Timing of Love or Marriage relationship:Indications in Vedic Astrology:

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About this article ?

  • This article first discusses at length the various Yoga’s or planetary combinations for the timing of love or marriage to happen based on horoscope.
  • You will get to know how your 4th,5th and 7th house of Horoscope contribute to love or marriage timings 😉
  • It then as a sample example case discusses why and how bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas married in December 1 2018 based on vedic astrology principles laid.
  • timing love marriage horoscope kundlitiming love marriage horoscope kundli
    How is the timing of love or marriage timing is predicted based on Horoscope?
    what role does 5th and 7th house play for timing of love and marriage?

  • this is a very interesting question on how one falls into love and may bet get married. then comes the question of when it could happen.
  • Now in Vedic astrology to get the timing for love or marriage .we first looks at the fifth house deals with love and flirtations.
  • also the 7th house is looked for timing of longer term relationships like marriage . Once again the fourth house deals with family and over all comfort in the relationships.
  • so also when there is a Synergy between the 5th house and 7th house love converts to marriage. so that marriage can happen and whenever the fifth house and the seventh house get more energy. means that whenever 5th house and 7th house get excess energy due to dasha or planetary transit a love affair could convert into a marriage ;).
  • venus shukra timing love marriage horoscope kundlijupiter timing love marriage horoscope kundli
    what roles do the karaka for love and marriage venus and Jupiter play for it to happen?

  • Now looking for karaka for love matters it is Venus. venus is the planet for love and looked for male horoscope or kundli. for girls long term relationship could be looked at in the planet Jupiter.
  • what is the role of 5th and 7th house lords for timing of marriage or love happening in life?

  • the fifth and seventh house Lords or the 5th and 7th house also have a bearing on marriage etc. They can cause marriage or love to happen. so whenever in transit and dasha these lord get strong Or even the planets sitting the 5th and 7th house or say 4 th house get strong marriage or love 😉 may happen as may be the case.
  • timing timing love marriage horoscope kundlivedic astrology timing love marriage horoscope kundli
    Timing of Love or Marriage relationship: Indications in Vedic Astrology:

    • What planetary combination could make you marry at a Younger age? If the lord of the seventh house or Yuvati bhava is in a good house like trines(1/5/9) and also the karaka Venus(shukra) is exalted or in its own sign or Rashi the person would marry at a very young age.
    • What could make one marry in 7th or 11th years of age? If sun or surya is in 7th house or Yuvati bhava and the dispositer is in conjunction with Venus the marriage could be at 7th or 11th years of age.
    • What could make a person marry in the 11th or teen years? If the planet Venus (shukra) is in ninth house while the lord of seventh is in gains(11th house)- it can give marriage at the age of ten or sixteen. The marriage will happen in the eleventh year is Venus is in angle(trines) from lagna- and the ascendant is in Capricorn or Aquarius sign or Rashi.
    • What could make anyone marry at the age of 12 or 19? If the planet Venus or shukra is in trines(1/5/9) as compared to ascendant, while Saturn or shani is 7th from Venus- the person could marry at the age of 12 or nineteen.
    • What could your marriage happen in 18th year? If the planet Venus(shukra) is in seventh house from moon(Chandra) and Saturn is in 7th from Venus- the marriage would happen in the 18th year.
    • What is the Yoga for marriage in 15th year The marriage could happen in fifteenth year if the lord of 2nd house(dhana bhava) is in house of gains(labha bhava) while lord of ascendant or lagna is in 10th house.
    • What could make your marriage happen in early teens? If the lord of second house and lord of eleventh house exchange positions- marriage will happen in thirteenth year.
    • What is the Yoga for marriage in 22nd or 27th year? If Venus or shukra is in seventh house(yuvati bhava) , from the eighth house and the dispositer is in conjunction with mars- the marriage happens in 22nd or 27th year.
    • Which is the combination of marriage in 23or 26 years of age? If the lord of seventh be in 12th house and the lagna lord is in seventh house navamsa- the marriage can happen in 23/26 years of age. If the lord of seventh house(yuvati) is in twelfth house(Vyaya bhava) and the ascendant lord is in seventh in the D9 or navamsa chart- the marriage can take place in 23/26 years.
    • What planets could make you marry in 25th or 33rd years of age? If planet Venus is in lagna of navamsa or D9 chart and the lord of eighth house is in seventh house – the marriage can happen in 25 or 33 rd year.
    • Which planetary Yoga’s could make one marry in early 30’s? If the planet Venus is 9th from 9th That is the 5th house and rune is in one of the above houses(9,5), the marriage can take place in 31 or 33rd year.
    • what is the planetary Yoga for you to marry in later 20’s? If planet Venus is in lagna or ascendant and also the seventh lord is in the seventh house- the person may marry in 30th or 27th year.
    • priyanka chopra nick jonas
      priyanka chopra horoscope
      What makes priyanka chopra i) Marry at a late age ii) and also to a foreigner Nick Jonas?

    • Now looking at the horoscope of Priyanka Chopra the marriage factors decide her marriage timing are based on the energies in related to her 7th house and 7th house lord.That is for marriage.
    • Now in Priyanka Chopra’s ji’s horoscope the lord of 7th house is Libra or Tula Rashi. that is ruled by Venus or shukra the planet of love and libido. The planet Venus is sitting in a third house of her horoscope. we there have Rahu(dragon’s head) and also mercury(budha) sitting there. Mercury rules the 6th house of vighna or obstacles and has Mars(Mangal) and Saturn(shani dev) sitting in there in Virgo sign or kanya Rashi. so mars and Saturn energy is also sent to the third house plus the 7th lord Venus or shukra.
    • we can see in the horoscope of Priyanka Chopra Jupiter lord of Blessed house of 9th sitting there in the 7th house for Priyanka Chopra of marriage and love. so this also plays a significant role in her marriage and life partner.
    • so at a very broad level Venus or shukra controls the marriage timings . also to extent Mercury controls and also has some 6th house energy of obstacles plus Mars and Saturn energy control the timing for Priyanka Chopra.
    • so we will notice that she got married in Jupiter-Venus dasha period . which clearly corroborates with the fact that and Jupiter are playing the role for getting Priyanka Chopra married and also so is Venus playing a strong role in her marriage timing.
    • why did Priyanka Chopra Marry a bit late?

    • This is explained by Venus the 7th house lord getting the energy of Mercury the 6th House Lord . she married a foreigner so that is indicated by Rahu sitting there very close to Venus the lord of her 7th House of marriage.
    • Also the delays in marriage are explained by mars or Mangal which is the lord of 8th and sending energy to Venus and sitting in the 6th house. we note that in Priyanka Chopra ‘s 6th house Saturn or shani dev which is a natural malefic indicates that she’ll be marrying with someone it is similar profession of acting/drama and dance and singing – like Nick Jonas. 🙂
    • Kind of husband for priyanka chopra ?

    • Vedic astrology very clearly pin points for her the timing of marriage and the kind of person Priyanka Chopra may marry. Vedic astrology clearly suggests that the person would be close to her profession because Saturn energy is also there . Plus Venus or shukra makes Nick Jonas definitely handsome and good in creativity .
    • she got married in first week of 2018 December with Nick Jonas .Jupiter or guru which is one of the significant contributors for her marriage is transiting her 8th house so strong being in friendly sign . so somewhat Jupiter is contributing to the marriage and unexpected marriage- as 8th house there : ). we also have a Rahu Ketu aspect on the 7th lord .
    • Ketu(dragon’s tail) in transit has come in the 2nd house of Priyanka Chopra . 2nd house is her family house .so this transit also suggest possibility of marriage . Note an aspect on transit Jupiter is also there. the personal year for Priyanka Chopra 2018 is 9= a number of completion. so this also means her getting into a new emotional bond :).Also note Venus very strong in transit in Libra sign her house of marriage 🙂 so clear indication of marriage.
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