Turkey Coup Attempt on – To Over Turn prime Minister Binali , by general Hulusi Akar- Based Vedic Astrology & Jyotish

turkey-imgae coup on 15 july 2016

Turkey Coup  Attempt on – To Over Turn prime Minister Binali , by general Hulusi Akar- Based Vedic Astrology & Jyotish


It is said the Coup happened in 15 July leaving 161 dead .The democratically elected current prime minister of Turkey Binali Yildirim’s government was attempted to be destabilized by the rebels.

Hulusi akara was held during the coup attempt. It is said that over 2800 soldiers were involved in the coup attempt.

Name: Turkey

Date of Birth: 29 oct 1923

Time of Birth: 8:30 AM

Place of Birth: Istanbul

Turkey Birth Chart Is Given below.

Current dasa (planetary periods) Of Turkey

  • ven-JUP till 5/11/16
  • ven-SAT till 5/ 1/20

Basic Natal Chart Or Horoscope Analysis of Turkey and possibilities of Coup Attempts? Based on Vedic astrology Or Jyotish:

  • The ascendant Lord of Turkey is Libra or Tula- makes it a beautiful country with beautiful people.
  • .Now Libra or Tula rules house 8th (house of rebellion and coup and death) and also 1st house- that is the lagan.
  • The Venus or shukra ruling 8th house makes Turkey prone to Coup attempts and yes violence of all kinds whenever Venus is weak or malefic planets are strong.
  • Planet Venus shares the energy of malefic Saturn(shani), though Saturn is benefic for Turkey- but being natural malefic it would affect the ascendant Lord Venus whenever it is weak in transit( its weak in transit now in 2016 July being Conjunct with mars and ions Scorpio sign)
  • A weak sun sits in ascendant of Turkey- ruling 11th the house of gains, but has Rahu energy with it. Now Rahu deals with rebels- so it not only affects the image and energy of Turkey (planet sun or surya), it affects the body ( of physical aspects of Turkey).
  • So over all Turkey is Highly Coup prone- now read the history and you will see a series of coup attempts in turkey:
  • Coup History Of Turkey
  • The military in Turkey has over thrown the government three times in  the last three decades
  • IN 1960, the  autocratic premier Adnan Menderes was deposed in almost a bloodless military coup:
  • In 1980, also there was a coup, there were no laws passed for months—and a series of terrorist attacks which no one stopped,

Would Turkey be able to retain Democracy in 2016 and 2017 Based on Vedic Astrology Or Jyotish

  • As Saturn( shani ) is very weak and angry in 2nd house of turkey in transit in 2016 July. It will send a very malefic energy to the lagan or ascendant of turkey and also impact the status of Turkey( the second house or dhana bhava).
  • Mars rules relationships for Turkey horoscope, so a malefic energy going to relationships could cause a collapse within. That is a Coup is also break in relationships- that is within the country.
  • Turkey runs Venus- Jupiter till end of 2016- Venus as we have seems makes Tuerkey prone to terrorism in general and Jupiter is very weak in the sign of rebellions(Scorpio or vrishchika rashi), Jupiter absorbs very bad energy from mars and Saturn above .
  • As Jupiter rules the third house or the house of initiatives- so a malefic and weak Jupiter supports bad initiatives like coup.
  • Also Jupiter rules the sixth house of enmity and opposition- this is what exactly happened in Turkey.
  • Turkey would run Saturn period till atleast end of 2017, Saturn or shani is weak ( very  young in infancy at 1 degrees), it affects gains, public image and the people of Turkey- so education and children would in general be impacted in turkey for some time.
  • It will take some time for it to regain is name and image,agriculture, religious institutions would get affected and so could the trade and foreign image.


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