Deepika Padukone 2016 Horoscope(Kundli) Bollywood actress-Predictions vedic Astrology & Jyotish


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  • This article at length talks about Deepika Padukone Horoscope. It tells what made her click in the film industry, why did she have failed affairs with Ranbir Kapoor,what made her choose the film career and be a bollywood success :).
    It later blends it with numbers of Deepika Padukone or Numerology top get a Unique blend of predictions 🙂 for her.
    later in the article we have jaimini and surya Kundli based predictions as well ot make the article more rich 🙂 and authentic.
  • keep reading, very rare and unique article.:)
  • deepika padukone horoscope kundli predictions
    deepika padukone horoscope predictions bollywood films distinction
    What makes Deepika Padukone so beautiful women and distinct women of bollywood?

  • now let us look at what makes Deepika Padukone and daughter of legendry badminton Prakash Padukone so beautiful and distinct . in Deepika Padukone’s horoscope there is Libra ascendant what is the Tula rashi . we see that Venus or rules the film industry or bollywood as well .
  • Venus the Planet of beauty & art is sitting in the third house of action and initiative in horoscope (kundli) of Deepika Padukone . so it is suggested that Deepika Padukone could have any film actor or a kind of entrepreneur who takes action . It clearly suggests that she could be working for the films . venus is sitting on the dispositor of Jupiter or Guru . Guru in turn is in the 4th house of public image for Deepika Padukone .
  • also sun or surya the karaka for public image and glory is at 20 degrees .venus the Venus or shukra the lord of lagna and sun Lord of 11th house is sitting in the third house sharing energy with her Lagna Lord Venus. shukra. so this ensures her success in the film industry of the Bollywood ,
  • We note that in the 3rd house of Deepika Padukone we have Mercury there is at 5° and it is rules the ninth house of fortune plus the 12th houses stresses as well .this suggests that Deepika Padukone will gain from her father’s image and also good karma of past life. But also she could have issues in getting roles at times and issues in her image. she also could have nerves issues.
    Infact she had a breakdown of nerves after breakup with Ranbir kapoor.
  • The Lord of public image of the horoscope of Deepika Padukone is Saturn or shani dev is sitting in the 2d house for Deepika Padukone .It helps her growth in career overall and Lord of public image Saturn sitting in the second house is agitated on scorpio sign ruled by mars or Mangal dev. 🙂 so suggest that the status of Deepika Padukone could have a lot of ups and downs. she has to be careful on what she speaks and speak sweetly .Note she born on 5th = mercury and sun sign is Capricorn or Saturn so slight issues in speech or communication or nerves could be there.
  • sun is a strongest planet for her which gives her a great public image. mars the Planet of action and athletics is on the lagna or ascendant of Deepika Padukone . Giving her great action.
  • mars or Mangal here very clearly suggesting that Deepika Padukone will have an athletic built . she may also do great in action movies . ketu or dragon’s tail is there in the lagna and Rahu in the 7th house gives her a very distinct personality and make her popular so much. ketu in lagan gives clear distinct personality and popularity.
  • deepika padukone horoscope predictions bollywood films
    why did Deepika Padukone take a film industry as a career and be a success?

  • The moon or Chandra The Lord of career is sitting in the lagna(ascendant) creating a yoga of wealth and status and gains due to career for Deepika Padukone . which is hundred percent true she is a very popular Bollywood actress.
  • we know that moon sits on Libra sign in lagan ruled by venus. venus= film industry or bollywood so we know now for sure why Deepika Padukone choose industry looking from the lagna Bhava .
  • also ruler ship of Cancer sign is there for the 10th house, that is karkat Rashi and sits on the Venus sign .so this very clearly indicates there are strong enough moon(Chandra) and Venus(shukra) energies coming to the Deepika Padukone.
  • Moon we know rules sensitivity and also rules human emotions that are needed in any film industry or bollywood we know. 🙂 also Venus or shukra rules beauty and art. film industry venus has ketu is well with moon there. giving Deepika Padukone great distinction.
  • so ketu close to moon gives exceptional gains and high intensity the mind of Deepika Padukone to follow up her aspirations .so that’s what is happening for her because Venus the planet of acting and art is on Jupiter sign. and Jupiter is in the Kendra bhava of fourth house giving expansion of image.
  • so all that ensures that she will get public image and love. That is film industry or Bollywood would know her. sun as we discussed the lord of 11th house of gains is very close to venus or shukra. that means the film industry or acting or any artistic Pursuit will give a good success to her.
  • deepika padukone horoscope predictions bollywood films jaimini
    what does the arudha lagna & Upa Pada or jaimini astrology say about Deepika Padukone ?

  • Now let us look at the horoscope of Deepika Padukone jis based on Jaimini principles. venus the lord of Deepika Padukone is sitting in the 3rd house from Lagna . so now the arudha lagna is third of third( it is 3+3-1=5) that is the fifth house .
  • so that is Aquarius sign the arudha Lagna for Deepika Padukone .so that gives a very is distinction personality of Deepika Padukone . she has a habit of looking at life a different way . also looking at things in a unique way .r
  • Saturn the arudha lagna lord for Deepika Padukone is in the 10th house for the arudha lagna so that means that as Saturn rules Aquarius , so Deepika Padukone will have lot of gains but she will have lot of issues and ups and downs in career as well. she would also have great leadership qualities due to Aquarius sign and also note she so born on a Sunday.
  • Now looking from an Upapada of the horoscope of Deepika Padukone . It is the 2nd bhava from lagna. as her lagna is an odd sign . Upa pada for Deepika Padukone is the scorpio sign next to Libra her lagna or vrishchika Rashi. so that gives a great action and energy and Mars is sitting in the 12th house. so good discipline and philosophical nature .
  • yes 2020 would mean be lot of proving and 2019 an emotional year. we wish her all the best in life.
  • About Birth details and horoscope deepika:

    Birth Data & Other Data Of Deepika Padukone:

    Name: Deepika Padukone
    Date of Birth: born 5 January 1986
    Place of Birth: Copenhagen

    Numerology Horoscope & Predictions for Deepika Padukone:

    Dob: 5 January 1986

    Popular Name: Deepika Padukone

    Birth Name: Deepika Padukone

    • Birth number = 5 = Planet Mercury

    This planet is given her presentation & good communication skills –working for modelling/movies is a good example of the same.

    • The sun sign for 5 January 1986=Planet Saturn

    Planet mercury is synonymous with fun, romance and excitement, but having a Saturn as sun sign, could mean a break in fun romance and excitement. We know she had a breakup with ranbir kapoor. So Saturn does add some slight gloom in her life. But mostly all; is positive/

    • Now let us look at Deepika padukone’s, what s Deepika Padukone was destined to do.

    Destiny Number = 5 + January(=1, as Jan=1st month) + 1986(=1+9+8+6= 24) = 5+1 + 24 = 5+1+6 =6 + 6 = 12 1+2 =3 = Planet Jupiter.

    • Bollywood actresses’ Jupiter is a planet of expression, art and creativity. Jupiter plus her birth number and planet mercury together give her the boost in creative professions like movies or also modelling, where marketing one and presentation is of highest importance.
    • Jupiter also represents religion and knowledge- so may be later on in life the Bollywood actress might go more religion or teaching and educating people.
    • Name number of Deepika Padukone = 64 = 6+4=10=1+0 =1= Planet Sun.
    • The planet Jupiter and planet Sun together give her Good fame and recognition ( she has got two film fare awards).
    • Born in the sun sign of Saturn(8) and mercury(5)(birth number) and name Number Sun(1), give and overall discomfort to her – her career and personal life getting affected due to conflict of numbers 8-5-1.
    • But a Jupiter in the destiny number of the bollywood actress destiny number would eventually make her a winner and she has to stay focused and make good choices.,

    Astrology Horoscope & Predictions for Deepika Padukone:

    • We don’t have an accurate time of birth so create a solar horoscope for her.
    • The ascendant is Jupiter which is a bit weak in 2nd house . But still would promise wealth and status.
    • Her moon is in Libra in 11th along with ketu and mars. This could give excess of anger or detachment at times. Libra sign of Venus could give her exceptional success or interest in bollywood movies. She is a renowned actress now.
    • Moon has an obvious aspect of rahu, which is aggressive and also there is ruler ship of 12th by mars. All this could cause mental stress and problems whenever rahu period or sub period runs, or mars period runs or these planets become weak in transit.
    • Mental stress and other problems have been confirmed by Deepika herself.

    horoscope predictions for Deepika Padukone the bollywood actress


    • In her 2016 horoscope(transit) ,Jupiter transit in Leo in her 9th house could give her windfalls and exceptional gains. Also grace of GOD.
    • In her 2016 horoscope(transit),Rahu transits in 9th IN January 2016 could again continue to give her some stress related problems as aspect of 1st house is there.
    • 2016 ending, Saturn transit and moons transit could affect the bollywood actress a lot. As Saturn is weak in her birth . her Saturn’s Seven and Half Years’ (Shani Sade Sati) from ascendant would start.

    • horoscope predictions for Deepika Padukone

      • 2016 is 2+0+1+6= 9= Planet Mars and her Birth Number = 5 = Mercury.
      • Mars and Mercury could give great results and also otherwise. The person has to keep focused. But at the same time as her other numbers are harmonious with year number =9= Mars, she should do above average.
      • She should avoid risks and getting into movies and ventures that have high risk for her.
      • Her movie tamasha name number comes out to number of sun. So she would do great in 2016.Slight decrease after July 2016 as Jupiter would weaken.
      • appendix:

      • Deepika Padukone, dazzling beauty is a bollywood actress and a model. She is highest paid amongst Indian celebrities and has received two film fare awards. her 2016 Horoscope and other facts revealed by science of astrology and numerology.