Raj Yoga Sundar Pichai, Kundli & Horoscope, Google CEO, Job Salary Hike in 2017 Predictions?

500px-Sundar_Pichai_- raj yoga Sundar Pichai kundli horoscope Google ceo job salary hike 2017 predictions

Raj Yoga Sundar Pichai, Kundli & Horoscope, Google CEO Sundar Pichai, Job Salary Hike Predictions?

What is this article about?
This article first talks about Sundar Pichai the New Google CEO. who recently had a salary hike and his basic Raja Yoga : ) in his Horoscope.
Then it takes up various Raja Yoga’s form the classical astrology and discussed with explanation of why that causes a Raja Yoga or King’s combination. : )

what are Some Interesting facts about the Google CEO Sundar Pichai?

  • Sundar Pichai or Pichai Sundararajan was born on born 12 July 1972, , he is an Indian born American business executive.
  • Sundar Pichai is the chief executive officer (CEO) of Google. Formerly sundar Pichai was the Product Chief of Google. He took up the present role as it was announced on 10 August 2015, which was a part of the restructuring process that had made Alphabet Inc. into Google’s parent company.
  • he is a graduate in mechanical engineering from IIT(Indian Institute of Technology ) Kharagpur .in Metallurgical Engineering. Sundar Pichai also holds an M.S. from Stanford University in Material Sciences and Engineering and also an MBA(master in business administration) from the well known Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania,
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Sundar Pichai Google CEO salary double’s in the year 2017(200 million that is whopping 20 crore in Indian Rupees!)- which Raj Yoga He has?

  • in the kundli or horoscope of sundar Pichai , The lord of the kundli is mercury, the lord of Gemini or Mithuna sign- this sign gives sharp and quick intellect, good social and diplomatic skills to succeed in life. Also good risk taking capability.
  • The ascendant is in the second house of wealth and status – so lagna or ascendant being in second house of wealth and status should have made it clear for any reader that why wealth is flowing to him.
  • Given the kundli or horoscope of sundar Pichai The benefic planet Jupiter is strong, though retrograde in the Kendra house of seventh house- giving him stability in relationships and job, a conventional view point in job- that makes him stick to the Google job for long to come up to this position\ of CEO. Venus or shukra the planet of comforts is strong and is in the house that suits her that is the twelfth house. Indicating expenditure on comforts and luxuries.
  • For the Sundar Pichai’s kundli or , Also note that Saturn the lord of ninth house of bhagya or luck and also the lord of eight houses is foreign lands is in the twelfth house of foreign lands along with lord of the fifth house and karaka for comforts and love the planet Venus. This is strong raj yoga in his chart. That is the lord of fifth and twelfth connecting in the twelfth house of expenditure and foreign lands that is Venus, Also Venus is strong in twelfth house, indicating success in foreign lands.
  • That means raj Yoga would happen for him only in foreign lands. Had he stayed in India- this Raj Yoga would not have got manifested.

How would the recent years go for Sundar Pichai the Google CEO IN general?

  • As Saturn or shani is a malefic its transit in the sixth house from natal moon in January 2017 is auspicious for Google CEO sundar Pichai. This gives comfort and gains to the person. The opposition of the person is vanquished mostly. There is wealth and planet of is also there.
  • In general this transit Health of the native is good. That is sundar Pichai would have good health in the year 2017 . Also As his sixth house is fourth from the fourth house of mother so all the positive s of mother’s relatives is available to the person.
  • The enemies or people who might oppose him in Google and otherwise, get vanquished and he will gets help from friends and well wishers.
  • This year 2017 it would give him m an attractive personality and impresses people whom he or she meets. He will get gets helped from the government(USA or India) and the dignitaries(includes Donald trump and Narendra Modi Ji).
  • There is a conjunction of transit Saturn with natal Jupiter in the seventh house and Saturn is the lord of the ninth house. Now Jupiter is also the karaka for wealth and comforts- so this transit could mean great wealth and enhancement in job. This might be one o f the cause’s part from his performance to get a 100% salary hike.
  • The seventh aspect of Saturn in transit to natal sun ruling the third house might mean a lot of hard work for him to maintain the number 1 position for Google in the world.
  • He would also have more than usual travels this year 2017. Yes His travel to India would also be much more than usual this year.
  • We wish him all the best in his life and in the year 2017.
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    Something very Interesting about Raj Yogas

    • What are the BASIC PRINCIPLES of Raja Yoga? The principles of Raj Yoga are simple- say suppose you want to maintain good health- what is needed? Simple you have to increase your good factors and immunity and kills the germs and disease factors.
    • What are the factors that help in a Raja Yoga? Now in astrology the good factors are the good planets , that is the benefics like Jupiter(Guru), Venus(shukra) or mercury and also moon depending on where they are placed and the bad or malefic planets are Saturn/rahu/ketu or mars.
    • What are some other factors that help in Raja Yoga? Also the good houses are the lagna/the fifth house and the ninth house- that could bless a person with some fortune.
    • What roles do Horoscope positivity Play in Raja Yoga? So if most of the energy in the horoscope or chart is positive, one is bound to do well in life in all the areas connected to that planet and the lordship of houses.
    • Below is given several raj Yogas and also analysis of horoscope or Kundli of Google cEO sundar Pichai and looking at raj Yoga’s in his chart.

    raj yogas
    Some more Raj Yogas

    • Raj Yoga 1= what makes a person ruler of a clan?: Given the kundli or horoscope of a person, On the off chance that Putra’s Lord (fifth house lord) is in Lagna or ascendant, Bandhu(the fourth house of property and assets), or Karma Bhava( The tenth house of career and job), yuti /conjunction with Dharma’s Lord(The ninth house lord), or Lagna Lord, the local will turn into a ruler.
    • Explanation Raj Yoga 1: The reason for above is clear as fifth house lord and fifth house of lottery and love is considered lucky and when it connects to the lord of kendras(angular houses) that is the fourth house and the tenth house or is in conjunction with another trikona house lord that is the ninth house of dharma and luck and fortune from the past life- it naturally makes the person live like a king.
    • Raj Yoga 2 =What is the Yoga for great status?: If in the kundli or horoscope of a person, the benefic Jupiter or Guru be in his own Rashi or sign identical or same as with Dharma Bhava (The ninth house) and yuti (conjunction)with either Shukra(venus), or Putra’s Lord(the fifth house lord), the local will acquire imperial status.
    • Explanation Raj Yoga 2: The reason is guru or Jupiter is a benefic and gives of royal comforts and so is Venus or shukra the planet of comforts- also when the good Venus and Jupiter energy connects to the good luck energy from the ninth house and also the fifth house- one can expect great good happening to the person.
    • Raj Yoga 3 = What could make a person ruler?: Over two Ghatis from early afternoon, or from mid-night is propitious time. A birth amid such a favourable time will make one be a ruler, or equivalent to him.
    • Explanation Raj Yoga 3: Whenever there is a transition of time either in the afternoon or at mid night- it is well known that this is an apt time for prayers or one being born- so this is a good time for person to be born.
    • Raj Yoga 4:= What is a Simple raja Yoga? if in the kundli or horoscope of a individual, Ought to Chandra Or Moon and Shukra(venus) be commonly in Sahaja bhava (Third house of siblings and business) and Labha Bhava (The eleventh house of gains)and accepting Drishti(aspect)s from each other, while they are put somewhere else, a Raj Yoga is acquired.
    • Explanation Raj Yoga 4: The third house is also house of initiatives and moon also means a lagna or self, so there is a combination of energy of self or moon(Chandra) with the master benefic Venus and also eleventh house of gains connects to initiatives- so one could expect abundance in gains in one’s business or initiatives- due to eleventh house and Venus(shukra) and moon placement. This naturally suggests a raj Yoga.
    • Raj Yoga 5:= What could make a person land lord or lord of country? For kundli or horoscope of a native, Ought to Chandra or Moon, with good quality, be vargottama and gets a Drishti(aspect) from, at least four Grahas, the local will turn into a lord.
    • Explanation Raj Yoga 5: Here moon again is the ascendant or the self, so if four planets aspect it, the maximum bad planets or malefic are Saturn(shani), mars(Mangal), rahu and ketu and on top of the same 50% of them could still be benefic ruling good house like kendras or konas like fifth or ninth house. Also if the four planets are not malefic and are benefics like Venus, Jupiter or well aspect mercury(budha)- then it’s even better. So over all there is a high chance that a strong moon or self receives good energy from planets so natural one to become king.
    • Raj Yoga 6=What can make you a ruler?: One will end up being a ruler, if Lagna in uttamsa( Good amsa or division varga chart) gets a Drishti(aspect) from, at least four Grahas, out of which Chandra or Moon ought not to be one.
    • Explanation Raj Yoga 6: For the kundli or horoscope of a person, this again works on the previous principles that one gets very strong energy to self or ascendant- from four planets giving a raj Yoga.
    • Raj Yoga 7:=What combinations could make you a regal scion? On the off chance that one, or two, or three Grahas or planets are in exaltation signs or rashis, one of a regal scion will turn into a king, while another will be equivalent to a ruler, or be rich.
    • Explanation Raj Yoga 7: The above Yoga is like any maha purusha Yoga like sasha Yoga, ruchir Yoga etc. Say take any 3 planets Venus(shukra), Saturn9shani) and mercury(budha) is strong. This could bring about great wealth and comfort to the person, great intelligence and success in maths and money due to mercury and also Saturn would give great discipline to succeed over all this would make a person very successful.
    • Raj Yoga 8:= What planetary strengths could Make you a King? For any kundli or horoscope of a native, On the off chance that four, or five Grahas possess their exaltation Rashis or signs, or Mooltrikona Rashis or signs, even a man of base birth will move toward becoming king.
    • Explanation Raj Yoga 8: The reasons is obvious if say greater than 4 planets are strong, so out of 7 planets that rule the zodiac 12 signs, almost 6 to 8 houses are blessed and exalted- so what else does one need to grow in life?
    • Raj Yoga 9:= What could give you an imperial Status? In the event that six Grahas are exalted, the person will move toward becoming head and will appreciate different sorts of imperial gear.
    • Raj Yoga 10:=What could make a person like a King? Given the kundli or horoscope of a native, Indeed, in the event that one among Guru, Shukra(venus) and Budha is in exaltation, while a benefic is in a Kendra or the angular house of ( fourth/seventh and tenth), the person will turn into a king, or be equivalent to him.
    • Explanation Raj Yoga 10: The reason is obvious as Venus is the planet of comfort and mercury for money and intelligence or discrimination, the benefic remaining is moon or say Jupiter- that would be in Kendra or angular house and be strong- so what could one expect? Great wealth and peace of mind.
    • Raj Yoga 11:= What could make a person rise from Low position to High or a king status? In the event that all benefics are consigned to Kendras( the angular house of fourth /seventh and tenth), while malefic are in Sahaj(Third house), Ari(sixth) and Labha Bhava(eleventh or the house of gains), the local, however might be of mean position, will rise the honoured position.
    • Explanation Raj Yoga 11: As benefics like Jupiter /mercury and moon and Venus get stronger by being in the kendras house and at the same time the negativity of malefic gets transformed into positive action by being posited in malefic houses like third house, sixth house and also the house of gains the eleventh house considered to be a malefic house- so pacification of malefic like mars/Saturn and rahu takes place- taking one to a very high position.

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