Horoscope Zakir Naik Kundli Rahu Dragon’s Head Predictions

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What is this article about?

  • This is a highly interesting article based Planetary Combinations in regard to Horoscope or Kundli of Dr. Zakir Naik .
  • The article has analysed various aspects of Zakir Naik’s life.
  • Questions like m what Yoga’s in the Kundli or Horoscope make Zakir naik a Preacher & not follow his medical profession are explored at length?
  • which planets in Zakir naik’s Horoscope or Kundli make Him talk against other religions in attitude and speech?
  • What planets in Horoscope or Kundli of makes Zakir naik makes Him Look lean and thin?
  • What planets in the Horoscope or kundli of his makes Zakir Naik have a MBBs degree etc, effects of each planet on Zakir naik’s Horoscope or kundli.
  • All and many other things analysed in depth./li>
  • It also talks about the Rahu(dragon’s head) role in the rebel and renegade cleric Dr. Zakir Naik.
  • That is what made him a rebel and a deluded person propagating partial truths like the Rahu(Dragon’s head) and ketu(Dragon’s tail) or demons do.
  • Zakir naiks Married Life and current exile is also discussed in detail in this article .
  • How could it make someone happy with his family or say Zakir Naik had High connections with IAS or IPS guys etc?
  • In latter section of the article it deeply investigates the various strength and states(avasthas) of Rahu or dragons head in any Horoscope or kundali in detail- how could someone become rich, poor, criminal or debauche due to effects of Rahu could be found.
  • What avastha of Rahu(dragon’s head) in any Horoscope like Netrapani, Upavesan, Prakash etc avasthas or state of Rahu or dragon’s Head in any Horoscope.
  • That could Give you a Raja Yoga and what could make someone lose money and mind both is also analysed?
  • zakir naik surya kundli Zakir naik predictions rahu strength horoscope
    birth details and Horoscope of Zakir naik?

  • 18 October 1965 (age 52)
  • Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
  • Education MBBS
  • Planets C R Rashi Longitude Nakshatra Pada Relation
    Asc Libra 01-44-24 Chitra 3
    Sun D Libra 01-04-59 Chitra 3 Debilitated
    Moon D Cancer 04-26-47 Pashyami 1 Ow
    Mars D Scorpion 16-28-15 Anuradha 4 O
    Merc C D Libra 14-40-33 Swat
    Jupt D Gemini 07-54-09 Ardra 1 Enemy
    Venus D Scorpion 16-04-46 Anuradha 4 Neutral
    Saturn R Aquarius 17-42-39 Satabhisa 4 O Rahu R Taurus 13-14-18 Rohini
    Ketu R Scorpion 13-14-18 Anuradha 3 Uranus D Leo 24-12-29 Purvaphalgini 4
    Neptune D Libra 25-26-04 Vishakha 2
    Pluto D Leo 24-02-56 Purvaphalgini 4

    Capture-astrology set theory Zakir naik predictions Rahu strength horoscope
    What does the analysis of zakir naik’s Rahu Or Dragon’s head in his kundali or horoscope
    Zakir naik rahu kundli horoscope
    Does the exaltation of Rahu(dragon’s head) Zakir naik’s Horoscope suggest that he could speak against other people’s religion or dharma ?

  • In the kundali or horoscope (birth chart) of Zakir naik, rahu is exalted in his e.
  • The eighth bhava and aspects his twelfth house in zakir Naiks Horoscope.
  • also zakir Naik’s second bhava of speech and status and yes his fourth house of family and public image.
  • Zakir naik rahu kundli horoscope
    Does Rahu(dragon’s head) in Zakir naik’s Horoscope or Kundli cause him a rebel ?

  • One can clearly see Zakir Naik got some success as a rebel to India and talking against almost all other religions due to rahu in the eighth house and also controlling his speech.
  • He had around 20 million followers.
  • ketu zakir naik rahu kundli horoscope
    Does ketu (dragon’s tail) play a role in zakir naik’s Horoscope or Kundli indicate issues n family life ?

  • so zakir naik’s speech would be rebellious and all negative. In the kundali or horoscope (birth chart) of zakir naik, zakir naik has aggressive mars or Mangal dev in the second bhava along with ketu.
  • giving him sharp and cutting speech. that zakir naik used against other religions.
  • This also indicates that in the ultimate sense the family life of zakir naik would be destroyed.
  • Venus shukra zakir naik rahu kundli horoscope
    What roles does Venus or shukra play for zakir naik’s Horoscope or Kundli in giving him some sweetness while he talks ?

  • For the kundali or horoscope (birth chart) of zakir naik, the second bhava or house also has venues there giving him some sweetness and convincing capability in his speech.
  • Venus or shukra is close to mars and Mangal and yes ketu so his family life is bound to go bad.
  • so rahu(dragon’s head) is a clear suggestions for zakir naik’s Horoscope or Kundli for rebelliousness ?

  • In the kundali or horoscope (birth chart) of zakir naik, so rahu is a clear indicator of his rebellious speech
  • Saturn Shani zakir naik rahu kundli horoscope
    what role does Saturn or Shani dev play for zakir naik’s Horoscope or Kundli in may be making him so stubborn?

  • For the kundali or horoscope (birth chart) of zakir naik, Saturn or Shani dev, which is the planet of public image, is in the fifth bhava of Aquarius or kumbha rashi.
  • which makes zakir naik stubborn and Not ready to listen to other people’s viewpoints. Basically a single track and non-interactive person
  • personality horoscope kundli zakir naik rahu dragon's Head
    Some additional facets of Zakir Naik’s personality based on his Horoscope ?

  • One has to note that Gemini sign or Mithuna has a strong influence on zakir naiks personality.
  • Giving him quickness and glibness 🙂 in speech to convince people about dharma or Jupiter= Guru.
  • Note Jupiter or Guru for Zakir naiks Horoscope or Kundli is in the Gemini sign.
    The mercury or Budha for Zakir naiks Horoscope or Kundli absorbs energy of Libra sign of balance and also sun or surya.
    so he is quickly able to think about things and come up with some tricky or glib answer.
  • yes sun or surya gives Zakir naiks Horoscope or Kundli leadership traits and some basic Originality as well.
  • but Gemini or mercury would create instability in the personality to go dep into subjects.
  • also we note he has god knowledge about a vast set of religious books, btu it is more parrot like, and the depth has not come in.
  • This is due to Gemini sign.
  • A strong Saturn or Shani dev in Aquarius, also makes Zakir naik Philosophical and rigid and fixed in his views.
  • He could have some basic inspiration as well.
  • Saturn or Shani propels him to read about dharma and religion and Jupiter in Gemini helps him to quickly read it.
  • but depth is missing.
  • moon Chandra zakir naik rahu kundli horoscope
    what is the role of Moon or Chandra in zakir naik’s Horoscope or Kundli ?

  • In the kundali or horoscope (birth chart) of zakir naik, Moon or Chandra in the tenth house makes him travel prone.
  • mercury budha zakir naik rahu kundli horoscope
    what is the role of Budha or mercury for zakir naik’s Horoscope or Kundli give him good speaking ability ?

  • For the kundali or horoscope (birth chart) of zakir naik, sun (surya) and mercury(budha) in the lagan or ascendant give zakir Naik some original way of speaking and some basic quickness in his thinking.
  • 11th house zakir naik rahu kundli horoscope
    Does the 11th house Or bhava of Horoscope or Kundli give great name and fame to zakir naik ?

  • In the kundali or horoscope (birth chart) of zakir naik, The eleventh bhava lord in the first bhava gives him gains and yes public support and yes friendship.
  • 12 house  zakir naik rahu kundli horoscope
    what is the role of 12th bhava or house of zakir naik’s Horoscope or Kundli in making him look weak and lean ?

  • In the kundali or horoscope (birth chart) of zakir naik, the twelfth house lord for him in the first bhava or house affects his health so he is weak and lean.
  • 440px-Rahu_graha zakir naik predictions rahu strength horoscopenumbers-numerology zakir Naik predictions rahu strength horoscope
    Numbers or numerology or Anka Jyotish , rahu and zakir naik- what do they say?
    How is rebelliousness written in the zakir Naik’s Numerology Horoscope or Kundli ?

  • In the zakir naik’s birth date we have 18 oct 1965, total = 18 + 10+21 = 49 = 13 = 1+3= rahu! so zakir naik is strongly influenced by rahu(dragon’s head).
  • so zakir Naik is destined to build something and he has built a strong and rebellious following.
  • Does the zakir naik’s Numerology Horoscope or Kundli suggests hidden anger in him ?

  • zakir naik is born on 18th = 1+8= 9= mars or Mangal, that us a planet of excitation anger .
  • plus he has been in haste all over to spread his negative mindset to the work , combined with rahu makes him internally aggressive./
  • what is the root cause of quietness and sensitivity in him based on zakir naik’s Numerology Horoscope or Kundli ?

  • zakir naik being born on Ashtami and Monday gives him quietness and sensitivity externally.
  • and also he is Libra or Venus by his sun sign, so he is able to handle people with good manners.
  • How does Saturn or Shani or number 8 connect to zakir naik’s Numerology Horoscope or Kundli ?Also zakir naik is born with strong influence of Saturn (Shani) and Saturn(Shani) = 4×2= 2 rahu’s or 2 dragon’s heads.
  • How is number 4 or rahu strongly influencing zakir naik’s Numerology Horoscope or Kundli ?

  • Zakir naik has a clear influence of rahu and yes mars ad his mind is not normal but deceitful due to rahu influencing the same.
  • he should donate to old age homes and yes say sorry to all other communities for his misdeeds through speech.
  • Zakir naik’s name number full is 48 = 4+8= 12=1+2 =3 = Jupiter.

  • So The events of zakir naik’s life are also influenced by the planet JUPITER the planet to do with religion.
  • is the downfall of zakir naik’s based Numerology Horoscope or Kundli predicted ?

  • So his prime focus would be Religion, Society, common cause, and he could benefit them but due to rahu in his destiny he has a kind of guru chandaal Yoga that is going against the normal precincts.
  • Rahu(dragon’s head) can cause his downfall by august ending and September 2018 we would see and also October 2018 is a high chance point.
  • moon chandra horoscope kundli zakir naik rahu dragon's Head
    Is the natal moon of zakir naik’s weak in his Numerology Horoscope or Kundli ?

  • His natal moon is bad with July ruled by moon and also this year. One could have easily predicted what is happening.
  • in fact we did but did not get time to publish as it take some time
  • One can clearly see how foolish zakir naik’s assertions about Vedic astrology a divine science & the language of GOD to work out law of karma were.
  • There is harmony in numbers, so we study mathematics, there is harmony in compounds/atoms, so we study chemistry, there is harmony in planets and planets etc, so we study astrology.
  • Does zakir naik have a hard attitude-based Numerology Horoscope or Kundli towards other religion?

  • This kind of attitude comes with less focus, less humility and lack of proper surrender to almighty.
  • and yes very low self-esteem to get popular by these tricks- GOD stops all the good knowledge from people who are arrogant/rigid and not humble. simple

  • Family life and relationships of Zakir Naik ?
    love relationships horoscope kundli zakir naik rahu dragon's Head
    What is the Love Life predicted for zakir Naik and Farhat Naik ?

  • Now form the surya Kundli or Horoscope of Zakir Naik it is ruled by Aries sign or mesha rashi.
  • so makes His wife Farhat naik action oriented and also from a god enough family background.
  • Venus is close by to the mars, making her beautiful as well. also ketu the planet of spirituality is close by, so as we know Farhat Naik is deep into preaching of Islam.
  • An aspect of Rahu on mars is also there, so Farhat Nail could also be regressive in her thinking about the world.
  • Looking from the Moon sign lagan or ascendant of Chandra Kundli or Horoscope of Zakir Naik a retrograde Saturn rules his 7th house of wife in Aquarius or Kumbha sign.
  • so clearly suggesting Farhat Naik would be philosophical but also regressive in her way of thinking.
  • so both zakir naik and his wife Farhat Naik have a rigid and regressive thinking – and they may not embrace modernity easily.
  • As per the classics this thinking might have been there in their past life reincarnation as well(Though they may not believe in reincarnation.
  • but that’s fine modern science Brian Weiss psychiatrist has clearly proven the existence of the same.
  • and Laws of GOD are same for all Hindus, Muslims, Christian , Jews, Sikhs, Buddhists etc.
  • We bless all people including zakir Naik and His family to come to sadbuddi and accept and love all people of cast creed and religions.
  • That will bring in peace to his soul for sure.
  • exile horoscope kundli zakir naik rahu dragon's Head
    what planets caused confinement and going away from home land based on Horoscope or Kundli for zakir Naik ?

  • Saturn or Shani dev 4th house of family lord for zakir naiks Horoscope is retrograde or reversed so issues in staying in the own country.
  • now 5th house is thinking and , here Saturn is retrograde- so suggest that zakir naik would get asylum in a country where his way of thinking or Islam is accepted.
  • Now from Chandra or Moon Lagna Horoscope of Zakir Naik Kundli. The 4th lord is Libra or Venus or shukra of shukra charya.
  • It is in 5th bhava, agitated with mars or passions of mars and also Ketu the planet of religion.
  • so his aggressive & antagonistic thought processes of religion would take him away to countries that support that kind of view,.
  • rahu strong zakir naik rahu kundli horoscope
    what are the predictions for zakir naik based on rahu or dragon’s head ?

  • In the kundali or horoscope (birth chart) of zakir naik, based on his horoscope Saturn or Shani comes into his 3rd house and is retrograde now so not good for Zakir naik’s actions.
  • so not good for his actions.
  • Also impacts zakir naiks past life good karma.
  • For the kundali or horoscope (birth chart) of zakir naik, Rahu impacts his actions and career as a preacher .
  • Rahu is in transit is in the tenth house or bhava. Also, rahu aspects his fourth bhava or house so he could get combined by august ending 2018 or September 2018 .
  • This includes the first week of October as well.
  • he will stay confined for long due to rahu in his horoscope. It could b e a life imprisonment for zakir naik.
  • the dates that have a high chance(there could be other dates, calculating transits may take a lot of time) .
  • Zakir Naik could get into jail or get confined could be 9/18/27 the mars series or Saturdays or 4/13/22/31 ruled by rahu.
  • longevity life span zakir naik kundli horoscope

  • Zakir naik’s Longevity
  • Zakir naiks longevity is good due to Saturn or Shani dev being strong form eighth of moon or rashis and also Saturn or Shani is ayushkaraka.
  • The lagan moon or Chandra dev is strong.
  • so this again confirms a long life.
  • but he would have to languish in Indian jails for a long while repenting for his mis-deeds.
  • The core intent of any prayer by any religion for say for example the namaz is surrender to God and prayer is there to stay away from evil or the devil- .
  • in Hindus we have Gayatri mantra for sadbudhi( staying away from evil habits and the devil) and yes surrender to purity and GOD.
  • All religions have a basic UNITY and harmony we need to tap this than creating differences.
  • we wish sad buddhi comes to zakir Naik and he at least apologizes to other religion people for spreading False beliefs due to Rahu(dragon’s head) and Mars(mangal) effects on his mind.
  • Focus should be in UNITY of religions than on disruption of GOD’s plan.
  • at the end GOD takes care of us all.
  • rahu avastha or states zakir naik

    predictions-Rahu strength in horoscope

    This article is about impact of rahu or Dragon’s head strength/states or avasthas and zakir naik predictions

  • This article talks about basic strength of rahu or dragon’s head in various set of states or avasthas of rahu (dragon’s head).
  • as it could be in your horoscope out of the 12 possible states rahu could be and also the impact or predictions of the same on your life.
  • How is rahu or dragon’s head astronomically definedRahu (dragon’s head) a natural malefic .
  • It is astrologically the intersection n point of moon with the ecliptic where the other planets including earth move and ketu or the dragon’s tail is 180 degrees apart.
  • These both planets are demoniac in nature and create a havoc in the world.
  • The half or shadowy planet rahu is exalted in Taurus or vrishabha rashi and debilitated in the Scorpio sign or Vrishchika rashi and ketu is just opposite at 180 degrees.
  • So strong or exalted in Scorpio but debilitated in the Taurus sign.
  • Rahu deals with rebels, terrorists and terrorism comes under it ,people do with mathematics, and it deals with people of underworld and also drugs and mafias.
  • Rahu has a strong role to play for negative religious preacher zakir naik.
  • He has an exalted rahu in the eighth bhava or house aspecting his speech with mars there- we all know what he done to the world “peace”!
  • also his destiny number =4 = rahu and being born on 18th=1+8 =9 = mars makes life much harder for him in terms of true peace that he should be looking for.
  • zakir naik had made false assertions based on incomplete knowledge and depth & focus of Hinduism on reincarnation and yes Vedic astrology , they have been looked into with authentic references,
  • Zakir naik has been a doctor or a physician before he took up becoming a religion preacher of his version of Islam, he published versions of booklet on his versions on religion.
  • zakir naik follows Salafi ideology of Islam and propagates Wahhabism. he has been banned from preaching in India
  • What Zakir naik was before becoming a preacher in religion?
    past-life-karma-reincarnation-rebirth zakir naik predictions rahu strength horoscope
    What are Mis-conceptions spread about reincarnation by zakir naik?

  • Zakir Naik had defied Re-incarnation based on bhagavata Gita, without either wilfully quoting the sloka below where lord Krishna clearly declares reincarnation and later proven to some extent by Yale university professor Brian Weiss in the 21st
  • What are Mis-conceptions spread about Vedic astrology by zakir naik?

  • Zakir naik also talks again Vedic astrology, without knowing the basis of the same due to a self-defeating deceitful nature.
  • , lower concentration levels needed to understand such knowledge and low IQ levels.
  • Though Mohammed sahib’s’ confirmation of prophet hood was done by a Christian astrologer along with other people( all on records), but still zakir naik goes against the same!
  • Mohammed sahib was against Egyptian astrology very close to the Arab world where he was born, as it might have involved tantric practises.
  • which makes logical sense as tantra in astrology using gins or astral beings for predictions, as this could take a person towards evil.
  • so has to be avoided and only sattva as lord Krishna declared should be used in life(There is NO mention or sanctity of tantra in bhagavata Gita by Lord Krishna).
  • So all this is in harmony with the basic Vedic systems if one goes deeper.
  • Also Vedic astrology is as pure or even more than any other science with NO use of gins or astral being in the core system- just pure calculations and predictions. simple
  • Lord Krishna declared the starting of Kaliyuga in this time at the time of maha bharata.
  • after that in the Kaliyuga many quick and short revivals of Vedic dharma started by various gurus and prophets.
  • As the time was less for the gurus so all details were not shared with the followers or the followers many times are not able to understand the inner depth of the gospels.
  • This is the cause of conflict amongst some of the followers of various religions.
  • A complete Yuga starts with the Satya Yuga, via Treta Yuga and Dvapara Yuga into a Kali Yuga.
  • Then reverses with Dvapara, treta etc.
  • At that time in 7 AD when Mohammed sahib was born Kaliyuga was at the peak, so a guru to educate the Arabs was born and he was the last one for that cycle of Satya->treta->dvaparaàkali yuga.
  • but then again a new cycle of Dvapara started and we had the Sikh gurus and Ramakrishna pramahansa ji, swami sri Yukeshwar giri ji etc.
  • All were purna or complete siddha with all knowledge
  • Lord Krishna in bare essence talked about surrender to GOD to lord Krishna- this is the bare essence of almost all religions formed in Kaliyuga.
  • Mohammed sahib was a great gyana and karma Yogi.
  • had very less time to revive the dharma (society and spirituality) of the Arab people- who had gone below the datum level in the peak depth of Kaliyuga.
  • Lord Krishna clearly endorses reincarnation: clear sloka on RE-INCARNATTION in bhagavata Gita “”sri-bhagavan uvacha
  • bahuni me vyatitani
    janmani tava charjuna
    tany aham veda sarvani
    na tvam vettha parantapa” (Bhagwat Gita: Chapter Four verse 5)

  • “Sri Krishna said: Both you and I have passed through many, many births. I can remember all of them, but you cannot, O winner of the enemy!”
  • Sanatan dharma or Hindu religion has been a mother of all religions, it went down in Kaliyuga due to Muslim aggression(Mughals and Turks) and yes British occupation-
  • the core reason was that Hindus for some reason went away from their core dharma.
  • Note chengez khan defeated the gandhar desha( recall maha bharata Gandhari), gandhaar was our part of country India, gandhar desha or Afghanistan pathans-
  • his large & cruel army say 5000 with arms got killed by shaolin monks bare handed just 128 of them trained by the rishi bodhi dharma from south India.
  • All can be corroborated based on history. We wish Imran khan the cricketer knowns about this.
  • So we Indians had all the potential to defend- but all went down the drain.
  • Santana dharma says life goes in cycles and yes avatars and prophets/gurus come and go as per the current needs of the society. There is no RIGID full stop.
  • This rigidity & self-righteous attitude comes from lack of understanding ,blocking the light to true knowledge of the nature of cosmos and laws of GOD.
  • Zakir naik rahu or dragon's head
    who is Zakir Naik? Why is his extradition sought after by the Indian Government?

  • Zakir naik’s full name is Zakir Abdul Karim Naik and he is an Indian Islamic teacher . he also formed the Islamic Research Foundation(IRF).
  • zakir naik also started the “peace” TV channel.
  • The religious preacher zakir naik reaches a large set of people though the same.
  • He apparently claims to be an “authority” on comparative religions, .
  • but based on our findings he may have information that his understanding is partial/minimal and does not simply understand the depth of the ancient teachings of the great ones.
  • he talks just parrot like or a dictionary, with not much depth just date here and there to mislead people.
  • rahu states dragon's head
    Predictions of rahu in various STATES or avasthas-
    negative rahu dragon's head kundli horoscope

  • 1) If the planet rahu or dragon’s head is in the sayan avastha or state,
  • 1)Predictions of sayan avastha of rahu: the person may have a lot of miseries in life.
  • But if the planet Rahu(dragon’s Head) is in Sayan Avastha but placed in exaltation like rahu in Taurus(vrishabha).
  • Or rahu in Gemini(mithuna), rahu in Virgo(Kanya) or Rahu is in Aries(mesha).
  • as these signs are themselves ruled by demoniac planet like mercury and yes mars, rahu being a demon planet is OK here,
  • The planet rahu is weak in this state or avastha.
  • 2) If the planet rahu is in the upavesan avastha or state-
  • 2) The predictions for upavesan avastha or state for rahu:
  • police ips ias  kundli horoscope rahu dragon's head

  • the person may have a lot of distress due to ulcers in the stomach, the person may have connection with the top politicians or people in power.
  • like senior people in police or district magistrate like people.. will have good honour and have good happiness wealth wise.
  • The planet rahu here is a mixed bean and is strong as well as weak both.
  • lower strata kundli horoscope rahu dragon's head

  • 3) If the planet rahu is in the Netrapani state or avastha
  • 3) The predictions for netrapani state or avastha for rahu:

  • the person may be troubled in the eyes and may be afraid of wicked people or people of the lower strata of the society.
  • also have problems due to snakes and thieves and the money or finances would go down sooner or later.
  • In the above state Rahu is extremely weak and negative for the kundali or horoscope
  • sun light kundli horoscope rahu dragon's head

  • 4) If the planet rahu is in the Prakash Avastha or state
  • 4) The predictions for Prakash avastha or state of rahu

  • the person could get good position in life and will do good acts as Prakash means light state.
  • the person could be very virtuous, and he could be a CEO or chief in the governmental positions and also very charming .
  • he may resemble fresh flowers and would do very well in foreign lands.
  • The planet rahu is strong in the Prakash state or avastha.
  • education study kundli horoscope rahu dragon's head
    5) if the planet rahu is in the gaman state or avastha – :

  • 5) Predictions for Gaman avastha or state of rahu –the person may have many children or kids.
  • he or she would be scholarly and also wealthy and would donate in charity and get respect from the government.
  • The planet rahu is positive/strong and blessed in this state or avastha.
  • negative miserly kundli horoscope rahu dragon's head
    6) if the planet rahu is in Agaman state or avastha

  • 6) Predictions for agaman state or avastha of rahu: the person could be irritable and may have less intelligence and yes money.
  • The person could also be crooked and miserly in nature and full of sexual lust.
  • happiness kundli horoscope rahu dragon's head
    7) if the planet rahu is in Sabh:

  • 7) Predictions for sabh state of rahu – the person would be scholarly and may not spend more money and may also have many virtues or qualities.
  • There c could be good money wealth and yes happiness in the person.
  • The planet rahu is positive and knowledgeable in this state.