Stephen hawkings Horoscope & Kundli(Birth chart) past life karma reincarnation re-birth super-talent- British physicist & cosmologist predictions 2018

Stephen_Hawking.StarChild stephen hawkings horoscope kundli birth chart past life karma reincarnation re birth super talent british physicist cosmologist predictions 2018pastlife stephen hawkings horoscope kundli birth chart past life karma reincarnation re birth super talent british physicist cosmologist predictions 2018
What is this article about?

  • This article discusses at length about the great scientist and cosmologist Stephen Hawkins based on vedic astrology and Numerology both :).
  • It analyzes his horoscope to See what made Stephen Hawkins so great in life despite of his physical Limitations.
  • It then goes to analyzes the past life effect of stephen Hawkins on what kind of Karma made Stephen Hawkins so great in this life time based on past life.
  • Stephen hawkings Horoscope & Kundli past life karma reincarnation re-birth super-talent- British physicist & cosmologist predictions

  • Birth details- Stephen hawkings
  • 8 January 1942
  • Oxford, Oxfordshire,
  • United Kingdom
  • Name: Stephen Hawking
  • Date of Birth: Thursday, January 08, 1942
  • Time of Birth: 02:29:01
  • Place of Birth: Oxford in UK
  • Longitude: 70 degrees West 29
  • Latitude: 44 degrees North 7
  • stephen-d1 stephen hawkings horoscope kundli birth chart past life karma reincarnation re birth super talent british physicist cosmologist predictions 2018
    stephen-d9 stephen hawkings horoscope kundli birth chart past life karma reincarnation re birth super talent british physicist cosmologist predictions 2018
    What made Stephen hawkings life so different from others in terms of health and yes his achievements in physics?

    • Now note Stephen hawking was born on 8 January, the number 8 is for Saturn(shani) and January is ruled by number 8= Saturn, so he is 8x 8 = double Saturn or shani effects!
    • So in the kundli or horoscope(birth chart) of Stephen hawkings, The double Saturn(shani) gave Stephen hawking the grit and strong will to fight is problems –  and also be organized and deliver the best, on the other hand Saturn being a malefic the double Saturn(shani) caused so many obstacles and restrictions in his life.
    • Also note Saturn(shani) deals with nerves- so excess Saturn(shani) energy could cause problems to nerves- the debility he faced lifelong.
    • health stephen hawkings horoscope kundli  predictions
      why did Stephen Hawkings suffer from a slow-progressing form of motor neuron disease or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis based on his Horoscope?

    • now what caused such a serious nerve disease or sclerosis to Stephen Hawkings . for this nerve diseases let us look at the health of Saturn for Stephen Hawkings . The health of Saturn or shani dev we see that Saturn is in the Aries sign (mesha rashi) at 28 degrees 48 minutes in the horoscope(kundli) of Stephen Hawkings . It is a very old Saturn.
    • so suggest being very old Saturn, it suggests a slow and chronic diseases.( For Saturn it is said shanaischaraye or the slow moving). Saturn is also retrograde so this adds to the weakness of Saturn . now as shani dev or Saturn is in Aries in the horoscope(kundli) it means that it is debilitated . so that also spoils more the overall quality of Saturn.
    • The planet Saturn or shani in the horoscope of Stephen hawkings sits in the krittika Nakshatra or star ruled by sun or surya. Now sun is ruler of 11th house of Stephen Hawkings horoscope. It is with Rahu energy. so this rahu or dragons’ head is very clearly killing the Prana or the life force(sun=prana) for Stephen Hawkings .in this regard also Rahu(dragon’s head) in the horoscope of Stephen Hawkings is a at 23 degree 24 minutes which is very close to the ascendant degree or Bhava Madhya of 21 degree 54 minutes for his horoscope or kundli.
    • so all these factors combined caused the severe nerve disease for Stephen Hawkings . we also know that Saturn rules IV and house of Stephen Hawkings where the fifth house the moon sign is Rule By Aquarius of the Kumbha Rashi with Ketu Their near in the Bhava Madhya centre house so Saturn carries the energy of malefic Ketu as well in the 7th house we have to know that house in the 5th house in Aquarius sign and Capricorn affect his knees and foot first
    • also as Stephen Hawkings Saturn or shani dev is conjunct with Mars(mangal) in the 7th house. but Mars of Stephen Hawkings horoscope is far away at around 5° . but we note that Mars for Stephen Hawkings is markesh and the 2nd house horoscope for Stephen Hawkings . This gives negative energy to Saturn.
    • also as noted earlier Saturn(shani dev) very weak for Stephen Hawkings in the 7th house becomes a markesh again- as being a malefic and in the 7th house. so as per classical knowledge we know that whenever markesh is very weak it gives lot of trouble to the person just like death or horrible karma.
    • so it is very clear because of Mars(mangal),Saturn(shani) and Ketu(dragon’s tail) and Rahu(dragon’s head) combination Stephen Hawkings suffered from very strong nerve disease like sclerosis and also had health & vitality issues due to this malefic combination.
    • health stephen hawkings horoscope kundli capabilities
      What does Stephen hawking horoscope say about his capabilities and achievements?

      • As we know Stephen hawking did have a progressive nerve disease.
      • in the kundli or horoscope(birth chart) of Stephen hawkings ,Saturn or shani is old and is retrograde at 28 degrees is debilitated in Aries- rules his house of public image and thinking- that is the fourth and fifth bhava or house of thinking.
      • Also Saturn is very weak and debilitated in the seventh bhava.
      • So a clear indication of issues in public image and yes married life( he had 2 divorced 1995 & 2006) and an extreme saturnine of hard/disciplined thinking due to Saturn being old and debilitated.
      • Now the question is despite weakness of Saturn- how did he win the game of life?.
      • in the kundli or horoscope(birth chart) of Stephen hawkings ,Saturn or shani gets a strong energy from the lord of second and seventh bhava a overall benefic mars or Mangal aspecting his lagan or ascendant.
      • Giving him abundant energy and discipline of Saturn to so and solve complex mathematical problems of physics.
      • Now what makes stephen hawking a cosmologer cum a physicist?
      • in the kundli or horoscope(birth chart) of Stephen hawkings ,We can see that his moon(chandra) the lord of karma is in the twelfth house or bhava of something that is beyond this life– so putting his actions and mind beyond the present life.
      • in the kundli or horoscope(birth chart) of Stephen hawkings ,Mercury the lord of tenth house from moon rules the career house- this gives him fair mathematical skills and appreciation of creative approaches to science as he has mercury(budha) plus Venus(shukra) there.
      • Also please note he is Libra sign form lagna or Tula rashi and from moon(chandra) it is virgo or kanya rashi
      • Given the kundli or horoscope(birth chart) of Stephen hawkings ,venus(shukra) here gives him good imagination and creativity to look at matters also Venus and mercury(budha) are in the fourth bhava of thinking from lagna or ascendant- so again indicate his ability to think about multiple alternate universes etc.Due to good imagination
      • Also please note his total numbers of broth date = 8 +1(January) + 1942 = 8+1+16/7 = 16/7. So this number 16/7 indicates a big tragedy in life( Obviously his health) and 7= ketu or research and investigation. So this means the person would come out of the same by analysis and introspection.
      • So he Stephen hawkings came out of tragedy by his ability to do deep into theoretical physics problems.
      • Also note in the kundli or horoscope(birth chart) of Stephen hawkings ,aspect of mercury/Venus on the tenth house of career and job and also aspect of Saturn and mars on the tenth house- give him good mathematical skills/discipline and yes engineering skills and action due to mars.


      • What are the Past life indications of Stephen hawking?
      • in the kundli or horoscope(birth chart) of Stephen hawkings ,His past life sign connects to mercury or Gemini and is on a weak Saturn, along with Venus.
      • So the places he could be born is the past life could be=South west England, USA, Flanders, Lower Egypt, Belgium, Sardinia, wale, Tripoli, London. Versailles, Melbourne, Plymouth, Sanfrancisco
      • One can see lot of it is in present day united kingdom. Also mercury sitting on a hard and weak Saturn suggests( Saturn becomes markesh for him) that there is hard karma from previous life coming to him.

      What caused his death in 2018 and his longevity/time span considerations?:

      • when had dasa of mercury=mercury-Jupiter( or guru), mercury lord of twelfth house or 12th house of bad heath and also Jupiter(guru) lord of bad heath, combined cause death. Also note Jupiter(guru) rules the 3rd house ruler ship – so this is also a secondary markesh for him. So ruler ship of 12/6/3 house lord caused death.
      • Given the kundli or horoscope(birth chart) of Stephen hawkings , in transit Saturn the markesh send energies in the third bhava or house of Stephen hawkings. Clear indication of high chance of death. Also note mars are a markesh and are also in the third house along with Saturn- so almost over 80 % chance of death. Unfortunately he could not live beyond this.
      • Also note that in the kundli or horoscope(birth chart) of Stephen hawkings  ,mars as such the longevity lord is strong for him giving him good long life
      • Can we confirm the above matters with numerology or numbers of Stephen hawking?
      • Full Name : Stephen William Hawking
      • S T   E  P   H  E
      • N W  I   L   L   I
      • A M   H  A   W  K
      • I  N  G
      • Stephen hawkings Goal of this life time= H L W = 5+12 +6= 23 = 5 Or 14=5 = Aries- is teacher of teachers- wants he indeed a teacher of teachers with so much of physical problems he did so well in life
      • Stephen hawkings material karma he was born with = SNAI =15+14+1+10 = 40=4= so this is ruled by sun the leader- gives purity/perfection and at times pride or strong desire to do things.
      • The talent of 7 Stephen hawkings has- that is Gemini- that gives him versatility and ability to initiate major changes in people.

      Conclusions-is vedic astrology or Numerology able to find out connections with his present and past  life?:

      • No one can see that Saturn plays a key role in Stephen Hawkins life, a double Saturn 8×8 and also weak/debilitated and old Saturn aspecting the self- Also Saturn or shani is teacher =8. Now 8×8 simply means teacher of teachers. This was his true goal to connect cosmology and relativity in simple terms and books.
      • He had the karma of sun or the leaders. He became the leader of the herd of physicist.
      • Now last but not least his destiny number = 7= ketu a planet of research and introspection, ketu in the fifth house playing an important role in his long term thinking along with Saturn for philosophical and deep thinking and ketu for incisive thinking.
      • A clear cut profile of this guy could be made based on power of Vedic astrology and Numerology accurately.
      • appendix
        Some important facts about Stephen hawkings the great physicist from United Kingdom

        • Stephen hawking was One of the greatest English theoretical physicist & cosmologist of 21st century, Stephen William Hawking  with qualification of CH CBE FRS FRSA
        • Stephen hawking was born.(8 January 1942  & left this world on  14 March 2018)
        • He was also an author, and Director of Research at the Centre for Theoretical Cosmology in the reputed University of Cambridge.
        • Stephen hawking’s scientific works were also with Roger Penrose on the field of gravitational singularity theorems in the framework of general relativity and connected to the theoretical prediction that black holes emit radiation, which were called Hawking radiation.
        • He created a theory of cosmology elaborated by a  combination  of the general theory of relativity along with  quantum mechanics.
        • Stephen hawking did believe many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics.
        • This article is dedicated to my scientist father , who was a fan of Stephen Hawking, and he(my Father) himself despite being from a very poor family rose to the highest levels and had the passion to work for science even to his last days while suffering from various life threatening ailments.My salute to all the scientists & people of this attitude!


        • Stephen Hawking was an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA), and also a Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian award in the United States.
        • Stephen hawking popularized physics and science A Brief History of Time appeared on the British Sunday Times best-seller list for a record-breaking ..
        • Health: Hawking had a rare early-onset slow-progressing form of motor neurone disease (lateral sclerosis,) which gradually paralysed him over the decades.
        • After the loss of his speech, he was still able to communicate his thoughts  through a speech-generating device, .