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reincarnation past life karma horoscope kundli predictions

About this article

  • This article at length based on Horoscope Talks about the Past Life reincarnation & how it could be evaluated astrologically using Horoscope very accurately.
  • Then as a Practical example the Horoscope of the Moghul of technology Elon Musk .:) evaluated
  • The article then investigates how does the past life of Elon Musk the great entrepreneur based on Vedic astrology Principles to see how his past life reincarnation Karma connects to this life time .
  • Also we look at how Vedic astrology could predict possible countries in world or probable cities in India may be, Elon musk could have been born in past life reincarnation. πŸ™‚
  • and how does the Horoscope of Elon Musk connect to the past life karma of his Job or career of ?
  • here we mean what kind of Job did he do in past life reincarnation to be able to do so big in this life time!All based on Vedic astrology
  • It also looks at into astrology- reincarnation principles to see if there is any Karmic connection to what elon Musk does in this life time?
  • The article also shows how past life Money flows connect to This Life time money flows and as a sample example investigates on how the money or financial position of Elon Musk in previous incarnation was. was he actually rich etc.:) or was he poor.
  • So based on Vedic astrology we are trying to see the karmic connections for Elon Musk form past life reincarnation to this life.
  • reincarnation past life karma horoscope kundli predictions
    What is Re-incarnation & Past Life Karma Kundli or Horoscope ?

  • & endorsed by experiments of Yale professor Brian Weiss impudently and many psychics of USA and abroad.
  • It is said the doctrine of reincarnation was followed in Mystic traditions of Judaism (the cabbalah as clear references to the same) and so was earlier Christianity believing in the same.
  • It is believed that soul after several births evolves and improves in quality of goodness for going to higher self.
  • Here based on Horoscope or Kundli we make an estimate of the past life reincarnation of any person.
  • The continuity of thought, richness and poverty is to be observed in the process.
  • Given below in this context is Past life reincarnation Horoscope analysis of Elon Musk is done to know His country in past life, his wealth riches or poverty and also Job or work :).
  • elon musk reincarnation past life karma horoscope kundli predictions
    The Basic Profile of Past Life karma re-incarnation of Elon Musk
    elon musk
    elon musk personality reincarnation past life karma horoscope kundli predictions
    How did Elon mask carry the past life Karma reincarnation traits based on his Horoscope or Kundli?

  • as in this life time Elon Musk is Gemini sign or Mithuna rashi in his Horoscope as lagna or ascendant , so in past life he could have been Taurus or Vrishabha rashi.
  • The Gemini sign= 3rd sign – minus 1 sign = Taurus sign.
  • That suggest he was squarely built body- this tendency or trait he carries to this life time as well πŸ™‚ if you watch him closely.
  • The head is large like for Taurus Horoscopes :), which is there in this life time as well, so there is continuity of traits.
  • The face of Elon Musk in his past Life re incarnation was somewhat flat.
  • once again this is also there in this life time or incarnation.
  • the eyes of Elon Musk would have been large and wide apart. the forehead of Elon Musk .
  • Elon musk would have been low with a heavy prominent tuft of hair low in the centre.
  • also last but not the least Taurus sign or Vrishabha rashi is also often
    connected with leadership and genius that conquers. πŸ™‚ Yes all true.
  • Saturn shani dev elon musk reincarnation past life karma horoscope kundli predictions
    was Elon Musk an innovator in past life Karma as well? What kind of work did Elon Musk do in past life?

  • So the core planet or sign or Rashi that rules Elon Musk’s past life karma or reincarnation horoscope is Aquarius or Kumbha Rashi.
  • so Saturn or Shani dev energy in his Horoscope(Kundli) for discipline was very strong in previous life time as well.:)
  • we know no success could come without this aspect for anyone.
  • Also Aquarius sign is the 11th sign or the new age sign :), suggesting Innovation and creativity.
  • 11 is the Number of Neptune for Elon Musk.
  • so suggest strong Neptune & Aquarius energy ruled Elon Musk in his past life re incarnation as well.
  • also that means he was a Strong Innovator in past life as well :0 as he is now. thinking out of the box like the mission of SpaceX etc is all due to this Aquarius or Kumbha energy in his Horoscope.
  • The planet Saturn is cosy in the Kendra or bhava of Elon Musk’s horoscope or kundli .
  • Saturn or Shani dev shares energy with Venus or shukra .
  • now Venus is beauty and dignity :).
  • also Saturn means profession.
  • so sure even in past life Elon Musk must have worked for high dignity, luxury, and wealth job= due to Venus and High energy or innovative work due to Aquarius energy or Kumbha.
  • see he is born on 28=2+8=10=1+0 = sun or Surya in Elon Musk’s Number Horoscope(kundli), so he is a natural innovator as well.:) in this life time or incarnation.
  • so sort of confirms Elon Musk’s past life connection with innovation and creativity.
  • foreign lands reincarnation past life karma horoscope kundli predictions
    How does Jupiter or guru suggest great money, research work and also good job in foreign lands in past life Karma re incarnation for Elon Musk Horoscope(kundli)?

  • Jupiter or Guru exchanges energy with Saturn(Shani dev) and Venus, so clearly Elon Musk was very rich and blessed even in his past life re incarnation!
  • . now you can see the continuity of karma here for Elon Musk. Jupiter is in the secretive and hidden and research-oriented scorpion sign πŸ™‚ or Vrishchika Rashi.
  • so again adds value to the above judgment that Elon Musk was in research even in the past life re incarnation as he is in this life time.
  • all based on his horoscope πŸ™‚
  • rahu mars elon musk reincarnation past life karma horoscope kundli predictions
    Does exalted mars(mangal) and also Rahu(dragon’s head) there suggest great management ability in past life karma reincarnation for Elon Musk and also success in foreign lands?

  • Exalted mars(Mangal) and Rahu(dragon’s head) together, in the Capricorn sign suggest a man of great action and management even in the past life time or reincarnation.
  • His Horoscope or Kundli clearly confirm the same.:)
  • also Rahu with mars or Mangal dev in the horoscope(Kundli) clearly suggest success and great action in foreign lands! or away from birth place !!
  • Now exactly this is what has happened in this life time as well for Elon Musk based on his horoscope(kundli).
  • so we see history repeats itself.
  • he or Elon Musk based on his Horoscope(kundli) had the same or similar money and job profile even in the past life reincarnation. πŸ™‚
  • past life reincarnation karma horoscope Kundli elon musk
    What does Other astrology systems Say about Elon Musk Past Life Karma re-incarnation ?

  • Now taking Jupiter or Guru as the jeeva karaka for ascendant. Libra or Tula rashi being the lagna or ascendant for the past life, means he was more into Luxury and comfort in his previous life karma. He had good opulence in the past life.
  • Jupiter in Scorpio sign 2nd from the jeeva karaka suggest that based on astrology he had great wealth in the previous life reincarnation karma.
  • So was elon musk very deep and investigative in his past life reincarnation as well based on this Vedic astrology system.
  • This system also confirms great wealth and a large family living near woods or Jungles of elon musk.
  • Mars and rahu together in the Capricorn sign or makar rashi made him highly action oriented and also innovative( Rahu or dragon’s head) in his previous life reincarnation or past life karma.
  • Capricorn gave him practically to implement his actions and also innovation well even in his previous life time.:)
  • so note money , action and innovation was there in his previous life time as well πŸ˜‰ based on this system of Vedic astrology as well.
  • influence of Aries and Ketu dragon’s tail in cancer or karkat sign clearly indicates a deep focus and eccentricity in his past life as well.
  • Great action and research( Ketu) was there in his previous life time reincarnation as well clearly.
  • Venus or lagan or ascendant s very strong and is with karma karaka Saturn. so he was into creating luxury items or care industry and also creating dwellings :).
  • like he is doing in the Spacex programs now for different planets
  • You can now clearly see how history repeats itself !
  •  foreign lands reincarnation past life karma horoscope kundli predictions foreign lands reincarnation past life karma horoscope kundli predictions
    Which country was he born in Past Life Karma re-incarnation of Elon Musk ?

  • The Countries that are ruled by Aquarius sign or kumbha rashi are Finland, Iran or Arab, also includes New Zealand.
  • the full USSR or Russia, Sweden.
    also Arab and African countries like Syria & Ethiopia.
  • also the Holy Vatican City, and Sri Lanka also fall in its gamut.
  • Cities that are ruled by Aquarius include Hamburg, Brighton, also Moscow or Helsinki, Salzburg, so is Russian country like St. Petersburg and Bremen.
  • if born in India πŸ™‚ it could be Pakistan( undivided India) and also Rajasthan
    Elon Musk Horoscope(kundli).
  • west side of India, Kashmir, or Bangladesh also Afghanistan(Gandhara desh) .
    as desert was there due to Saturn ruling the place.
  • but Saturn is strong with Venus so good building and relatively OK greenery plus desert was there.;)
  • so it could be some big city in Ethiopia (Africa again :)), see the coincidences in life.
  • But also it could be Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan or Rajasthan region.
  • so based on Elon Musk Horoscope(Kundli) it could be IRAN a big hit as beauty is there , so Venus there.
  • Life is the Game of GOD!
  • career job reincarnation past life karma horoscope kundli predictions
    The Basic Career or Job of Past Life re-incarnation of Elon Musk

  • As already shared mars is close to Rahu(dragon’s head), in his horoscope or kundli.
  • so is Jupiter or guru blessing Saturn or Shani dev.
  • so again Saturn is industries and Rahu(dragon’s head) also means industries processes or large work and mars is fire and management. Venus means banks or money flows.
  • so yes from Venus Elon Musk still got PayPal stuff πŸ™‚ in his pocket.
  • But due to mars, Saturn and rahu he is still into large and hi fi industries( Aquarius or Kumbha the 11th sign), like SpaceX etc :).
  • so the work was similar
  • The Basic Money and Luck factors of Past Life karma re-incarnation of Elon Musk

  • Jupiter or Guru the karaka for money is very strong in the Elon Musk’s Horoscope(Kundli) .
  • suggesting great money from research as Jupiter or Guru is in Scorpio sign or Vrishchika rashi.
  • also aspect of Venus and Saturn is there.
  • so great luxury and mansions and high-class comfort were there in past life reincarnation of Elon Musk based on his Horoscope(Kundli).
  • Jupiter connects to mercury and sun in Gemini sign. so is a high chance of Elon Musk being connected to money business or financial institutions or something strongly to do with money or commerce or dealing with money or banks.
  • sun suggest he was dealing with significant money in past life reincarnation as well πŸ™‚ .
  • so is a quick mind and strong inattentiveness clearly suggested in the past life as well.
  • no negative karma is there as such for Elon musk based on his progressed Horoscope.!
  • reincarnation past life karma horoscope kundli predictionselon musk reincarnation past life karma horoscope kundli predictions

  • It is very clear that Elon Musk’s Horoscope(Kundli) or kundli suggests a strong continuity of his having a similar personality traits that helped him to do innovations s well in past life.
  • similar kind of work in past life reincarnation like bank, finance companies and also SpaceX time heavy machinery work that is innovative.
  • all sort of blue print of what he is doing in this incarnation.
  • so we can clearly see the continuity of karma Elon Musk has created into he past life based on his Horoscope(kundli).
  • So clearly learning lessons from past life reincarnation helps us to grow significantly in this life time in money, relationships, family , Job, or any other matter.
  • also Vedic astrology provides remedies to avoid traps of karmic debts that could be there in past life and that stiff affects us now in this life time!