France terror attack: Truck terrorist kills 84 people in Nice- Vedic Astrology and Jyotish Analysis


France terror attack: Truck terrorist kills 84 people in Nice- Vedic Astrology and Jyotish Analysis


In NICE a gunman who was a 31 year old terrorist killed 84 people and wounded many others as he drive a truck at a very high speed not a crowd. The crowd was watching Bastille Day fireworks in the French Riviera city of Nice. Around 10:30 PM GMT (Jul 15, 2016, 10.30 AM IST)

France Birth details

oct 5 1958

12:000:18 am


Mars Runs  dasha or planetary period Merc-RAH from mid of 2014  till  19/ 5/17



France Natal Horoscope Analysis & Vulnerability to Attacks Analyzed- Based on Vedic Astrology Or Jyotish :

  • France as we can see has Scorpio sign rising or vrishchika rashi  as its ascendant and rules 6th house and 1st Mars or mangal is not very well placed in relationship- so foreign affairs need focus.
  • As  such there is no malefic direct aspect from any planet to ascendant- that is France as a nation. Though mars ruling 6th could engage in wars if weak.
  • Saturn though weak does not rule malefic houses- infact it rules the third and fourth house, that is the shourya bhava and bhava( house for Public Image) and family. So over all does not support any terror acts.
  • The question is why did the attacks happen in the recent past? For this let us

France Forecast for 2016-2017- Based on Vedic Astrology

  • Now the answer leis of the cause of attacks on France in maha dasha lord = mercury or budha- it rules 8th house(rules terrorism and subversive sudden activities) and 11th The planet mercury carries energy of malefic rahu , which gain rules terrorism and subversive activities,
  • Venus or shukra the lord of relationship and public affairs is affected by  the nergy of rahu and mercury both.
  • Mercury is combust in Virgo or mithuna rashi so suggests – indiscriminate acts even by others could be source of trouble. Now terrorism is an indiscriminate act we know,
  • Now let’s look at the current sub period. That is if planet Rahu- the king of terrorism! Also rahu shares the malefic energy with the maha dasha lord mercury.
  • Also rahu gets energy from mars ruling 6/1( ascendant or lagan or physical body of nation France). So very clearly can see why France had so many attacks in Rahu period. As Rahu the sub dasha lord, mercury the dasha lord and the 6th house of fights and yes ascendant = Physical Body of the France as a nation is seriously afflicted.
  • A harsh transit of Saturn or shank along with mars in first house affects the body of the nation France, affects its relationships and yes the fourth house is the public view of france.It clearly suggest it could get engaged in fights and conflicts based on transit and natal planets of France.
  • Now Look at the numbers – 15 July 2016 = 6(=1+5) + July(=7 = Month of Ketu the friendly counter part of Rahu creating terrorist activities) + 2016(=2+0+1+6)= 6+ 7(July) +9(2016) = 22 m=4 = Rahu!!! The master creator of terror situations. Please refer my other articles
  • Also France is ruled by sun astrologically(western astrology) the date number = 1+5 =6= Venus and day = Friday ruled by Venus are hard enemies of planet sun. So we know the results
  • Also note the assailant was 31 years old , 3+1=4 = Rahu effect.
  • Rahu and the eighth house in Vedic astrology suggest strong chances of terror attacks.
  • So France has to be careful more even in 2016 ending and 2017.
  • But without any fear of any thing bad- as we have to remember that planets help to work out Individual and national karma, by donation for old age Homes or lepers anywhere in the world would help to mitigate or catch attacks much earlier.
  • We wish peace to all in the world!


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