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About this Article on Shahrukh khan the Bollywood actor?

  • This article based on Horoscope or Kundli in detail discusses about his success, name and fame in films and otherwise based on his Kundli Or Horoscope.
  • It astrologically looks at various aspects of Shahrukh khan , like despite average looks How did Shahrukh khan or the king khan of Bollywood 😉 become so famous? was it written in his Horoscope or Kundli & his numbers or anka Jyotish?:)
  • what planetary combination made Bollywood actor Shahrukh khan such a great success?
  • Which planetary Yoga’s in his Horoscope or kundli Shahrukh khan a great career in films or Bollywood ?
  • what are the planetary Yoga’s of Shahrukh khan’s success?
  • Also at a personal level how based on Shahrukh khan’s Horoscope he got a beautiful wife like Gauri khan? which planets in his Horoscope made Shahrukh khan marry Gauri Khan?
  • Also what planetary Yogas or combinations Shahrukh khan’s horoscope or Kundli helps him to maintain a good relationship with His wife?
  • Plus are there any special Raja Yogas in the Kundli or Horoscope of Shah Rukh Khan that made him so prosperous, famous and lucky in life? etc.
  • Also based on Numerology or Numbers( anka Jyotish) which Numbers made Shahrukh khan a Super Success in Life? 😉

  • Shahrukh khan horoscope kundli
    Horoscope or Kundli = Birth Data & Other Data Of shah rukh khan:

    Name: Shah Rukh Khan
    Date of Birth: 02nd November, 1965
    Time of Birth: 02.30 A.M
    Place of Birth: Delhi, India
    Time Zone: 5.5

    Shahrukh khan horoscope kundli
    Shahrukh khan image
    What Planetary combinations in the Horoscope or Kundli makes Shah rukh Khan have such a big name in Bollywood film industry ? especially at a very young age?

  • which house for Shahrukh khan’s Horoscope looks at public image?
    Now let us look at the planetary configuration for Shah Rukh Khan the hold the key to his name in Bollywood film industry.
  • His image and public Fame . we know public image of anyone is governed by the fourth house of fourth bhava of the Kundli or Horoscope.
  • shah rukh khan has a great image! does Mangal or mars have a role in the same based on his horoscope?

  • Now in the fourth house of Shah Rukh Khan’s horoscope(Kundli) the lord is mars or Mangal and is very strong in the Scorpio sign(Vrishchika rashi).
  • This strength of mars or Mangal the lord of the 4th house for Shah Rukh Khan, suggest that strong action or Karma by Shah Rukh Khan, could get Shah Rukh Khan a very good public image. we see his mars are at 27 degrees in his horoscope.
  • Shahrukh khan king khan horoscope predictions
    What is the Role of ketu(dragon’s tail) for the image of Shah Rukh Khan?

  • We also note that Ketu(dragon’s tail) which functions like Mars(Mangal) is also there in the 4th house of Shahrukh khan’s Horoscope or Kundli.
  • so ketu and mars(mangal) share energies .
  • also ketu (dragon’s tail) magnifies the Mars energies for Shah Rukh Khan.
  • awards
    What gives Shah Rukh Khan good Name and Fame even at an early age?

  • So this mars(mangal) and Ketu(dragon’s tail) combination in the 4th house of public image for Shahrukh khan’s Horoscope or Kundli.
  • It gives Shah Rukh Khan great recognition to him at a very young age.
  • In his early twenties mars(mangal) and Ketu(dragon’s tail) play very strong role so giving Shah Rukh Khan . This especially applies to action films and emotion films where he was a master of action and emotion.
  • longevity lifespan Shahrukh khan king khan horoscope predictions< what is Longevity of mother of Shah Rukh Khan’s Horoscope or Kundli ?

  • we note that both Mars and Ketu staying here in 4th house of Shah Rukh Khan are malefic.
  • they impact the longevity of mother of Shah Rukh Khan. also moon or Chandra which is the karaka for Shah Rukh Khan’s mother is in the sixth house .
  • so it doesn’t spell very well for his mother . so his mother left for the heavenly Abode due to complication of diabetes in 1991.
  • when Shah Rukh Khan would have been only 26-year-old reliance on the lagna and moon being in the 6th house effects the longevity of mother of Shahrukh khan’s Horoscope.
  • sun or surya Shahrukh khan king khan horoscope predictions
    The role of sun or surya on Public image of Shah Rukh Khan in his Horoscope or Kundli?

  • we also look at Sun or Surya for image or public image of Shah Rukh Khan . sun is the lord of lagna(ascendant) in horoscope for Shah Rukh Khan.
  • Leo or simha is the is the lagna for Shah Rukh Khan and sun or surya is ruling the same.
  • sun or surya sits in the third house good action and effort for him in the horoscope.
  • so that means Shah Rukh Khan would get good name due to sun or surya in third house.
  • And also due to the right karma and action. that is 100% true. he is self-made mostly.
  • friends Karan Johar Shahrukh khan king khan horoscope predictions
    did the 3rd house of Shahrukh khan’s Horoscope give him great friends in Bollywood?

  • also sun or surya here in Shahrukh khan’s Kundli or Horoscope means that Shah Rukh Khan would have connections with top people in the Bollywood film industry like Karan Johar.
  • Shah Rukh Khan is very close to Karan Johar. sun or surya is a bit weak on the Libra sign(Tula rashi) so that means he may have to work very hard at times to get his image.
  • also his image could get tarnished at times. Shah Rukh Khan is known to have a conflict with Salman Khan of Bollywood film industry .
  • but sure as Libra is ruled by Venus and Venus roles film industry and Bollywood.
  • so gains for Shah Rukh Khan from Bollywood is clear 🙂
  • name fame Shahrukh khan king khan horoscope predictions
    what is the role of mercury in name and fame for Shah Rukh Khan?

  • For Shah Rukh Khan we have mercury or budha in the 4th house. Now mercury is Lord of gains for Shah Rukh Khan.
  • it is blessed with Jupiter in 11th house. so this is sending lot of good energies in the 4th house of the Kundli or Horoscope.
  • so all of this also suggest that good communication abilities of dialogue’s(mercury) gives gains to Shah Rukh Khan .
  • The planet mercury or Virgo sign is also the lord of wealth and status .
  • so over all great status by proper communication is also there for Shah Rukh Khan.
  • we wish him all the best in life
  • shah rukh khan awards horoscope
    what is the Key secret of shah Rukh Khan’s success and Popularity based on planetary combinations in Shahrukh khan’s Kundli or Horoscope? : long time over two decades= 2×10 years ?
    which planets in Shahrukh khan’s Horoscope(kundli) gave him so much of popularity in life?

  • Now looking at popularity house or the fourth bhava or house in Horoscope for Shahrukh Khan. yes, he has mars and Ketu that are very Powerful planets sitting here so.
  • which clearly suggest that he will suddenly get into popularity(Ketu + mars = generate tons of energy) and do very well in emotional and passionate roles as mars and Ketu deal with the same.
  • money wealth Shahrukh khan horoscope kundli
    what does the horoscope or kundli of Shahrukh khan say about his gain, wealth, and status in life?

  • this also suggests that he could get a good edge in action roles as well.
  • We also have to note that mercury or Budha The Lord of second Bhava and eleventh bhava is sitting there in the fourth bhava of popularity.
  • It is the lord of gains and also status as second bhava of Horoscope or Kundli deals with wealth and status and also eleventh bhava house of gains and friends.
  • mercury Shahrukh khan horoscope kundli
    does mercury or budha in the horoscope give Shahrukh khan good ability to communicate ?

  • Shahrukh Khan has the friends or gains house lord Mercury(budha) with Mars(Mangal) and Ketu(dragon’s tail) in the fourth bhava in his Horoscope or Kundli.
  • This gives him good success in delivering dialogues passionately as he does.
  • AS mercury rules the second house of speech and also gets the mars and Ketu masculine and aggressive energy to deliver dialogues with passion and energy.
  • Shahrukh khan karan Johar horoscope friends

  • This combination blesses Shahrukh Khan with big cars and house or home.
  • he is a great friend Karan Johar is clearly indicated in horoscope.
  • so he is blessed well with material things and also good friends due to his good Yogas or combinations.
  • Bollywood films Shahrukh khan king khan horoscope predictions
    which planets in the horoscope of Shahrukh khan the king khan gave him exceptional creativity?

  • Now let us look further at what makes Shahrukh Khan films get constant success till date.
  • he has a very blessed Jupiter retrograde ruling the fifth bhava in the eleventh bhava or house of Shahrukh Khan’s Kundli or Horoscope.
  • This friendly planet guru or Jupiter gives him good friends and growth and money in career .
  • also not the fifth bhava or house of creativity we have Venus the lord of creativity sitting and helping Shahrukh to perform the best in creative arts.
  • Also as Venus or shukra sits in the Sagittarius sign, so Jupiter has the blessings planet Venus.
  • That is the planet for comfort, luxury, and blessings.
  • this gives him great success in films or Bollywood and blessing from friends.
  • shah rukh khan legend  horoscope

    What Makes Shah rukh Khan so distinct from others?
    numerology Shahrukh khan

  • now the Lagna or ascendant of Shahrukh Khan’s Horoscope or Kundli is Leo or Simha and sits in the third bhava of initiatives.
  • Also as Leo is ruled by sun r the number 1 that is changing so we will find new ways of doing things or playing his roles as is evident.
  • Shahrukh khan would do things do very differently from others as the lagan lord is placed in the third bhava.
  • Also, the lagna lord sun or surya sits in the third Bhava and the 3rd house of the Horoscope is ruled by planet Venus and Venus controls the film industry and artistic expression
  • Now we know that Shahrukh Khan is with the film industry for over two decades and it is ruled by planet Venus for any Horoscope or Kundli.
  • so he or Shahrukh Khan and try to find out new ways which are to do films or dialogue deliveries or acting & dancing etc.
  • Now that’s exactly what he has done till now 🙂
  • career and money Shahrukh khanmoney Shahrukh khan horoscope
    What does the career lord of Shahrukh khan say about his career?

  • The lord of career for shah rukh khan is Venus or Shukra that is the Taurus sign in the Horoscope.
  • Now as the tenth bhava lord is Venus and Venus ruler’s film industry, art, and creativity we know.
  • Also, the Libra sign or Tula rashi is sitting in the third bhava of initiatives or self-effort, so that is a great success and image in the acting for shah rukh khan for sure.
  • Now at the same as because Jupiter is ruling the fifth house(dhanu Rashi or Sagittarius sign) of creativity & art and expression that is where the blessed planet Venus is sitting so Venus gets good energy of Jupiter.
  • Now, Venus is number 6 and Jupiter is number 3 6+3 = great success in art and creativity.

     Venus Shahrukh khan PLUS Shahrukh khan Jupiter blessings = EQUALS Shahrukh khanshah rukh khan combination of Venus and Jupiter

  • giving the greatest expression of creativity & ability to communicate well for shah rukh khan.
  • as Jupiter(Guru) and Venus in Shahrukh khan’s Horoscope or Kundli, both are creative planets blessing him with best luxury opulence.
  • so as Venus rules the 10th power and the third Bhava initiative with some there it clearly indicates that movies(Venus) Shahrukh Khan would make his future.
  • with his great self-effort or initiative(Third bhava and Leo the lagna) and career very well how to grow plus he would get good help for friends(eleventh house or bhava).
  • Friends like Karan Johar as the eleventh bhava is blessed by a retrograde Jupiter.

  • What does the seventh bhava or house of Shahrukh khan ji say about his career and relationships or job?

  • what is the role of Saturn in horoscope or kundli of the king khan or Shahrukh khan?
    It is also noteworthy that in the seventh Bhava Saturn or the Aquarius sign is ruling.
  • Also, Saturn is in the own sign and strong in the Kendra bhava of seventh bhava or house.
  • Also as Saturn is in the sign Aquarius and aspects his lagna or self, giving him a typical behaviour and attitude.
    1 +1 = 11 🙂
  • Gauri wife Shahrukh khan king khan horoscope predictions
    what planets in the horoscope of Shahrukh khan give great stability in his marriage relationships?
    Also at the same time, Saturn blesses Shahrukh Khan with stability in a partnership that is like jobs or working for film producers, etc and his long-term relationships with his friends and people in the film industry.
  • All this ensures that he keeps getting the energies of discipline and distinction as 11th bhava means something unique to Shahrukh Khan. we know his ability to perform is well connected with his lagna.
  • The fourth house or bhava in Shahrukh khan’s Horoscope or Kundli of the public image has very good Mars and Ketu combination there.
  • that suggests a sudden rise in the public image- that is 100% true.
  • that’s what happened for shah rukh khan in fauji serial and Baazigar film Plus Saturn giving him the discipline to perform the best and mercury the good and quick intelligence.
  • we wish Shahrukh Khan all the best in life!
  • Gauri khan Shahrukh khan wife horoscope kundali numerology
    what does the shah rukh khan’s Horoscope say about his wife Gauri Khan?

  • The seventh bhava or house of Shahrukh Khan is Saturn itself and is retrograde. As the Saturn is sitting in own sign so getting its source at energies and is hence very strong.
  • This Saturn represents his relationships and also job to some extent.
  • It also strongly suggests that his wife Gauri Khan would be having a lot of Saturn or Shani dev energies.
  • It suggests that the wife or she might be a bit darker in complexion than the average in that group or society( she is a Punjabi and Punjabi’s on an average are fair) so she may be slightly towards the darker side.
  • Gauri Kali Khan (born Gauri Kali Chibber; 8 October 1970)

    Gauri Khan would be strong and disciplined lady based on Shahrukh khans horoscope. also based on Rashi chart karkat Rashi rules the seventh bhava so she could have a good deal so sensitivity as well.

  • yes due to Saturn she would have distinct discipline and Organisation yes she has been running business shows. Moon gives her a good deal of sensitivity as well.
  • Now looking at the date of birth of Gauri kali Khan( or Gauri kali chibber maiden name) she is born on 8th of October 1970.
  • Now 8= is for sure the number of Saturn.
  • also 10(oct)+8+ 1970/17 =35=3+5=8.
  • This again is a Saturn number! This confirms strong Saturn energies in shah rukh khan’s wife Gauri Khan
  • The full name value of Gauri kali chibber is again 4= Rahu(dragon’s head)
    Gauri SUM is 13= 4= Rahu(dragon’s head)
  • the name 1 is =4
    kali is =7
  • the name 2 is = 7
    chibber SUM is 20 =2
    9+4 = 13= 1+3=4= Rahu!
  • Now Rahu or dragon’s Head is the half-brother of Saturn or Shani dev and also her name 1= Rahu.
  • so it is proved beyond doubt that Saturn impacts Gauri kali khan a lot.
  • It was predicted based on the horoscope of Shahrukh Khan.
    we wish the couple best.

  • Numerology- 2016 horoscope predictions for shah rukh khan(or Badshah, king khan)

  • Now 2016 = 2+0+1+6 = 9= Mars, he has the core numbers ( 1,2,9,6,6), so overall generally harmonious. Not as great as Salman Khan as he is pure 9.
  • We could say if Salman Khan do 10 out of 10 in 2016, then shah rukh khan(or Badshah, king khan)could do 7/10 based on his numbers.
  • February and July could be hard months for shah rukh khan.

  • Astrology 2016 Horoscope & Predictions for shah rukh khan:

  • He is Leo ascendant and sun is weak in 3rd house of initiatives. This suggests he is a lion, but a soft lion. ;).
  • Also he would have great imitative and also would need to work harder than others to prove himself in Bollywood. We can clearly see apart from other khan’s he was new for Bollywood, and he established himself much better.
  • His strongest planet is Saturn with shadabala of 437, that gives him the discipline to do things well and also faces opposition, to build himself better.
  • The Saturn or Shani dev sends aspect to mars(The planet of action for him) and also mercury the lord of wealth and status. Also makes shah rukh khan(or Badshah, king khan) a bit philosophically or study oriented.
  • A slightly on less fair side( I mean had it been moon lord ship of 7th.
  • the wife could have been like Katrina kaif types)and Gauri khan a good wife is a confirmation of planet Saturn holding its sway in his 7th house of wife and relationships.
  • His long-term relationships with people in Bollywood like karan Johar also supports a strong 7th house lord = Saturn.
  • Saturn means people who are more mature than their age. Rest we know all.

  • Astrology-2016 horoscope predictions for shah rukh khan

  • He runs saturn-venus.Venus is weak in Sagittarius. So though 2015 went over all OK for him, 2016 might have more surprises in Bollywood and bunch of issues for him.
  • He needs to be cautious this time, Especially in April, and September 2016.
  • We have to note the Venus is 8th lord in navamsha = D_09 harmonic chart.
  • We wish him all the best and he (shah rukh khan) would be able to overcome all obstacles by use of his will power and GOD’s grace.
  • numerology horoscope Shahrukh khan kundli predictions

    Numerology & Horoscope & Predictions for Shah Rukh khan(or Badshah, king khan):

    Dob: 02nd November 1965
    Popular Name:
    Shah Rukh Khan
    Birth Name:
    Shah Rukh Khan

  • Birth number = 2nd November, but as he is born near midnight (2:30 AM), so effects of the previous day number One is also there.
  • So Shahrukh khan’s birth number is SUN, but with effects of Moon. Making him the leader of the industry due to the sun( number 1) and also a sensitive hero due to number 2.
  • The key to his success is number 2( moon), being able to do sensitive and emotional roles well in Bollywood.
  • But his brief tiff with Salman Khan can be explained on the basis of his(Shah Rukh khan’s )being number 2(moon).
  • a bit more submissive and Salman khans birth number as number 9= mars.
  • Mars and moon may not go on very well at times, Mars is debilitated in cancer
  • The sun sign for 2nd November = Scorpio = ruled by planet mars = Number 9. This gives him the intellectual drive to do well in life.
  • Be fighter, leader, and emotional hero and also angry somewhat.
  • Sun(birth number) and mars(sun sign number) and also moon(second birth number) and mars( sun sign)- Give him the passion, zest, and emotionalism to do the roles he has been doing in the films in Bollywood.
  • Right from action, romantic, anti-hero etc for the Bollywood.
  • Now let us look at shah rukh khan’s(or Badshah, king khan) destiny. what was he destined to do.
  • success royalty Shahrukh khan horoscope kundli
    Destiny Number = 1( we have taken 1st as his birth date for various reasons) + 11(November) + 1965( 1+9+6+5 =21) = 1+ 11+ 21 = 33 = 6= VENUS.
    Now 3-3 = Double Jupiter!!! We know the abundance he has got in life. Also, Venus rules the art and film industry or Bollywood! We know this description fits in very well.

  • Name number of shah rukh khan = 6 = VENUS!!!
  • So Shah rukh khan name number is very much supportive of his Film or Bollywood career and destiny number 6. This 6-6 combination (destiny and name number pair).
  • This gives him a beautiful wife, good home and lovely kids. It gives strong love for mother and motherland.
  • May GOD bless his family.
  • Venus gives all the comforts of life.
  • The only problem is that it could make a person very insistent in views,
  • I am not close to Mr. Shah Rukh Khan(or Badshah, king khan) 😉 to judge this, but the numbers do suggest the same.
  • About shah rukh khan:

  • Shah rukh khan(SRK or Badshah, king khan) commonly known as the king khan or Badshah of Bollywood, rose to become the super star of the Bollywood , by the dint of his effort, talent and yes Luck!
  • He is married to his college love, Gauri khan.
    The government of India has honoured him with Padam Shri for his contributions.
  • This article also analyses on what made his acting so unique and so makes him a king of Bollywood for so long over two decades.
  • The article also tries to understand what makes him such a versatile actor and the causes of help to him from friends like karan Johar. all based on science of Vedic astrology and Anka Jyotish or Numerology.