Shani Sade Sati (The Saturn seven & a half year Dreaded transit) – why is it Dreaded So Much?-Based on Vedic Astrology Or Jyotish


Shani Sade Sati (The Saturn seven & a half year Dreaded transit) – why is it Dreaded So Much?

What is Shani or Saturn Sade Sati?

Saturn is a planet that takes 29 years and 10 and half month to cover the entire zodiac path of our solar system from Aries to Pisces sign! You could take this period as almost 30 years!

So that makes Saturn’s presence in each sign to about 30/12 = 2 and a half year. The term Sade Sati, that is 7.5 years (2.5 years x 3=7.5 years) has a direct connection with it.

As Sade sati refers to a hard period in Life of every one of us as the Saturn transits a sign before our Moon ascendant to a sign beyond moon Or Rashi OR a sign before ascendant to a sign beyond the ascendant.

For example if say at the moment in year 2016 the planet Saturn is in Scorpio sign. That means Sade sati for people with Sagittarius sign (one sign ahead of Scorpio) has started and would end after completion of 7.5 years passing the next sign of Capricorn to Sagittarius.

So as a rule of thumb based on vedic astrology or jyotish.

  1. If Saturn is one sign ahead of your ascendant or moon sign. Sade sati of Saturn first phase( Like all the Scorpio people in 2016 would be running 1st phase)
  2. Is transiting your ascendant or moon sign. Sade sati of Saturn Second phase( so all people with Sagittarius ascendant or moon sign/rashi are running sade sati)
  • Is one sign ahead of your ascendant or moon sign- Sade sati of Saturn Third phase( Like all people with Libra ascendant or Libra moon sign would have effects of sade sati)

Why is Shani Sade Sati feared?

One has to understand the core reason for this is Saturn is a malefic and also a teacher for past wrongs or karmic ills of this life or past. The idea is to clean the soul with any dirt that has come in the astral body by creating hardships!

let us analyze all this based on ancient art and science of vedic astrology or Jyotish.

  • In the first phase Sade sati, Saturn (shani) is in 12th from moon or ascendant/lagan, and it aspects 2nd house of wealth/status, 6th house and also 9th house of Bhagya or luck. So there is an impact on the money flows and status of the person, the luck may not be great, as ninth house or bhagya bhava also gets malefic energy.
  • Also as the ascendant or moon is sandwiched between Saturn energy’s (in 12th house and 2nd, the houses are in the sequence 12/1/2- so the ascendant gets the energy of depression and other health issues as well.
  • In the second phase of sade sati, Saturn affects the ascendant or moon sign as it is transiting the same- so cause health issues, comforts would be less etc, aspect on house of marriage(7th house is there), so affects health of spouse or relationships(if married) or delays marriage (if not married).The third house aspect affects your initiatives and any work you take up.
  • The tenth to career house aspect affects the career and yes the money flows.
  • In the third phase sade sati, saturn affects the sending house of wealth flows and status, the family or fourth house(bandhu bhava) – creating strife in the family matter, , eight and eleventh house of gains.
  • So one can see how shani sade sati affects various aspects of a person’s life.

Why is  Shani Sade Sati different  for different people even if they have the same ascendant or moon sign?

Now  the question is shani sade sati effects the same for all people in the same sign or rashi(moon sign).

It depends on several other factors like

  • Your ascendant degree- like if you are Leo ascendant or rashi- still effects of sade sati would be more intense at times when Saturn is close to your ascendant degree as there is maximum energy transfer to the house
  • The strength of your houses, like say if Saturn transits your ascendant or rashi Leo and sun the lord of these houses is very strong, the sade sati would have 50% of its effects reduced.
  • The placement and degrees of your planets- say for example for Leo ascendant(simha) Jupiter is sitting in ascendant or say simha moon sign or rashi, the transit of Saturn effects would be modified based on transit on natal Jupiter sitting there and other houses affected by sade sati.
  • Also the natal planets change the transiting Saturn- so say if Saturn is sating in Leo ascendant or rashi in above example- the effects of sade sati could be worse as Saturn rules 6/7 houses. That is the ari bhava and Yuvati bhava(seventh house of marriage and relationship).
  • The intensity of effects of Saturn changes also based on nakshatra it transit- so if Saturn is an a friendly star like of Jupiter(punarvasu), the effects would not be as bad is if it is in mars dominated mrigashira nakshatra or birth star as Saturn would be very uncomfortable here.

Remedies for  shani Sade Sati:

  • Donating to poor people and serving one’s parents is the best remedy for Saturn sade sati.
  • There are other powerful and effective remedies- that would be discussed in the shani sade sati report below.


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