Amitabh bachchan career job horoscope 2018

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Amitabh bachchan career job horoscope 2018 onwards

Who is amithabh bachchan?

  • Sri amitabh bachchan ji is a super star and super hero of the Indian bollywood film industry in Mumbai
  • Amitabh bachchan has also been the host for the famous programme “kaun banega crorepati”.
  • Also he is a the child of celebrities late smt. teji bachchan  ji and sri harivanshrai bachchan and he (amitabh bachchan ) has been born and brought up primarily in Allahabad.
  • Amitabh bachchan is married to smt. jaya bachchan who herself was a great actor.
  • Amitabh bachchan has starred in several movies like- zanjeer/kala pathar/silsila/major etc- where his roles were highly appreciated.


Name: Amitabh Bachchan

Date of Birth: Sunday, October 11, 1942

Time of Birth: 16:00:00

Place of Birth: Allahabad

Longitude: 81 E 50

Latitude: 25 N 57

Time Zone: 6.5

amitabh-d1 amitabh bachchan career job horoscope 2018

what brings amitabh bachchan to the top of his  career in film industry bollywood- Vedic astrology?

  • In the kundli or horoscope of amitabh bachchan ji, his career lord is Scorpio or vrishchika rashi ruled by mars or mangal, this sits in the 8th bhava.
  • Also In the kundli or horoscope of amitabh bachchan ji, Note 8th bhava is for underworld and mars is the planet for action and fight.
  • we all know amitabh bachchan played great roles in coolie where he was a part of the underworld( eighth house effect), like his role in movie deewar or even in coolie(an aggressive young man) and also mars or mangal makes him an action hero.
  • Amitabh bachchan was an action man in zanjeer movie as well. Note In the kundli or horoscope of amitabh bachchan ji,  the lagna Aquarius( ruled by Saturn or shani dev)is in conflict with mars and also mars is in the eighth bhava or house so he or amitabh bachchan  has to struggle a lot to come up in his career or job in initial days.
  • In the kundli or horoscope of amitabh bachchan ji, He has mercury(budha) the lord of creativity and also the eighth house, so gives him good money/wealth/lands plus good thinking ability and intelligence – that was evident in his roles in movies and also as an anchor of “kaun banega corerepati”.
  • For the kundli or horoscope of amitabh bachchan ji, The seventh house lord sun is there, connecting his fame with career and also partnerships.
  • Venus or shukra comes in and gives blessings of ninth bhava or house to mars(mangal)- so suggesting he would do well in movies also the fifth bhava lord the lord of creativity is there here in the eight bhava supporting his movie related endeavors.
  • if i look at his bhava chalit chart In the chalet kundli or horoscope of amitabh bachchan ji, there are gains from father as mars is in the ninth bhava clearly indicated, sun or surya the seventh bhava lord is in the ninth bhava giving his image and name blessing of GOD and his past life karma.
  • In the kundli or horoscope of amitabh bachchan ji, Jupiter or guru is exalted and sends good energy to ninth bhava, suggesting his father sri harivansh rai bachchan was a man of stature and knowledge.,
  • Mercury or budha the lord of cinema and movies blesses amitabh bachchan in the ninth bhava of his. Giving him exceptional talent in expression of words( mercury or budha)

What does the naadi astrology & Numerology(anka Jyotish) say about him and his career and job?

  • Numerology or anka jyotish says , that he(amitabh bachchan) was born oct 11 1942 = 10/1 + 11 +16/7 = 19/10=1 = sun or surya. so he was born to be leader in any are of life, but with struggle due to Saturn the 10th month here.
  • he(amitabh bachchan ) was born in the month of Libra, the sign ruled by venus(shukra) and controlling the movies/cinema and bollywood. Also note he is 11th born, that is number 2= moon.
  • so moon(Chandra) PLUS Venus(shukra) the key planets for sensitivity/cinema and beauty were with him and also sun made him a super success in movies or bollywood.
  • His Saturn(shani) or number 8 of work hard is in the Taurus sign or vrishabha sign, so making his career in the soft work industry or the luxury industry- film industry or bollywood is exactly the same.
  • In the kundli or horoscope of amitabh bachchan ji, The seventh aspect of bhava is Scorpio(vrishchika rashi) the ruler ship of mars or mangal- so clear indication of action movies in general. Jupiter nearby and Saturn being vacant from both sides means – he could get good honour in movies but also remain without job or work at times. This is typical to the fill industry especially when you age.
  • Rahu in the Leo sign, gives him(amitabh bachchan) independent work and something that is big and giving name in his work or job or career. so he got name in film industry or bollywood .

why is amitabh bachchan’s career or job in bollywood still soaring in 2018?

  • In the kundli or horoscope of amitabh bachchan ji, he is running venus or shukra dasa the lord of ninth bhava till the year 2034
  • Venus or shukra has luck/image and movies (bollywood ) related energy, so over all makes him successful.
  • He also has a strong Saturn(shani dev) energy operating for him making him keep working.
  • For the kundli or horoscope of amitabh bachchan ji, mercury or budha is his longevity lord as well- though combust bit still fair- he will live long.
  • 2018/2019 needs care as sun is a marakesh for him, though venus is not so average issues.
  • so is 2025/26/27 when Jupiter periods runs for him/amitabh bachchan.
  • we wish him(sri amitabh bachchan) a long 120 year happy life!

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