Capricorn Ascendant Good & Bad Planets & shruti haasan predictions

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Capricorn Ascendant or Lagna Good & Bad Planets in Kundali –Makar rashi shrutu haasan telegu films actress predictions?
About this Article on Shruti Haasan & Capricorn Lagna(Makar Lagna) good and bad planets

  • The article below discusses the Capricorn lagna and also which planets are functionally benefic or malefic for the Capricorn lagna(makar lagna) people.
  • Then the next section discusses the horoscope of shruti haasan the daughter of great film actor kamal haasan as she also has Capricorn as her lagna.
  • The article below provides an in-depth view on Capricorn lagna and how it applies to the actress daughter of kamal haasan – shruti haasan
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  • Grahas or planets and Makar Lagna or Capricorn sign  Ascendant.

  • Mangal(Mars), Guru and Chandra(moon) are malefic for this ascendant, Shukra(Venus) and Budh are favorable. Shani(Shani) won’t be an executioner all alone- that is it needs an aspect or yuti with someone else to make it happen. Mangal(Mars) and different malefic will dispense the end of the person. Surya(sun) is nonpartisan or neutral in nature. Just Shukra(Venus) is equipped for bringing on an unrivaled Yoga or a combination.
  • Capricorn  Or Makar  Rashi above Rules explanation

  • Capricorn(Makar Rashi) rules the ascendant or the lagan and is a Mooltrikona sign and also Saturn(Shani) rules the second house of wealth and status – this is with the Mool trikona sign of Aquarius.
  • Saturn though is a benefit as it rules the first house or bhava- but as it  rules the second house and is a natural malefic- it becomes a malefic.
  • The third  house of initiatives and business is ruled by the planet Jupiter or guru non-mool trikona sign Jupiter.
  • Jupiter rules the malefic twelfth house – and Sagittarius(dhanu Rashi) ruling it is a mool trikona sign – so ruling third and twelfth house makes Jupiter a first rate a malefic for Capricorn ascendants.
  • The sign aries(mesha rashi) ruled by mars or mangal planet of action and aggression rules- the fourth house of family/conveyance and image- as mars are malefic and Aries is a mool-trikona sign, so one could expect mars to be benefic as the fourth house is a Kendra house here.
  • Mars rules the eleventh house of gains and fortune for Capricorn ascendant, as is a malefic house, also mars is in conflict with basic Saturn energy of the Capricorn ascendant, and Mars and Saturn or Shani are in conflict- so overall mars would give conflicting results, but mostly eventful and sudden results for maker lagan people.
  • The benefic planet Venus or Taurus or vrishabha Rashi sign rules the fifth house which is a benefic house. Venus or Shukra dev also rules the tenth house of Kendra with sign Libra(Tula Rashi) a mool-trikona sign.
  • Also Venus is friendly with Saturn, so overall venus benefic.
  • Mercury non mool-trikona sign Gemini(mithuna) rules the sixth house of obstacles and problems.
  • But also the mool-trikona sign of the ninth house of bhagya luck /fortune and father, past life- so overall mercury is benefic.As Mercury(Budha) is a good friend of Saturn as well.
  • Moon or Chandra a benefic as per her nature rules the Kendra house or Kona houses of the seventh house of love and relationships and becomes malefic, also moon is not in good terms with Saturn, so overall a malefic for Capricorn ascendant or maker Rashi people.
  • Sun rules the eight house and is the most malefic house. So would be ideally malefic for Capricorn ascendants.

  • Shruti-HassanH capricorn ascendant lagna good bad planets kundali makar rashi shrutu haasan telegu films predictions

    Do the Rules above work for  Kundali Or Horoscope of Shruti haasan

    Shruti Haasan – Actress and Model

    Date of Birth:-  28th January 1986


    Place of Birth:- Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

  • Shruti haasan is daughter or veteran actor kamal haasan.
  • Her venus that rules film industry is ruled by the planet Venus, which is benefic for her and is OK and would give her good gains.
  • Given her Capricorn as per her Surya kundali, as Venus is ascendant or lagan makes her beautiful & attractive.
  • Venus aspects her seventh house of love marriage and partnerships and rules her career. So she could take films or modelling or sing more deeply.
  • She will also get married to a person from the film industry.
    She is doing well in the Telegu films.
  • Also note that Venus rules south-east direction of Telugu films. Venus has given her success in films ruled by Venus and also ruling the south-east direction.
  • Mars is benefic to some extent and helps her shoot to fame suddenly. The song “Oye meri Kolaveri” did it for her.
  • Her married life may not be great as per her Surya kundali.
    We wish her all the best in life.
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