Sukma Naxal Attacks on CRPF Jawans April 2017 Injured by Maoist & Naxalites in India- What Vedic Astrology Says?

sukma-naxal-attacks sukma naxal attacks crpf jawans april 2017 injured maoist naxalites india vedic astrology

Sukma Naxal Attacks on CRPF Jawans April 2017 Injured by Maoist & Naxalites in India- What Vedic Astrology Says?


  • This attack in sukma (Raipur) on aril 24 2017 by the naxals(Maoists) is a cowardly and the most cruel attack on our revered CRPF men and it is an attack on the state of India by the misguided zealots- who should be taught a lesson for not to repeat such acts.
  • By the question lies- apart from post mortem analysis- could such attacks be forewarned by Vedic Astrology or Jyotish to protect Human life and other losses? Some people might laugh at Vedic astrology or Jyotish- saying it cannot.
  • But they may not know that astrology has been used by kings in the past and today also in Russia/America astrologers are used by intelligence and war agencies to solve problems better. The only issue here in India is that it is not funded by the state or the government and there is no formal focussed research with people with good brains. Any tom dick and harry takes up Vedic astrology.

What Happened in the attacks?

  • The attacks happened in the Raipur district when The Naxalites who at that time ambushed our Indian CRPF jawans in Sukma region on 24th April 2017 Monday and the naxalites were heavily armed.
  • The total number of naxalites was about some 300 Naxalites, they wee wearing black clothes..The attack took around 25 lives in Chhattisgarh on Monday 24/April 2017.
  • The villagers came there first then came the naxalites. The Maoist also had AK 47 and rocket launchers as per the eye witnesses.
  • The CRPF team had 99 people which were there for a sanitization drill. The unfortunate attack on CRPF men happened in Sukma is a part of south Bastar, which has for several decades has been a battling for the naxals/Maoist guerrillas.

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Which dasha or sub dasha could have caused the  attack on  our CRPF jawans in  India’s heart Sukma(Raipur)?

  • In the kundli or horoscope of India, India is running Moon-rahu-rahu till almost end of April 2017 dasha or sub period.
  • For the kundli  or horoscope of India, Moon is the lord of third house and it is not considered a great house as per Vedic astrology infact a malefic house.
  • Given the kundli  or horoscope(Birth Chart) of India,  So moon becomes a malefic along with the sixth house of vighna and enemies Venus coming in the third house. As third house hints towards people around you that are neighbours who could cause troubles. We know who could be behind the naxalite attacks in sukmal on our dear and beloved CRPF jawans. My heart pains for my country and my Jawans.
  • A double rahu running is clear indication of terror attacks on the body or self of the country as rahu sits in the natal chart first house(self ) of India. Rahu absorbs malefic energy of Venus ruling the sixth house as well, and aspects the stomach region of the country. That is the fifth house – so almost the place where the attacks happened.,
  • For the kundli  or horoscope(Birth Chart) of India, Rahu sends energy to the first house as well- that’s why we also see turmoil and issues by the terrorist and the separatists in the Kashmir valley.

Which Transit  could be involved for such an attack IN Indian CRPF forces?

  • Using the kundli or Horoscope of India(Birth Chart),In transit or gocchar in Leo are the fourth house or family and heart of India and also affects the sun- the surya the vitality of India. As the tenth house is aspects  India would respond in accordance to such cowardly attacks on our forces for sure.
  • In transit rahu is in Gemini navamsa or d9 chart of India that is the fourth house- so home is under attack by rahu.
  • Predicting based on Kundli or horoscope of state of India(birth Chart)Venus or shukra the lord of the sixth house(Libra sign or Tula rashi) is strong in Pisces(meena rashi) but retrogate- so this clearly sends a malefic energy to the maha dasha lord moon, increasing enmity and power of enemies for now.
  • Aspect of malefic Venus in transit on the fifth house where the natal rahu aspect is increases the chance of malefic nature in fifth house.
  • In the kundli or horoscope of India, Mars the natural malefic is in Aries in the malefic house of stress /hospitalization and wars the twelfth house, aspects the third house moon(that is the environment for India), sixth house and the seventh house where natal ketu is.
  • Jupiter or guru the lord of longevity for India and Hidden attack the eights house is weak and retrogate increasing the chance of hidden attacks.
  • Saturn is in the eighth house , affecting the luck and over all capacity of Indias this time to take care of attacks and Saturn is weak and retro gate now. So bad effects increase.
  • Also note Jupiter has always been a malefic for India rules the eighth house and is also in the fifth house of India. So maximum negative energy goes to fifth house of India horoscope.
  • Sun is strong in Pisces or meena rashi- so well protected. Our image is well protected .we will fights back for sure.

Conclusion and Suggestions:

  • Just like no radio or television or mobile set can catch all stations , so is true for astrology. So we don’t make fun of our mobile or TV sets or radio sets if they don’t catch all stations.
  • Similarly if all the events in the world are not captured by Vedic astrology- does not mean Vedic astrology is not good, the cause could be less focus and funds and research on Vedic astrology that is needed. It has to be thoroughly formalized like a social science or political science t is applied to human benefit.
  • So one should not resort ot false or incomplete or shallow rationale to condemn astrology or anything for that matter.
  • This could help in curbing or atleast reducing future attacks like this.
  • Long Live India and our CRPF forces.


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