Kundli (Birth Chart) of Donald Trump Ban On Muslims & H1B Visa- 2017 Horoscope Predictions?

Donald_Trump_August_19,_2015_(cropped)-GEMINI kundli horoscope birth chart 2017 ban Muslims visa predictions

Kundli (Birth Chart) of Donald Trump Ban On Muslims & H1B Visa- 2017 Horoscope Predictions?

Donald John Trump (he was born June 14, 1946). He has also  been  earlier an American businessman, television personality,  is at the moment president of United states Of America for his ban for immigrants(H1B business visa) and Muslims from specific countries to contain terrorism in his home country of United States Of America. He has been much into controversy due to the same.

This article analyzes how he would fare in year 2017 amidst the controversies, based on his natal kundli or horoscope – using vedic astrology. Also some basic predictions for 2018 have been made which have a high chance to come true.

2017 Horoscope Predictions For Donald Trump President of America.

June 14 1956

10:54 AM


donald-lagna  kundli horoscope birth chart 2017 ban Muslims visa predictions

  • In Donald Trump’s Birth Horoscope Or Kundli(Birth Chart) He runs Jupiter-Jupiter( Guru-Guru periods) till end of 2017 atleast, now Jupiter(Guru) is retrogate or vakri rules the fifth house of his way of thinking, taking risks(Children & intellect) and also the eighth house of land, reversals, un Donald Trump’s Birth Horoscope Or Kundli(Birth Chart) expected problems and also sits in the house of speech. But is old at around 24 degrees.
  • At the moment transit Jupiter is close to the natal Jupiter in Donald Trump’s Birth Horoscope Or Kundli(Birth Chart). So over all as Jupiter or Guru is retrogate and a planet or graha of dharma or religion and is affecting the speech,status of the president also it reflects the eighth  house or the house of rebellion, the house that behaves like Rahu.
  • So based on Donald Trump’s Birth Horoscope Or Kundli(Birth Chart)  he could talk in a non conventional or opposite manner related to religion or oppose a group of people belonging to a religion or way of thinking. We know he has resisted the entry of Muslims from six countries is a direct result of the same. This is exactly what has been happening.


  • Now eighth house and Jupiter the karaka for ninths house (Luck/religion and foreign travels) and also for twelfth house in some sense – and at the same time karaka for education, when it is reversed it sort of blocks the energy for short travels (eight house and ninth house) for education purposes. This sort of connects to his trying to block or reduce the H1B visas  or even business Visas  to his country.
  • Donald Trump’s Birth Horoscope Or Kundli(Birth Chart) , Rahu is transiting his first house or the sign Leo or simha rashi, mars shares the energy of rahu and affects his house of image that is the fourth house.Rahu make him behave more in an non conventional manner. Also due to aspect to the fourth house  he will have to bear the brunt of rebellious people who would oppose his policies.Thats is evident from the opposition for his moves for banning the Muslim countries and also the H1B visa
  • In his Birth Horoscope Or Kundli(Birth Chart) Saturn or shani is a malefic for him and entering is fifth house in transit and rules sixth & seventh house and sitting in twelfth in natal chart could make his stand on foreign students hard. It could also cause stress to him as Saturn(shani) sits in the twelfth house.
  • His relationships might get affected with countries or his own people. Especially the kids that is the people striving for student’s visa or H1B Visa.
  • Based on Donald Trump’s Birth Horoscope Or Kundli(Birth Chart) In the coming 3-4 months till June 2017 his birth day he may face a lot of trials and also health issues. March ending and April 2017 could be real hard for him in terms of issues and also health. He may plan  to  travel and or total revamp in his strategy in this period.
  • These 4 months (June to Oct 2017) highly emotional time for him from June to October, when he may face people not supporting him, especially September & October 2017. But with patience he will easily come over.
  • 2018 is definitely something he has to be careful about. That is the time when Saturn will get almost at the bhava Madhya or house mid point. As excess work, unexpected work coming in, controversies and some legal entanglements might come in if he is not very careful.Infact he has to be careful from September 2017 onwards. Yes health & nerves need proper care.
  • We wish him all the best in life and his tenure and also wish him good health.



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