Karakamsa kundli sixth house enmity,debt,losses,agriculture,obstacles- impact on narendra modi predictions

narendra-modi karakamsa kundli debt losses enmity obstacles

Karakamsa sixth house enmity,debt,losses,agriculture- Impact on Narendra modi JI

  • Impacts of the sixth from karakamsa of a Horoscope or Kundli(Birth Chart). In the event that the sixth from karakamsa is possessed by a malefic(Saturn/mars or rahu & ketu or Shani/mangal or rahu/ketu), the person  will be an agriculturist, while he will be slothful & hardworking, if a benefic is in the sixth from karakamsa. The third from karakamsa ought to likewise be correspondingly considered.
  • This is a typical case of negative cancels the negative or the basis of neech bhang Yoga- where two negatives – that if in the Horoscope or Kundli(Birth Chart) , the sixth house and the malefic leads to cancellation of energy and hence positive effects like hardworking or agriculture.

narendramodi-d9 karakamsa kundli debt losses enmity obstaclesnarendramodiH karakamsa kundli debt losses enmity obstacles

Kundli or Horoscope Of narendra Modi Ji and the sixth House of opposition or enmity

  • if in the Horoscope or Kundli(Birth Chart)  of narendra modi ji, As Saturn or shani is the highest degree planet in the lagan chart, to becomes the atmakarka or the soul realizing planet  and it sits in the sixth house in the navamsa kundli (Horoscope) of sri narendra modi ji in the Sagittarius sign or dhanu rashi.
  • The sixth house lord is mercury or budha and is in the second house, this could give good speech skills to modi and good calculations( he is known to be deft in calculations as a chai wala or tea maker and manager of the tea unit), but at the same time his words could cause him trouble as well as they carry energy of the sixth house or vighna bhava.
  • The recent de monetization in 2016 and the resultant impact on modi ji is a direct impact of mercury(money) on modi ji’s status or image to some extent.
  • if in the Horoscope or Kundli(Birth Chart)  of narendra modi ji ,the energy of eighth house lord sun or surya is with the sixth house lord mercury in the second house of navamsa- giving him a distinct speech and ability to communicate. Also ruler ship  of eighth house gives him the tendency to talk with full confidence about the downtrodden.
  • if in the Horoscope or Kundli(Birth Chart)  of narendra modi ji ,An aggressive mars or mangal has an  aspect on the planet mercury- so this gives a great deal of passion and energy and dominance in speech for Sri Narendra modi ji.
  • Saturn (shani) in the ascendant and in dhanu rashi or Sagittarius sign sends benefic energy to the sixth house of Vighna, helping him to crush enemies and also make him friendly to farmers( Saturn) and also people to do with trees( Jupiter) and yes the people close to religion.
  • Religion or dharma again is controlled by Jupiter.
  • if in the Horoscope or Kundli(Birth Chart)  of narendra modi ji ,We can clearly see that the navamsa Kundli or horoscope of Sri Narendra modi ji corroborates with the real life facts.


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