Shani Sade sati Or Saturn Transit Report-Detailed Analysis & Remedies


Get Rid of The Pain Caused By Shani Dev or Saturn Transit!
Shani Sade sati Or Saturn seven and half Period transit -Detailed Analysis & remedies Report

Shani Sade sati is a seven and half year old transit of malefic planet Saturn as per Vedic astrology or jyotish- around either the moon ascendant (rashi) or ascendant.

This transit or Gochar badly affects the wealth   flows, relationships with life partner luck, health and career for the person.
Who Needs the Sade Sati Report:
Sade Sati Applies to Following Signs in year 2016
• If your lagna or ascendant is Libra,Scorpio Or Sagittarius OR in Hindi Tula,Vrishchika or Dhanu.
• If your moon sign or rashi is Libra,Scorpio Or Sagittarius OR in Hindi Tula,Vrishchika or Dhanu.
• If your Sun Sign is Libra,Scorpio Or Sagittarius OR in Hindi Tula,Vrishchika or Dhanu.

What do You get in this Report?

  • This report is unique & rare as it gives much additional information about the effects of sade sati on the above areas and highly personalized effects based on your natal birth chart ascendant degree, moon sign (rashi) and placement of planets.
  • It gives you stage by stage detail of the shani transit in 3 phases of your life, with exact impact of shani or Saturn on each aspect of your life (like wealth,status,career,relationships,luck and business).
  • You get powerful and effective remedies to solve any of your problems to do with sade sati
  • You get a detailed analysis of strength and weakness of your  natal Saturn on how it could impact many life aspects of yours life long.
  • As a Special BONUS coming 12 months – month by month details for each aspects of your life, so that you could plan matters better.
  • This is a very empowering report for anyone who is running sade sati to know and solve problems going to happen before hand- so that the impact of problems due to sade sati is reduced  and also one can plan his or her career,family or any other personal moves better! As the saying goes-Forewarned is forearmed!So arm yourself with the right knowledge by this Sade Sati report , about How the transiting Saturn would affect your family,career,wealth,children,health and image.
  • Good Quality,Reliable & Low Cost Astrology Report, Assured by IIT Alumnus(World Class Experts in Vedic Astrology & Numerology)!



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Customer Reviews:
” …sir I lost my health having a spinal injury and pain, lost my job,lost my only source of income and peace of mind by daily fights due to shani sade sati. But thanks to your report- slowly everything now is clear to me on why things are happening this way. Also use of remedies have solved atleast 80% of my problems. I keep this report for any ready reference of future decision making.Thanks a lot.
Arjun India”