Pisces Ascendant or Lagna Good & Bad Planets in Kundli –Meena rashi kangna Ranaut 2017 predictions?

pisces1 Pisces ascendant lagna good bad planets kundli Meena rashi kangana ranaut predictions
What is this article about?

  • This article at length discusses the Good(benefic) and Bad(malefic) planets for Pisces ascendant or Lagan(rashi) People right from sun, moon, Jupiter, Rahu, Mercury , Venus, ketu, Saturn to mars in detail on how they impact various aspects of life in career, job, money, love & relationships, home & family, children and other matters.
  • In the second section this article further covers all the 12 houses for Pisces ascendant or Lagan(rashi) People starting from 1ts house to 12th house in details.
  • covering the Entire life aspect corresponding to each House of the kundli or horoscope in detail for Pisces ascendant or Lagan(rashi) People like Health,wealth,career,status,money,marriage,love,longevity,job,travels etc in full detail is discussed.
  • Later in the 3rd section of this article as a sample case of Pisces ascendant or lagna(rashi) for good or bad planets, Kangana Ranaut’s Horoscope has been discussed to see how the various rules discussed apply to the same.
  • we know that Kangana Ranaut is a Bollywood film actress . it talks about what made her such a big success 😉 and this article also looks at her sensational relationships with various stars based on her Horoscope(kundli).
  • functional malefic
    What are Functional benefic(good planets and functional malefic(Bad planets) for Pisces ascendant or Lagna(rashi) people?

  • Is 4th house lord mercury a benefic(good planet) for Pisces ascendant or Lagna(rashi) People?
    The 4th house lord for Pisces ascendant or Lagna(rashi) People is mercury and is generally a benefic. If strong could give a big home, conveyances and a great image and mother is good.
    Mercury again rules the 7th house of relationships. if weak it becomes a big malefic due to kendradhipati dosha but if strong it could give a nice spouse and great for short travels to distant lands.
  • Is the 5th house or bhava lord moon a benefic or Good Planet for Pisces ascendant or Lagna(rashi) People?
    YES, moon if strong could give a good imagination and stable mind to Pisces lagna people. It could help them in spiritual pursuits and have nice children. It also gives them a good ability to counsel.
  • mars mangal pisces ascendant lagna rashi kundli horoscope
    Is mars or Mangal the 9th house lord of Pisces ascendant or Lagna(rashi) People a benefic or good planet?
    YEs, mars could be a great benefic for Pisces ascendant or Lagna(rashi) People as it rules the trikona bhava of luck and fortune and past life karma, so strong mars can give great gains to Pisces lagna people.
  • jupiter guru pisces ascendant lagna rashi kundli horoscope Does Jupiter act as a benefic(good planet) or a malefic(bad planet) for Pisces ascendant or Lagna(rashi) People?
    Now Jupiter rules the 1st bhava or lagna and 10th bhava for Pisces ascendant or Lagna(rashi) People. so, if it is strong it could give great benefits to Pisces ascendant or Lagna(rashi) People. like great gains in name, health, image, and career or job expansions. they may do a lot of good deeds as well.

  • what is the role of functional malefic and also natural malefic for Pisces ascendant or Lagna(rashi) People?
    as we know there are -((i) natural malefic planets like Rahu-Ketu , Saturn(Shani), mars(Mangal) and moon or mercury if they are weak or badly aspected. but functional malefic are the lord of 6th house, 8th house and 12th house and the 3rd house and sometimes the 11th house.
  • So the lord of 3rd/6th/8th/11th and 12th house is called functional malefic even if they are ruled by good planets like Venus or mercury etc.
  • travel foreign pisces ascendant lagna rashi kundli horoscope
    Does the 6th and 8th house lords for Pisces ascendant people cause foreign travels and stress for these Meena rashi or Pisces ascendant people?

  • How is the 6th house or Bhava for Pisces ascendant or Lagna(rashi) People?
    so the functional malefic like the sixth house lord Leo or simha(sun), that could cause debt issues or fights or health issuer if it is placed in the 4th house of Pisces ascendant(lagna) people it could cause foreign travels.
  • Is 8th house malefic or bad for Pisces ascendant or lagna(rashi)people ?the eighth house lord of Pisces ascendant(lagna) people that is Libra or Venus(shukra) it could not only case unexpected problems but also travels to distant lands.
  • What is the role of 12th house of Pisces ascendant or Lagna(rashi) People? Is it good or bad for them? also Saturn or the Aquarius sign that rules the twelfth bhava for Pisces ascendant(lagna) people could cause travelling to distant lands and hospitalization in some rare cases.
  • Saturn Pisces ascendant meena lagna planets houses
    what is the role For the Pisces ascendant(lagna) people The role of malefic 3rd lord(that is Taurus sign or Venus/shukra ruler ship) and 11th bhava(Capricorn sign or Saturn/shani dev ruler ship) (Kundli)?

  • Is the 3rd house or bhava malefic or bad for Pisces ascendant or Lagna(rashi) People?
    There are other malefic as well as per classical literature, but sure third bhava lord or the eleventh bhava lord are exceptions but do come . But they would be taken up elsewhere.
  • How could the 3rd house lord of Pisces ascendant or Lagna(rashi) People act both good and bad for them?
    Venus or the 3rd bhava lord for Pisces ascendant(lagna) people acts as a malefic especially as a secondary markesh and can cause issues in the dasha or weak transited for Pisces ascendant(lagna) people. if weak can give issues or problems to sibling or brothers and sisters, but if strong enough so can give good gains from the state or the Government
  • saturn shani dev pisces ascendant lagna rashi kundli horoscope what is the role of Saturn or shani dev for Pisces lagna or ascendant people
    The same applies to the 11th bhava or house lords for Pisces ascendant(lagna) people. if strong it is a double-edged sword as it is also treated as a negative and malefic house so negative effects can come in and at the same time could help in gains. Infact great gains as Saturn ruling the same is in harmony with Jupiter the ascendant lord.
  • In this article, we take the overall picture of each lord for the Pisces lagna or ascendant and then work on a sample horoscope to check the accuracy of what we say.
  • meena rashi housesPisces lagna meena rashi Jupiter in horoscope kundli

  • in their Horoscope (Kundli) ,what role is the planet Jupiter for Pisces Lagna or ascendant people?
    The lord of the lagna or Ascendant is Jupiter or Guru – that is the ruler ship of Pisces sign is by the planet Jupiter or Guru- the first house as we know is ruling personality and self. Also, Jupiter rules the tenth house of career/job and karma. That is Sagittarius(dhanu rashi) the mool trikona sign of Jupiter rules the tenth house of career.
  • in their Horoscope (Kundli) what Does Jupiter or Guru causes kendradhipati Dosha for Pisces lagan(ascendant) people?
    Now though there is a kendradhipati dosha for Jupiter, but ruling the ascendant and also Jupiter is the friend of itself(the ascendant) so overall Jupiter(guru) is a benefic for Pisces ascendant(Meena Rashi). Jupiter is a yoga karaka here.
  • Pisces lagna meena rashi mars Mangal in horoscope kundli

  • in their Horoscope (Kundli) , What roles does aggressive Mars or Mangal play for Pisces Lagna or ascendant people?
  • for Pisces Lagna or ascendant people horoscope the planets like Shani(Shani), Shukra(Venus), Surya(sun) and Budh(mercury) are malefic. Mangal and Chandra(moon) are propitious or good. Mangal and Guru will bring about Yoga. Although Mangal is an executioner, he will not kill the person (easily). Shani(Shani) and Budh are executioners.
  • is mars or Mangal benefic or good for Pisces ascendant or Lagna(rashi) People?
    The lord of the second house of wealth and status and speech is Mars or Mangal with its mooltrikona sign of Aries. Also, the non Mooltrikona sign of mars Scorpio(vrishchika rashi) rules the Ninth house or bhava. This makes it benefic as well.
  • How much mars or Mangal is a maraka or bad for Pisces lagna(ascendant) or meena rashi people?
    So Mars is benefic for Pisces Lagna, but ruling the twelfth from the eighth from the eighth, third house and being a malefic (second house ruler ship) it is also considered a Maraka. But it is not able to kill independently.
  • Pisces lagna meena rashi Venus or shukra in horoscope kundli

  • What is the role for Venus or shukra for Pisces Lagna (ascendant) people for their Horoscope (Kundli)?
    The lord third house of initiatives & people around you, your brothers and sisters is ruled by planet Venus(Shukra) ruled by Taurus– which is ruled by Venus also Venus Mool trikona sign Libra rules the most malefic house of the eighth. So, this makes Venus(Shukra) a malefic and a killer as well.
  • So overall Venus is a great malefic for Pisces Lagna (Meena Rashi people)people.
  • Pisces lagna meena rashi moon Chandra in horoscope kundli

  • which aspects of Life does Moon or Chandra rule for Pisces Lagna or an ascendant people in their Horoscope (Kundli)?
    As Moon or Chandra rules with its sign cancer(Karkat Rashi) the Angular house Fifth House of intellect, education, children, and deep thinking- it is a benefic for the Pisces ascendant people.
  • Pisces lagna meena rashi sun surya in horoscope kundli

  • What is the role of sun or surya for Pisces Lagna or ascendant people in their Horoscope (Kundli)?Is sun or surya a good or bad planet for Pisces ascendant people?
    Sun or Surya rules the malefic sixth house of debt, enmity, court cases, and litigation and is a natural malefic-so is malefic for Pisces Lagna people through a friend of Jupiter. So, 25% is good but 75% is bad.
  • Pisces lagna meena rashi mercury budha in horoscope kundli

  • what aspects of Life does Mercury or Budha rule for Pisces Lagna or ascendant people in their Horoscope (Kundli) ?
    The lord of the Seventh house or yuvati bhava of love , relationship, marriage is ruled by planet mercury ruling the Virgo sign (Kanya Rashi). Mercury(Budha) is a benefic so this ruler ship by Kendradhipati makes it a malefic. Also, mercury is not a good friend of Jupiter. Mercury(Budha) also rules the fourth house or bhava of conveyance, family, and image by Gemini sign or Mithuna Rashi. So, mercury is again a malefic here. So, mercury is malefic for Pisces Lagna or Meena Rashi people.
  • But double negative above gives some positive effects for mercury- something like a Neechbhanga yoga principle. Negative X negative = positive somewhat.
  • Saturn shani Pisces ascendant meena lagna planets houses

  • Is Saturn or shani benefic or malefic for Pisces lagan peoples Horoscope(Kundli)
    Now Saturn(Shani) or Capricorn(maker Rashi) rules the house of gains, salary or the eleventh house, so it becomes a malefic , but Saturn(Shani) is not a great friend of Jupiter(guru) and also rules the house twelfth house of secret affair, sex, travels and hospitals-by the Mooltrikona sign of Aquarius(Kumbha Rashi), making it a killer and a malefic for Pisces Lagna people.
  • Pisces ascendant lagna horoscope KundliPisces ascendant lagna horoscope Kundli
    The various Houses or bhavas predictions for Pisces ascendant people ?

    First House of Pisces Lagna people predictions?

  • first house of Pisces Lagna people has Aquarius sign ruling behind it(The 12th house lord is Saturn) and then we have the Aries sign the next sign ruling the 2nd bhava. Aries sign or mesha rashi is ruled by Mars or Mangal dev.
  • the Pisces sign or meena rashi spans various nakshatras of the zodiac . so, there is influence of planets like, Jupiter, Saturn, and mercury planets( The stars or nakshatras are Poorva Bhadrapada or Uttar bhadrapad and revati).
  • so, in their youth Pisces ascendant people are generally happy due to Jupiter influence.
    but then the Saturn(shani dev) has an influence after their mid-life . so, this may cause them to Travel and have problems in life.
  • also, the latter part of life is ruled by mercury so there is a lot of happiness there 😉 for them. and note that Mercury or budha rules the 4th and 7th house for the Pisces ascendant or Lagna people so generally beneficial.
    They travel and grow spiritually due to the 12th sign and Jupiter energies ;).
  • second House of Pisces Lagna people predictions?

  • now looking at the second Bhava of Pisces Lagna people . Now the second house is ruled by Aries sign. ahead of it is Pisces Sign and has a seventh aspect of t7th sign Libra.
  • This house also has the third aspect of Saturn(shani) from the Aquarius sign or kumbha rashi. so, as there is Saturn aspect is there on the 2nd bhava so in Saturn Period there could be illness for the Pisces lagna people. but generally, people with Pisces lagna are in good health because of Jupiter and their family life is generally good. 😉
  • the 2nd Bhava of Pisces Lagna or ascendant people is ruled by Aries sign or mesha rashi. This is the mars sign. also, the next sign to it is Taurus ruled by Venus and the previous one is Pisces .
    Now mars the lord of the 2nd bhava is ruled by number 9 and Jupiter the lagan lord by number 3 and Venus the nest sign to 3rd bhava with number 6 , so all are in harmony ;).
  • so, at times Saturn could cause issues in wealth flows .but they generally do have e good domestic happiness and goodwill.
  • Third House of Pisces Lagna people predictions?

  • Generally due to Taurus the tenacious sign these people of Pisces ascendant have an enterprising and bold nature ;).
  • The third house of Pisces ascendant people is ruled by planet Venus and the Lord has an aspect from Mars 8th sign Scorpio. Mercury or budha rules the 4th house . the 7th aspect of Scorpio sign is on the 3dr bhava of Pisces ascendant people. so, this gives them good sisters. 😉
  • The predictions for 4th house (fourth) or bhava of Pisces Lagan people ?

  • The 4th house for the Pisces Lagna people is ruled by Gemini sign or mithuna rashi. This is ruled by planet Mercury .
  • The 4th house has aspect of 8 sign Scorpio(vrishchika) the 8 aspect of planet mars or Mangal. also, the aspect of divine planet guru or Jupiter is there. That is the seventh aspect of the Sagittarius sign.
  • Mars and Jupiter give Pisces ascendant people generally good education .as we know that 4th house deals with education. also, the 4th house is indicator for mother. so fair longevity to mother is there. they have good circle of friends and have fair enough conveyances.
  • The predictions for 5th (fifth) house or bhava of Pisces lagan or ascendant people ?

  • The 5th house is ruled by cancer sign or karkat rashi. that is moon sign. that is ruled so moon or Chandra rules fifth house for the Pisces Lagna people . That makes them very understanding of things. there is also a 7th aspect of Capricorn sign or satin on this cancer sign.
  • so that is Saturn or shani influences the 5th house of Pisces Lagna or ascendant people. There is a 5th aspect of Jupiter or guru from the Sagittarius sign. as Saturn is generally friendly but is a malefic. so, children are good. 😉 but the eldest child needs some more care.
  • Yes, also cancer is between mercury or Gemini sign and Leo or simha rashi so over all friendly so gives them good enough success in life ;).also nice thinking and ability to counsel others . 😉
  • The predictions for 6th house(sixth house) or bhava of Pisces Lagan people ?

  • the sixth house of the Pisces Lagna people here Leo sign or simha rules the 5th house. The pervious sign cancer sign and ruled by Moon . the next sign is Virgo ruled mercury. aspect of and Saturn as the 7th aspect of Capricorn sign or makar rashi. well because Jupiter the 9th aspect of Jupiter or the Sagittarius or dhanu rashi. on the sign Leo.
  • so yes, they have good health but must be careful about debt.
  • The Pisces lagna or ascendant Horoscope (Kundli) 7th house Predictions?

  • now 7th house for the Pisces lagna or ascendant people is ruled by very good sign Virgo or Kanya rashi. this Virgo sign is between the Leo sign or simha rashi ruled by the planet sun and the next sign Libra that is in turn ruled by Venus or shukra.
  • Now sun and Venus(shukra) both are friends of Mercury. also, this 7th house has an aspect of Jupiter(Guru) that is a seventh aspect of the Pisces sign. once again, we note that again Mercury(budha) and Venus(shukra) are friends. so due to overall planetary influences these people marry well . also, they are wise and smart in making marriage related decisions.
  • The Pisces lagna or ascendant Horoscope(kundli) 8th house Predictions ?

  • The 8th House Lord is Venus(shukra) .this 8th house has the next sign Scorpio that is ruled by mars and the previous sign or the 7th house lord is mercury ruled by Virgo.
  • There is a tenth aspect from the Capricorn sign(makar rashi) and mars aspects this house . That is the 7th aspect from the Aries sign or mesha rashi.
  • The aspect of Saturn(shani) in general is good to this house. as Venus is friend of Saturn. as the 8th house deals with longevity so Pisces ascendant people generally have a long life . also, as 8th bhava is a negative or malefic house. so, the aspect of two negative planets mars(Mangal) and Saturn(shani) is very good. so, they will surely have a good advantage and longevity in life
  • The Pisces lagna or ascendant Horoscope 9th(Ninth) house Predictions ?

  • house has the lord ship of Scorpio sign & this sign is between the Libra sign(Tula rashi) ruled by Venus and the next is the Sagittarius sign or dhanu rashi and that is ruled by Jupiter .
  • Just like the situation for 2nd bhava for Pisces lagna people. This Scorpio sign or mars energy is between Jupiter(guru) and Venus(shukra) . this is also called Dharmasthala(religion) and pitru stanza(father). all these are good benefic planets .that is Jupiter and Venus .
    Yes, there is an aspect of Saturn(shani) that is the tenth aspect from the Aquarius sign or the Kumbha rashi.
  • as we saw that there is also an aspect of Jupiter(Guru) the what is the 9th aspect of Jupiter sign Pisces. there is also aspect from perfect Venus .that is the Taurus sign(vrishabha rashi) .
  • Now Mars and sun are very good friends so also so is Jupiter . 😉 so, these people generally inherit good parental property .
  • as they do in it as aspect of Saturn(shani dev)it might be a bit less. but overall, it is a large amount from the parental property generally. 😉
  • Saturn influences this house, so Pisces ascendant people later become very religious and study religious books and texts.
  • What about the 10th house lord of Pisces ascendant Horoscope (kundli) prediction?

  • Now let us look at Pisces lagna or ascendant people 10th House of career. For the meena rashi or Pisces ascendant the lordship is of Jupiter(guru). That is the Sagittarius sign rules it the horoscope(kundli) of Pisces ascendant people …
  • as lord of the previous sign is Scorpio(vrishchika rashi) it is ruled by mars or Mangal. the next house of the 11th house is ruled Capricorn sign or Saturn(shani dev).
    the people with Pisces lagan or ascendant in their horoscope Jupiter do good work as 10th house of action ruled by the same. Jupiter rules dignity and public life ;). also, Jupiter or Guru is number three the number of expansions . so, they may also get into public life .
  • Jupiter is a good planet for social work and helping others ;). but as mercury has from third sign( Gemini) aspects it and so does the energy of Saturn come in. so these people may not get full credit of what they do good in life. but due to Jupiter they move away from evil.
  • What about the 10th house lord of Pisces ascendant Horoscope(kundli) prediction?

  • The 11th house of horoscope for Pisces Lagna or ascendant (meena rashi) people is between Saturn that is Lord of Aquarius or the 12th house in the horoscope and Jupiter itself that was the 10th House lord or the Sagittarius sign .
  • There is a 4th aspect from the Scorpio sign(vrishchika rashi) on Mars and influence of Saturn(shani) in the horoscope(kundli) of Pisces ascendant people . so due to these malefic influences these people may not get a very good income, or they do not realise what they deserve in life. also, Jupiter and Saturn are friendly . so over all these people do well. but are not be able to accumulate much of wealth
  • What about the 12th(12th house) house lord of Pisces ascendant Horoscope(kundli) prediction?

  • the twelfth house of Pisces Lagna or ascendant (meena rashi) horoscope(Kundli) people is ruled by Aquarius sign(kumbha rashi). The lord of the same is Saturn9shani) . the lord of the previous sign is the Capricorn sign (makar rashi).
  • so that the Saturn house(Aquarius) has an aspect of mars or Mangal as well the horoscope(kundli) of Pisces ascendant people . That is the tenth aspect of Mars from the Aries sign(mesha rashi) is there. also, the seventh aspect sun(surya) from the Leo sign is there for the Pisces lagan people.
  • as mars and sun both are negative and 12th bhava is also negative so negative negative = positive. 😉 it is very good it removes the trouble & the problem . but still 12th bhava being the bhava of enjoyment and aspect of malefic here (sun and mars)means not able to enjoy the lives as much commensurate with their life status .;)
  • kangana ranaut Bollywood actress Pisces lagna
    kangna-ranaut Pisces ascendant lagna good bad planets kundli meena rashi kangna ranaut predictions
    Do the Rules above work for Kundli Or Horoscope of Kangana Ranaut?
    Kangana Ranaut
    Date of Birth: 23rd March 1987
    Place of Birth: Bhambla, Mandi Dist., Himachal Pradesh, India

    Kangana Ranaut’s famous film star Surya or solar Kundli Horoscope

  • Now Jupiter(Guru) the lord of action and karma is a benefic for her(Kangana Ranaut)- we know how her career has expanded from a scratch- Jupiter is well placed in Kendra or the ascendant and bless her job as well as it aspects her seventh house, also is Venus connected to film industry. But Venus(Shukra) is malefic for her.
  • Venus sits in the house of gains, so gains by film career are indicated.
  • Also being the lord of initiatives means her current roles as an actress would be supported by Venus in terms of money & wealth- but overall, she will face more pain in the film industry. She has told she was used by many actors in the past.
  • Pluto an exceptional planet sitting in her eight houses in Venus sign gives her exceptional gains in Venus related film industry- but with a risk if life as well.
  • Her Jupiter or guru the lord of karma has sun or Surya dev and Rahu with it- so suggests a blemish to her image and career. We know that has happened with her with Hrithik Roshan and with actor Aditya Pancholi and Shekhar suman’s son.
  • She will face a lot of obstacles and breakups in relationships due to the sun, we know she had a series of breakups with people.
  • Rahu or dragon’s head makes her a bit rash in actions and non-conventional and all this affects her relationships. That is causing blemish and sudden breakups.
  • Her Mercury rules the house of marriage and love and is in twelfth house of stress and separation and mercury is not great, plus Rahu Ketu axis affecting her relationship’s she may have breakups in married life as well and be a jumpy or stressful married life GOD forbid.
  • What are certain interesting facts about kangana Ranaut’s horoscope?

  • Kangana Ranaut has the Pisces Lagna. Pisces lagna is Rule By planet Jupiter(guru) so makes the person generally strong-willed, and well respected by the government . Jupiter also gives good Honours and Prestige to the person. It gives good writing skills to the person.
  • But kindly note that if in case Jupiter(guru) the lord of lagna or ascendant is weak and the 10th house lord is also weak. there could be issues in honour of the person or prestige of the person . the 12th sign rules feet and Leo ruled by sun is close to Jupiter in certain sense , so stomach and digestive process would need care and so would the feet need care.
  • we can clearly see that for Kangana Ranaut as Jupiter is strong, she has all these qualities .that she is dignified .she has good honour and love and has got a many award as well to her credit. strong Jupiter also confers good acting skills.
  • The Second house of Kangana Ranaut the house of wealth & status. so, if mars or Mangal is strong. so Aries(mesha rashi) is ruling it . it also rules the 9th house of fame and fortune as well .so good Karma would give good great money to the person .so good action could get good favours for Kangana Ranaut.
  • On contrary had Kangana Ranaut’s Mars ore Mangal dev been weak .It could have meant loss of money for her. one can clearly see the great status Kangana Ranaut has been able to achieve in the film industry that she has done by own effort. she is very much for action or desire to achieve things which is 100% true .
  • Now looking at the 4th house of Kangana Ranaut . Mercury planet ruling the 4th house is sitting the 7th house as well . this house is the house relationships, marriage, and long-term love. mercury or budha for Kangana Ranaut is ruling the fourth and the 7th house and is sitting in the 12th house .
  • What caused issues in relationships of Kangana Ranaut with Aditya pancholi and Hrithik roshan – impacting her social image?

  • Also note as ketu shares energy with 4th house as well and 4th house is for public image and landed properties and connection to the public .so Mercury The Lord of 4th sitting in 12th gives Kangana Ranaut good public image when she Travels away from her home or family – that is her home town in himachal Pradesh. ketu or dragon’s tail sitting in the 7th house indicates that she may get some blemish in relationships.
  • also because of Saturn or shani the dispositer of mercury the lord of 12th indiscreet relationships .that’s what exactly happened with hrithik roshan and with Aditya Pancholi.
  • 7th house of kangana Ranaut as mercury(budha) is ruling and is sitting in the 12th house. so Kangana Ranaut’s relationships may not go very easily . There is a high chance of brakes happening in the relationships for Kangana Ranaut. there could be certainly in discrete relationships she may make up a they are very secretive relationships .
  • The the 10th house or career house of Kangana Ranaut.

  • Let us look at the 9th house first to see her luck factor. The sign Scorpio or vrishchika is ruling 9th house. so, mars being string may give her some basic action in dharma and religion and she is from Himachal Pradesh that is a deva bhoomi or place.
  • But also note that Saturn the lord of 12th sits in the 9th house so removes or destroys the dharma aspect for Kangana Ranaut to some extent. that was not followed in the normal tradition by Kangana Ranaut which is true that being in the Bollywood of film industry she may not be strictly adhering to any dharma principles many times .
  • house 10th of career of Kangana Ranaut is ruled by Sagittarius sign or dhanu rashi. That is ruled by Jupiter or guru, so this confers respect to Kangana Ranaut. It also gives good Honours and respect to Kangana Ranaut from the Government . Jupiter or guru also gives the initiative and wisdom to her to be able to stand on her own feet .which is 100% percent true for Kangana Ranaut !
  • we also note that moon The Lord of fifth power of thinking for Kangana Ranaut sits in the 10th House .she wants to be very independent .that is very true. it seems she was rebellious at times in childhood and wanted equal respect as her brother . so, all these things very much corroborate with not actually has been in the life . 🙂
  • also note that Jupiter or guru The Lord of 10th House is sitting in Lagna of Kangana Ranaut with Rahu. Jupiter here confers award and she got Film fare Awards and national level awards as well . rahu ( or dragon’s head) here suggest that she could work for the light and Shadow Industry 🙂 that is the film industry of the Bollywood 100% percent confirms with the reality for Kangana Ranaut.
  • We wish Kangana Ranaut all the best in life!!!

  • ,brother,sister,home,children,health,relationships,luck,fortune,career,gains,stress and travel all covered in this article ;).