Turkey Coup Attempt on – To Over Turn prime Minister Binali , by general Hulusi Akar- Based Vedic Astrology & Jyotish

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About this article ?

  • This is a very interesting article, that looks astrologically into the coup attempt in Turkey recently.
  • It explores why Turkey as a country is a great country- but prone to coup attempts.
  • the article also based on planetary Yoga’s or combination looks at overall stability of Country Like Turkey.
  • Birth Details & Horoscope or Kundli for Turkey ?
    Name: Turkey
    Date of Birth: 29 oct 1923
    Time of Birth: 8:30 AM
    Place of Birth: Istanbul
    Turkey Birth Chart Is Given below.
    planets dasha turkey coup attempt kundli horoscopesurya kundli turkey coup attempt kundli horoscope
    Current dasha (planetary periods) Of Turkey

  • Venus-JUP till 5/11/16
  • Venus-SAT till 5/ 1/20
  • turkey coup attempt kundli horoscope
    Basic Natal Chart Or Horoscope Analysis of Turkey and possibilities of Coup Attempts? Based on Vedic astrology Or Jyotish:

  • The ascendant Lord of the country Turkey is Libra or Tula rashi ruled by planet Venus – makes it a beautiful country with beautiful people :).
  • .Now Libra or Tula rules house 8th (house of rebellion and coup and death for any Horoscope) .
  • and also 1st house of self or physical body of Turkey- that is the lagan.
  • Now looking at Venus or shukra ruling 8th house makes Turkey prone to Coup attempts and yes violence of all kinds whenever Venus is weak or malefic planets are strong.
  • Planet Venus shares the energy of malefic Saturn(Shani), though Saturn is benefic for Turkey- but being natural malefic it would affect the ascendant Lord Venus whenever it is weak in transit.
  • It is weak in transit now in 2016 July being Conjunct with mars and in Scorpio sign
  • A weak sun or surya dev sits in ascendant of Turkey- ruling 11th the house of gains but has Rahu energy with it. Now Rahu deals with rebels.
  • so it not only affects the image and energy of Turkey (planet sun or surya), but it also affects the body ( of physical aspects of Turkey).
  • So over all Turkey is Highly Coup prone- now if you read the history and you will see a series of coup attempts in Turkey:
  • coup history turkey coup attempt kundli horoscope
    Coup History Of Turkey

  • The military in Turkey has over thrown the government three times in the last three decades
  • IN 1960, the autocratic premier Adnan Menderes was deposed in almost a bloodless military coup:
  • In 1980, also there was a coup, there were no laws passed for months—and a series of terrorist attacks which no one stopped,
  • turkey coup attempt kundli horoscope
    Would Turkey be able to retain Democracy in 2016 and 2017 Based on Vedic Astrology Or Jyotish

  • As Saturn( Shani ) is very weak and angry in 2nd house of turkey in transit in 2016 July.
  • It will send a very malefic energy to the lagan or ascendant of turkey and also impact the status of Turkey( the second house or Dhana bhava).
  • Mars rules relationships for Turkey horoscope, so a malefic energy going to relationships could cause a collapse within.
  • That is a Coup is also break in relationships- that is within the country.
  • Turkey runs Venus- Jupiter sub dasha period till end of 2016- Venus as we have seems makes Turkey prone to terrorism in general .
  • and also Jupiter or Guru is very weak in the sign of rebellions(Scorpio or vrishchika rashi).
  • The planet Jupiter absorbs very bad energy from mars and Saturn above .
  • As Jupiter or Guru rules the third house or the house of initiatives- so a malefic and weak Jupiter supports bad initiatives like coup.
  • Also Jupiter or Guru rules the sixth house of enmity and opposition- this is what exactly happened in Turkey.
  • Turkey would run Saturn period till at least end of 2017, Saturn or Shani is weak ( very young in infancy at 1 degrees).
  • it affects gains, public image, and the people of Turkey.
  • so education and children would in general be impacted in turkey for some time.
  • It will take some time for Turkey to regain is name and image, agriculture, religious institutions would get affected and so could the trade and foreign image.
  • turkey coup attempt kundli horoscope
    Turkey Coup Attempt on – To Over Turn prime Minister Binali , by general Hulusi Akar- Based Vedic Astrology & Jyotish

  • It is said the Coup happened on 15 July leaving 161 dead .The democratically elected current prime minister of Turkey Binali Yildirim’s government was attempted to be destabilized by the rebels.
  • Hulusi akara was held during the coup attempt. It is said that over 2800 soldiers were involved in the coup attempt.