Sagittarius Ascendant or Lagna Good & Bad Planets in Kundli –Dhanu rashi hrithik roshan predictions?

sagittarius1 sagittarius ascendant lagna good bad planets kundli dhanu rashi hrithik roshan predictions

Sagittarius  Ascendant or Lagna Good & Bad Planets in Kundli –Dhanu rashi hrithik roshan predictions?

  • The article Below discusses the basic traits of the Sagittarius sign people or the dhanu rashi people.
  • It also discussed which planet is harmful and which is beneficial for Sagittarius lagna people based on the lordship and natural enmity and friendship of planets.
  • There is a specific reference to film hero hrithik roshan as he has Sagittarius as his lagna or ascendant.

Overview of Basic traits & personality of Sagittarius lagna people

Basic traits of Sagittarians or dhanu rashi people

  • The Sagittarius or dhanu rashi people as ruled by the planet Jupiter are interested in dharma or religion and also in possibly occult related studies- like astrology, mantra,tantra etc.They can have good mastery on these subject due to grace of GOD.
  • But they are generally good human beings due to influence of planet Jupiter. Sagittarius could also get impulsive in their behavior – this is what they need to take care of in their undertakings.

 Physical traits of Sagittarius or dhanu rashi people

  • Physically the Sagittarius are prone to obesity or corpulence; this includes people with Jupiter lordship of Pisces sign as well. The hair could be brown and the eyes could be beautiful and almond shaped. They have good teeth and also they are generally good to look at or handsome. They have a nice smile and have a complete or a well developed body.

 Over all nature of Sagittarius or dhanu rashi people

  • Over all one may find them to be too conventional and more prone to business matters. They have good deal of love and sympathy and due to Jupiter the foresight is good in them. Yes they could also be conservative in their outlook towards life. The effects of mars could make them too much anxious about matters and also restless in behavior.
  • Jupiter or number 3 gives them a bit of being carelessness and also the basic enthusiasm. Yes they would be praying to God as well as Jupiter is a dev guru or dev planet. They are in general disciplined and take care about what they eat, drink and also sex matters all that comes into ethical stuff. Due to their free style nature they could be misunderstood by others. They have to take care of rheumatism and lung related problems.
Grahas or planets and Dhanu Lagna or Sagittarius sign Ascendant.

  • Just Shukra(Venus) is not as great as venus rules the tenth house(bhava) of career and job by Libra sign the mooltrikona sign of venus and also the fifth house(bhava) of children and thinking by Taurus. Mangal(Mars) and Surya(sun) are promising and good – basically Yoga karakas. Surya(sun) and Budh are equipped for creating  a Yoga or an auspicious combination. Shani(shani) is an executioner, Guru is nonpartisan and one could say it’s neutral. Shukra(Venus) procures slaughtering or killing powers.

Sagittarius  Or Dhanu  Rashi above Rules explanation

  • The first house(bhava)(self image/status/personality) is ruled by the benefic Jupiter(guru) and also the fourth house(bhava)(mother/home/family) by Jupiter. The first house(bhava) by Sagittarius sign(dhanu rashi) and the fourth house(bhava) by the Pisces sign(meena rashi). Due to kendradhipati dosha Jupiter ruling the fourth house(bhava) becomes negative.
  • But overall as the mooltrikona sign is Sagittarius (dhanu rashi)Jupiter is benefic.
  • The signs Capricorn (maker rashi) and Aquarius(kumbha rashi) rules the second house(bhava) of wealth and third house(bhava) of initiatives and business.
  • The ruler ship  is of Saturn(shani).
  • So ruler ship  of  malefic of negative house(bhava)s of third make Saturn(shani) a killer.
  • Also Saturn and Jupiter in general don’t go along great otherwise.
  • The lord of the fifth house(bhava)  of children and thinking is the mool trikona sign Aries(mesha rashi), this is a benfic house(bhava) and also Scorpio(vrishchika rashi) rules the malefic house(bhava) of the twelfth house(bhava) of travel and loss.
  • So over all mars(mangal) would be more benefic than malefic.
  • The lord of sixth house(bhava) is the non mool trikona sign of venus(shukra) that is Taurus, this though makes venus malefic- also venus rules the eleventh house(bhava)- which again is not considered great by the rishis- so venus is a malefic. Plus venus is a planet of bhoga and Jupiter a planet of expansion and dharma- so nature wise they oppose each other.
  • The sign Gemini(Mithuna rashi) rules the seventh house(bhava) of relationships and job and also the sign virgo rules the tenth house(bhava) of action and job. So gemini has a kendradhipati dosha, but seems double negative cancels out here. Make it positive.
  • Now cancer or karkat rashi rules the eight house(bhava) that is moon ruling the eight house(bhava), so moon(Chandra) is malefic to Sagittarius ascendant.
  • Sun is yoga karaka as it rules the ninth house(bhava) of wealth and fortune.

Hrithik_Rado sagittarius ascendant lagna good bad planets kundli dhanu rashi hrithik roshan predictions

Do the Rules above work for  Kundli Or Horoscope of Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan

Date of Birth: 10th January, 1974

Birth Time: is not known

Place of Birth: Bombay, Maharashtra, India
hrithik sagittarius ascendant lagna good bad planets kundli dhanu rashi hrithik roshan predictions

  • Now you see venus is a malefic for him(hrithik roshan). Venus or shukra represents the female energy and his wife and lovers. He was married to suzzane- now he is separated & he was in a relationship with kangana ranaut that affected his image badly.
  • Despite having one of the best body & physical fitness  and being an actor of a good lineage he has not been able to make it great in the film industry befitting his potential. Venus rules the film industry and fashion and designing.
  • His body is represented by Jupiter(guru) gives him a proportioned built and mid with mars- mars or mangal give shim orientation towards action and dance.
  • Venus(shukra) affects his wealth and status and staying close to ascendant Jupiter his image and health as well.
  • Sun or surya is a yoga karaka and a benefic for him and we know his father rakesh roshan has primarily helped him to get established.
  • So one can clearly see the blessings of his father and name and fame coming to him.
  • Martial arts and sports( karate,trekking kungfu) has made him popular the lordship of fifth(fun/stocks and sudden gains) and twelfth house(bhava) of stress and hospitalization. We know he was hospitalized for a long time for a muscle injury.
  • We can clearly see a 100% accuracy in results of hrithik roshan’s kundli and reel life and real life.