Sundar Pichai,New CEO of Google –What Lies Ahead in 2016? 2016 Horoscope Predictions based on Vedic Astrology



Sundar Pichai- the New Google CEO, Indian origin: What planetary combinations make him so successful ? What opportunities and challenges lie ahead of him in the  year 2016? Using divine  Science of  Vedic Astrology

Date of Birth :-   12th July, 1972

Time of Birth :-  Not Available

Place of Birth :-  Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India


Natal Chart/ Natal Horoscope Analysis and Predictions for Sundar Pichai(new Google CEO):

  • Sundar pichai based on his solar horoscope as exact time is not available, has Gemini ascendant. Gemini sign is ruled by planet mercury. This planet mercury revolves around sun very fast, so makes people ruled by the same very restless. Mercury also rules IT= Information Technology, we know Google is into internet searches( Internet is a part of IT)
  • Gemini  is an airy sign and lives in the west direction. Sundar pichai has done well in the west( USA).Air deals with internet, especially the wireless connections. He is very much into an internet company Google.
  • The sign is strong in nights and lives in the west.


  • If the lord of the ascendant/lagan of sundar pichai(Google new CEO) is in the 2nd house(Dhana bhava= wealth house and status house), so sundar pichai is bound to gain in wealth, status, would be endowed with good qualities . Sundar pichai would be also religious minded, honoured .Based on the news paper reports most of the above things have been confirmed to be accurate for sundar pichai

2016 horoscope predictions for Sundar Pichai(new Google CEO)

  • Sundar pichai’s Jupiter transits in his 3rd House helps in making one’s initiatives successful in year 2016. It gives him the company and surrounding of good and healthy minded people.
  • It could help in getting job recognition .Due to aspect on 9th house, this transit could help the male seniors(his father) of the person and yes help the person get good fortune and incline to dharma/religion or ethics.
  • Rahu transit in 3rd could give him some slight nightmares especially after July 2016 in his projects, or new initiatives. He might start un conventional projects by march ending 2016. He has to be careful about his image and some issues to do with employees at Google.


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