Planetary Strength(balas)- India Kundli( Horoscope) Second house- Money Status Prosperity

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About this article ?

  • This article discusses the strength of planets first in vedic astrology in a comprehensive manner to study any horoscope.
    Then it analyzes India’s Horoscope for strength evaluation of planets.
  • Planetary Strength(balas)- India Kundli( Horoscope) Second house- Money  Status Prosperity

    • Mars Lord(monthly Lord). Isolate the same Ahargan by 30 and the remainder shows months, went from Creation to birth. The finished months be duplicated by 2 and expanded by 1. The last aggregate ought to be partitioned by 7 and the rest of, on which day the birth month started. Proceeding with the same case, we separate 65295 by 30. Remainder is 2176. This whole duplicated by 2 and expanded by 1 indicates 4353. Partitioning 4353 by 7, we get a rest of 6, indicating Friday. That is, the month of birth started on Friday and the Maas Bal goes to Venus or Shukra, the Lord of Friday.
    • Dina Lord(day Lord). Despite the fact that the week day of birth can be known from ephemeris, or unending logbooks, we better embrace the technique recommended, which will affirm, if the Ahargan took after is right. The quantity of days, as landed above, showing Ahargan, be separated by 7 and the rest of demonstrate the week day of birth.
    • Hora Bal(planetary Hour). Hora implies the planetary hour. Every day from dawn to dawn is isolated into 24 a balance of 60 minutes. These Horas are ruled by the 7  planets or Grahas from sun(Surya)  to  Saturn or shani. The main Hora of the day is ruled by the Lord of the week day(Like moon for Monday). The second one is ruled by the Lord of the sixth week day, tallied from the primary ruler. The third Hora is ruled by the Lord of the sixth week day, checked from the second Hora Lord. Likewise it continues in the same way, till the primary Hora of the following day is assumed control by the Lord of that day himself. Whichever Graha rules the birth Hora, gets the Hora Bal. Horas are to be computed for mean nearby time and not standard time of births.
    • Naisargika Bal(natural strength). Isolate one Rupa by 7 and double the resultant item by 1 to 7 independently, which will demonstrate the natural strength or Naisargika Bal, due all planets of the solar system-  for Saturn or Shani, mars or Mangal, mercury or Budh, Jupiter or Guru, venus or shukra, moon or Chandra and sun or surya , individually.
    • Ayan Bal. 45, 33 and 12 are the Khandas for computing Ayan Bal. Add ayanamsa to the planet or Graha and discover the Bhuja (separation from the closest equinox). Include the figure, comparing to the rashi or the sun sign (of the Bhuja) to the Bhuja. The degrees and so on of the Bhuja ought to be increased by the figure, relating to the most astounding of the left out Khandas and separated by 30.
    • Add the resultant item to the aggregate, got prior. Change over this to rashis or sign, degrees, minutes and seconds. On the off chance that moon or Chandra and Saturn or shani are in Libra or Tula rashi, or ahead, add to this 3 rashis or signs and, if in Mesh(Aries) rashi or sign to Virgo (Kanya) rashi or sign, diminish from this 3 rashis. Additionally it is converse for sun or Surya, Mars or Mangal, venus or shukra and Guru(Jupiter).
    • For Budh 3 rashis or sign are constantly added substance. The resultant whole in rashis or signs, degrees and minutes is isolated by 3 to get the Ayan Bal in Rupas.
    • Ayan Bal can be found on the accompanying basic equation: Ayan Bal = 60*(23°27′ + Kranti)/(46°54′) = (23°27’± Kranti)*1.2793.
    • The accompanying focuses must be recalled or put to memory in case  of Krantis.
    • Whenever Moon or Chandra, or Saturn or shani have southern Kranti, or, when sun or surya, mars or Mangal, Jupiter or Guru, or Venus(Shukra) have northern Kranti, take in addition to. In an opposite circumstance in appreciation of these 6 Grahas, take less. To the extent Budh is concerned, it is constantly in addition to. Krantis (or declinations) can be found out from a standard advanced ephemeris.
    • Sun’s or Surya’s Ayan Bal to ayan strength is again increased by 2 while for others the item landed in Virupas is considered, as it may be.
    • Motional Strength for sun or Surya and Moon(Chandra). Sun or surya’s Chesht Bal will compare to his Ayan Bal. Moons(Chandra’s) Paksha Bal(Fortnight strength) will itself be her Chesht Bal.
    • Drik Bal. Decrease one fourth of the Drishti Pinda, if a planet or Graha gets malefic aspects or Drishtis and include a fourth, in the event that it gets a Drishti from a benefic. Super include the whole Drishti of Mercury(Budha) and Jupiter(Guru) to get the net quality of a Graha.

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    India’s Second House  Strength & Relation To Finances, Status & Wealth of India(Inflation).

    • The lord mercury is in 3rd house , close to bhava Madhya or middle of the house.The total shada bala ort mercury is 407.9 which are fair enough for it.
    • Mercury rules the GDP, the people, the parliamentary proceedings( as mouth piece of Indian democracy),banking, food industry( second house is for food),speech of the people.
    • Mercury is close to the bhava Madhya of the third house, so mercury being a planet of communication and it gives impetus to the third house of  own initiatives. So gives impetus to the IT industry- rules by third house and also mercury by itself. We know that India is a world  figure in software with sundar pica at google,Microsoft, HCL, wipro and Infosys etc doing great business.
    • The third house rules sports and mercury especially Gemini a earth sign rules cricket- we know India is great In Cricket as well(BCCI etc ) indicate the depth in which this game has penetrated up. We are good at badminton as well PV sindhu have been a great player for us.
    • Based on this India is more prone to inflation whenever mercury is combustion or moon is weakened in transit .Both are fast moving and fragile planets.

    P V Sindhu Badminton player

    • Travel industry is also doing fair enough. There is some issue here as Saturn that deals with iron(train/traffic/cars/trucks ) is combust in third house.One can clearly see that it is accurate description Of India and the current situation.