Pisces Ascendant or Lagna Good & Bad Planets in Kundli –Meena rashi kangna Ranaut 2017 predictions?

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Pisces  Ascendant or Lagna Good & Bad Planets in Kundli –Meena rashi kangna Ranaut predictions?

Grahas or planets and Meena Bhava or Pisces sign  Ascendant. Shani(shani), Shukra(Venus), Surya(sun) and Budh(mercury) are malefic. Mangal and Chandra(moon) are propitious. Mangal and Guru will bring about a Yoga. In spite of the fact that Mangal is an executioner, he won’t kill the person (easily). Shani(shani) and Budh are executioners.

Pisces  Or Meena  Rashi above Rules explanation

The lord of ascendant is Jupiter or Guru – that is the ruler ship of Pisces  sign is by planet Jupiter or Guru- the first house as we know is ruling personality and self. Also Jupiter rules the tenth house of career/job and karma. That is Sagittarius(dhanu rashi) the mool trikona sign of Jupiter rules the tenth house of career.

Now though there is a kendradhipati dosha for Jupiter, but ruling the  ascendant and also Jupiter is friend of itself(the ascendant) so over all Jupiter(guru) is a benefic fro Pisces ascendant(meena rashi).Jupiter is a yoga karaka here.

The lord of the second house of wealth and status and speech is mars or mangal with its mooltrikona sign of aries.Also the non mooltrikona sign of mars Scorpio(vrishchika rashi) rules the ninth house or bhava. This makes it benefic as well.

So mars is benefic for Pisces lagna, but ruling the twelfth from the eighth from eighth, third house and being a malefic (second house ruler ship) it is also considered a maraka.But it is not able to kill independently.

The lord third house of initiatives & people around you , your brothers and sisters is ruled by planet Venus(shukra) ruled by Taurus- which is ruled by Venus also Venus mool trikona sign Libra rules the most malefic house of eighth. So this makes Venus(shukra) a malefic and a killer as well.

So over all Venus is a great malefic for Pisces lagna (meena rashi people)people.

As moon  or Chandra rules with its sign cancer(karkat rashi) the angular house fifth of intellect,education,children and deep thinking- it is a benefic for the Pisces ascendant people.

Sun or surya rules the malefic sixth house of debt, enmity, court cases and litigation and is a natural malefic-so is a malefic for Pisces lagna people though  a freind of Jupiter. So 25% it is good but 75% it is bad.

The lord of seventh house or yuvati bhava of love ,relationship, marriage is ruled by planet mercury ruling the Virgo  sign(kanya rashi). Mercury(budha) is a benefic so this ruler ship by kendradhipati makes it a malefic. Also mercury is  not a  good friend of Jupiter. Mercury(budha) also rules the fourth house or bhava of conveyance, family and image by Gemini sign or mithuna rashi. So mercury is again a malefic here. So mercury is a malefic for Pisces lagna  or meena rashi people.

But double negative above, gives some positive effects for mercury- something like a neechbhanga yoga principle. Negative X negative = positive somewhat.

Now Saturn(shani) or Capricorn(maker rashi) rules the house of gains, salary or the eleventh  house, so it becomes a malefic , but Saturn(shani) is not a great friend of Jupiter(guru) and also rules the house twelfth house of secret affair,sex,travels and hospitals-by the mooltrikona sign of Aquarius(kumbha rashi), making it a killer and a malefic for Pisces lagna people.

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Do the Rules above work for  Kundli Or Horoscope of kangana ranaut

Kangana Ranaut

Date of Birth: 23rd March, 1987

Place of Birth: Bhambla, Mandi Dist., Himachal Pradesh, India

Kangana ranaut’s  famous filmstar Surya or solar Kundli Horoscope

Now Jupiter(Guru) the lord of action  and karma is a benefic for her(kangana ranaut)- we know how her career has expanded from a scratch- Jupiter is well placed in Kendra or  the ascendant and bless her job as well as it aspects her seventh house, also  is Venus connected to film industry. But Venus(shukra) is a malefic for her.

Venus sits in house of gains, so gains by film career is indicated.

Also being the lord of initiatives means her current roles as an actress would be supported by Venus in terms of money & wealth- but over all she will face more pain in the film industry. She has  told she was  used by many actors in the past.

Pluto an exceptional planet sitting in her eight house in Venus sign gives her exceptional gains in Venus related film industry- but with a risk if life as well.

Her Jupiter or guru  the lord of karma has sun or surya dev and rahu with it- so suggests a blemish to her image and career. We know that has happened with her with hrithik roshan and also with actor aditya pancholi and shekhar suman’s son.

She will face a lot of obstacles and breakups in relationships due to sun, we know she had a series of breakups with people.

Rahu makes her a bit rash in actions and  also  non conventional and all this  affects her relationhips.That is causing blemish and sudden breakups.

Her mercury rules house of marriage and love and is in twelfth house of stress and separation and mercury is not great, plus rahu ketu axis affecting her relationship’s she may have breakups in married life as well and be a jumpy or stressful married life GOD forbid.

2017 Predictions for Kangana Ranaut
She will come back with a big bang and success connecting to millions hearts.
It would be a great time for her and high chance of her getting into a serious relationship.
She will have a bit emotionally demanding time and a lots of breaks in relationships. She has to control her impulse as Saturn the lord of eleventh and twelfth house aspects her career and also fourth house.
But she is poised for success in films and yes a strong relationship.

We wish her all the best in life

We see how well the Vedic astrology principle match her real life events.