Priyanka Gandhi Vadra – Wife of Robert Vadra, – Horoscope Predictions!


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  • The article discusses the horoscope and analysis of smt. priyanka Gandhi ji. Further uniquely it analyses the horoscope by two different methods- namely frost looking at the Surya kundali and then the lagna kundali . Then the details of life events for Priyanka Gandhi ji are analysed. so is the connection of her husband Sri Robert Vadra ji found here.
  • About Priyanka gandhi ji:

    Priyanka Gandhi vadra is the wife of Robert vadra, daughter of late sri rajiv Gandhi ji- former prime minister of India & also her mother is  smt. Sonia Gandhi ji. She is the Grand Daughter of late Smt. Indira Gandhi ji.

    Date of Birth :-  12th January, 1972

    Time of Birth :-  Is Not Known

    Place of Birth :- Delhi, India

    We have erected a solar Horoscope for her:


    Kundli /Natal Horoscope Analysis and Forecast for Priyanka Gandhi vadra :

    • Jupiter ascendant and Jupiter sits on its own house. So blesses her with good dharma and good human being qualities. Give protection to her relationships and marital life.
    • She will have a sensitive heart for lesser privileged people.
    • Also note she is 12th born- that is 1+2=3 – Number of planet Jupiter. Giving her all the good qualities of a good human being .
    • Jupiter also blesses her home, conveyances(cars) and family. She is lived in big homes with her late father sri Rajiv Gandhi ji And Illustrious grandmother smt. Indira Gandhi ji. So she must have also had time in best cars of the world. All confirmed astrologically
    • She has a raja Yoga of strong sun in first house or lagna from 9th house( house of Luck and fortune). So she is blessed with good inheritance and fortune.
    • The lord of her career( politics) is in trines in lagna- along with Jupiter and sun ruling 9th. So she could do well in her career/politics. Mercury also gives her good enough communication skills.
    • The planet Venus is in 3rd house and rules ari bhava(6th house) aspects 9th house- house of father and also is enemy of sun the lord of house of father.
    • The house of family has malefic mars ruling vayya bhava(12th) – could explain to some extent father(late sri Rajiv Gandhi ji) not living long. Also sun the lord of 9th (representing father) is at 27 degrees

    Lagna Kundali of smt. Priynaka Gandhi ji
    priyanka gandhi lagna or ascendant kundali
    now what does the lagna horoscope for smt .Priyanka Gandhi Ji say ?

  • the weather looking at the lagna horoscope and not at the Surya Kundali now the lagna of smt. priyanka ji is Gemini sign rising or mithuna Rashi. Mercury the Lord gives her good intelligence IQ, youthfulness and quickness in thought and action. At the same time, it could make her a bit jumpy and restless as well. mercury has the aspect of the Dev Guru Jupiter, this is wonderful conjunction into the seventh bhava. which(Jupiter) is in the own house of Sagittarius or dhanu Rashi. As it is close to her mercury, the Lagna gives are very good intelligence, depth of thought and creativity in actions. Plus dharma or goodness based outlook. yes, she would have more inclination towards doing well to others and yes she will incline to religion or some service as well.
  • Smt Priyanka Gandhi Ji the planet Sun The Lord of the third house of action and initiative and to some extent represents Sri Rahul Gandhi to some extent. So overall sun or Surya gives her a lot of initiative, energy and will power things to do things. so over all Sun Plus, Jupiter and mercury dominate the overall personality of Priyanka Gandhi Ji .
  • All this makes her versatile and quick thinking. Good dharma inclinations and her sun or Surya dev gives are the leadership qualities like her grandmother smt. Indira Gandhi ji. one has to note that mars or Mangal is sitting in the 10th House of Priyanka ji and is aspecting lagna/personality and also the fourth bhava or house of her image. Sun Plus Mars gives her the strength to get into p[politics and may be a win as well. depending on other factors.
  • This powerful combination and support of Jupiter or guru give her the good ability to solve problems . also note that Mars is Lord of the sixth bhava so she has to be careful about a political Rivals and enmity or problems they could create for her. as people will try to pull her down as aspect mars mass on the lagna and also the fourth house of the mass image in regard to politics is there. mars also rule the eleventh bhava of friends and gains. This means political gains for Priyanka Gandhi Ji , and it is blessed is in the Jupiter sign of Pisces. so political actions of Priyanka ji would be blessed with Dharma or the intent to do well to others.
  • rovert vadra husband priyanka gandhi
    Now what does her horoscope say about vadra ji?

  • now Jupiter or guru is The Lord of 7th bhava or house who. The seventh Bhava lord says a lot of good things about Robert Vadra. that he could be a good human being. Plus a good person .he would be a person the person who does well in life and also grow well in life. yes, we know has grown well in life. the third bhava energy is there and that is the ninth Bhava for Robert vadra ji. So this gives Robert vadra Ji good and benefic initiative .sun gives him good energy and life force- he is a sportsman of high order we know.
  • He will shine well in his business . also as mercury also close by to 7th Bhava of Priyanka Gandhi Ji . It suggests Robert Vadra would be quick-witted and good at doing business as well. there is no as such malefic aspect suggest a good blessing of marriage between Priyanka ji and Robert Vadra ji. also this marriage would grow leaps and bounds in intensity. as Jupiter is a blessing then and then the lagna is close 7th bhava(Robert vadra Ji) hinting towards a strong connection of self and the life partner that is Robert Vadra. sun close by also suggests good distinction to the family of Robert Vadra ji. his father was fairly reputed businessman in Moradabad. we wish them all the best in life! 🙂
  • What kind of career Priyanka Gandhi Ji would take?

  • Now, this is a very interesting question to know what kind of career would set. priyanka Gandhi Ji take up! Her Lord of career or the 10th bhava so Pisces or Meena Rashi and is ruled by Jupiter(guru). It is almost 1 degree in the 7th house. so this or good Jupitereean energies indicates a career connected to benefit of people or for helping people. Now as in the 10th Bhava we have Mars as well. so as Mars or Mangal the Planet of action and politics is there.
  • The tilt of career of Priyanka Gandhi Ji would be towards politics. Also, the 3rd House Lord sun (Surya )is also there close to Jupiter in the seventh bhava. All this strongly suggest that her surroundings would be people of high status and politicians. Once again as mars also rule raj yoga and people from politics, so overall a career to help others, also working with politicians and people in power clearly indicate. As mercury is also there 7th house and mercury stands for speaking or
    speech abilities. She would be good at thinking, collection, and analysis. also, s. priyanka Gandhi ji’s Jupiter(guru) is in the navamsa chart is in the Aries Lagna with Rahu.

  • Now again in the d9 or navamsa chart, we see an energy exchange of Jupiter and Mars – so a form of conjunction is there in the lagna. so a high chance for her to be active into the politics plus as Rahu is nearby also sitting in the navamsa chart – its a strong indication of a possible political career.
  • all this would be more correct if her birth time is correct. Kindly note that Rahu the Planet of masses and is also for politicians as well as a strong influence c on dev guru Jupiter. influence on Jupiter the Pisces sign clearly indicates that she would get into work of management of the large set of people that is work like politics and yes it would it could be helping the downtrodden and the lesser privileged people may be opening an NGO. we again wish her the bets in life.
  • 2016 horoscope forecast(kundli) for Priyanka Gandhi vadra

    • This year could be extremely hard and problem prone for her. With unexpected matters coming up and a lot of work and restrictions. May could be tough and so could September 2016.
    • The malefic mars-Saturn conjunction in transit is in her 12th house with moon- so mental anguishes/stress and anger could be there due to this transit.
    • Some slight trouble to mother as moon is karaka for mother
    • Aspect on 7th house of husband gives trouble to husband- we know about the stress he(Mr. Robert vadra) had to recently face for Income Tax /DLF and others issues.
    • Rahu-Jupiter conjunction in transit in 9th house- could take her more towards religion.
    • We wish her all the best.