chanda kochhar ICICI bank CEO credit approval process Videocon Group inquiry

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chanda kochhar ICICI bank India CEO – what makes her so succesful in life at the Top? Also Kundli Horoscope of hers and the credit approval process Videocon Group enquiry predictions

What Is this article about?

  • This article discusses at length about the CBI enquiry on former ICICI Head Smt. Chanda Kochhar in detail based on Vedic astrology.
  • Also over all why and how smt. Chanda Kochhar became so succesful is discussed at length in this article based on principles of vedic astrology .
  • who is chanda Kochhar and some interesting facts about her?

    • She(chanda kochhar) is currently the MD(managing director) cum CEO(chief Executive officer) of ICICI bank of India and she has to her credit the retail banking in India. That is bringing it to present state or shape engaging individuals and families in the banking- like individual loans or mortgage etc.
    • Chanda Kochhar was born in the city of jodhpur in the year 1961, November the 17th
    • she was born and brought up in jodhpur followed up by jaipur. she has a degree from the university of mumbai.
    • Chanda kochhar also has a MMS degree form jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies
    • she has achieved great excellence in the above areas with J. N Bose gold medal and also Wockhardt Gold Medal for Excellence in Management Studies

    Chanda Kochhar’s  the MD/CEO of ICICI bank India, higher Education and association with ICICI bank India from start

    • In the year 1984,chanda  Kochhar joined the ICICI with full form as  Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India as a management trainee.  earlier in her job or career she has been in textile /paper and yes cement industries
    • Chanda kochhar also has an honorary doctorate from Carleton University in Canada & has also received the padma bushan  India’s one of the highest awards.
    • Chanda Kochhar is the chairperson of the board of governors at IIT Vadodara.

    What cause the current furore for chanda kochhar   MD/CEO ICICI bank?

    • There were allegations by a shareholder in the year 2016 of Videocon Group over a possible conflict of interest of Kochhar, ICICI Bank’s board of directors  reviewed its credit approval process and found them strong and cleared Kochhar of the allegations
    • There is a look out notice initiated by the CBI or central bureau of investigation for chanda kochhar and her husband Deepak kochhar and also venugopal dhoot , who is the promoter of the videocon group.

     chanda-kochar chanda-kochhar-icici-bank-india-ceo-kundli-horoscope-credit-approval-process-videocon-group-inquiry-2018-predictions

    what makes chanda Kochhar have an exceptional talent in commerce/finances and banking?

    • In chanda kochar’s surya kundli or horoscope or birth chart, her mercury(budha) sits strong as it is sitting a strong dispositer Venus(shukra dev) in the 12th bhava or house of spending. so clear indication of money and bank connection as Venus is for finances and banks and yes people(we know she is an accredited  guru of retail banking .)
    • In chanda kochar CEO/MD- ICICI bank kundli or horoscope (birth chart) ,Venus(shukra) is strong at around 13 degrees in own sign of Libra or tula rashi(the mool trikona sign of Venus ) also mercury(budha) is close by at 16 degrees so once gains a close conjunction for a powerful energy exchange.
    • For chanda kochar CEO/MD- ICICI bank  kundli or horoscope (birth chart) ,now Venus or shukra is exalted  in pisces or meena rashi so give good benefic energy to her mercury in the house of spending  that’s what the banks. do.
    • Mercury or budha deals with banks/money transactions etc  and yes Venus/home/retail and finances  now you could genus why she was a guru in retail banking!mercury rules her gains the eleventh house or bhava and yes obstacles and travels of eighth house.
    • In chanda kochar CEO/MD- ICICI bank kundli or horoscope (birth chart) ,Venus is her markesh as well  so one can see that money or finances could work gains her won best interest at times. also note that Jupiter is also  am markesh for her as it is lord of second bhava and yes wealth.
    • Currently Jupiter or guru the markesh is on her natal good planets of Venus and mercury


    what makes chanda kochhar so popular and talented?

    • For chanda kochar CEO/MD- ICICI bank  kundli or horoscope (birth chart) ,the lord of fame sun or surya  is in the first bhava or house along with strong enough energy of mars(mangal dev) or action without action & management she may not have done so much.
    • In kundli or horoscope (birth chart) ,mars(mangal) is combust so give aggression and drive to do work
    • The totals  of her  name number or namank of chanda kochhar comes to number 8= Saturn
    • Chanda kochhar birth date of Janmank= 8= Saturn, so she has double Saturn energy to handle any management situations. Saturn gives good ability to handle money as well.
    • Chanda kochhar’s moolank or basic number is total of her birth date = 17 + 11 (nov) + 1961(=17) = 34+11 = 45 = 9 = mars or Mangal , this gives her compassion and Saturn or shani dev is her key planet for success in life.

    what does nadi astrology or Jyotish say about her career or job?

    • In chanda kochar CEO/MD- ICICI bank kundli or horoscope (birth chart) ,Her Saturn or shani the karaka for career or job is in the Capricorn sign- so she would do well in farm products/fertilizers- infact she was in this department when she started her career.
    • She(chanda Kochhar) also has Jupiter there conjunct with Saturn- gives her great growth and expansion in career or job.
    • She also has ketu close by with Saturn, so it shows a government or a semi government organization.
    • ICICI bank is exactly the same India’s one of the largest banks or a great national level bank today.
    • Also Jupiter or guru has made her grow so much in career.

    why now the lookout notice is there based on astrology and numerology now ion 2018?

    • For chanda kochhar CEO/MD- ICICI bank  kundli or horoscope (birth chart) ,her  transit rahu is on natal rahu in the house of luck in cancer sign. Saturn or shani dev is in the second bhava or house of wealth  and status in dhanu rashi or Sagittarius sign.
    • Jupiter(guru) her markesh transits on her natal mercury and Venus(shukra)  giving her this jolt. in April 2018.
    • April 2018may be hard for her and so could be April ending and may 2018  she may face confinement or jail for some time. basically a karmic time
    • June 2018 would be disturbing emotionally due to solar transits but she would be out of the same by end of June with some conflict  but still with less relief.
    • 2018(september-october onwards) ending and 2019 once again suggestions confinement or jail type vibrations for her GOD forbid.

    predictions for 2018/2019 for chanda kochhar MD/CEO ICICI bank India?


    • From September October 2018 onwards would be much harder for chanda kochhar yes GOD forbid she could be in conflict with law and either with health issues or may be restricted to move due to other reasons by the government of India.2019 would be even harder for chanda kochhar CEO/MD of ICICI bank of India.
    • we pray for all to be well. Respected chanda Kochhar ji is a proud daughter if India, she has done us or India proud.
    • May GOD bless our nation and all.
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