Virgo Ascendant In Horoscope Or Kundli (Kanya Rashi Lagna in the Birth Chart ) Based on Vedic Astrology or Jyotish

virgin1 virgo ascendant lagna or kanya rashi lagna

Virgo  Ascendant In Horoscope Or Kundli (Kanya Rashi  Lagna in the Birth Chart ) Based on Vedic Astrology or Jyotish

Disposition and Personality For Virgo Ascendant or kanya  Rashi lagan in your kundli or horoscope (birth chart )

  • The sign Virgo or Kanya rashi is ruled by planet mercury- that rules communication and nervous stress.
    It gives the person ability to think quickly and analytically.Being ruled by planet mercury  or budha, that also the moola trikona sign is kanya rashi(Virgo sign)- these people are genuinely smart, intelligent and successful people. One needs to check if mercury is either weak or combustion in the kundli or horoscope.
  • They do have the basic caution and discrimination which the Gemini people also ruled by planet mercury(budha) may not have. The negative qualities of mercury like lack of focus are not there in them.The Virgo sign or kanya rashi has dual nature is a tamasic and feminine sign being even numbered.
  • They do well in science and business both. They also support law of the land or place or company a lot.Mercury gives them good power of discrimination here and also they have good will power.
  • In the starting years of life they might be very pious and following the ethics- but later on they might be just the reverse.
  • It’s not easy to deceive these smart people born in Virgo sign or kanya rashi. They need to avoid thinking too much about self.
  • They could be avid reader, good listener and have good enough command over language.
  • Health for Virgo  Ascendant or Kanya  Rashi lagan in your kundli or horoscope (birth chart )

  • From health point of view they might suffer from worrying without reason, trouble to intestines, nervous system,constipation,dysentery or colic. They are prone to neuritis in shoulder(nerve troubles).
  • If the planet mercury is strong the health is OK, else such people could be thinking too much, nervous stress could be there, one may have nervous break downs and as it is the sixth sign diseases of stomach or appendix could be there.
    A weak mercury could make one feel not so secure about oneself ,and may have prominent veins.
    They could be troubles from all the three doshas said in the ayurveda.
  • Physical Appearance for Virgo   Ascendant or Kanya  Rashi lagan in your kundli or horoscope (birth chart )

  • They may be good at speaking is mercury is strong enough in the kundli. The traits are less masculine as mercury the ruler is treated as a neuter.
  • They look younger than their age(mercury or budha is a young planet) and are attractive and master of their words.
  • They may prefer to resort in the hills, be medium in built, young looking.
  • What is Ascendant or lagan and why is it so Important?

  • The ascendant house is seen as key in Vedic crystal gazing or jyotish as it is the foundation of your horoscope. At the time a man is conceived, the sign which climbs in the sky is known as the general population ascendant and the sign which comes in this house is known as the ascendant sign. The ascendant helpers in processing granular points of interest of any one’s life through Vedic crystal gazing or jyotish. .The ascendant decides the 60% vitality accessible in the horoscope-so turns out to be imperative in understanding.
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