Aquarius Ascendant or Lagna Good & Bad Planets in Kundli –Kumbha rashi amitabh bachchan predictions?

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What Is This Article About?

  • This article talks in detail about the Aquarius Ascendant or Kumbha lagna , the Good or beneficial planets and lords and also the Bad or malefic lords in the Kundli or Horoscope.
  • also their impact on luck, money, family, career, love relationships etc.
  • It also talks about the lords of various houses or bhavas for Kumbha or Aquarius lagan for the Kundli or Horoscope and the impact of the same on the significations or results of those houses.
  • The impact of natural benefics like Venus or shukra, Jupiter or guru, and also strong mercury are discussed at length.
  • so is the good impact of natural benefics like 1st bhava lord, 5th bhava lord or trikona bhava or the 9th bhava lord of fortune discussed for Aquarius ascendant to Kumbha lagna people.
  • The role of each House lord of the Aquarius ascendant at or Kumbha lagna is discussed in detail to cover every aspect of life.
  • The natural malefices like rahu-ketu(dragon’s head & tail), Saturn(Shani) , mars(mangal) .
  • and also considering weak and afflicted moon and mercury are also considered with their impact on the Aquarius Lagna.
  • But over and above the above malefic or bad planets we have the sixth house lord, the eighth house good and also the twelfth house lords that may not give great results .
  • these malefic or bad planets are also discussed in this article.
  • Also, the third house lord and also the eleventh house lord are malefic lords- so they have been give value as well.
  • As a sample example for Aquarius ascendant or Kumbha Lagna, Film star Amitabh bachhan’s each House or Bhava and planet ruling the same is analysed in detail. Covering full impact on his life like career, Job, Money, wealth, and image
  • Aquarius ascendant kumbha rashi horoscope
    Aquarius Or Kumbha Rashi above Rules explanation
    Grahas or planets and Kumbh Lagna or Aquarius.
    saturn shani Aquarius ascendant kumbha rashi horoscope

  • The planet Saturn or Shani dev rules the twelfth house of travel and stress and also the ascendant ruling the self & the personality of any person.
  • Saturn is a friend of self as it rules the first bhava.
  • and also the mool-trikona rashi Aquarius rules a good house of Kendra (the First house is treated as a Kendra or angular house)so is a benefic.
  • jupiter guru Aquarius ascendant kumbha rashi horoscope

  • The second house is ruled by Jupiter Pisces sign a non-mool trikona sign, ruling on wealth and status.
  • If this is strong it could bless the person with good money and status as Jupiter is a natural karaka for money and status.
  • As Jupiter in this case rules the eleventh bhava as well it many mean great gains from sticks/shares and friends etc.
  • It all depends on how strong Jupiter is and where is it placed
  • Also Jupiter rules the sign Sagittarius(dhanu Rashi) ruling the eleventh house of wealth and gains and in working people salary.
  • Now Jupiter by rulership becomes a malefic for Aquarius(Kumbha).
  • also as Jupiter is a not a great friend of Saturn- this is doubly confirmed.
  • aries mars Aquarius ascendant kumbha rashi horoscope

  • The sign Aries or Mesha Rashi is ruling the third house of initiatives and business,
  • and also siblings and courage/people one connects to the mars gets malefic here also the nation mool trikona sign of mars Scorpio (Vrishchika Rashi)rules the tenth house of career and karma as well.
  • So the ruler ship of tenth makes is a bit benefic- but overall mars is a malefic as it opposes Saturn energy in general .
  • and makes the life very eventful. so over all a strong mars may mean great gain in career and projects and also gains in won initiatives as well.
  • venus shukra Aquarius ascendant kumbha rashi horoscope

  • Venus or Shukra dev rules the Kendra bhava or the fourth house of home/family/car/conveyances with the sign Taurus(non mooltrikona sign of Venus – vrishabha rashi).
  • so Venus becomes a malefic as it is a natural benefic but ruling a Kendra makes it malefic.
  • but the mool trikona sign of Venus rules the benefic house of ninth for luck and fortune and good karma.
  • Also Venus is a friend of Saturn the lagan lord or, so overall Shukra is benefic for the Aquarius or Kumbha ascendants.
  • Strong Venus may mean less of kandradhipati dosha, a big house, great gains, good vehicles, cars and yes influential; father a d weak one may mean something otherwise
  • Aquarius ascendant kumbha rashi horoscope

  • Shukra is the only graha or planet that causes raj Yoga for Aquarius ascendant or Kumbha Rashi people.
  • mercury Aquarius ascendant kumbha rashi horoscope

  • Mercury or Budha dev rules the benefic house fifth of children and thinking, mantra siddhi and studies with its non mool trikona sign of mithuna rashi or Gemini .
  • also for the eight house is ruled by the sign Virgo(Kanya rashi) the mool trikona sign of mercury – so a malefic – so over all mixed effects of mercury are there. That is good and bad both.
  • But if mercury is strong the kandradhipati dosha is less and one is very intelligent and accomplished and one may gain money from lands and sudden lottery etc .
  • 6th houseAquarius ascendant kumbha rashi horoscope

  • The sixth house of vighna or opposition and obstacles is ruled by the mooltrikona sign of the moon, this makes the moon a malefic as also moon is an enemy of Saturn as well.
  • also, a strong moon may mean moon related health issues like heart, circulation, and blood-related problems.
    It may also mean big enemies or people with a lot of clouts becoming enemies.
  • So overall moon is malefic for Aquarius Lagna or Kumbha Rashi people.
  • So they should not ideally do business with fluids unless there is a good aspect of any planet moon.
  • sun surya Aquarius ascendant kumbha rashi horoscope

  • The royal planet sun or Surya dev rules the Kendra house seventh of love and marriage/relationships and partnerships with its sign Leo or Simha Rashi.
  • this is a malefic planet and not a friend of Saturn but being proud of Kendra it becomes a benefic planet.
  • So the sun could give mixed effects to Aquarius ascendant or Kumbha lagna.
  • As the sun becomes a markesh as will this could be a killer for Aquarius ascendants.
  • A strong sun may not always be great.
  • The life partner of the person could be bold like the lion, aristocratic and also influential in nature as Leo sign or Simha rules the seventh bhava.
  • A strong sun may mean gains form the government as the sun becomes lord of partnerships as well.
  • mars mangal Aquarius ascendant kumbha rashi horoscope

  • Mars or mangal also is eighth house form the eighth house of longevity so becomes a markesh for Aquarius sign people.
  • Important Note:
    Guru, Chandra(moon) and Mangal(Mars) are malefic, while Shukra(Venus) and Shani(Shani) are favourable.
  • Shukra(Venus) is the main Grah, that causes Raj Yoga. Master, Surya(sun) and Mangal are executioners.
  • Budh gives interfering impacts.
  • amitabh-b_H Aquarius ascendant lagna good bad planets kundli kumbha rashi Amitabh Bachchan predictions
    Do the Rules above work for Kundali Or Horoscope of Amitabh Bachchan?
    Amitabh Bachchan
    Date of Birth :- 11th October 1942
    Time of Birth :- 16.00
    Place of Birth :- Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, India
    venus Aquarius ascendant kumbha rashi horoscope

  • One can clearly see Amitabh Bachchan’s yoga karaka planet is Venus or Shukra and Venus also rules acting and film industry.
  • We know he has been a superstar due to the same.
  • Venus the lord of father and a cultural inheritance planet is in the eighth house so good inheritance from parents.
  • sun Aquarius ascendant kumbha rashi horoscope

  • Sun giving mixed results is in 8th house, which could give him blood pressure and stomach related troubles.
  • He still has chronic stomach trouble after the operation he had to undergo.
  • Sun being in the eighth bhava may give issues of health and relationships to wife.
  • The planet sun or Surya being in the eighth house has made him have many ups and downs in a career .
  • and then he started Kaun Banega crorepati after he failed in films and had a huge debt on him.
  • venus shukra Aquarius ascendant kumbha rashi horoscope

  • Venus or Shukra the yoga karaka for Aquarius ascendant people sits in eight houses with the sun, so give success in films.
  • His superstardom is living proof of the same.
  • The eighth bhava or house rules unexpected gains .
  • mars mangal Aquarius ascendant kumbha rashi horoscope

  • Mars or Mangal is a maraka for him and sits close to the sun in eight houses giving him death-like experience after the accident in coolie movie he was hurt by Puneet issar’s punch in 1983.
  • Mars is a lord of action or third bhava for him and also lord of tenth house and sits in the eighth house and impacts sun and Venus and also mercury ruling his status and intestines.
  • ?? moon

  • He was running moon sub-period ruling the sixth house of bad health and affecting his luck and status in ninth house.
  • His house of public image is also Venus and is strong in the eighth house.
  • That is ruled by mercury sign and is a friend of Venus and sits in the eighth house.
  • ?? Saturn

  • Making him popular with the downtrodden public also Saturn connects to the downtrodden people.
  • This was the case in his movie coolie or deewar or Zanjeer. He has been seen coming from the lower ranks of society and struggling.
  • career job Aquarius ascendant kumbha rashi horoscope

  • His house of career is ruled by Scorpio in the eighth house having the energy of Venus.
  • So he was into action movies like majboor and deewar etc.
  • He has been very research oriented in his approach to movies due to Scorpio sign.
  • We can see how clearly astrological analysis or Jyotish fits in 100% with life events and personality of Amitabh Bachchan.