Yogas of LOSS & GAINS of Money & Subrato Roy Sahara Analysis

Kundali or horoscope, Planetary combinations loss gains of wealth or money, bankruptcy- example of Sahara King Loss sri Subrato Roy Sahara analysis done
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  • Then section discusses the various planetary combinations or Yoga’s in the Horoscope that could cause Bankruptcy for any one :(.
  • The article below discusses the root causes of loss of wealth in any horoscope or kundali and takes sri subrato roy Sahara’s the head of Sahara Enterprises case as an example to show how they work in any Horoscope to cause down fall.:(

  • Blends or combinations(Yoga) for Penury or loss of money

    Yoga for loss of wealth or money by Business, investments or losses or Litigation
    Paranna Bhojana Yoga: does it mean one dependency on others? or simply a loser all over life?

  • parranna Bhojana yoga has the effects that this person is dependent on food on others or his own people.
  • this Yoga happens when 2nd House Lord is in debility or is in an unfriendly sign chart and aspected by a weak or debilitated planet.
  • The 2nd house we know deals with wealth and status and definitely food as 2nd house is mouth and eating habit’s if it (2nd house lord) is weak and in debility so one can become dependent on others.
  • also additionally if it is aspected by a debilitated planet in the kundli or horoscope this problem is more severe or even the person may hate food. 😉
  • Bandhubhisthyaktha Yoga: does it mean one would be kicked out by own people that may lead to loss and downfall?

  • Bandhubhisthyaktha Yoga gets formed then person could get deserted or kicked out by the relatives or near and dear ones .
  • This Yoga of Bandhubhisthyaktha in any horoscope happens when 4th house lord is associated with malefic like rahu-ketu,saturn(shani) and Mars(mangal) and also is in an evil shashtiamsha or d60 . debility could lead to issues.
  • Pitrusapa Sutakshaya Yoga : what planetary combinations indicate loss due to curse of father?

  • This Pitrusapa Sutakshaya Yoga happens in any horoscope if 4th lord is afflicted with malefic planets and sun is weak.
  • now in this yoga as results the person will lose on the account of father’s curse. this happens if sun occupies the 5th house and is in debility. to it is weak in the signs of Capricorn(makar rashi), Aquarius(kumbha rashi) which are enemies of sun as they are ruled by Saturn or shani dev OR sun is hemmed between two malefic.
  • children longevity Yoga: does it mean loss connected to children?

  • the reason is that sun or surya a signifcator of children or prana as well. If this fifth house sun or surya is weak in 5th bhava. it could cause this problem .Unless there is a very strong Jupiter or Guru in the Horoscope or Kundli.
  • Deha kashta Yoga= is suffering to the body written on the wall?>

  • is the Lord of the lagna or the ascendant join the malefic like Rahu (dragon’s head), Saturn (shani) or Ketu (dragon’s tail) or be placed in the 8th house . This yoga means that there could be a problem to the health and body of the person and he or she may work like manual laborers. people belonging to the category of people who get paid less .
  • but if benefic aspects to the lagna or self this negative Yoga gets cancelled.
  • Antya Vyasi Yoga= would you get money only at old age?

  • Antya vyasi yoga this yoga is there if one does not get earning or great wealth/money till one reaches at the last part of his or her life.
  • this yoga is formed when planets owning the sign in which the Lords of the second house and the first house(lagna) are together and a natural benefic aspect is there.
  • also the dispositer of the lagna and 2nd bhava is strong. this is also a needed condition.
  • Yoga for poverty or loss of wealth and status 1 ?

  • daridra yoga is there when the 12th house lord and the lord of Lagna or ascendant having exchange of the positions . also the lord of 7th house is connected to them so this is a daridra yoga of wealth.
  • basically in this yoga the energy of the twelfth house of stress and expenditure goes to the lagna or the self the person. and the person gets to the 12th house of Vyaya or expenditure.
  • Daridra Yoga in general it creates poverty financial problem .miseries in life wretchedness.

    Yoga for poverty or loss of wealth and status 2 ?

  • if Ketu(dragon’s Tail) and moon are in Lagna or the ascendant. this ketu in Lagna causes yoga where there is contraction of wealth. One may lose money . as moon is also there in the lagna . so Chandra lagna is also there. moon and Ketu there means the person will lose all the money .
  • Yoga for poverty or loss of wealth and status 3?

  • if lord of the sixth house of obstacles and the lagna(self or the ascendant) interchange their positions. Plus moon or the self is aspected by the 2nd and 7th Lord the markesh bhavas. so one could get into debts, court cases as the energy of debts and court cases of 6thy bhava enters the lagna or self and so are the markesh bhava energies there.
  • Yoga for poverty or loss of wealth and status 4?

  • if lord of the lagna or ascendant joins 6th,8th or 12th house . and also combined with any of the markesh lord of 2nd of 7th so again a poverty Yoga or daridra Yoga is formed.
  • Yoga for poverty or loss of wealth and status5 ?

  • If 5th house of gain in investment joins with 6th, 8th or 12th house without any beneficial aspects or conjunctions the person loses a lot of money in investments and stocks.
  • Yoga for poverty or loss of wealth and status 6 ?

  • if the lord of 5th is in 6th,7th,8th or 12th & also aspected by the maraka lords of 2nd and 7th this Yoga is formed.
  • Yoga for poverty or loss of wealth and status 7 ?

  • This Yoga is there if natural malefic like Saturn(shani),Mars(mangal), Rahu(dragon’s head) or Ketu(dragon’s tail) who don’t own 9th or 10th house are in lagna and also aspected by markesh like lord of 2nd and 7th house.
  • Yoga for poverty or loss of wealth and status 8 ?

  • if both the lord of lagna or navamsha are in the 6,8 or 12th bhava and also aspect by markesh bhavas like 2 and 7th. this adridra Yoga is formed.
  • Kemadruma Yoga= Could it make One poor and negative in life?

  • Kemadruma yoga happens if there is no planet on both the sides of moon or Chandra dev. so as Chandra or moon represents self or own body , so if there is no support either way it weakens.
  • if Kemadruma Yoga is form the person could be very dirty and very negative or angry and could also become poor. he would be dependent on others as well and a rogue and prone to do manipulations.
  • the cancellation of this yoga of Kemadruma Yoga happens if the kendra’s’s that is the 1st 4th 7th and 10th House of any Horoscope from moon or from Lagna are occupied .
  • Sakata Yoga= could it mean losses and even going to Jail or confinement?

  • Next we discuss the Sakata Yoga .so if the moon is in the 12th,8th or 6th house from Jupiter the benefic. That is moon is the malefic positions of 12/6/8 the person loses fortune.
  • Jupiter represents Fortune & anything in 12th,8th or 6th from it means loss of that thing. the person will remain normal or average and not so significant wealth could be there. There could also be poverty . so also going to jail and misery could be there .the person would be very stubborn in the approach and hated by the people around or loved ones. 🙁
  • Durdhar yoga= Could it make One have debts in life and effort not rewarded?

  • Duryoga happens if the lord of 10th is situated in 6th,8th or 12th house. If It is formed in nay horoscope it means bodily effort efforts or hard work of person would go down the drain.
  • as 10th house of career or job rules the actions or karma. The 10th lord is placed in the malefic houses 6,8 or 12. so the karma or actions of the person could be selfish and he or she may even deceive others.
  • as the Karma House Lord is in the 12th house, he or she could be away from home or in foreign countries. May get less respect from the society.
  • Daridra Yoga or combination for poverty= Could it make One poor in life?

  • Daridra Yoga is there if the Lord of the 11th house of gains is in 6,8th and 12th
    house this gives rise to a tough yoga called daridra yoga . the person will get into huge debts . May not do good deeds and get involved in crime as well.
  • Vanchana Yoga= Could it make One be suspicious in life and have feelings of being cheated?

  • the next is vanchana yoga . This is Yoga is there when lagna or ascendant is occupied by malefic or malefics like Mars(Mangal, Saturn or Rahu Ketu and also if lagna is in trine or trikona position and gulika is there .
  • Trine = that is either it’s in the 1st or in the fifth house or in the 9th house or is associated with the lords of Kendra that is the 1st 4th 7th and 10th House.
  • Or if the lord of lagna or ascendant has an energy exchange between the malefics like Ketu Saturn and Rahu . The effects of this yoga is that it could make one be suspicious about others there is a feeling of being cheated or but fear panic also there.
  • loss money wealth financial crisis downfall  jupiterloss money wealth financial crisis downfall  mercury budha
    What are the Karakas or signifcator for wealth and loss in any Horoscope or Kundli?In the kundali or horoscope, What causes loss of money or wealth in Vedic astrology? The answer is simple – the karakas for wealth are the second house and the eleventh house- includes lords and houses and planets placed there. Plus in addition, the house of luck the ninth house, the house of sudden fortune the fifth house and yes the house of career the tenth house connect to the same easily due to this yoga.
    What is the role of Jupiter(Guru) or Mercury(Budha) in any Horoscope? Also, there is the role of planet Jupiter or Budha for money matters. If well placed that means great wealth for the person even if 2nd, 11th or 9th bhava lords are afflicted.
    What roles could malefics like Saturn(shani) or Mars(Mangal) play for losses of wealth? In any kundali or horoscope, At the same time- malefics like Saturn and mars could the loss of wealth is associated with the second house or the eleventh house or even the ninth house.
    loss money wealth financial crisis downfall
    How the exchange of energy from a twelfth house and first house yoga could make one lose money? The person will be destitute or lose his job and money, if In the kundali or horoscope, Lagna’s Lord is in Vyaya Bhava or the twelfth house, while Vyaya’s Lord is in Lagna alongside the Lord of a Maraka house that says seventh house(which is twelfth from eighth, the house of longevity), or gets a Drishti or aspect from such a Graha.
    Explanation: The reason is that the first house is the house of self and comforts or discomforts to self and then twelfth house is house of losses, expenditure and hospitalization- so when the first house lord sits in the twelfth house, all the above negative effects are transmitted to the person the lagna.
    Also when the vyaya bhava or twelfth house lord is in the first house of the ascendant, these effects get doubles. So it is almost sure that the person would have losses all over and his or her life will go to the hospital. Also if there is an aspect of the markesh on the same – there is a triple confirmation of the same.
    behavior negative loss money wealth financial crisis downfall
    How the sixth house and marakas like Saturn and Mars make a person poor in life? The person will be destitute, In the kundali or horoscope ,
    if Lagna’s Lord is in Ari Bhava or the sixth house, while Ari’s Lord(sixth house lord) is in Lagna, yuti (conjunction or Yoga)with, or getting a Drishti from a Marak Lord.
    Explanation: The reasoning is similar to the previous one, as the sixth house is the house of debts and lagan’s lord being here and lord of Lagna being in ascendant means a double confirmation of losses and debts. Plus when the aspect of markesh is there- it is a triple effect for one to lose money in bad health, litigation or other losses.
    negative loss money wealth financial crisis downfall
    What roles do Ketu and eighth house play in loss of wealth or money? Given the kundali or horoscope, Ought to Lagna or ascendant, or Chandra be with Ketu, while Lagna’s Lord is in Randhr Bhava or the eighth house, the individual concerned will be destitute.
    Explanation: The reason is Lagna represents self and all comforts to self and so does moon ascendant represent the self and mind- when they are with Ketu, which is a non materialistic planet and cuts or reduces gains to the self or ascendant here. if the lagna lord is in eighth house, that is the house of death or destruction- so one could be very uncomfortable in life and with very less money.
    Practical example of Loss of wealth? Given below in this article the case of Sri Subrato Roy Sahara who was a business magnate- but also at the same time lost a lot of money off late in 2017.

    subrato-roy kundli-horoscope-planetary-combinations-loss-gains-of-wealth-or-money-bankruptcy-subrato-roy-sahara-2017-predictions

    Subrata Roy Sahara – wealth horoscope and Loss of Money analysis
    what Planetary made Subroto Roy Sahara such a distinct person?

  • Now let us look at Subroto Roy Sahara ji’s Sun or surya present on his Lagna(ascendant) that gives him very good image and also good political connections .it is said that you were close to Sri Mulayam Singh Yadav ji and other stalwarts of politics. also Mars(Mangal) the Planet of action is sitting in the 4th house of Subroto Roy Sahara and is strong in Leo sign or Simha Rashi . so mars give him a great public image by action or opening up of industries . also note that Leo ruling the 5th house gives naturally good image since Leo or Simha is the lion.
  • Subroto Roy Sahara has a fairly strong though retrograde Jupiter in the 8th house. it is at 1.35 degrees but still strong enough . It gives him some good expansion in business .also the lord of wealth and status that is mercury(budha) and which deals with money flows is very strong in own house and blessed by Venus(shukra) which is retrograde and helps in the money flows as well .
  • Moon or Chandra dev for Subrata Roy Sahara is atmakaraka . It is sitting there all this very clearly indicates that Subroto Roy Sahara’s mind would be on money and money flows pus wealth status. It also suggests better Communications for Subroto Roy Sahara . so Sahara news is also a possibility.
  • what planetary combinations made Subrata Roy Sahara lose the public image ?

  • we can very clearly see that mars or Mangal just sitting in the 4th house of image is ruling the twelfth house of losses as well for Subrata Roy Sahara. so this very clearly indicates that he could lose his public image suddenly .also Rahu is sitting there in the 12th house and now rahu aspects the 4th house so some Rebelliousness from the normal convention would be there for Subroto Roy Sahara . it could make him his wealth and status as well or at least a public image de stabilizes. we know he went to jail also for sometime
  • Venus of shukra which is planet of opulence it is in the second bhava of Subrata Roy Sahara . it rules is first house of Lagna for Subroto Roy Sahara . but as Venus or shukra is retrograde and also rules house of debt =6th house and also has energy malefic Ketu there . so all this indicates that there could be loss or reversal of wealth for Subrata Roy Sahara in some given point of time unfortunately that has happened for him.
  • Sahara airlines- what planets made it happen for Subroto Roy Sahara ?
    we know that Venus or shukra also rules the aviation industry so Venus in the second house suggests that he could be running the aviation or the Sahara Airlines as well.
  • What causes subrato Roy Sahara to gain & loss Wealth?
    • In the kundali or horoscope of Subrato Roy Sahara, The ascendant lord is planet Venus or Shukra the planet of wealth and opulence, it is in the second house of wealth and status. So this would give him great wealth and gains for sure.
    What planetary combinations made Subrata Roy Sahara roll in money? In the Kundali or horoscope of Subrato Roy Sahara , Venus is retrograde, so that means he will gain wealth by turning around wealth matters- we know he made fortune by turning around the strategy for a chit fund company.
    • The lord of wealth and status is mercury, it is well placed in the second house itself- creating a powerful yoga for wealth and wealth flows by handling of money matters well. He rose by chit fund company- that has to do with money matters.
    Subrata Roy Sahara – does he have gains from Land deals? For the kundli or horoscope of Subrato Roy Sahara The lord of wealth flows and gains is Jupiter, which is at 2 degrees around and is in the 8th house- does denote possible losses in the planetary periods of the same. Also, it is reversed. So that means one may gain from land deals and money deals.
    What brought Subrata Roy Sahara into TV Industry as well? Also, note mercury which is strong rules newspapers or news- and also paper is ruled by Jupiter that rules the tree from which paper is made. So as Jupiter is on the own sign and also mercury is very strong his Sahara newspaper and news channel did very well.
    What makes Subrata Roy Sahara’s SAHARA TV Channel so Popular? For the kundali or horoscope of Subrato Roy Sahara The mars energy which again is in addition to the media house of Sahara group he was running the TV channel is also strong and in the fourth house of public image. So his news channel would also be very popular.
    What makes Subrata Roy Sahara run industries like aviation(Sahara airlines and also new channels)? The lord of career or job is Saturn, which is fair in the third house of initiatives- so as Saturn rules a large group of people and industries- he is bound to run industries. Saturn in the fourth sign cancer makes him a bit depression prone and this water(cancer) & Saturn(iron) combination(yoga) could cause him harm whenever Saturn is weak in transit.
    What makes Subrata Roy Sahara So intelligent to create a business Empire? In the kundali or horoscope of Subrata Roy Sahara, His atma karaka graha or planet is the moon that rules his initiatives and is in the second house. So moon gets the energy of Saturn and the second house and mercury. So his mind is mature as the moon is old and also Saturn gives him wisdom and mercury gives him the intelligence.

    Analysis of Loss for Subrata Roy Sahara?
    • Given the kundali or horoscope of subrata roy Sahara In 2014 Saturn the lord of career and past karaka came in his seventh house- that is in his maraka house. Causing issues for his job and career.
    • Aspecting the natal lord of confinement the planet mars which also rules his public image. Casing him to go to tihar jail.
    • For the kundli or horoscope of subrata roy Sahara In the year 2017 Saturn would come into his eighth house and afflict the lord of the eleventh house. This could in turn afflict the gains or the money flows to the Sahara group.
    • We sincerely wish him all the best in life.
    Subrata_Roy kundli-horoscope-planetary-combinations-loss-gains-of-wealth-or-money-bankruptcy-subrato-roy-sahara-2017-predictions
    He was Born on 10 June 1948 (age 68)
    He is also named as Saharasri
    • Subrata Roy Sahara born 10 June in the year 1948. He is one of the topmost Indian businessmen.
    • Subrata Roy Sahara founder and chairman of the Sahara India group, which is an Indian conglomerate with various businesses and ownership interests.
    • All of that includes the London’s Grosvenor House, also the New York’s Plaza Hotel, and at the same time Aamby Valley City and the Force India.
    • Subroto Roy founded the company in 1978.
    • Subroto Roy is amongst the 10 Most Powerful People of India in the year 2012.
    • His group in 2004 was named as the second largest employer following the Indian railways.
    • He is in the Tihar jail since the year 2014