The Shastiamsa Divisional Chart Or Varga Birth Chart D60- past life and birth

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How to Calculate the Shastiamsa Divisional Horoscope ? What are the ruling deities of Various Divisions ?With examples of Salman Khan,rahul Gandhi ji,Donald Trump and Narendra Modi ji for illustration

  • The Shastamsa (that’s 1/60th part of a sign , or half a degree each = 0.5 x60=30 degrees).That is the 60th divisional chart(D-60).
  • To calculate the Shastiamsa Lord ignore the sign position of a planet and take the degrees etc. it has traversed in that sign . Multiply that figure by 2 and divide the degrees by 12. Add 1 to the remainder, which will indicate the sign , in which the shastiamsa falls. The Lord of that sign is the planet that rules, that’s 60th harmonic.

For odd signs the names of Shastamsa divisions:

1. Ghora
2. Rakshasa
3. Deva
4. Kuber
5. Yaksh
6. Kindar
7. Bhrasht
8. Kulaghna
9. Garal
10. Vahni
11. Maya
12. Purishak
13. Apampathi
14. Marutwan
15. Kaal
16. Sarpa
17. Amrit
18. Indu
19. Mridu
20. Komal
21. Heramba
22. Brahma
23. Vishnu
24. Maheshwara
25. Deva
26. Ardr
27. Kalinas
28. Kshitees
29. Kamalakar
30. Gulik
31. Mrityu
32. Kaal
33. Davagni
34. Ghora
35. Yama
36 Kantak
37. Suddh
38. Amrit
39. PurnaCandr
40. Vishadagdha
41. Kulanas
42. Vamshakshaya
43. Utpat
44. Kaal
45. Saumya
46. Komal
47. Sheetal
49. Candramukhi
50. Praveen
51. Kaalpavak
52. Dhannayudh
53. Nirmal
54. Saumya
55. Krur
56. Atisheetal
57. Amrit
58. Payodhi
59. Brahman
60. CandraRekha (InduRekha).

The reverse is the order for even signs (starting from ChandraRekha,Brahman etc).

mula-nakshatra shastiamsa divisional chart or varga birth chart d60 past life and birth

Interpretation of Shashtiamsa  divisional chart(past Life) or varga D60 – with  example chart:

shashtiamsa-pankaj shastiamsa divisional chart or varga birth chart d60 past life and birth

Shashtiamsa Chart

  • This chart helps to know about previous life and birth.
  • Given the example chart, the person could be religiously inclined in past lives as well as Jupiter is exalted in Lagan.
  • Due to aspect of Saturn on ascendant- he may have tendency towards being a sadhu or an ascetic as well.
  • Now looking at the Shashtiamsa chart of his- the ascendant is Pisces, the 12th sign & 12th sign or house rules spirituality!
  • So one thing  is confirmed that this person was of strong spiritual inclinations in the past life as well. Jupiter the planet of dharma and lord of the shashtiamsa is also in 12th sign/ ascendant.
  • So he could be highly into spiritual life in past life as well.
  • Rahu aspects Jupiter, so that means he might not been able to follow the path very well and rahu being in 7th with moon suggests. He could have been anger prone and interested in opposite sex in past life as well.
  • In lagan  chart  also Jupiter has an aspect from rahu.
  • All the above interpretations are confirmed by nadi jyotish as well, so the chart is accurate.

Rahul_Gandhi_1-gemini d60 past life karma reincarnation
d1-rahul-gandhi d60 past life karma reincarnation
Rahu gandhi past life karma and shashtiamsa d60 chart or horoscope(kundali):
planets C R Rashi Longitude Nakshatra Pada Relation
• Asc Capricorn 12 41 43 Sravana 1
• Sun D Gemini 03 34 11 Mrigasira 4 Neutral
• Moon D Scorpion 22 15 53 Jyeshtha 2 DebilitatedMars C D Gemini 17 20 44 Ardra 4 Enemy
• Merc D Taurus 14 26 27 Rohini 2 Friendly
• Jupt R Libra 02 40 52 Chitra 3 Enem
• Venu D Cancer 08 51 08 Pashyami 2 Enemy
• Satn D Aries 24 25 55 Bharani 4 Debilitated
• Rahu R Aquarius 12 54 22 Satabhisa 2
• Ketu R Leo 12 54 22 Magha 4

what does Rahul gandhi d1 or lagna horoscope ninth bhava of past life karma analysis first says?

  • Rahul gandhi has mercury or budha the lord for he ninth bhava or house it is sitting on Venus and in the fifth bhava getting very good energy from the past life again as fifth bhava also connects to good punya of past life.
  • This makes him or rahul gandhi very blessed and yes he is born in an illustrious family we know the Gandhi family.
    Mercury the past life karma lord is strong on Venus as the dispositer giving him full opulence and a creative mind and relatively quick mind to think about matters.
  • Budha or mercury means one may be born in tirtha sthala(holy place) or places like dwarka , rameshwaram, Mathura etc in the past life if born in India.
  • as he or rahul gandhi is born in kanya rashi or Virgo he could be born in these countries in the past life.
    It could be India, Turkey, Iran, Assyria, also West Indies, and yes Jerusalem . some possibility of it being Los angles. finer tuning or making it more accurate could be done by using other chart later

rahul-gandhi-d60 shashtiamsa horoscope varga chart
What does the d60 or shashtiamsa chart of rahul gandhi say about his past life karma?

  • Mercury is 14.26 degrees in Taurus sign or vrishabha rashi. this is an even sign and that means it is the 14x 2+1 division of the shashtiamsa or d60.
  • That’s the 29th division.
    It means one is born in the kaal division and one may be involved as an artist or a poet or poetry or something to do with artistic things or kitchen/returants(like his respected mother sonia gandhi ji) related matters as well. Also it could be maintaining discipline and time(note he is Capricorn lagna).

What does The shastiamsa or d60 analysis of sri rahul gandhi’s horoscope(kundali) say?

  • The ascendant for sri rahul gandhi ji is 12:41 shravana. so now Capricorn or makar rashi is an even sign and 12:41 means 12:30+ 11′ = 12×2 +1 +1 = 24+2 = 26th d60 or shahstiamsa division he was born in.
  • This division is ruled by yama the GOD of death. There could be moral duties and responsibilities that rahul gandhi ji has for the nation we all know. yes he has a hard destiny to maintain the congress party and clearly signified by the d60 of the Yama for him.
    now let us look at what does the nakshatra star say for him or rahul gandhi ji that is sharavana.
    Shravana gives him the basic scholarly by nature(that is a non materialistic type) and would do religious work. He also has a good character and be well known. Rahul gandhi may live away from birth place
    he also would have a charitable and a kind nature.
  • Now let us look at more specific characteristics of rahul gandhi ji with sub nakshatras or stars and connect this d60 or shastiamsa and yes shravana nakshatra for him.
  • he is born in the first pada, that is corresponding to Aries navamsa so giving him good logic and initiative to do work and also makes him or rahul gandhi career conscious or focused on his goals of career.

Let is check some more by the placement of moon or mind for sri rahul gandhi ji ?
The planet moon is in 22:15 scorpio. is equal to 22x 2 +1 = 45 and scorpio is an even sign.
now this d60 division or shahstiamsa is abhibag sarp so this is a part of profession to do with entertaining people ye a politician is one of the greatest entertainers of people. The person would entertain people and public and yes greenery would be loved by the person.

  • Now let us check this with nakshatra and see the whole story.
    Jyeshtha nakshatra makes him Honored,intent on their dharma
    he or rahul gandhi would have good writing skill smooth and respected.
  • Rahul gandhi may also have many friends and be well like.
    Rahul gandhi just like his great grandfather pundit jawahar lal Nehru may have love for children and be well liked.

what is the Narendra modi ji d60 chart & past life interpretations?
narendra-modi shastiamsa divisional chart or varga birth chart d60 past life and birth
narendramodiH shastiamsa divisional chart or varga birth chart d60 past life and birth
Is there an indication of narendra modi Ji’s action ability in his d60 or shashtiamsa chart?
what does narendra modi ji’s lagna(ascendant) say based on his d60 or shashtiamsa horoscope?

  • the lagna(ascendant) of narendra modi ji is 1:09 degrees in scorpio and is vishakha nakshatra. this means he is in the 3rd division of d60 chart as each division of shashtiamsa chart is in the 0.5 degree. so he or narendra modi ji’s lagna(ascendant) is in the scorpio sign at 0.5+0.5 +.09, so it is the 3rd division for him.
  • Now this division of the d60 is payodhi or ocean of milk, heads of institutions. This clearly suggests that he had opulence in his past life and was a leader of various institutions in his previous incarnation as well.
  • One carries the seed tendencies of past life to this life time for sure.
  • Saturn or shani the lord of d60 with rahu, makes him hardworking and non conventional plus a person who would work for the society for sure. Also first house lord in the seventh bhava makes him a wanderer in the earlier part of this life. One may refer brihat parashara hora shashtra for the effects.

what does his Chandra or moon lagna or ascendant say based on narendra modi ji’s d60th horoscope or kundali?

  • The moon or Chandra of narendra modi ji is also at 8:48 degrees ins scorpio or vrishchika rashi. This makes it 8×2=16 + 0.30(1) +0.18(1) = 18(16+1+1=18th) division of the d60 division of the scorpio sign.
  • now this division is of utpata or unexpcted sudden events , this gives unusual events in life( he is the prime minister of India from a tea seller),and also suggests higher knowledge in Vedas and vedanga. this is 100% true for narendra modi ji he had stayed in Himalayas in his Youth we all know.
  • Moon is the lord of seventh house of relationships and is in the house of public image in the fourth bhava. so the mind helps to connect to large set of people and Saturn properties of characteristics matters for narendra modi ji’s success in public life.

narendramodi-d60 shastiamsa divisional chart or varga birth chart d60 past life and birth
what does narendra modi ji’s action part say based on the 10th lord placement?

  • In narendra modi ji’s chart sun the lord of leadership is in the sign of Virgo in the 11th bhava or house of his d1 chart.
  • It is at 0.35 degrees so say the first division of Virgo sign or kanya rashi. This deals with traders, people who deal with sea products, trader of pearls and owner of gardens. Now this is the kind of action he would be doing along with what has been discussed above. he might have been closer to nature and yes closer to sea. In his d60 chart or horoscope sun is weal in Libra but in Kendra and is blessed by strong and good past life karma energy of the ninth bhava or house for him. This gives him poise and wisdom in actions and though sun could put him in tight spots at times.

Salman_Khan_filmfare-capricorn salman d60 shashtiamsa past life reincarnation
Salman Khan Planetary Longitudes
Sun D Sagittarius 12-02-15 Mula 4 Friendly

Moon D Aquarius 01-32-29 Dhanishta 3 Neutral
Mars D Capricorn 09-52-22 Uttarashadha 4 Exalte
Merc D Scorpion 21-00-15 Jyeshtha 2 Neutral
Jupt R Gemini 01-36-46 Mrigasira 3 Enem
Venu D Capricorn 18-47-07 Sravana 3 Friendly
Satn D Aquarius 18-41-30 Satabhisa 4 Own
Salman khan what does his d60 past life chart say about him?

  • What does salman khan’s lagna d60 or shashtiamsa chart (horoscope) say about his past life?
  • The lord of the d1 or lagna chart (horoscope) for salman khan is Aries ruled by mars. That gives him action and good muscled body.
  • also his lagna is at 22 degrees 48 minutes and 28 seconds, this means it is in the 22×2 + 1+ 1 division of the shashtiamsa chart. 30 minutes or .5 degrees is one division in the d60 horoscope. So it is in the 46th division of Aries or mesha rashi for salman khan.
  • So the 46th division of Aries (mesha rashi) is KOMAL or delicate, yes he looks cool and sensitive despite his muscular body. It also represents top government officials and yes and senior officials or bureaucrats.
  • But we feel that salman khan’s birth time may not be accurate enough may be by 1 2 minutes or so and need birth time rectification. as SOUMYA the 45th division is much better first for salman khan’s soumya means gentle, sober, great warrior type qualities, gives good ranks in police or armed forces includes military as well.
  • So SOUMYA d60 or shashtiamsa division of varga charts fits better for salman khan as he is a mix of gentle mind and also a strong warrior’s body and attitude at times.
  • salmankhanH d60
    D60 or shashtiamsa chart salman Khan
    what does salman khan’s moon d60 say about his previous incarnation?
  • His moon is in Aquarius sign which makes him picky as well about things and yes philosophical to an extent in life,.
  • The moon longitude is 1 degree 32 minutes and 29 seconds. But we feel it should be around 1 degree to 1 degree 30 minutes as we discussed earlier his birth time needs a small rectification and verification.
  • This gives him 1×2 +1= 3 rd division of the zodiac sign of Aquarius or kumbha rashi. Now this is DEVA d60 or shashtiamsa division it says one who is giving in nature so is salman khan like that he gives a lot of charity. This he carries from his past life karma and sanskars. We need to know that his respected mother is a Hindu and father a gentlemanly person.
  • His ninth bhava or house lord is also Jupiter or guru that clearly suggest gains from father and high chance he was born In India in his previous incarnation.
  • Also DEVA means who gives knowledge or gyan and also a person who should be loved, Yes salman khan is philosophical and gives gyan as well to people.
  • what does the d60 chart of salman khan say in general about this?
  • Now in the d60 or shashtiamsa chart mars are lord of his 4th(fourth) bhava or house of image and family and also the lord of eleventh bhava of gains and money and is strong in the eighth bhava. yes this hints impact to his image due to court cases etc due to eighth house or bhava ruling the image and family.
  • the eleventh lord in eighth may give him conflicts with his friends and lovers. he has left many of his previous lovers or people whom he loved may be one sided like aishwarya rai bachchan , katrina kaif etc .
  • Saturn or shani the dispositer of moon is in third bhava or house giving him impetus for actions to help the poor and down trodden.
  • the lagan or ascendant lord of d60 chart is Capricorn and also we feel it could be Sagittarius or dhanu ruled by Jupiter or guru,for him if the birth time is adjusted. Sagittarius or dhanu clearly explains his handsome looks and yes good actions and benevolence and name in the films and society.
  • The lord of initiatives in case dhanu lagan or Sagittarius rises in the d60 or shashtiamsa means his third house has venus, the planet of beauty and luxary and yes ruling films and bollywood. which is all true?
  • so instead of taking Capricorn or makar rashi as his lagna, one should take Sagittarius or dhanu rashi as salman khan’s lagna.


Is there any past life or  d60(shashtiamsa connection) of US president Donald Trump? Let us look at the same…

Birth details of American(USA) president Donald trump

  • Name: Donald Trump
  • Date of Birth: Friday, June 14, 1946
  • Time of Birth: 10:54:00
  • Place of Birth: Jamaica
  • Longitude: 73 W 48
  • Latitude: 40 N 41
  • Time Zone: 0

what does the lagna and d60(shashtiamsa chart) of Donald trump say about possible past life of Donald trump?

  • The lagan or ascendant of Donald trump is 6:51:21 Leo that is 6 degrees and 51 minutes plus 21 seconds Leo
  • Now based on his d60 or shashtiamsa chart Leo is an odd sign and the above degrees means 6×2 + 1 +1 sixtieth division the lagna or ascendant is .That’s 12 +1+1= 14th division.
  • This 60th d60 division for Donald trump is DEVA GANESH the God of wind. The destroyer of the evil as sri ganesha ji does. It is also the head of a village and also stands for revenue collectors.
  • Now note he is born in the Gemini sign by western astrology in the month of June and Gemini is vayu tatwa air/wind and also he is 14th born , 1+4= mercury again is vayu or wind so a clear match is found here that in this life time also wind rules over him. that’s the reason the GOD of wind is the shashtiamsa division that is coming in.
  • Also note he is the destroyer of evil he said that he would destroy terrorism and he has gotten Kim jong un of North Korea on the knees on talking table in Singapore. There is a great deal of de nuclearization also happening in north Korea .He or Donald trump is a no non sense person for that matter.
  • It says he or Donald trump would be the head of a village so that means a town mayor may be  so he had these leadership qualities in the past life as well.
  • It further says donald trump was a tax collector that is revenue collector   he has been into business and very good in getting money out of situations. he has got into debt but easily come out of his ability to attract and get money.

what does the moon chart of Donald trump and d60 say about his past life and reincarnation?

  • now his moon is in scorpio 28:06:00, now scorpio or virshchika rashi moon gives him the anger and courage to destroy evil. also it is an even sign, the division of shashtiamsa it is in is 28×2 + 1 = 56+1= 57. as he is on the cusp of it let us check which is a better fit 56th or 57th shashtiamsa division?
  • Now 56th division of d60 finds a better fit and this is the KUBERA division or lord of wealth. we all know Donald trump is very rich person.It further says its stands for strategic manipulators, traders , people who can handle others and yes diplomat.
  • YES Donald trump is a diplomat for sure to may be a lesser extend due to moon in scorpio , so his may be haste could cause issues = but over all he has to be one else he could not reach this stage. He has also been a trader and is very rich all is true for him or Donald trump.


what does the d60 chart as such say about Donald trump and his past life karma?

  • his lagna is simha or Leo and the lord sun is sitting in the eighth bhava or house, so he is brave like a lion and is bound to deal with terror and adversities of the eighth house.
  • his lagan in d60 or shashtiamsa is mercury ,an again his birth month of June and 14th comes into play. Plus this mercury is by Virgo sign or kanya rashi in Sanskrit  good for business with Jupiter sitting there so blessing business with grace of GOD.
  • plus the lord of lagan in d60 or shashtiamsa sitting in the fifth bhava or house  makes him fun loving   we know he loves fun and frolic and was in a great mood in the election campaign he had .
  • Venus the lord of affluence or the ninth bhava or house of Donald trump the president of America in the fourth bhava is a great augury for wealth and status in past life and with rahu suggest wealth could be accumulated with all kinds of means includes casinos etc.
  • So we see that over all Donald trump’s chart (horoscope) fits very well in the d60 or shashtiamsa framework or model of Vedic astrology. This is the glory of Vedic astrology we know.