Hillary Clinton, what awaits her in 2016! –Her 2016 Horoscope Revealed!


She is the charismatic leader/senator and a former first lady , wife of president bill clinton. She is contesting for 2016 USA elections.


Hillary Diane Rodham was born in year 1947 on  October 26, at Edgewater Hospital in Chicago, Illinois. She was raised in a United Methodist family, first in Chicago and then, since she was age of three ,she was in  suburban Park Ridge, Illinois.

Birth Details:

Hillary Clinton :-
Date of Birth :- 26th October , 1947
Time of Birth :- 08.02 A.M.
Place of Birth :- Chicago, IL , USA 

What does Numerology say about her:

  • Let first check  see how correct her birth data is with respect to past  events.
  • Born on Birth Date = 26=2+6=8= Planet Saturn
  • Sun Sign = Scorpio = Planet MARS  , but as she is born close to 21st October when the sun sign changed from Libra to Scorpio, she is ruled by Libra as well- so  the influence of Venus should also be there= so numbers are 6(for Venus) + 9(Mars)
  • Her interest in health & care related  matters are an indication  towards this. ??
  • Her Destiny Number (what she was born to do) = 26+10+1967 = 8(=2+6) + 1(October=10=1+0)  + 21(1947= 1+9+4+7) = 8+1+3(21=2+1=3)  = 13/4 + Rahu/URANUS= Dragon’s Head.
  •  She was born to do something out of convention and innovative and may be come to limelight due to the same.
  • Her Original name = Hillary Diane Rodham = 55 = 10/1= Planet Sun.
  • Rahu/Uranus and Venus  and Saturn being the core numbers, Gives her success  in  some non-conventional work to serve the society or service of society.??
  • Also there is a close connection between planet Saturn(her birth number) and destiny number Rahu/Uranus= 4. As 4 and 8 could be called as  close cousins. The number 4 influence becomes much stronger in life due to her birth number being 8=Saturn.
  • So she is a born manager of big things, could be out of convention and also a public figure as Rahu/Uranus( her destiny number) and planet SUN her name number bring her to limelight. We know all this is true

Some Interesting Coincidences of Numbers for Her

  • She was the 67th United States secretary of state , 67= 6+7=13=4 = Rahu/Uranus.
  • She became the first lady in 1993= 1+9+9+3= 22 = 2=2+Rahu/Uranus
  • In 2000 she was elected as the first female senator of the state in elections , 2000=2+0+0+0 =2 = Moon and Rahu/Uranus = 2 x 2, so Moon at times functions as Rahu/Uranus  in certain sense – that is Rahu/Uranus does have energy of moon in it as well.(Rahu/Uranus eclipses the sun and moon btw)
  • Joined obama administration in 2009= 2+0+0+9=11 = 2= Moon= Half Rahu/Uranus effect.

We can clearly see that Rahu= Uranus(Dragon’s head) is playing a key roles in her career or status related matters.

Coming Year 2016 Elections  for Her Based On Her Numbers

  • This year vibrations for 2016 are of Mars, and mars are antagonistic to Rahu/Uranus and also not great for moon. Though Venus could be supportive and so could planet sun in her chart.
  • Over all unexpected results. She might come up with very innovative and new ways to solve problems. The chances for her to win are 40:60 As Rahu/Uranus behaviour is  not predictable it can create  rash actions or sudden fights and controversies.

The elections being held on  Tuesday, November 8, 2016, , again sort  of suggest a 40:60 in winning, a lower than average ratio for her.
That is 4/10 – 4 out of 10 chances of winning- which is on the lower side.Her winning or losing also depends on the strength of numbers of other candidate(yet to be done, but prime facie this could be a possible outcome).

What does Astrology  say about Her Chances of winning in 2016

10-11-2015 15-56-23-chart-hillary

  • At the time of election Jupiter would be in Virgo and Saturn in Scorpio

& Rahu/Uranus in Leo.

  • Rahu/Uranus in 11th in house of sun, in transit and in natal in 8th house, fairly strong could give unexpected gains  to image. Though dasha(planetary) are not very supportive.
  • Jupiter is weakened in transit and affects her public image. A not very strong Saturn in 2nd– so not very great for status.

       So her chances are again near  40:60 to win


Her Chances to win are 40:60, Rahu/Uranus has to do something exceptional to make her win(One needs to look at the speed of movement of rahu that time).

That is 4/10 – 4 out of 10 chances of winning- which is on the lower side.Her winning or losing also depends on the strength of planets of other candidate(yet to be done, but prime facie this could be a possible outcome).

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