Rahul Gandhi Horoscope- status of each planet?


Rahul Gandhi Horoscope- status of each planet?


Rahul Gandhi Birth data & Chart:


Rahul Gandhi’s Birth Chart

Birth date – June 19, 1970

Birth time – 05:50:00

Birth place – New Delhi

Asc             Capricorn     12-41-43     Sravana 1

Sun       D    Gemini   03-34-11     Mrigasira      4Neu

Moon           D    Scorpion 22-15-53     Jyeshtha      2      DebilitatedMars   C    D    Gemini   17-20-44      Ardra     4    Enemy

Merc            D    Taurus   14-26-27     Rohini    2      Friendly

Jupt      R    Libra     02-40-52     Chitra    3      Enemy

Venu           D    Cancer   08-51-08     Pashyami     2      Enemy

Satn            D    Aries     24-25-55     Bharani  4      Debilitated

Rahu           R    Aquarius 12-54-22     Satabhisa     2

Ketu            R    Leo 12-54-22     Magha   4

Uran            D    Virgo     11-11-06     Hasta    1

Nept            R    Scorpion 05-19-26     Anuradha     1

Plut       D    Virgo     01-16-26     Uttaraphal    2

What is the situations of grahas or  planets in balyavastha?

– The various states in which any planet could be in any horoscope is

  • Baal Avastha( child state or the state of infancy)
  • Kumar Avastha(between childhood and Youthful sate or adolescent stage)
  • Yuva avastha(youthful state- when onme is young)
  • vriddha avstha( this is the old stage)
  • Mrit avastha(dead state)

What are the effects of various planets in Various stages- category1?

  • so as a child or balya vastha the planet has one fourth strength(1/4)
  • In kumaravastha that is teenage state is half strength( 1/2)
  • IN the Yuva avastha or the youth stage ( full or 1) strength
  • In the Old age or vridha avastha is almost near 0(zero) or negligible.

Mrit avastha  or dead stage is zero.

Rahul Gandhi’s Horoscope and status of planets in his chart and what is the Impact based on the above categorization?

  • Sun or surya= 3.34 minutes in Gemini sign or mithuna rashi, so is in balyavstha or childhood stage.
  • One may note that he shares a solar number 19th June dob with his grandmother smt. India Gandhi ji- but for smt. India Gandhi ji sun on 19 Nov is much stronger. There is not afflictions of Saturn based on her number chart.
  • Moon or Chandra = Scorpio sign or vrishchika rashi at 22:15 minutes ,so this is a clear Youth or yuva vastha  for moon here.
  • Jupiter or guru = is in Libra sign or tula rashi 2 degres 40 minutes so is in balyavastha
  • Rahu =is 12 degree 54 minutes Aquarius or kumbha rashi, so is very much in youth or Yuva vastha
  • Mercury or budha= is in Taurus or vrishabha rashi at 14:26 so a real youth is there for rahul Gandhi.
  • Venus or shukra= Venus is in cancer sign or karkat rashi at 8 degrees , this could be treated as kumaravastha or teenage.
  • Ketu = 12:54 Leo sign or simha rashi so very close to midpoint or youth /yuva avstha
  • Saturn or shani = is in Aries sign or mesha rashi at almost 24.25 degrees
  • Mars or Mangal = is combust in Gemini sign or mithuna rashi at 17 degrees 20 minutes

So sun and Jupiter are the weakest for rahul Gandhi ji.

    Impact of sun in infancy for rahul Gandhi

  • Sun or surya rules gains from government and yes forms a raja yoga being in the 3rd or third bhava lordship and sitting in 1st bhava . tanu bhava.
  • Ketu here in sun or Leo sign gives him good initiative and action but as sun is weak the initiates may break off early
  • So this could impact slightly is success in politics as sun naturally is a karaka for politics
  • Ketu in 3rd bhava gives him some daring nature and also sun in lagna and also mars there suggest that one could put up a good fight if cornered.
  • Impact of Jupiter in infancy  for rahul Gandhi
  • A weak Jupiter ruling 7/12 and in 5th forms a kendradhi pati dosha.
  • As 7 house is for partnerships and marriage- this weakness of Jupiter going to 5th bhava may not allow affairs to culminate into marriage.,
  • There could be delays in marriage
  • Also his political career may not grow smoothly.

Other categorization of planets of various stages-2 and  categories of planets:

There is various stages a graha or planet could be based on its placement in various signs or rashis

  • awakening state or alert stage ( if in own rashi or sign or in exaltation)- the effects would be good or full
  • dreaming stage( if in one of the friend’s rashi)- the effects would be medium
  • If the planet or graha is in the enemy sign or in the stage of debility- it is said to be in state of sleep- the planet would give almost 0 or nil effects

Rahul Gandhi’s Horoscope and status of planets in his chart and what is the Impact based on the above categorization-II?

  • There is NO planet for rahul Gandhi ji in own sign or exaltation –s o awakening or alert stage is not there
  • Mercury or budha is in Taurus and sun is in the Gemini sign so we could say they are in dreaming state as in friends sign
  • Venus is in cancer or karkat so still OK
  • Jupiter is retrograde and in Venus sign so naturally weal along with in balyavastha. Also in house of education and knowledge and education. So issues in education possible.
  • Moon(Chandra) is in debility in Scorpio sign in 6th bhava so obviously in mritvastha, so is Saturn in Aries one mesha rashi and nearing old age.
  • So weak gains from past life karma is there, bad for gains from friends- so not possible.
  • Not much gains from higher education.
  • Mars and ketu are also not well placed so issue is there.

Other categorization of planets of various stages-3rd  categories of planets:

  • dipt – when his planet is in exaltation rashi this is the state
  • swasth- if the planet is in own rashi or sign
  • pramudit- if in great friendly rashi or sign
  • sthana – if in friendly rashi
  • din – if in the neutral rashi or sign
  • vikal – if n yuti or conjunction with a malefic
  • dukhit – if in enemy rashi to sign
  • khal – if in great enemy rashi to sign
  • kop –if there is an eclipse of energies of the planet by sun or surya

Rahul Gandhi’s Horoscope and status of planets in his chart and what is the Impact based on the above categorization-III?

  • None of the planet above in rahul Gandhi’s horoscope is in exalted state or in own sign, so there is No dipta or swastha state for him in regard to the planets in the horoscope
  • Sun or surya is in some sense in great friendly sign or rashi of mercury (budha).
  • Mercury(budha) is OK with Taurus lord Venus and rahu is OK with Aquarius. Note a weak Aquarius lord Saturn in Aries and rahu in the 9th bhava also suggest a short life to father Sri Rajiv Gandhi ji.
  • IN a sense sun or surya is in a neutral rashi sop could be said din.
  • Mars and sun are conjunct in first bhava, mars is combust so trouble through boils etc is possible
  • Moon is in great enemy rashi of Scorpio or vrishchika
  • Mars or mangal’s longitude is close to surya or sun – maybe we could call it as KOP

Other categorization of planets of various stages-4th categories of planets:

  • There are other states or avasthas of the planet
  • lajjit – If placed in the fifth house or bhava a planet, if any planet associated with rahu or ketu or sun(surya) or Saturn(shani) or mars(mangal)
  • garvit-if any planet is in exaltation or mooltrikona
  • kshudit- if the planet is in the enemy rashi or sign or gets energy from Saturn or shani
  • trushit – if the planet is in watery sign and receives drishti from malefic but not the benefic
  • mudit – if a planet is in friendly rashi or sign but does not get energy from a benefic or conjunction with guru or Jupiter
  • kshobhit – if a planet in conjunction with a surya or sun, is in conjunction or has an aspects from a malefic- the house or bhavas held by planets in kshudit or kshobit sign or rashi get destroyed

Rahul Gandhi’s Horoscope and status of planets in his chart and what is the Impact based on the above categorization-IV?

  • Mars or mangal is close to sun so kshudit state it is in so Gemini(mithuna rashi) and Virgo (kanya rashi)impacted- so means the public image and health could be impacted.
  • Mercury(budha) is in Taurus(vrishabha) and is in muditavastha – gets some energy from malefic moon as on scorpio.so could be said muditavastha
  • Jupiter or guru could be said in lajjti as in 5th bhava and an aspect of Saturn is there
  • Moon(Chandra) is again is
  • Moon in the sixth bhava may , this gives gains form enemies as well though less for rahul Gandhi.
  • Saturn or shani impacts his (rahu Gandhi’s) health
  • We pray for the best in His life


  • The article is written purely for research and education. Any other use of this article or interpretation or In appropriate use of the article would be the individual’s responsibility
  • We are assuming the birth data is accurate

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