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  • This is a very interesting article about smt. Nirmala Sitharaman ji, it looks at various Yoga’s and Planetary combinations in her horoscope(Kundli) to know the secret of her rise to defense minister-ship and also being the finance minister of India;).
  • Which interesting Yoga’s in Nirmala Sitharaman ji make her a big success in Politics and all roles she took up 😉 for success.

  • The article further explores on what planetary combinations or Yoga’s in her Horoscope(kundli) makes her action oriented and successful politician? which planets in her horoscope give Nirmala Sitharaman ji good image in politics and Honours in life .
  • also, which exact set of Yoga’s for smt. Nirmala Sitharaman ji give her distinction in life. also, what exact set of planets in the horoscope skyrocket smt. Nirmala Sitharaman ji to the position of finance minister or the defence minister of India .
  • also, this article investigates What in the Horoscope of smt. Nirmala Sitharaman ji qualities smt.
  • Nirmala Sitharaman ji make her click in the Modi Government,.;). so, a lot of interesting questions are addressed.
  • “Nirmala
    what are the Birth details of smt. Nirmala Sitharaman ji?

  • Date of Birth= August 18, 1959(Tuesday)
    Place of Birth= Tiruchchirappalli
    Longitude= 78 E 41
    Latitude= 10 N 49
    Time Zone= 5.5 India
  • distinction difference from others Nirmala Sitharaman kundli horoscope defense finance minister bjp government
    What makes smt. Nirmala Sitharaman ji so different from others ?

  • “Nirmala
    What planetary Yoga’s give smt. Nirmala Sitharaman ji the energy to be so disciplined and a winner in life?
    now as the exact time of the birth of hers is not available ,we look at the moon or Chandra Rashi .
  • That is Capricorn or makar rashi. This rashi is ruled by Saturn(Shani) and stands for discipline and ability to work hard in a well-planned manner.
    As Capricorn or makar rashi functions like Rahu( number 4).
  • “Nirmala
    Is gains written in the horoscope of smt. Nirmala Sitharaman ji if she travels away from home.

  • the Lagna lord or Ascendant Lord is sitting in the 12th bhava or house. so smt. Nirmala Sitharaman ji will have gains in foreign Lands.
  • That is basically travelling away from the homeland(Andhra Pradesh).
  • that is she travels from Andhra Pradesh to Delhi, and that would be the cause for success in life . we also need to note that he was in London as well for a while. Yes, due to the 12th house lord.
  • yes the health issues would trouble her .that is what she has to take care of.
  • politics Nirmala Sitharaman  defense finance minister bjp government
    What planets and Yoga’s give her such keen insights in politics?

  • secondly Jupiter the Planet of Grace and dignity is a fairly strong eleventh house of smt. Nirmala Sitharaman ji. this gives great gains and status, money, and all kinds of good things in life that she deserves.
  • also the seventh House Lord moon is in the lagna this is a connection of people or partners and self(lagna) that gives her popularity and success in elections.
  • Rahu(dragon’s head) is sitting in the ninth Bhava(house) so that gives her great political understanding. Rahu or dragon’s head aspects have Lagna why is well so that gives her good political astuteness and ability to think differently.
  • army war Nirmala Sitharaman  defense minister horoscope kundli
    what made smt. Nirmala Sitharaman ji fit for being the defence minister of a difference?

  • Yes, Rahu or dragon’s head aspect on lagna could also make her a bit rebellious at times. Now looking at numerology aspects, given her birth dates august 18 can see that 1 + 8 is equal to 9 that is mars or Mangal energy.
  • also, August is a month ruled by Leo sign or simha rashi. so, she would be fiercely Independent and could be very aggressive or assertive at times as a spokesman .
  • Her being aggressive or assertive as a BJP spokesman made her effective in defeating her opponent form congress or other parties. her action, passion and her energy levels helped her to deliver the best as a BJP spokesperson and to defeat the other party spokespeople.

  • so she is a Perfect Combination of Leo energy( the simha) and the mars or Mangal energy .
  • One has to note that she born on Tuesday and yes 18th born that is 1 + 8 =9 is also mars so double mars. :). High energy and fit for defence ministry roles :).
  • Leo “Nirmala+
    Mars “Nirmala+ Sun “Nirmala==
    smt. Nirmala sitharaman ji

  • “Nirmala

    What gives smt. Nirmala sitharaman ji such a quick and sharp rise to the position of defense minister of India in 10 years only?

  • jupiter guru Nirmala Sitharaman kundli horoscope defense finance minister bjp government
    What is the role of planet Jupiter(guru) In Horoscope (Kundli) of Nirmala Sitharaman ji to take her to a top position? ?
    Jupiter or guru the planet of Grace and dignity is very well placed in the 11th bhava or house.
  • also, sun or Surya the planet of political power and position is also very strong into the 8th bhava of hers. being malefic kills her enemies and obstacles.
  • sun surya Nirmala Sitharaman kundli horoscope defense finance minister bjp government
    What is the role of planet sun or surya In Horoscope (Kundli) of Nirmala Sitharaman ji to take her to a top position? ?
    Strong sun or surya with mars(Mangal ) here should make her very independent in conducting herself.
  • yes, she has to be careful about driving and accidents . But the overall sun in 8th house is not a good indication but this gives her great passion energy because mass sun plus mars(Mangal) both are planets which are for politics and politicians are together in the 8th house.
  • sun(surya) is highly confirmed also as a planet for politics and politicians giving her great zest and energy . also giving her great possibility to reach the top .

  • also, note that sun and mars is very close to Venus the 10th house lord. so, sending the dignity status energy for her Political career for smt. Nirmala sitharaman ji .
  • career job nirmala sitharaman defense finance minister bjp government
    Sun in Leo + Mars + 10th house career lord=Venus

    == smt. Nirmala sitharaman ji success in Politics!!!

  • Also, note the 9th Lord mercury is sitting in the 7th bhava suggest good smt. Nirmala sitharaman ji past life Karma coming into her relationships.
  • regarding political people or otherwise also please confirm that she is a better success in foreign lands( 1st bhava lord in 12th house) or away from your birth place(Andhra Pradesh). All this gives her good Grace from God .
  • what is it Based on her Number or Numerology of smt. Nirmala sitharaman ji?
    Now looking at based on Numerology or numbers born on 18th physical 1 + 8=9, that is Mars(Mangal) the Planet of politics and action.
  • she is born in Leo sign(simha rashi) it is ruled by planet sun . as we now this again is the planet of politics and leadership.
  • the sum of birth date total numbers for smt. Nirmala sitharaman ji comes to be 18 august 8 1959= 18+ 8+ 1959 = 9+8+ 24 = 41= 4+1=5= Mercury.
  • so, one has to note that she was a sales girl in home decor in London(mercury). also, she has been taken economic( ruled by Jupiter and mercury) as well where.
  • we know that Mercury(budha) deals with economics and money , she got a graduate of economics from Tiruchirappalli and master’s degree from JNU that is Jawaharlal University in 1984.
  • success nirmala sitharaman defense finance minister bjp government
    what made her a great success in Politics?

  • Please take note and see great combinations of sun, mars and 10th lord Venus(shukra) in the 8th house.
  • the 10th house gets strong energy of leadership and action to smt. Nirmala sitharaman ji’s her career situations. Mars or Mangal has to do with the masses and the sun has to do with the politicians.
  • we will discuss that sun (surya)lord of Leo sign(simha rashi) of August month . also, in birth the date she was born as (18) 1 + 8 is equal to 9=mars , so both sun and mars based on numbers and numerology.
  • so also based on numbers number 1+9 are good for politics and politicians . same for managers and action-oriented people .
  • mars mangal saturn Nirmala Sitharaman kundli horoscope bjp government
    What is the role of Yoga or combination of sun(surya) and mars(Mangal) In Horoscope (Kundli) of Nirmala Sitharaman ji to take her to a top position in the BJP circles? ?
    The combination of sun+mars also very strongly suggest that she would be into politics and be a successful .
  • also the total of the numbers coming 5 suggest that it is mercury energy – so strong connection to people.
  • that is done with communication so that is what made her a good communicator or a good spokesman for BJP.
  • Over this wonderful combination and strong Sun and Mars in shows that she would go rise very well into the area of politics.
  • mars or Mangal is the Lord of image house(4th house of smt. Nirmala sitharaman ji) .
  • but as it is in the 8th house so she has to be careful about the image in general, but it should be successful overall .
  • awards selection nirmala sitharaman defense finance minister bjp government
    What planets gave good success for smt. Nirmala Sitharaman ji induction in the year 2014 to BJP?

  • now first looking at the planetary situation in the year 2008 Jupiter is in Sagittarius sign or dhanu rashi.
  • so Sagittarius or dhanu is ruling her 11th house of gains and success from friends. overall, it helps smt. Nirmala Sitharaman ji to get her position with BJP Bhartiya Janata Party in 2008.
  • we need to note that Jupiter is also retrograde . ruling the twelfth house f and but sitting in the 11th house gives her good connections with people.

  • as due to the third Bhava ruler ship of Pisces sign(Meena rashi) of smt. Nirmala sitharaman ji f Jupiter, it deals with people and also connects to expansion and all kind of peoples .
  • so it predicts that smt. Nirmala sitharaman ji will connect to a lot of people or people connection may be as a BJP spokesperson.
  • saturn Nirmala Sitharaman kundli horoscope shani bjp government minister
    What is the role of planet Saturn or Shani dev In Horoscope (Kundli) of Nirmala Sitharaman ji to connect her to so many people ? ?
    Saturn is in simha Rashi or Leo Rahu is retrograde and is in Capricorn sign. Its own sign is so strong .
  • being in l in the lagna and being a planet of politics .suggests that she could connect to political people.
  • it would also give her good intelligence and on how to connect well to the people in the politics and political Arena. which is 100% true for her
  • Saturn or Shani the Lagna lord is in the Leo sign(simha rashi) in transit. it is a bit weak but being in the eight houses destroys her obstacles and Enemies .
  • Shani or Saturn in 8th Bhava helps Nirmala sitharaman ji in quelling her enemies and opposition and makes her win in 2008.
  • as we know that Saturn in transit in 6th house also is really beneficial . as it removes the negativity of that house .
  • cabinet rank minister nirmala sitharaman  defense finance bjp government
    what made her to be inducted in cabinet in the year 2014?

  • Nirmala sitharaman ji was in 2014 inducted into the cabinet by7 sri narendra Modi ji. by June 2014 she was elected as a Rajya Sabha member from the Andhra Pradesh .
  • Let us look at the transit situation . this time Jupiter(guru) is transiting from Gemini(mithuna) to cancer(karkat) .
  • it is getting exalted and is retrograde but strong in cancer sign. IN cancer sign(karkat rashi). Jupiter or guru is retrograde gets into the cancer sign 7th house of Nirmala sitharaman ji .
  • This transit suggests that she will connect to significant people and have relationships. she will grow significantly . so, working for BJP and getting inducted in the cabinet it is a very big achievement.

  • which is strongly suggested by Jupiter(guru) planet getting into the 7th house of her.

  • also, Jupiter ruling the stress and travel and the third house suggests that she will connect to set of dignified people this time in 2014. so that suggests the Rajya Sabha .
  • Saturn shani Nirmala Sitharaman kundli horoscope defense finance minister bjp government
    secondly, Saturn retrograde but strong enough in Libra also rahu there so. strengthens her (Nirmala sitharaman ji’s) lagna and wealth plus status.
  • actually, it comes into her career house so suggest that there will be a boom in her career for enhancement in a career and an image of Nirmala sitharaman ji .
  • is strong Shani now that rules lagna or ascendant and the second house of wealth status for Nirmala sitharaman ji give gains in wealth and status.
  • rahu dragon's head Nirmala Sitharaman kundli horoscope
    also, when is Rahu(dragon’s head) which is sitting in the ninth Bhava of luck and fortune come in the 10th House of career for Nirmala sitharaman ji it aspects of the 4th house of public image .
  • rahu(dragons; head) strongly send blessing to her public image so unexpected expansionary in career,
  • Exalted Jupiter “Nirmala + Saturn strong “Nirmala+ strong Rahu(dragons head) aspects to 4th bhava“Nirmala === Success for Nirmala sitharaman Ji in cabinet “Nirmala

  • defence minister nirmala sitharaman
    what planetary causes made Nirmala sitharaman ji become India’s defence minister in 2017 ?

  • in September 2017 Nirmala Sitharaman Ji became the Defence Minister of India from the BJP party. Now let us look at what are the special transits. Saturn(Shani) is in 28 degrees in Scorpio(Vrishchika rashi) .
  • Rahu(dragon’s head) is in Leo sign(Simha Rashi) and it would be soon it was soon translating into cancer sign or Karkat rashi by mid of September 2017.
  • also, the benefic Jupiter or guru has transited into Libra sign(Tula rashi) and is direct .Saturn getting into Scorpio that is an 11th house is the house of elevation and gains for Nirmala Sitharaman ji.

  • so despite old age of Saturn the lagan lord of hers she would get gains for sure due to Shani transit into the 11th house of hers.,
  • so overall Shani dev the lord of 1st and the 2nd house still promises gains. Rahu(dragon’s head).
  • It sits on the 9th house of luck or Bhagya and luck of Nirmala sitharaman ji.
    when it comes in the 8th House in transit.
  • it strongly energizes the planet Sun and Mars and also Venus sitting there .
  • all this generates exceptional energy of a good past life Karma and political leadership for Nirmala sitharaman ji.
  • also note Venus or shukra also rules her career as well. Venus in her horoscope or kundali rules of 5th bhava of kind of right investment .
  • so she does it and also Jupiter(guru) gets strong into Libra (Tula rashi)
    so, brings in good energies of the 11th house placement into the 10th house of career for Nirmala sitharaman ji.
  • Yes, it also brings in some stress as well because Jupiter is ruling the 12th house from the moon and it suggests a change of places .
  • all this makes her a defence minister, Defence Minister of India. the planets clearly indicating great gains and elevation for Nirmala sitharaman in September 2017.
  • we wish Nirmala sitharaman ji all the best in life!!!
  • 2019 predictions nirmala sitharaman defense finance minister bjp governmentpredictions“Nirmala
    What is forecast or predictions for Nirmala sitharaman Ji as the first lady Finance minister of India?

  • we know that in June 2019 Nirmala sitharaman ji has become India’s first full-time woman finance minister.
  • she is a sequel to Sri Arun Jaitley ji who was a former finance minister & also minister of corporate affairs. since the past 10 years of 2008.
  • she has had a meteoric and fast rise in the arena of politics.
  • What are the current challenges of Nirmala Sitharaman ji? out present finance minister

  • but with all the gains she faces a high level of challenges. that is, she has to improve the GDP growth which is at a five year low of 6.8% at year ending March 2019.
  • there are a great demand and concern about p reduction or lack of investment recovery.
  • also, she needs to generate employment and all along with this, there are problems created by liquidity on the money.

  • also, the impact of the financial situation affecting the non-Banking Finance the companies or the nbfc sector. She also has to prepare for the budget.
  • Now looking at the planetary conditions Nirmala sitharaman ji.
  • she should be able to handle things better now. now looking at Horoscope(kundali) and you look at the Chandra horoscope(Capricorn ascendant or Makar Rashi) .
  • Jupiter sitting into the 11th bhava or house is fairly strong for her . But is currently retrograde in the 11th house of Scorpio sign again. That is the vrischika rashi.
  • so, all his gives her definite gains and status( Jupiter and the 11th house energies coming to the Lagna).

  • also Jupiter or guru in the 11th house suggest with money related matters as Jupiter = number 3= money.
  • also, 11the house deals with gains & elevations in life . Now definitely she has been elevated, and Nirmala Sitharaman ji is the first woman finance minister of India.
  • Now looking at the situation of Saturn or Shani dev for her, Shani is retrograde, and it is ruling her Lagna (Capricorn sign or Makar Rashi) and also the 2nd bhava of wealth status.
  • In transit or gochchar it gets into the 12th house or bhava.
  • That is the Sagittarius sign(Dhanu Rashi) .

  • it is also conjunct with natal Saturn(Shani) so it gives strength to itself. so, it strengthens Nirmala Sitharaman’s lagan or owns self or image.
  • we note that all the above is with hundred 100% .

  • so is gain of status for her. but because Shani is in the 12th house she will have to struggle quite a bit. she would achieve her goals somewhat by 2019 ending and much more in the year 2020.
  • when Saturn or Shani gets into the Capricorn sign or Lagna of hers.
  • so by December 2019 or by the budget of 2020 she would have achieved some part of our goals and should be fairly stable that way and that time Jupiter(guru) would have strengthened as well.

  • aggressive goals Nirmala Sitharaman kundli horoscope defense finance minister bjp government
    What happens to her(Nirmala sitharaman ji) with her current aggressive Goals ?
    she would, in fact, come out in flying color.
  • please note that in transit Ketu is also in the 11th house. Ketu means dhwaja so unexpected gains to her and yes activates Sagittarius sign.
  • this sends energy to sister sign of dhanu that is Meena or Pisces, where natal Ketu is sitting.
  • that means activation of self and action and Karma. as Ketu sits in the third house. so overall with exceptional Karma/action she will handle the current finance position gracefully.

  • she should be able to stabilize the GDP aspect and get some tangible results on employment-related matters as well in a few months or year ending 2019.
  • Appendix

  • smt. Nirmala sitharaman ji joined BJP(Bharatiya junta party) in the year 2008 and also worked as a spokesman for the party.
  • By the year 2014 smt. Nirmala sitharaman ji was inducted in the cabinet that is a big rise for her .
  • In the month of June smt. Nirmala sitharaman ji was elected as a Rajya Sabha member from Andhra Pradesh. One has to take note that she is also one of the people 12 people nominated by Bharatiya Janata Party. she is also one her seat from Karnataka.
  • In the year September 2017 she has given the Defense Minister portfolio a big post to and she is the second woman after smt. Indira Gandhi ji to become defense Minister post holder in Indian History.