 604.66 in degrees. Contribution due to Venus to longevity is = 35.271833333333 in years.
      • Saturn or shani longevity arc value is for India horoscope or kundli = 449.64 in degrees. Contribution due to Saturn to longevity is = 24.98 in years.
      • contribution due to ALL planets to longevity of India is  = 143.43016666667 in years. This has to multiply by 10-100 factor for each country in the world.
      • We note that maximum longevity or life of India comes from Venus or shukra that is the destiny of India is a world teacher or a mother of all(Yoga and ayurveda) is something that would strengthen the life of India.

      economic slowdown
      How was longevity impacted in previous when we had an economic slowdown?

      • we look at the year 2016.In any kundli or horoscope(birth chart),This time Saturn or shani was in Scorpio or vrishchika rashi agitated in the sign of mars and also Venus the lord of lagan was in the Scorpio sign.
      • This energy exchange of agitated Saturn and also Venus impacts the overall longevity of India. But as Jupiter was strong enough in Virgo matters got handles.
      • One needs to understand that just like our human body has nervous system/ circulatory system/execratory system etc and breakup in any system could impact the whole body the same applies to our country with various systems like legal system/political system and money or financial system etc running.
      • All have to be in the state of health for successful survival of our country and avoid any breakdowns in the situation.
      • Also the seventh bhava is the markesh for India so there is a risk due to transit Saturn and also from moon Saturn transits into the fifth bhava or the killing bhava, so longevity was at stake at that time for India.

      What is the impact of wars in 1965 and 1971 with Pakistan and china?

      • June –july 1962 war with china

      Sun       D    Gemini   25-09-52     Punarvasu    2      Neutral

      Moon           D    Libra     09-28-55     Swati     1      Neutral

      Mars            D    Taurus   08-09-37     Krittika  4      Neutral

      Merc            D    Gemini   06-37-02     Mrigasira      4      Own

      Jupt      R    Aquarius 19-16-07     Satabhisa     4      Neutral

      Venu           D    Leo 04-45-57     Magha   2      Enemy

      Satn            R    Capricorn     16-11-07     Sravana 2      Own

      Rahu           R    Cancer   16-33-06     Pashyami     4

      Ketu            R    Capricorn     16-33-06     Sravana 2

      Uran            D    Leo 04-55-34     Magha   2

      Nept            R    Libra     17-24-37     Swati     4

      Plut       D    Leo 14-51-19     Purvaphalgini      1


      • In any kundli or horoscope(birth chart) of india ,Jupiter the longevity lord for India  is in the 10th bhava of Aquarius and retrograde. So as per classics Jupiter comes in the trikona bhava with respect to the sixth bhava where guru is sitting in the horoscope of India. This is a killing transit.
      • In any kundli or horoscope(birth chart) of India ,The ayushkaraka shani is strong in the sign of Capricorn or the 9th bhava
      • Also note like the dokhlam conflicts Rahu gets into the karkat sign and lagna of India that is venues or Shukra is weak in transit.
      • Dokhlam in 2017 September- October – India china
      • In any kundli or horoscope(birth chart) of india Jupiter the lord of longevity for India is very weak in Virgo sign and retrograde, that is in the 5th
      • Also Saturn or shani is still agitated in Scorpio, also note 7th bhava is the markesh for India, where Saturn or shani was showing the dance of death there.
      • 1965 war with Pakistan and 1999 February in kargil
      • In 1965 In any kundli or horoscope(birth chart) of india Jupiter or guru is in Gemini and is very weak there. Jupiter is touching the markesh bhava for India that is the 2nd bhava, so becomes more negative and also the strength of Jupiter also gets weak which impacts the longevity of India.
      • Also Saturn is in the 10th bhava of Aquarius.

      transit of planets and india
      Impact on longevity in the coming Saturn and Jupiter transit

      • In any kundli or horoscope(birth chart) of India Saturn or shani is not direct in the 9th sign and also the 8th bhava of India. Slowly as Saturn gains strength in the dhanu rashi- the longevity would increase and so would be overall gains for India.
      • Jupiter has gotten into 6th bhava where the natal Jupiter is , strengthening the natal strength of Jupiter or guru for India.
      • So over all well protected.
      • What is Pindayu Calculations to do with Longevity or Life span of a person?.

      • In any kundli or horoscope(birth chart),The various Grahas or the planets add to life span or longevity of anyone, as indicated by their being in strength, or weakening and furthermore in light of their qualities and shortcomings and positions in Ashvini nakshatra  and so on and in the different Rashis or signs.
      • As a matter of first importance Pindayu method depends on the placement of the Grahas or the planets in your horoscope or kundli.
      • In any kundli or horoscope(birth chart),The contribution to longevity due to various planets to your longevity starting from sun(surya)/moon(chndra)/mars(mangal)/mercury(budha)/Jupiter(guru), Venus(shukra) and Saturn (shani)are :19, 25, 15, 12, 15, 21 and 20 are the quantity of years, contributed by the Grahas, from surya or sun  and so on., when in exaltation.
      • The above suggested values are half of the above in weakening or debilitated like sun in Libra is debilitated.
      • Basic Calculations of Longevity: What’s more, if the Grahas are in the middle of exaltation and weakening, the method of three process ought to be utilized. Deduct the genuine position of the Graha from its maximum  exaltation   Like for sun , its is on aries(mesha) 10 degrees on the zodiac belt so try to see how far sun is now at the time of birth from the exaltation point.
      • In the event that the result of the above difference process is under 6 Rashis or signs that is less that  180 degrees, then deduct it again from 12 Rashis or signs( that is 360 degrees). The number concerned ought to be doubles by the quantity of years dispensed to the planet  and separated by 12 to get the Grah’s genuine contribution to the longevity of any individual.
      • Modifications in Longevity or life span calculations when combust or near sun. But for planets In any kundli or horoscope(birth chart), like shukra(Venus) and shani(Saturn), the commitments, made by others, ought to be split, on the off chance that they are overshadowed by sun or surya . In  this case 33% ought to be decreased, if the Graha is in its hostile rashi or sign. This aspect  does not have any significant bearing to the one or planets that are in retrogression (see Vakra Charam).
      • Conclusions for Grahas or planets in the Visible Half of the Zodiac. That is In any kundli or horoscope(birth chart), houses eighth/ninth/tenth/eleventh and twelfth . Full, half, 33%, one fourth, one fifth and one 6th are the reasoning’s of contributions, made by malefic, set in the obvious portion of the zodiac.
      • Benefics in such cases lose just 50% of what malefic lose. Ought to there be more than one Graha or planet in a Bhava, the derivation, because of the most grounded, will as it were win and not derivations, because of different Grahas in that specific Bhava. Waning  away Chandra or moon is a benefic for this reason.
      • Malefic in Lagna or ascendant. On the off chance that Tanu Bhava or the first house(ascendant) is possessed by malefic, use  the accompanying technique. Change over Lagn’s Sphuta into minutes of bend and double  it by the years and so on., contributed by the inhabitant, and gap by 21600.
      • The years and so forth so arrived be deducted from the particular contribution, which will be the net traverse, given by the Graha. On the off chance that there is benefic’s Drishti on Lagn, containing malefic, at that point the misfortune or the deductions  is just half.
      • Lagn’s Contribution. The quantity of years, contributed by Lagna or ascendant , will compare to the quantity of Rashis or signs it picked up (from Mesha or Aries), while the degrees Lagn has picked up in the specific rashi or  will likewise correspondingly give (30° = l year).
      • In the event that the Lagn’s Lord in the navamsa is more grounded than Lagn’s Lord, at that point the contribution  ought to be registered just in view of the quantity of navamsa  picked up (from Mesh), generally the calculation will be for the rashi lagna.
      • Full Life Span of Various Living Beings. Let us look at full life expectancy figures for different living creatures. Divine beings and sages appreciate perpetual life expectancy The full life expectancy of falcons, owls, parrots, crows and snakes is one thousand years.
      • For hawk, monkey, bear and frog the full traverse of life is 300 years. Evil presence’s full life expectancy is 150 years, while it is 120 for people, 32 for stallions, 25 for jackasses and camels, 24 for bulls and wild oxen, 20 for peacocks, 16 for goats and rams. 14 for swans, 12 for cuckoo, canine and bird, 8 for hens and so on and 7 for winged creatures and so on.
      • Now based on above relationships based on ratio and proportion we can easily find out the same for our country India. As India is destined to live for thousands of years, the 120 years life span of Human being has to be scaled proportionately.


      • So over all what we see is that In any kundli or horoscope(birth chart) of india whenever Jupiter the lord of 8th bhava for India is weak or the seventh house of India the markesh for India is impacted or Saturn is transiting the fifth bhava India’s vulnerabilities towards external attacks or internal problems increases.
      • So just like in the monsoon in july when the mosquitoes increase and in October- November we have other set of diseases and problems to deal with., The life of any country moves in cycles- some are linear and some are not. Vedic astrology is a very powerful way to look at these cycles and protect our country India and make best use of the situation.
      • We all wish India a trillion years of life. Jai Hind!
    Your Longevity and Life Span Report:
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