Libra Ascendant or Lagna Good & Bad Planets in Kundli –Tula rashi rahul gandhi predictions?

libra1 Libra Ascendant Lagna Good Bad Planets Kundli Tula Rashi Rahul Gandhi predictions

What is this article about?

  • It then tells you about general effects of various houses of the horoscope with Libra as the ascendant or Tula lagna.
    It also talks about what does each House in the Libra ascendant or Tula rashi Horoscope mean with predictions.
  • It then as a sample case discusses almost all the houses of Sri Rahul Gandhi ji starting from first to last(12th). as he is also Libra ascendant or Tula rashi. 🙂
  • Libra lagna or ascendant Tula rashi
    Grahas or planets and Tula Lagna or Libra sign Ascendant.

  • Guru or Jupiter rules third and sixth house(bhava), Surya(sun) and Mangal(Mars) are malefic. Propitious are Shani(shani) and Budh. Chandra(moon) and Budh will bring about Raj Yoga. Mangal(Mars) is an executioner. Guru and different malefic will likewise gain an attitude to perpetrate passing. Shukra(Venus) is impartial.
  • Libra Or Tula Rashi Rules explanation

  • How does Venus or shukra function for Tula rashi or Libra sign people? In the kundli or Horoscope(Birth chart),The ascendant or lagan is Libra(Tula rashi) the mool-trikona sign and the lord of eight sign is also Venus or shukra(Taurus sign- Vrishabha rashi). So over all Venus is a benefic.
  • libra ascendant tula rashi mars mangal

  • is mars aggressive or relaxed for Libra lagna or ascendant? In the kundli or Horoscope(Birth chart),The lord of the second house(bhava) of wealth and status is Scorpio(vrishchika rashi) and is ruled by planet mars(Mangal dev) and the lord of seventh house(bhava) is mars. As mars or Mangal is a natural malefic and Aries(Mesha Rashi) the mooltrikona sign, mars becomes a mostly a benefic for Libra ascendants. But being lord of second house(bhava)- it also has malefic energy in the same.
  • libra ascendant tula rashi jupiter guru

  • Does Jupiter or Guru the benefic gives jolts 🙂 to Tula sign people? Jupiter or guru rules the third house(bhava) , so as Sagittarius(dhanu rashi) is the mooltrikona sign it has malefic energy, also the non mooltrikona sign of Pisces (Meena Rashi)rules the sixth house(bhava) of vighna or obstacles.
    So Jupiter or guru is a malefic.
  • libra ascendant tula rashi saturn shani

  • Can Saturn or shani dev be malefic or may be benefit the Libra lagna people? In the kundli or Horoscope(Birth chart),Saturn(shani) rules the Kendra house(bhava) of fourth with Capricorn and also rules the angular or kona house(bhava) of fifth by Aquarius. So Saturn is a benefic and Yoga karaka planet.
  • What roles does Venus or shukra play for them?:) Venus(shukra) is obviously a functional benefic.
    libra ascendant tula rashi mercury budha
    Is the planet of intelligence mercury Good or bad for Libra sign or Tula rashi people? Mercury(budha) sign Gemini(Mithuna) rules the ninth house(bhava) of luck and fortune and also the twelfth house(bhava) by Virgo sign(Kanya rashi) and a malefic house(bhava).
  • So mostly it is a malefic with some positive energy. As mercury rules the ninth house(bhava) a strong angular house(bhava) so it could give a fair amount of positive energy as well.
  • libra ascendant tula rashi moon or chandra

  • what is the role of Moon for Libra sign people? Chandra or moon is a malefic , but its relation with the lagan lord Venus(shukra) it gives benefic effects.
  • libra ascendant tula rashi sun surya Does Sun or Surya dev help the Libra sign people? 🙂 >In the kundli or Horoscope(Birth chart),Sun or surya rules the eleventh house(bhava) and is an enemy of the lagan and hence a malefic. Also lordship of eleventh house(bhava) makes it a malefic.

    What do the various houses for the Libra ascendant or Tula rashi mean? Predictions for each of your houses

    Libra ascendant or Tula rashi 1st house predictions

  • The ascendant of Libra sign is ruled by Venus(shukra) and the next sign to it is scorpio ruled by mars or Mangal. The previous sign is ruled by Mercury(Virgo or kanya rashi) so Libra lagna is a sandwiched between Mercury and Mars sign.
  • we also note that the 4th house lord of Libra ascendant is Capricorn and it in 10th aspect ,aspects the lagna. also the 7th House Lord is Mars (Aries or mesha rashi)so the seventh aspect of the same is on the lagna.
  • These both malefic aspects could create obstacles and problems in childhood to health for these people of Libra Lagna people . but later on they come up. Libra Lagna makes them dress well look very nice beautiful plus good clothes . the aspect of Saturn gives then some obstacles in life.
  • Libra ascendant or Tula rashi 2nd house predictions

  • the second house of these Libra ascendant people is Rule By Scorpio sign that is ruled by Mars or Mangal. The 2nd house is sandwiched between Venus the lord of Libra sign and the 3rd house lord of Sagittarius sign .
  • we also note that second non mooltrikona sign of Libra is the 8th House Lord. that is a Taurus rules that house .so that also means Venus aspects the 2nd Bhava of these people .
  • also at the same time Saturn(shani), The Lord of 5th house that is Aquarius sign(kumbha rashi) also aspects the second house so these people. so they may generally speak sweetly because Jupiter is at one side and Venus is at other side .Plus because of the Saturn aspect speech needs some care. due to Saturn aspect speech still may be OK but domestic bickering could be there.
  • Libra ascendant or Tula rashi 3rd house predictions

  • this 3rd house of theirs is ruled by Jupiter and this has mars or Mangal as the second House Lord and Capricorn ruled by Saturn as the 4th house Lord .
  • if we look at the horoscope mercury that rules 9th house has the 7th aspect on this house, so over all these people could have sister & brothers. 3rd house stands for brothers and sisters . but too much of give-and-take may not be there. also in regard to the initiative it may be less as this house is between two malefic. that is Mars and Saturn . so lesser courage levels is shown.
  • Libra ascendant or Tula rashi 4th house predictions

  • The fourth house Libra ascendant people ruled by Capricorn sign(makar rashi) that is ruled by Saturn. the sign previous to it is Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter . The next sign is Aquarius ruled by Saturn or Shani dev.
  • The 7th aspect or the 10th house is ruled by the benefic moon. This is the 10th House Lord . It aspects this house so they may generally have a good mother. also moon is a harmony with Venus. second House Lord is mars aspects and the 4th lord is Capricorn or Saturn so they would generally have a good education. but issues in the relationship between say mother and son could be there.
  • Libra ascendant or Tula rashi 5th house predictions

  • The 5th house that is Ruled By Aquarius sign or Kumbh Rashi. Sun the 11th house lord aspects in the 7th aspect to this 5th house Aquarius. also the 2nd bhava lord mars in the 4th aspect, aspects the house.
  • so generally they have good enough kids. but they may not be happy with the same .they have good talent but not so great luck .sun aspect on the 5th suggest that they may want power and authority
  • Libra ascendant or Tula rashi 6th house predictions

  • Looking at the sixth house of Libra ascendant people now the 6th lord is Jupiter(guru) that is a Pisces sign. it is between Saturn(shani) the 5th house lord and other end it is Mars (Mangal)that is the lord of Aries sign (7th house).
  • Also there is an aspect of Saturn and mercury to the 6th house. The aspect of Saturn to the 6th bhava frees them from disease and also from debts .they could also make foreign trips brief on the countries. But if Jupiter is very strong that means the debts are problems and their enemies may also be powerful.
  • Libra ascendant or Tula rashi 7th house predictions

  • Looking at The 7th house of the Libra ascendant people .now Mars or Mangal is ruling the seventh house. this house 7th has an aspect of Venus and Jupiter and also Saturn .as Aries or mesha rashi is the sign of passion .they would marry well . but because of the aspect of Saturn there could be more than one marriage . so Saturn and Mars energy are not very friendly. so they should never Marry and Haste .
  • 8th house of Libra ascendant or Tula rashi people Predictions

  • now let us look at the 8th house of Libra ascendant lord is Taurus that is Venus being Gemini(Mithuna rashi) sign that is silver Mercury and the 7th House Lord that is Rule By Aries this house is a 7 aspect from the Scorpio sign that is mass so because of aspect of Mars to the longevity house the reach very long old age our friends.
  • but the thing is that the malefic Mars aspect on the 8th house is protected because 8th house has lot of malefic energy in it.
  • 9th house of Libra ascendant or Tula rashi people Predictions

  • Libra sign people have the 9th house is ruled by Gemini(Mithuna rashi) sign this in turn is ruled by Mercury and the 10th House which is adjacent house this is Ruled By moon that is the cancer sign.
  • and also the previous house is Rule By Taurus(Vrishabha rashi) that is Venus sign that has a very good aspect from the 7th one form third house . 3rd house has the Pisces sign .

  • mars /Mangal or scorpio(vrishchika rashi) Lord of the second house of Libra sign people aspects this house due to the Jupiter aspect they may come from a very respectable family. but because of the mars/Mangal the father’s longevity could have issues . also issues in paternal inheritance due to the Mars aspect.
  • 10th house of Libra ascendant or Tula rashi people Predictions

  • For Libra people the 10th House Lord is moon or Chandra dev, it has aspect of the mars. That is fourth aspect of Aries(mesha rashi) . It also has 9th aspect of Pisces (meena rashi) that has lord Jupiter that rules the third bhava or house.
  • This house lord is between the 11th house = lordship of sun that is Leo sign which are next to it and 9th house that has lordship of Mercury. Which is the bhagya or luck house lord.
  • Such people(Libra lagna) get into healing profession or become doctors due to moon or number 2. Healing is their interest also due to aspect of Mars or Mangal the lord of 7th house . It deals with legal professionals. They may also get into import or export business as moon deals with the same. Moon is fluctuating and so is 9th bhava lord mercury so religious intensity of these people may be less relatively
  • 11th house of Libra ascendant or Tula rashi people Predictions

  • The house for Libra ascendant people 11th is ruled by the sign Leo or the Sun, the next house or the 12th house from the same is ruled by Virgo(kanya rashi) that is ruled by Mercury or budha.
  • Now also prior to the 11th is ruled by cancer sign or karkat rashi.

  • The aspect of Jupiter (Guru)that is the 9th aspect is there on the 11th house.
  • Also as the Lagna/ascendant (Libra ruled by venues) the sun is . It is not a great friendship . Plus the 5th House Lord Aquarius(Saturn) or Kumbha(shani) aspects this house so income may not be commensurate with the efforts of the person.
  • 12th house of Libra ascendant or Tula rashi people Predictions

  • Twelfth house Libra people has lordship of Virgo(Kanya rashi) or mercury. It has a strong aspect of Jupiter so due to Jupiter aspect the person may give money to others or donate more. Shows the person may try to live beyond their means .yes these people know how to enjoy life because 12th house is of enjoyment and fun.
  • Do the Rules for Libra ascendant or Tula Lagna Kundli(horoscope) apply for Rahul Gandhi?

    rahul-gandhiH Libra Ascendant Lagna Good Bad Planets Kundli Tula rashi rahul Gandhi predictions
    Rahul_Gandhi_1-gemini Libra Ascendant Lagna Good Bad Planets Kundli Tula rashi Rahul Gandhi predictions
    Birth Details Rahul Gandhi ji
    Rahul Gandhi
    Date of Birth :- 19th June, 1970
    Time of Birth :- 14.28 P.M.
    Place of Birth :- New Delhi, India

    Analysis of various Houses for sri Rahul Gandhi Ji

  • In the kundli or Horoscope(Birth chart) of Rahul Gandhi, Now sun rules his eleventh house(bhava) of gains, but is a malefic. So though he gets name in politics – but people don’t still take him seriously. The sun energy or politics energy is in conflict with his basic Libran energy.
  • In the kundli or Horoscope(Birth chart) of Rahul Gandhi ji, Libra or Venus ascendant makes him handsome and attractive man.
  • Once again mars or Mangal are a malefic this planet rules status and long term relationships and family. So over all he has faced good deal of issues in getting married or getting into a family ties.
  • Jupiter(Guru) rules his initiatives and people around- so he will not get the right advice of people around him as Jupiter is not great for him. He needs good mentors.
  • In the kundli or Horoscope(Birth chart) of Rahul Gandhi, Jupiter is retrograde and aspects his relationships- so wrong advice could land him into wrong relationships. So he should form party coalitions with care (like with Samajwadi party in Feb 2017 Up elections)and so also marriage.
  • The auspicious planets are Saturn(shani) and mercury(budha). Saturn rules his fourth house(bhava) of mother smt. Sonia Gandhi ji, so his mother obviously would be helpful for him.
  • In the kundli or Horoscope(Birth chart) of Rahul Gandhi, Saturn(shani) rules his deep thinking process, so Saturn would be good for him for his independent and deep thinking for the downtrodden or the weak people or sections of society that are under privileged.
    Libra Ascendant or Lagna Good & Bad Planets in Kundli –Tula Rashi Rahul Gandhi predictions?- ADDITIONAL DETAILS
    Effects of Houses Rahul Gandhi is all the houses Rahul Gandhi ji- his lagna is Libra or Tula Rashi?

    First or 1st House Rahul Gandhi ji

  • Libra sign or Tula Rashi that is ruled by Venus the planet of handsomeness and luxury .Now this planet Venus or shukra is very strong for Rahul Gandhi ji. it is sitting in the Kendra house on the 10th House of career for him. It gives Rahul Gandhi ji honour and recognition . all which is 100% percent true for Rahul Gandhi. also because Venus is unaffected it can give good longevity to Rahul Gandhi ji. : )
  • Second or 2nd House Rahul Gandhi ji

  • now looking at the second bhava of Rahul Gandhi ji. The Lord of 2nd house is scorpio ruled by mars or Mangal . that is very well placed in the 9th house with sun .that is Karaka of father . now sun with mars in 9th bhava and mars the lord of status that gives him illustrious father like Rajiv Gandhi ji. yes he was the prime minister of India. if he marries his wife would have a good longevity.
  • Third or 3rd House Rahul Gandhi ji

  • now Jupiter or guru is the third house lord of Rahul Gandhi ji .that is the Sagittarius sign or dhanu Rashi. This is a malefic Jupiter as it rules the negative bhava of 6th as well. it is good when weak. For Rahul Gandhi ji it is good is retrograde so naturally weak. which is good for health and also for his friends or near and dear ones . This includes people like Priyanka Gandhi ji and his other friends.
  • Fourth or 4th House Rahul Gandhi ji

  • now Capricorn or makar Rashi rules the 4th house of public image and family for Rahul Gandhi ji. the Lord of 4th house is Saturn and also it is ruling the fifth house of Rahul Gandhi ji as well .Saturn or shani is sitting in the 7th house and very debilitated and weak in the Aries sign on Mesha Rashi. the Saturn placement doesn’t support the family life for Rahul Gandhi ji . we know he is yet not married . but as shani or Saturn was being in Kendra it suggests a good mother that is Sonia Gandhi ji. but being weak his overall comfort on the family front will not be great which 100% is true for him. he is still a bachelor.
  • 4th house rules the public image of Rahul Gandhi ji. also so it very clearly indicates that his public image will go in phases like when it is strong it is like Saturn is strong in transit it would give home good image etc. as it is in the Kendra 7th house. it gives him blessings. but when Saturn is weak in transit due to being in Aries sign or Mesha Rashi.. it will give him a down time. and that’s why do a lot of negative words about him that is used in the public .
  • Seventh or 7th House Rahul Gandhi ji

  • The seventh house of Rahul Gandhi ji and also 2nd house is ruled by mars or Mangal. and 7th also is basically house of sex and marriage. for Rahul Gandhi ji mars sits in the 9th house .so he could get into a relationship that are of good nature. Rahul Gandhi ji has to take very good care when the Mars period runs because mars are a markesh for Rahul Gandhi ji . mars here suggest good passion In Love Making and also kind of friends who are in politics because. also 7th house rules relationships and mars is a planet of politics .
  • Mars here in 9th also suggest a possibility of accidental death to respected father sri Rajiv Gandhi ji.
  • Ninth or 9th House Rahul Gandhi ji

  • the 9th Bhava of Rahul Gandhi ji is Rule By Gemini sign or Mithuna Rashi. The lord mercury or budha is in the 8th house of horoscope. Now Gemini is a restless sign .
    It represents gain in business and connects to Lord Vishnu. yes it could give a restless attitude towards Dharma religion.
  • One may not be able to follow dharma or religion in a steady fashion. mercury is sitting in the 8th house . Now this represents Rajiv Gandhi ji ,so not much long life for the father ( Rajiv ji).as the lord of physical body for the father is sitting and eighth house of Rahul Gandhi ji and 12th house of Rajiv Gandhi ji.
    sri Rajiv Gandhi ji our former Prime Minister .sun or surya is there in the 9th house that gives him gains from father’s . yes Rahul Gandhi ji got the political legacy of this father’s . also mars ruling 7th bhava in 9th of father so very clearly indicates all connections through father . otherwise also as mars(Mangal) and sun(surya) are both political planets . we know he is the head of the Congress party nowadays good proof of the same : ).
  • Tenth or 10th House Rahul Gandhi ji

  • now cancer sign rules the house of career for Rahul Gandhi ji. moon The Lord of the sign is in 3rd house of his horoscope. where Jupiter or guru is also there . so clearly your Rahul Gandhi ji is blessed by his past life good Karma .and he will have good friends in life . the lagna lord is there in the 10th house .so Rahul Gandhi ji will be loving his career and he might be close to his career emotionally. yes because Venus rules the eighth house as well and is in the 10th House/ so apart from Rahul Gandhi ji’s Political career having ups and downs he would have more than average ups and downs in life. which is obvious in 2019 elections we all know !
  • Eleventh or 11th House Rahul Gandhi ji

  • now the 11th House Lord is Leo or Simha rashi for Rahul Gandhi ji . the lord of the same sun is a just ok in the ninth house. so very clearly indicates great gains from his father sri Rajiv Gandhi ji . also sun here means gains in politics .sun has ketu with it so clearly Rajiv Gandhi ji was former Prime Minister – sun + ketu gives great distinction to father.
  • Twelfth or 12th House Rahul Gandhi ji

  • Virgo sign rules the 12th house. mercury the lord is fair for Rahul Gandhi ji. Give the facts that 12th house lord is in the 8th house in the horoscope for Rahul Gandhi ji. so he may have just ok gains from foreign lands. also for Rahul Gandhi his 12th house lord mercury in 8th house and both 8th and 12th being negative houses it will make him rich and celebrated . he will also get legacy. he got legacy after untimely demise of his respected father sri Rajiv Gandhi ji .also this combination could make Rahul Gandhi ji famous and have good qualities .