Raja Yoga in Anil Ambani Horoscope (kundli)- Reliance communication-Predictions

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What Is a Raja Yoga and how is it Formed?

  • Raja Yoga means affluence in wealth flows/accumulation, happiness in family/assets/cars/conveyances it also means a good career and job.
  • Mental happiness and peace is also important. Now the next question is how is a Raja Yoga formed and evaluated based on a birth kundli or horoscope?
  • So the basic thing is that Raja Yoga is evaluated based on basic Lagna Kundli, also navamsa Kundli and arudha lagna as well.
  • Now next comes where could one get affluence and money flows or a good salary in job-? For that the second house and eleventh house or the lords of the same have to be fortified.
  • Also where does the assets /conveyance etc. come in? That comes from the fourth house or the bandhu bhava of yours.
  • The next question is where does a good job or career come in? It comes from the tenth house of career and job for that matter.
  • The most important question is who blesses or fortifies these houses? This blessings come from our past life or poorva karma stored in the ninth house and also our actions that are aligned with dharma or ethics. Also some part of it comes from the house of sudden fortune or lottery or unexpected gains that is the fifth house.
  • Do lesser difficulties and debts and health issues mean a Raja Yoga? Yes. The lords of the sixth house the eighth house and twelfth house are the cause of various troubles, legal problems, fights, obstacles, hospitalization and mental stress. So when the lords of the respective house of sixth/eight and twelfth are weak and aspect the lagna or the ascendant- a raja Yoga is naturally formed.
  • The elaborations below cover some of the important combinations that could cause raja Yoga. Also the horoscope of anil ambani the well known industrialist and son of dhirubhai ambani is analyzed to check for raja Yoga by lagna and arudha lagna.

Various combinations of Raja Yoga primarily based on Arudha Lagna and otherwise normal Kundli described below.

  • Raja Yoga 1: IN the kundli or horoscope ,In the event that Bhava, Hora and Ghatik Lagans (The 3 major lagans), also their Dreshkanas and Navamsa (d9 divisional or Varga Chart) as, or the said Lagans and their Navamsa (d9 divisional or Varga Chart) as, or the said Lagans and their Dreshkanas get a Drishti(aspect) from a Graha, a Raj Yoga is framed.
  • Explanation Raja Yoga 1: For the kundli or horoscope In the event that Arudh Pad is involved by a exalted  Graha or planet(Like say Venus is Pisces(meena rashi) or say Jupiter in cancer(karkat rashi), especially Chandra Or Moon in exaltation, or by Guru and additionally Shukra(venus) (with, or without exaltation), while there is no Argala or blockage by a malefic like Saturn, rahu or mars, person  local will turn into a lord.
  • So basically when the arudha pada lagna above gets good energy from a benefic in exaltation it absorbs all the good effects of the same. As the arudha lagna indicates the self or the body, so when it is well placed suggest that one would get all the comforts and live like a king.
  • Raja Yoga 2: On the off chance that the Arudh Pad is a benefic Rashi or sign(Like Taurus(Vrishabha rashi),Libra(Tula rashi), Sagittarius(Dhanu rashi),Pisces(Meena rashi), containing Moon(Chandra), while Guru(Jupiter) is in Dhana Bhava(second house of the horoscope), a similar impact as above of raja Yoga would come to fore.
  • Explanation raja Yoga 2: For any kundli or horoscope  The reason for above predictions is arudha pada is a lagna and so is the moon or Chandra lagna, when both these lagan’s combine – so it gets doubly confirmed that good effects would go to both of them. So raja Yoga is confirmed.
  • Raja Yoga 3: Indeed, in the event that one among Ari’s(sixth house of obstacles and conflicts), Randhr’s(eighth house of sudden problems) and Vyaya’s Lords(twelfth house), being in debility, gives a Drishti(aspect) to Lagna, there will be a Raj Yoga.
  • Explanation raja Yoga 3: The above is crystal clear as all the malefic or bad energy lies in the sixth, eighth and twelfth house( Includes third house as well to some extent), when the lord is weak- that means obstacles/problems and expenditure are less- an aspects to the lagan or ascendant means- that the benefit of less losses or problems would go to the person.
  • Raja Yoga 4: The person will turn into a lord or a king, if a Graha, ruling Bandhu(fourth house), Karma(tenth house), Dhan(second house), or Labh(eleventh house), gives a Drishti(or an aspect) to Lagna(ascendant), while Shukra(venus) the planet of comforts gives a Drishti(aspect) to the eleventh house or house of gains from Arudh Lagna, as Arudh Lagna is possessed by a benefic.
  • Explanation raja Yoga 4:The reason for above results is obvious as second house, fourth house, tenth house, and second house are benefic houses and if good energy from the same goes to the self or lagna and the eleventh house from arudha lagna (ascendant) has good energy one could expect to be a king
  • Raja Yoga 5: A similar impact to above will be gotten, if an weak Graha( or planet) gives a Drishti(aspect) to Lagna(ascendant) and is set in Ari(sixth house), or Randhr Bhava(eighth house). Again comparative outcome will win, if an incapacitated(weak) Graha(planet), set in Sahaj, or Labh Bhava, gives a Drishti(aspect) to Lagna(ascendant).

AnilChart_  raja yoga anil ambani horoscope kundli reliance communication predictions

What is Anil ambani Raja yoga’s based on surya Lagan Kundli?
Name: Anil Ambani
Date of Birth: June 04th, 1959
Place: Mumbai

  • The lord of the lagna (ascendant) is Venus or shukra the planets of comforts and home and good life. It is in the house of initiatives or business. So his business and initiatives are capable of giving him the basic comfort in life.
  • The lord of wealth/status and karaka for business and communications is – one can clearly see one of the causes of success of reliance communications for anil ambani.
  • The lord of gains or revenues flows is Jupiter that is lord of Pisces or meena rashi in the seventh house of job and partnerships. So Job and partnerships would give good gains. Jupiter is a natural karaka for wealth. As well.Please note his companies are of net worth of 3.3 billion.
  • Please note that mercury or budha the lord of fifth house (Virgo or kanya rashi)and also the lord if third house( Gemini or mithuna rashi) are one and same! So natural connection of second lord and the fifth lord is there in his horoscope.
  • The ninth lord Saturn(Capricorn sign or maker rashi) sits in the sign of Jupiter- that is Sagittarius or dhanu rashi- also Jupiter is the lord of his eleventh house of revenues flows/salary and money etc. So a direct connection between past life and his money flows is formed here,
  • We can clearly see a strong raja Yoga for money or lakshami matters is there for anil ambani’s kundli.
  • About  Raj Yogas, in light of the Grahas with various dignities and on the Drishti(aspect)s and Yutis of the Grahas.

    • Raja Yoga 5: Dharma’s Lord or the ninth house lord is likened to a clergyman and all the more particularly Putra’s Lord(fifth house lord). In the event that these two Grahas commonly give a Drishti(aspect), the local will acquire a kingdom. Indeed, if these two are yuti in any Bhava, or, on the off chance that they happen to be put in commonly seventh aspect, one conceived of imperial scion will turn into a lord.
    • Explanation Raja Yoga 5: The reason is that the ninth house is the house of luck and fortune and so is the fifth house the house of sudden windfalls and gains. So when they combine in any house or are in aspect a strong positive energy combination in any bhava or house to make one a king in one aspect or the other. Like if  this combination is in the first house – it could mean great honors to the person and sudden gain and goo interest in religion and knowledge. If in the second house of the horoscope could mean great wealth flows and good gains.
    • Raja Yoga 6: The Person  will accomplish a kingdom, if Bandhu’s Lord(The fourth house of family) is in Karma Bhava(The tenth house of career) and Karma’s Lord is in Bandhu Bhava and, if these Grahas give a Drishti(aspect) to Putra’s(The fifth house of sudden gains) and Dharma’s(The house of fortune /luck and past life karma) Lords.
    • Raja Yoga 7 : On the off chance that the Lords of Putra(fifth house), Karma(tenth house), Bandhu(fourth house) and Lagna(first house) are yuti(conjunction) in Dharma Bhava(The ninth house of luck and fortune) , one will end up being a ruler or king with popularity, spreading over the four directions of north/south/west and east.
    • Raja Yoga 8 :Ought to the Lord of Bandhu(the fourth house of property and assets), or of Karma Bhava(The house of career & Job) join either the Putr’s Lord(The fifth house lord of sudden gains and lottery), or Dharma’s Lord(The ninth house luck and fortune), the local will acquire a kingdom.
    • Explanation Above : So if the career and the assets lord get good energy form the house of luck the ninth house and the fifth house the house of lottery and gains- one will naturally be in good job and would have great assets for him or herself.
    • Raja Yoga 9: On the off chance that Putr’s Lord(The lord of the fifth house of children and luck) is in Lagna(ascendant), Bandhu(The fourth house of assets and property), or Karma Bhava(The tenth house of career & job), in yuti(conjunction) with Dharma’s Lord(The ninth house lord of luck and fortune and past life karma), or Lagna Lord(ascendant lord), the person  will turn into a ruler.

    Is there a Raja Yoga In anil ambani Kundli or Horoscope Based on Arudha lagna?

    • Given the kundli or horoscope or anil ambani ji heading the reliance communication group, His ascendant lord or lagan is in the third house ( Venus in the sign of cancer or karkat). There is rahu in his arudha lagna w in the sign of Virgo ruled by mercury- for communications. That means this would make him earn wealth or money from non conventional methods as well.
    • In The second house  of kundli or anil ambani ji lord from arudha lagna lord Venus or shukra the planet that bestows peace and comforts, is in the eleventh house from arudha lagna that is in the sign of cancer(Karkat), bestowing him gains that would be immeasurable in nature.
    • Also in the kundli/horoscope of anil ambani ji the ascendant of the arudha lagna- that is mercury(budha) is in the ninth house of fortune and luck ruled by the sign of wealth and comforts- that is Taurus(vrishabha). This gives him great status and wealth again. This is one of the core causes of success of reliance groups.
    • Jupiter or guru the karaka for wealth sits in the third house of business for anil ambani- giving him great wealth.
    • For anil ambani ji( the reliance communication head)Gemini or mithuna rashi the dual sign rules his tenth house of career as well and also rules communications(reliance communications and mobile), comes into the ninth house or purva punya or luck of the past life blessing his career and especially to do with communications with immeasurable wealth and fortune.
    • Given the kundli & Horoscope of anil ambani ji(reliance communications group head) ,The seventh house lord is Jupiter(Pisces or meena rashi) with ketu in it and sitting in his third house from the  arudha lagna in the sign of Scorpio or vrishchika rashi, clearly saying his job and business are one and the same and he would do exceptional well in the same due to ketu being there.
    • Given the kundli & Horoscope of anil ambani ji, Ketu in the seventh house of love and relationships also suggest that his life partner would be of exceptional type. Yes he is married to previous well known film actor Tina munim.
    • One can clearly see how anil ambani has raja Yoga in his horoscope.

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