Saturn Retrograde- Shani Vakri 2018 India


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Saturn Retrograde- Shani Vakri 2018 India

Why is Saturn or shani retrogression so important?

  • Saturn or shani  is one of the most powerful planets in the cosmos and is also malefic or has the maximum  negative energy released in  the cosmos.
  • Saturn or shani deals with heavy industry, people especially of the lower class or the subjugated class. So any retrogression(vakri shani) or reversal of energy means issues or reversal’s in the above mentioned areas.
  • Also Saturn or shani dev deals with planning and execution ,management of the various aspects of life & industry and yes it has to unfortunately to do with destruction’s. So retrograde Saturn(vakri shani) impacts the planning /execution of projects to some extent as there is reversal of Saturn energy.
  • In addition saturn(shani) has additional effects of reversal or delays in the houses ruled for various lagans or ascendants.

440px-Retrograde_Motion.bjb.svg saturn retrograde shani vakri 2018 india

What does saturn or shani retrogression( moving vakri) mean?

  • Just like all other planets saturn or shani moves in an elliptical path around sun or surya. So at times Saturn (shani) could be seen moving slower or a bit faster at apogee and perigee- due to the elliptical orbits. One can look at the image below but never  in a reverse motion as is viable from earth.
  • so what happens that in elliptical orbits when the planet like saturn or shani is near apogee or perigree it may appear to be moving in a reverse direction instead of going straight. This causes the longitude of Saturn or shani to reduce that could cause retrograde motion to saturn or shani as it is called.
  • it is just a matter of relative speed, say you are sitting in a bus and the bus overtakes a bicycle, the bicycle would appear going in the opposite direction- though still moving in your direction. this is called the retrogression phenomenon.

what does saturn or shani  retrograde(vakri) in your horoscope or kundaali mean?

  • Saturn or shani is an old and hard planet and if it is retrograde(vakri), that means one could go to extremes of doing karma or action. As saturn is the planet of karma and action as well ruling the tenth sign Capricorn(makar rashi) and the eleventh sign Aquarius(kumbha rashi) in any kundaali or horoscope.
  • Just like for the mughal emperor aurangzeb Saturn or shani had a role of reversal or was hard that he went in extreme to follow his religion. He also wants to the extreme to do the conversions. so reversal of Saturn energy could at times make a person go to extremes or even make the person lazy and slow.
  • the actual impact to effect of retrograde Saturn or vakri shani in a kundaali or horoscope also depends on the lordship of the house in your horoscope.Also placement of the horoscope in a house and energy exchange of saturn(shani) with other planets makes the difference.

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What does Saturn or shani retrograde(vakri) mean in transit in 2018?

  • The planet saturn is retrograde(vakri) from 17 April to 6 September 2018.
  • The planet Saturn or shani is retrograde  or reversed (vakri) in transit is a regular cycle that happens just over every twelve months, lasting about four and half month or 4.5 months , and the total degrees in transit it is around 6 or 7 degrees of the zodiac.
  • when the planet Saturn or shani is retrograde or reversed- it could be a time of one feeling limitation, increases restriction, anxiety and fear. Also whatever you touch in this period of retrogression be it career/love/relationships/money/legal etc comes back to you again in the cycle when saturn or shani gets direct.
  • The impact of retrogression of Saturn or vakri shani is discussed below briefly for various rashis or signs of the zodiac.

What is the basic impact of a retrograde saturn or shani   or in various rashis or signs of the zodiac?

  • some of the basic effects are given below- for other report of shani transit could be ordered
  • Aries or mesha rashi may face issues in career and or gains/acquisitions, Taurus or vrishabha rashi may have problems to male seniors and career, the mithuna rashi or Gemini people may have issues in land or if travelling abroad,
  • the cancer or karkat rashi people may have issues in relationship and job and yes fights, Leo or simha rashi people may have several legal issues or health problems and yes relationships, Virgo or kanya rashi people may have issues with kids or children and yes health,
  • the Libra or Tula rashi people may face problems in  driving and at home and yes children, the Scorpio or vrishchika rashi people may have problems in projects they start and family, the Sagittarius or dhanu rashi people may have  wealth and family issues and may take harsh steps now,
  • the Capricorn or makar rashi people may have health and image issues and yes wealth issues. The Aquarius or kumbha rashi people may have issues in foreign lands/hospitalization and also health issues and Pisces rashi people may have trouble in travels and also gains and friends could be impacted
  • india-horoscope saturn retrograde shani vakri 2018 india

What is the impact of retrograde Saturn or vakri shani in the chart of India?

  • Now based on India’s Kundaali or horoscope as one can see India’s is ruled by Taurus or vrishabha lagna so the 10th sign(Tenth sign) of Saturn or shani/Capricorn falls in the ninth bhava of India and the eleventh sign of Aquarius or kumbha falls in the tenth house of the India’s kundaali.
  • IN India’s Kundaali or horoscope The ninth bhava or house rules the judiciary/politicians/rules/corruption and higher education policies
  • Also for the tenth bhava rules – stock markets, overall economic growth and the rule of the state.
  • So over all for India’s Kundaali or horoscope whenever Saturn or shani is retrograde or vakri, India would face issues in the above said areas.
  • Especially when Saturn or shani is conjunct with other malefic like mars or rahu or ketu. Or other planet even benefics in retrogression.
  • Also note nirav modi issue to do with finances of India came up in February 2018 when Saturn is retrograde.
  • Same was true when there was a dokhlam situation with china in the year 2017 when Saturn was conjunct with mars or mnagla in the eighth bhava or house of india.The eight house deals with tension in the country.
  • So over all whenever Saturn is weak- we would in India face issues in judiciary and more of corruption as 33 % times in 12 month cycle Saturn could be retrograde or vakri- that is one of the issues we have more corruption, the judiciary is helps by Jupiter or guru the karaka of the ninth bhava or house in India.

Conclusion about retrograde saturn or vakri shani:

  • whenever any planet or especially Saturn(shani) is retrograde(vakri), it sends different kind of energies to the cosmos- so one needs to take care of how to act and behave.
  • Saturn or shani when it get direct or margi( instead of vakri), it will try to send energy black to whatever any person or country had encountered during the period of retrogression.
  • well thought actions based on Vedic astrology guidance or advice is very much needed for over all success/happiness and lesser troubles or losses. whenever Saturn(shani) or vakri or any planet is weak or retrograde .


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